Band of Bloggers

Band of Bloggers is a loose grouping within those who subscribed to the Bloggers United movement, which has agreed to carry the same story / news from slightly different angles, perspective and/or flavour, to suit the widespread spectrum of political and satirical blog audience in the infinite world of blogosphere, which has taken a new place in the lives on internet savvy Malaysians, home and abroad.

Why? We have decided to work together on the common cause that we stood for. The parallel direction is to provide the readership with some degree of uniformity on the issue, principle and context of the major story, at hand. For example, this suit by NST and the Gang of Four against renowned fellow journo-blogger, Ahiruddin Attan and Malaysian political blog pioneer,Jeff Ooi.

The spectrum of this loose movement is really interesting. At one end there is pro-Keadilan online news provider Raja Petra Kamarudin, where as at the other end, former BN backbencher Chairman and former political secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister, Dato’ Ron Ahmad. Of course there is a stream of colourful blogosphere personalities, in between.

This is gaining more attention. By fellow bloggers, the internet savvy readership and not forgetting, the authorities.



To the Men (& Women) of e (electronic) coy,

The Band of Bloggers is here! Come and make your opinion heard (through your keyboard tile)………….



*Graphics provided by Raja Petra uninc

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