Hello Mr. NST, that’s a bloody cheap shot!


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 I was having late supper in the company of Rocky, Nuraina and A Voice @ the NPC when suddenly Rocky flipped through the “U Buy U Sell” edition for the day. There you have it! A full page in living colour.

What is this advertisement for? “What good are blogs anyway?”. A full page advertisement in colour, a day after Rocky tried to strike out NST & four others’ suit against him?

This is cheap, man! It’s really cheap. Don’t play this childish games lah, please. Tell us, really, what are you trying to achieve here, with this advertisement?

I can bet with all the King Midas’s gold that this will got go well with the Bloggers United people, now numbering in the high hundreds.

Anyone in the Bloggers United guild want to take up the challenge against the Big Dog. The stake is Maria Samad’s Kafe Fourteen mee rebus, taken only with Habhal kicap manis! Any takers? 🙂


NST Editors, don’t bother. We know you could be too “pre-o-ccu-pied”, taking instructions.


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  1. The Real Opposition: Bloggers & Mahathir?

  2. Yo bro, I’ve been tagged by QueenB, which was tagged by Nuraina. Since I’m in, you’re in with me. Check my blog for detail.

  3. we don’t care. no one reads the paper. except when i’ve read the star already and need to read something else when makan-ing. ===> RARE…maybe once-twice a mth.

    u said:”Don’t play this childish games lah, please.”

    hahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaa. if they can sue rocky + jeff, is there no limit to their puerility?

  4. Bro you are tagged! Now your turn

  5. oddly enough. it almost looks like an ad for blogger. takkan they simply use blogger saje2 in newspaper like that.

  6. BigDog,
    Well, what can I say? I feel like answering the question “What good are bloggers anyway” but we all know the answer. I suggest U Buy U Sell open it up to readers and ask them to send in their answers. Top 150 winners get a Toughbook laptop each. That will boost circulation, man.

    By the way, bro, need a favour. I have been tagged, just like you have been tagged, but by this fishy Shanghai Stephen. It’s about the 6 weird things about yourself. I am going around to ask 6 bloggers to each tell me one thing they find weird about me. You are the second blogger I have asked this favour, the first being Zorro.

    Just a short paragraph will do. Don’t want to encourage anyone to discuss my weirdness at length. Funny thing, I don’t find anything weird about me.

  7. Nothing can surprise an old cock like me reading thick skinned dirty tactics from one whp is already a giant….yet behave downright lost and apply their schemish welknown tactics instructed by their owners??
    The more the do so is infact showing they have lost directions and faith in their cases against bloggers.
    We will throw a party at the canteen again on 2nd April at Wisma Denmark. All are welcome and roti cani plus tea tarik are all free.
    Never in the history of a court case will you ever experience a party by the defendents!! I will see to that it happens with the permission of my COMMANDER…Sheih of ‘kickdefella’

  8. BGDC said in Sheih’s Kickdefella:

    Kalau sikap Monsterball yang lebih kuah dari sudu ini, tidak hairanlah mengapa Ungku menghalang gerangan tua bangka ini dari membuat sebarang nukilan dalam laman web akhbar ‘pilihan lain’ paling termuka diMalaya ini.

    Ada hikmah Monsterball dihalang untuk bersuara sebenarnya.

    Mungkin Monsterball situa bangka ini perlu disedorkan diri kerana gagal sedor diri atas inisiatif tersendiri dan berperangai sedemikian, walaupun di alam maya.


    Satu kelebihan yang amat menyeronokan!

    Salute! Salute! Salute!

    You are indeed a jantan, real jantan, for this:

    “situa bangka ini perlu disedorkan diri kerana gagal sedor diri atas inisiatif tersendiri dan berperangai sedemikian, walaupun di alam maya”.

    situa bangka gagal sedor diri said

    Hope he learn a lesson and be more polite to me….write in ENGLISH on me man. Why afraid me reading your comments about me…when you have the guts to put it out….why make it difficult for me to response………knowing my bahasa is limited.

    Is he qualified to write the word “polite”? He knows polite? I cant believe my eyes! Rest assured, HE DOESNT KNOW!! Again and again and again: HE DOESNT KNOW!!

    His Bahasa is limited? Not only Bahasa. He lacks every civilised virtues!

    Thak you BGDC for being a JANTAN!!

  9. hello,

    good to see this in your post.
    see u again…. for more ice lemon tea!

  10. Hi Big Dog….my virgin visit to your blog. We didnt spend much time talking but there is still time. You goalkeeper and I coach. Dont let anyone intimidate you about keeping fit for the match. No jogging, no push-ups pls. Listen to this coach, FIFA do you mind! Like you my doc told me not to lift anything except beer mugs. You do not have to exercise your legs….your torso will cover everything…it is your hands that you must exercise…..lift beer mugs (with or without beer, your choice) but keep that elbow flexible. Cheers big brother.


  12. Apa? Si telor hantu ni tak tahu baca dan cakap melayu? Sikit2 pun dia tidak tahu? Padan dia masuk blog ana mencarut2 dan marah2. rupa itu tarabaca punya orang …

    Ana peniaga unta dari cairo datang berniaga di pasar baghdad pun tahu sikit2 cakap melayu.

    INi macam kalau ana beli monsterball untuk jadi ana punya tukang picit, banyak rugilah. nanti abdul wahub tak mahu beli dari ana. ana banak rugilah…

    Baik ana beli itu nyonya jual sayur pasar pudu, lagi pandai cakap melayu… Putusamay jual kalung bunga kuning di masjid india pun tahu. baba kim teck yang jual thumb tuck boleh pandai dondang sayang …. hahaha

    hahahha … monsterball kata dap ajak dia masuk politik, dia tak mahu. padanlah. rupanya tak tahu cakap melayu.

    bayangkan dia jadi mp di parlimen, asal dia nak bangun cakap … dia asyik mintak denagn izin saja … dengan izin … dengan izin … dengan izin … dengan izin …. saja. Itu speaker marah sama dia … apa ini tak henti dengan izin … . apa speaker cakap pun dia tak paham.

    ana rasa dia banayak tak faham bila orang cakap politik pasal di atahu apa yg di tulsi dan cakap dalam bahasa omptih saja…

    Ana setuju semua ada hak ambil ideologi masing2 … tapi dap mahu bangsa malaysia … monsterball mahu bangsa malaysia cakap bahasa apa? Swahili?

    Tengok lah itu dr tan seng giaw … cakap melayu bagus, dan boleh tulsi jawi, cakap orang putih bagus, cakap cina bagus …itu dap juga. itu nakal samy vel pun boleh cakap melayu dengan baik ….

    hahahah …. … dengan izin … dengan izin … dengan izin … dengan izin ….

    hahahah berniaga orang lagi untung dari berniaga unta…. wow!

  13. Macamana Monsterball ni mengaku sebagai warga Malaysia TETAPI tak boleh berbahasa Malaysia langsung? Ini bahasa rasmi Negara, ikut Perlembagaan. Rukunegara pun tak pernah ikrar, agaknya!

    Mahkamah dan Parlimen pun wajib guna bahasa rasmi. Macamana dia bayor cukai pintu dan tanah, kalau tak reti baca Melayu????

    Tua kutuk sorang ini akan sentiasa panas hati kerana tahu kita semua mengata dihadapanya TETAPI dia terlalu pekak and peghak, maka terpaksa tinggal sampan.

    Nasib koula, Monsterball tua kutuk!


  14. i had a look at the article you photographed it didn’t look like a cheap shot at all.

    Maybe the title seemed negative but when you read the article, it is actually trying to encourage blogging!

    I quote from the same article (last para):

    “In fact, if you have a a particular passion, why not share the passion with the world by starting one or more blogs?

    Communicate with people from all over the world that share the same passaions as you do!”

    Its actually trying to encourage the creation of more bloggers in Malaysia! 🙂

  15. The above two commentators are typical idiotic blokes thinking it is still funny to insult a guy ..appying whatever small advantges they can find. In this case…my limited reading comprehension of the Bahasa language. I had my two university graduates Indonesian maids translated one from kickdefeela site….I replied…his balls shrink and ran. So you see…these are dirty coward rats!!…as they know ..my maids can read and write jawi …sangskrit…arabic languages also. … but not so fortunate like our Malaysian idiots to get jobs easily.
    Although not funny…yet they continue to do it…I do feel sorry for these low level of people …thinking this way…….yet being encouraged by most educated one of their kind.. SAD.

  16. kopi jantan said I lack every civilised virtues. First… a man with a weird nick like his tells what virtues he has…maybe same as the jungle folks. Me…monsterball….you judge…straight and forward nick.
    I have been selling coffee for 40 years and never heard ‘kopi jantan’in my life! Usually .. a pondan…wanting so be so much to be a real jantan…but his pondan genes are still controlling him to talk stupid things about me.
    Me uncivilised?? My grand fathers and his and his are 5000 years more civilsed than you….when you recent relations are still monkies….just civilised some 2000 years ago. DO YOU STUDY HISTORY?

  17. Biggun logic is talking cock!! I do not need to know Bahasa and millions like me …the malaysian chinese also need not to know to be able to pay whatever taxes governmnet wants…written in bahasa.
    This shallow minded man trying to talk smart logic do not realise many millions chinese malaysians can speak well enough bahasa to comminicate and not neccessary can read and write Bahasa.
    But the call by the government for Malaysians to master the English Language….it is the other races that make the government proud….not their own stupid narrow minded kind.

  18. Bodoh betul Monsterball tua kutuk ni! Rukunegara dituli dalam Melayu. Sekarang ini perbicaraan mahkamah dalam Melayu. Debat dalam Dewan Rakyat dan Dewan Negara pun dalam Melayu.


    Tinggal dalam Malaysia, mengaku rakyat Malaysia TETAPI bodoh-banggang bahasa Melayu. Sepatutnya HILANG KELAYAKAN warganegara Malaysia!

    Kami akan terus terusan mengata Monsterball tua kutuk ini, tanpa henti!

  19. Hi, NST is right… It is telling us to boycott unethical cheap papers and post everything online in blogs. That is what I get from “the U BUY U SELL” page.

    Is NST unethical? If you can answer this, you will get the answer ….


  20. This Biggum D have a site writing long long messages ….all against the government .
    Any fool will know whose party he stands for…which actually consist exactly what he is saying about me…idiots and narrow minded people.
    When I put up a nice intelligent message at kickdefella site…out comes the same message to disrupt good thoughts…like low down scum of the earTh jealous worm.
    He is so thick skinned ..no manners son of a gun….that he still thinks it is funny to beliitle another with a language the victim cannot understand. He thinks that’s smart of him. Here is the classic example of the so call MALAYSIAN that is a disgrace to his own race and culture. Make no mistake about it…many of his party supporters aare awakened and his party PAS is as good ..dead… buried and done with.

  21. That idiot Biggum D does not realise hundreds of thousands malays can speak well …but cannot read or write bahasa. Even USA have millions like so and so are countries all over the world.
    I speak well bahasa that none of my successful muslim friends have ever doubted my loyalty to the country. When one wants to find fault..one chooses your weak point….but this idiot chose the wrong weak point…actually not a weak point at all….showing how shallow minded some PAS members are.
    His low down long long messages critisicing the government are nothing but thrashes fit for the dustbins.
    He makes the cultured and educated malays put their heads in shame for his stupid character and bad attitudes…yet he does not care.
    One Taiwanese said we are 20 years behind Taiwan in Unity. I guess this makes him happy.

  22. He does not realise that it is the other races tha make the government proud for speaking and writing well in the English language. He does not feel shameful at all….living in a country going towards a Vision2020 aspirations with his idiotic logic. Medicine…Science and Technology…space matters and many more that this idiot is enjoying is due to those that can master the English language and learn.
    With his attitudes…no wonder so many Malays cannot speak or write good English…..yet this Biggum D can do it well….showing he does not want his own kind to be smart…to think…but simply follow instructions. Is this a loyal Malaysian?
    That is why…PAS will fail with supporters like him.

  23. Apa si tua cakap ni? Kalau BigDog masuk PAS, MonsterBall mesti sokong PPP. Dia lagi kuat kelahi dari Kayveas dan boleh lawan cakap sama Lim Keng Yik 🙂

  24. Monsterball tua kutuk ni bodoh-banggang, macam pintu jamban!

    Ada ka dia kata BigDog tu PAS atau menyokong PAS????

    Itulah Kawan kata, dia bodoh-banggang. Tulis dalam Inggeris pun dia baca tak faham! Kawan siang siang lagi dah kata sokongan Kawan ke arah mana. Dari artikel yang tersiar dalam Blog ini pun CUKUP JELAS dimana kecenderungan politik yang Kawan dukung.

    Orang buta huruf tak reti baca Inggeris pun boleh sedar, bertapa jelasnya kedudukan ini menegenai kecenderungan politik Kawan.

    Memang SAHIH Monsterball ini tua kutuk nyanyuk bodoh-banggang macam beruk kena tambat pada pokok getah!


  25. hahahahahaha…..hehehehehe….hohohohoho
    You did choose he right nick…Big Dog with small brain.
    Like my dogs saying….WOOF WOOF….F… off!!

  26. At Sheih’s site…you try carrying his balls eh and write excellent ENGLISH messages. Did you read his reply? HE ALSO TREAT YOU LIKE A DOG…..HAHAHAHAHA
    So Big Dog…correction please….you like a St. BERNARD DOG…an idiotic looking dog….know how to eat and shit at others only.
    You are an out cast to the muslims….do you know that ? that God made you choose this nick…yet born as a muslim??
    Signs are there..but what the heck….I am talkinmg to a dog…what does he know.

  27. Big Dog…Bring ALL your gang here to talk …BUT IN ENGLISH and lets battle it out…any subject. STOP DISTURBING kickdefella SITE!!
    Chose you subject and battle it out in english. Why afraid in English and why afraid to talk for the good of the country. Why talk about me only?
    Jealous ah….Sheih so close to a chinese malaysian? Cannot take it eh.
    Well eat your heart out…that is if you have a heart. Sheih and me are getting closer….as true Malaysians.

  28. Monsterball aka Tua Kutuk

    Ikut suka akulah, apa bahasa aku nak guna?

    Engkau ni kurang, kenapa nak marah orang pulak. Engkau tu siapa, nak suruh orang berhenti tulis dimana mana orang lain suka?

    Sini Malaysia, guna Bahasa Malaysialah! Ehh, tak boleh berbahasa Malaysia ehh???

    Pigi tempatlah, yang boleh terima kau tak reti guna bahasa rasmi negara itu!


  29. FUCK YOU!! Dog of all hell dogs. Dare to challenge me…talk my language. Are you not ashame at sheih’s site…you have been exposed as the pariah dog? Such a thick skin dog you are.
    Now choose your topic and lets battle in English.
    Don’t laugh hhhehehhahahaha and change the subject.
    You are a disgrace to PAS and your race!!
    Let others call me clowns at your site…who cares. You have gone too far with your low down sickening irritating style.
    hi there is a itchify bitch hound dog looking for one to mate….you want me to introduce you to her?

    You love Malaysia? Go ahead..start.
    For month you make Sheih’S site a garbbage site ….and you dare to call him your friend? Friends do not do such low down tricks in a respectable site like SHEIH’S. WAH…VERY CLEVER….say I take advantage of SHIEH’S MILD AND KIND NATURE….WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
    hi read Sheih’s remarks about you? But you simply ignore and continue to be pally eh? Sure he will be pally…even with the devil like you …because he has a strong and clear mind to be friend to everyone.
    Are you not jealous? Sheih call me fatherly one and want me to be his frontliner for life?…..a malay and chinese sooo close..Eat your heart out!! Cannot stand leh…
    My itchy hound dog say the fatter you are the better…what say you big baboom dog? Your prick can go in the hole…big enough? .hahahahahah

  31. You are going to see another monsterbll….only at your site….you fucking good for nothing dog. They still eat you in Java… do you know that?….becareful. …if I SAY THERE IS A FATTY BIG DOG here in MALAYSIA WITH SMALL BALLS AND DICK…good for nothing…….THEY MAY ROAST YOU AS SATAY ANGIN..hahhahaha

  32. monsterball….old …synile…what type of malaysian…canot read bahasa…anything new?
    Such a coward and an idiot like you where got brains and have new ideas.
    English blog…talk bahsa to beliitle me…everywhere same style….what a coward you are.
    Come on Big idiotic no balls DOG.. ..I AM JUST STARTING TO WARM UP.
    Want to eat your brothers and sisters….satay angin?…go to Jokja…cry for them lah….
    You know what? You are one of the dirtiest low down malay …trying to disunite a chinese and malay sincere loving relationship. GOD WILL PUNISH YOU. JUST WATCH OUT!!
    Don’t fool around with a jealous and spiteful personality. Everyone knows you!! Be your friend…just to avoid your dirty low down character. You are blind! Above all Pas suffers because of guys like you…check it out.
    Waiting your rsponse!!

    You must be very happy to see you good friend apologising like that…because of you.
    Are you not ashamed?

  34. I will teach you the history of your kind….DOGS…LATER.
    LIKE I said before….God is great to make you choose “BIG DOG” nick FOR A MUSLIM.
    Humans are shameful to choose a dog nick..only you …so very proud…..hahahahaha
    Very good…that will take me weeks to deScribe you for the whole world to read…and you NOW…not only shame PAS…you race….but your religion!!!

  35. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahha

    Monsterball aka Telur Raksaksa Jahat aka Tua Kutuk Tak Sedor Diri,

    Aku pergi Bloggers United petang tadi. Lebih sedozen orang jumpa aku dan gelak terbahak bahak maki engkau, berbakul bakul. Nampaknya, berpuluh orang benci tengok perangai tak sedor diri dan kurang ajar kau ni.

    Kau saja yang perasan Sheih sayang pada kau. Sebenornya Sheih kesian pada kau. Hidup sorang, tak da kawan, kerja kau seharian jadi tukang ulas komen orang! Satu Malaya orang layar blog Sheih menyampah tengok perangai kau.

    Kau saja perasan bagus!


    Oh ya, kau tak faham ya?

    Beratus orang baca komen aku ini akan kesian pada engkau. Kesian. Tua Kutuk kena buli dengan BigDog…….ish ish ish…..tak patut. Lepas tu mereka tengok saja tulisan kurang ajar dan ultrabanggang kau tu, sekelip mata saja orang menyampah!


  36. Hahahhhahahaahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha

    Bodoh betul Monsterball tua kutuk tak sedor diri ni!

  37. hi bloddy idiot….I see you and all your side kicks..supposedly brilliant guys…not one elected in the new alliance bloggers association. See ..even your so all brother KNOW ALL OF YOU DIRTY BLOKES!! NO SHAME AH?

  38. My itchy bitch hound dog says….if you have short dick and cannot fuck well….lick her cunt….also can.
    I am sure you are not a true muslim…just name sake and infact a disgrace to that great religion…so do it lah…why be shy.

    Of all the people..you should know…you need to do alot of good for humankind…but no…there you start your nonsense again at Sheih’s latest post.
    Why go there….you ugly dog?
    I guess you are so big that your brain is damanged while pulling out from your mother’s cunt.
    No girl friend? Very frustrated? My bitch hound dog waiting you lick her cunt lah….since it is confirm…you can never see your balls or prick forever…not like we normal folks.

  40. Only an idiot keeps comments current in a February’07 posting.

    Why ah?

    Because this blithering ignoramus ‘bookmarked’ the blog from the comments section instead of the front page.

    Dah lah bodoh, tua kereput, masih nak ‘melancap’ di-merata rata blog.

    BD, please donot delete these ‘wonderful’ messages from a mentally unstable schizo because these are evidences to be used against him. As and when necessary, we can always use this link for others to read and know the real trouble-maker in Malaysian blogosphere.

  41. Shar 101,

    Of course I won’t. This is a testimony. This is a resume.

    This lonely old man is missing out the fact that people you, me, Bernard hang out with Sheih, AT LEAST twice a week, for the last three months and we bonded on too many issues, over drinks and tonnes of food, even rubbishing Monsterball, ALL the time, which Sheih himself is a co-conspirator!

    So who is the social deviant now? You ever see this old hog gets invited to our weekly social do? That alone, shows a hell lot, isn’t it!

    I think the word here is “Perasan”. As the Malays say it, “Hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong sorong” and “Kaduk naik ke junjung”. Of course, you can’t “Teach an old dog new tricks”. So one just leave the rabid dog caged, locked in his lonely world, all by himself (and thus sms certain people upto 20 times a day!) and NOT get invited when the other doggies come out to play.

    Or so they say!

    That’s why so much pity is drawn. Not me, though!

    Hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha 🙂

  42. Braggard and dog group together…where are the rest? Good now you talk my language.
    HI big Dog…..for a man trying to be bitchy to insitigate…you sure got class. Now with so many of my messages..your weekly bloggers meet will never be dull.
    This style is out-dated!! Nice try to make me hate Sheih….hahahaha
    That braggard shar 101…wanting me to gain his respect?…..hahahahaha. HE MUST BE DREAMING HE IS MAHATHIR SON……HAHAHAHA
    Yes lah…very lonely..keep me company will you two? Get more.


  44. Come on bastard shar101…don’t just advice ..give me your worst….you low down son of gun with no guts….but talk talk talk to instigate.

  45. hi big fat ugly dog…This is the time we chinese go pray to our ancestors.
    I will ask my parents to visit both of you to tell yoyu why they are so stupid to put me in and English school.
    I will plead with them to visit both of you…or else aLways accused by both of you….not a real Malaysian.
    Then I will go to a tree and bribe few ghosts to help me visit both of you too….to explain.

  46. Come on lah shar101 and fat god……You wanted so much to irritate me and talk like this at Sheih’s site….now you got it here…are you not happy?
    OOPPP..wrong site …hahahahaha
    I will fuck all of you worms…like you never been fucked before!!

  47. ooopppp! fat dog…not god…but if you are…then son of a devilish god.
    To us….there are thousands of gods…that is why I am going to a big old tree and find few naughty ‘gods’/ghosts to visit both of you soon.
    Love to see me talk like this leh….don’t be shy…say it….mission accomplisghed!!
    I simply cannot forget shar101 telling me to gain his respect while irritating and crtiticising me. ONLY YOUR RACE CAN THINK LIKE THAT….hahahahaha

  48. hi read Tunku Razeleigh asking you all to change mindset….so do Pak Lah and TDM…AS BOTH OF YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO YOUR RACE!! BUT LUCKILY MAJORITY OF MALAYS DO NOT THINK LIKE YOU BOTH. They are living in shame because of such people like you both.

  49. hahhaha shar101…talking bikes and sex at SHEIH’S SITE..HAHAHAHA
    It all all you got?
    A braggard like you talking like a sissy….hahahaha
    You just want to show off…don’t you?
    And fat ulgy DOG…do you like to suck breasts? I am sure you do!! All men love it.
    But your kind..have 8 tits…you lucky devil.

  50. BD,

    Just for the record.

    During the NAB gathering on 5th April’07, I asked RPK this question:

    “RPK, did you write the article ‘The flower and the monkey’ because of monsterball”.

    He answered “Yes!” in front of at least 10 bloggers.

    P.S. BD, just wondering if you can print out this comments page. Should make it a NAB promo thesis on how not to comment on blogs. Am sure there will be interested parties.


  52. Big Dog…Take my advise!! You are fat and not that healthy. Do not do bad or allow others to influence or use you to do bad. HELP AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND GATHER GOOD MERITS ONLY.
    You are very smart….but can easily be used or influence and do things withouit thinking twice…and easily can be used by those that are not realy your sincere friends.
    Have a helpful personality and develope a good passionate heart to help others in every way you can.
    You need to do good only to gather the good khammars for yourself…..not for others…..for when you are sick or helpess…your friends will abandon you nd your family will suffer.
    FACE FACTS!! You cannot do bad….to shorten or spoil your life.
    Think what I have written.
    What shar101 advused you to do.is continue in everyway to do what???…to have the pleasure to kill my good reputations? First and foremost.why do it?
    If you believe in Allah…..listen to SHEIH AND OTHERS SCOLDING YOU….NOT TO OTHERS THAT USES YOU FOR THEIR OWN FUN. If you want fun…..go see a comedy movie or play with your family. Tha’s real fun.
    Take care of your family by being good…

  53. hi idiot shar101…..An answer yes from RPK does not tell the WHOLE STORY. Why not ask more. Yes can mean so many disturbing me and he is warning others.
    Yes can mean..telling ALL to behave…..not only to me.
    Do not try to be too smart…you bloddy instigator .
    It is a 3 years old matter..only a fucking sick man like you will bring out any and everything…just to build your nonsense.
    RPK is not all that saint himself……so what…his site……
    I am actually beginning to feel very proud that it takes so many of you smart jokers trying so hard to trap one monsterball…..hahahahaha
    I have dozens of friends and admirers in blogging. Best of all…Sheih trusts me completely…yet you stinking braggards try to poke fire in every ay you can.
    What reputations have you got shar101?

  54. you braggard shar101….YOU CLAIM TO BE GOOD FRIEND TO RPK….WHY ONE WORD ANSWER TO YOU? WHY ARE YOU NOT TWO SITTING CLOSE … AND DISCUSS MORE AND TELL US MORE DETAILS…ONE WORD ‘YES’..BUT ACTUALLY…..WHO CARES!! I should not bother to reply…but perhaps BD like to have the others opinion….
    There is a Chinese saying that such a man like shar101 have a cunt mouth.

  55. 31 out of 54 comment thus far here belongs to Monsterball and 9 out of 19 comments in “Big Dog according to Sheih” posting is Monsterball.

    My oh my, have we commented much of him.

    From subtle metaphors, polite advise, to stern warning and harshest of word, yet he belligerently torment our Malaysian blogosphere.

    He ….

    …ignores people’s displeasure,
    …he confronts people’s anger,
    …he respond to any disagreement even how subtle it is with insults,
    …he twist and spin anything to substantiate his vulgarity and deluded rightful ways,
    …he gets his fact wrong out of naivety or stupidity, and

    …he is believes he is exemplary to preach peace, harmony, and unity.

    Oh my God, you guys wouldn’t believe it … Monsterball is suffering from Neu Straitum Timestis Presrectus.

    Its the first known case of what can be called the NSTP psychological disorder where the patiance believe he is right and all lies and twisted words is fair to justify what he believes is right.

    Man … doe she need professional help, real professional help.

    So people this can be contagious, so do stop buying New Straits Times, Berita Harian, and Metro.

  56. Hahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahaaa

    Well done Husin Lempoyang! Another dissatisfied customer of Monsterball, pest extraordinaire .

    You are so bloody accurate to analyse the statistics (which is bloody clear) and describe:

    “He ….

    …ignores people’s displeasure,
    …he confronts people’s anger,
    …he respond to any disagreement even how subtle it is with insults,
    …he twist and spin anything to substantiate his vulgarity and deluded rightful ways,
    …he gets his fact wrong out of naivety or stupidity, and

    …he is believes he is exemplary to preach peace, harmony, and unity…..”

    Even Sheih in person, talked about this few times. How he complained how unable he is to cope with continuous sms he receives from Monsterball everytime anyone reacts to his comments. He just swallow all that to “jaga hati”. Instead, this idiot “naik muka”!

    If ONLY Monsterball knew how Sheih ever so often talked about his intolerance to Monsterball childish tantrums and this will always invite LAUGHTER from people like Shar 101, Zorro, Shanghai Fish, Eric Woon, Tony Yew and even Rocky himself, over and over again, at NPC or section 14, every single time!

    Sheih trust him completely? Sheih often haplessly cynically smile whenever someone complained about Monsterball. Sheih is just being a Malay; sympathetic on Monsterball! Because he is an old man, living alone and no real friends, where else everyone else bonded. Even people complained he annoyingly has no positive social virtues when they meet him in person! Really. Ask Shar 101, Zorro and A Voice. A social outcast!

    Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahaha 🙂

  57. Neu Straitum Timestis Presrectus! Now why didn’t I think of that one. Scrotumus Largerlicus was the best I could think of.

    From the symptoms described by Husin Lempoyang, it’s a psychological disorder which will deteriorate further through neuro-physio epileptical gestures e.g. writing without thinking on blog forums.

    There are several remedial measures available.

    The best is getting the patient to ingest polonium 235 which has the immediate effect of setting rigor mortis in slow motion i.e. the physical self shuts down before the brain does. It’s like watching your life passing by, not in a flash but over a period of 72 hours. It’s rather fatal but at least, it will serve to contain the contagion from spreading.

    Chemo-theraphy is another option but the massive dosage required would create a severe shortage within the country’s medical reserves. And to do it , just to try and save one patient over thousands of other more deserving cases is grossly unfair.

    An invasive surgical procedure may be more practical. However, if the patient is in an advance stage of NSTP, the only part that can be saved could be the family jewels which must be immediately ‘bronzed’, encased within an airtight bullet/bomb-proof time capsule with the following message etched on the outside:

    “If found, please re-bury. Mars didn’t want it. Neither do we”.

  58. anything else?

  59. Now I have posted on all the three sites of yours….lets battle at your sites…okay?Why shar101…the biggest braggard…you have no guts to start your blog…yet telling me to do one? What a real hypocrite and dirty maggot you are.

  60. Big fat ugly dog…you have not response do you like my bitchy hound dog with 8 tits for you to suck. come on man…even if you are fat and ugly…you must have man’s instincts to love tits. We humans have two….you doggy have eight!! And hound dog tits are longs and juicy……you lucky idiot.
    Sheih makes fun of me at bloggers meetings and sympathises me?
    Is your brain and eyes okay? He fucked you up …so ae many commenters..did you not notice? I think that’s the only way you can keep instigating…nothing else?
    Well he and I ARE HAVING A VERY PRIVATE ONE TO ONE EMOTIONAL AND LOVING APPOINTMENT BEFORE HE LEAVES FOR KB? Any private date with him? Oh I SEE…he pities me…so meet me privately to sympathises me more…whawahawahawah[crying}

    Even on the last days of Sheih’s time in KL…you still want to mess up, his site,
    Why not here?
    I guess you will never change…..Lets see the end results of you and me . But you can be sure…..I WILL IGNORE YOU AT SHEIH’S SITE AND FUCK YOU RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR STEPS!!

  62. hi THICK SKINNED DOG….SHEIH HAS DELETED ALL YOUR DIRTY STUFFS AGAIN. ARE YOU NOT ASHAME? How mant times must he do that o mke your thick head understand good and bad?
    WHY dirty Sheih’s site..here I come to your blog?..lets battle it out HERE…YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING BIG BABOON.!!
    Also defending a voice?…hahahaha Wrote nothing…but laugh like two idiots. Why afraid I can fully understand? Oh I see…malaysians must all be able to read bahasa. no matter….lets rumble!!Read my response there.
    ASk your side kick shar101 to start a blog to complete you three monkies against monsterball….plus all your ‘assistants’ ….the more the merrier!!

  63. Lets get focuss…you fat big ass love to talk true malaysians must be able to read and write bahasa…correct? Lets debatec on that.
    Braggard shar101 wants to simply irritate and talk like he is son of Mahathir. He said I MUST GAIN HIS RESPECT…THUS MEANING I MUST GAIN ALL MALAYS RESPECT TO BE A MALAYSIAN. LETS DEBATE ON THAT.
    Worst of all…a voice….a University lecturer labelled me as a racialist. Lets battle on that.
    So who starts first?
    No guts?….come one come all….come suck monsterball…one huge ball….hahahahaha

  64. Big Dog….We met at Sheih’s farwwell party…smoke cigars together…knock glasses as friends and spoke real life matters and are sincere friends.
    I am sure photos of us together with so many bloggers behind wil be put out by Sheih.
    One blogger said ..when we meet…sure to like each other. He is absolutely right!

  65. You are so sure aaa? Like Rocky said, which Zorro, E Woon and A Voice will agree, we only met a pleasant aged man by the name of Goh, who belanjaed us cigars and we had sometime chit-chating. E Woon even argued that some of Monsterball’s posting were racist in nature but this Uncle Goh disagreed and left at that.

    We told him to say ‘hi’ to Monsterball. Obviously, the two don’t match. 🙂

  66. Versatility….is the one of the right attitude to survive .’SAY SAY PUN PUN’ wILL MAKE ANYONE A BLOKHEAD.

  67. BIG DOG…I AM BACK!! Put out what you just said at Sheih’s site in your own site and I will, response!
    If you dare not..then you are a COWARD!!

  68. You have been instigating and instigating how much those bloggers…like zorro….ewoon despise me….hoping I response and fuck them? How cheap and lowdown style you have become.
    If I am so popular..why am I not invited to such meetings? Are you nuts? I am not a blogger…why should I be invited? And if so….I will not attend..zorro and rocky are too smart …not like you and they know it….because I am still doing business.
    They talk about me all the time? Thank you all bloggers..giving me such honour of your precious time. If all bad…Big dog…..zorro ..ewoon…rocky will be the first to comment…not need you kucing kurap blogger to protect the good name of United Bloggers.
    Me a racialist? That’s a good one….hahahahaha. you have trully learn the art of accusiing other of what you are from your master TDM very well. keep it up!!
    So you are very glad you can do one to a world respected blogger like SUSAN. What else under your sleeves? you tried once and did not succeed…so you said one time only. You will proceed with more…as you know she does not support your UMNO or TDM.
    You ONLY talk politics and talking ONLY politics means you are a filthy dirty corrupted supporter. Susan..Sheih and I talk of humane subjects and corruptions..very little politics..but we must also talk politics…or else we are not sincere to be true malaysians. Can you get the differences between you and us?
    hi Big dog….you are a frequent writer with messages posted at Malaysia-Today site .
    a pro Mahathir site!!!! You are so proud of that…until have the cheek to correctv others when TDM is the worst of all politician in MAKLAYSIA. EVERYONE KNOWS IT. Why are you so blind? Oh I see..you are a paid marchai of TDM…so need to carry his balls lah.
    I think Bloggers united Association have a short history because of people like you and a voice…plus few commenters.
    Remember…papa monsterball…and son ssgoh and their shadow are ONE AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN ONE!!
    But if papa monsterball looks like santa clause….and ssgoh looks like a handsome actor and the shadow is like casper the friendly ghost….then they not ONE..but THREE and will always remain THREE!!
    How do you know monsterball look like what until you saw ssgoh? So we are one….you idiot!!
    Read all compliments to me as ssgoh or monsterball…AS UNCLE MONTY…PAPA MONSTERBALL..OBI-WAN….WISE ONE etc etc etc? Who is the idiot now?

  69. […] at your blogsite and decide to have ‘your space’ as his playground for things such as this and this and this. You need to scroll down to read his vitriol and I hope you have a strong stomach […]

  70. your photograph,it didn’t look like a cheap shot at all. by the way there are so many malaysian and American who had a great debate here.
    dog fat

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