Hello Mr. NST, that’s a bloody cheap shot!


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Ā I was having late supper in the company of Rocky, Nuraina and A Voice @ the NPC when suddenly Rocky flipped through the “U Buy U Sell” edition for the day. There you have it! A full page in living colour.

What is this advertisement for? “What good are blogs anyway?”. A full page advertisement in colour, a day after Rocky tried to strike out NST & four others’ suit against him?

This is cheap, man! It’s really cheap. Don’t play this childish games lah, please. Tell us, really, what are you trying to achieve here, with this advertisement?

I can bet with all the King Midas’s gold that this will got go well with the Bloggers United people, now numbering in the high hundreds.

Anyone in the Bloggers United guild want to take up the challenge against the Big Dog. The stake is Maria Samad’s Kafe Fourteen mee rebus, taken only with Habhal kicap manis! Any takers? šŸ™‚


NST Editors, don’t bother. We know you could be too “pre-o-ccu-pied”, taking instructions.


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