A reject Minister’s foot in mouth….

The recent hoot about the story where Tourism Minister YBM Tengku Adnan Mansor making a call that 80% of women bloggers are liars, has really taken a lot of flak from the blogosphere citizens, especially here in Malaysia.

I totally support Stand-up Philosopher’s story about his daughter who blogs. My ten year old darling sweetie has been blogging for a year now, in at least three sites. And no way, in any manner, shall I allow she be called a “liar”. Thus, I totally resent the Minister’s call.

Its dicey when anyone were to talk about anyone who is a ‘Tengku’, ‘Tunku’ or even ‘Ungku’. The name should go hereditary along with the paternal bloodline. If a person is born from a Tengku or Tunku mother and a commoner father, he/she will be called ‘Megat’, ‘Nik’, ‘Tuan’ or ‘Temenggung’ (depends which princess of the royal family the father is married to). Definitely not ‘Tengku’. That’s how it goes.

Getting back to the issue. Bloggers are now the newest expression force, to be reckoned with. In developed countries, even vernacular medias are including blogs in their system, not exclude them.

This much talked about (in the blogosphere) statement reported in Sin Chew Jit Poh (8 March 2007) could be construed a ‘lie’ also, unless the Minister can prove “80% of the bloggers are women and they lie”.

“Lying” isn’t the only shortcomings with this “Dimwit” Minister of Tourism. If he had par level intelligence, he ought to work with these thousands of Malaysian bloggers, including abroad, well networked in the cybersphere, to help promote tourism for Malaysia (maybe even pro bono!) and focus on the ‘Visit Malaysia Year 2007’.

This once rejected Cabinet Minister, recently ‘re-conditioned’ back in, by PM Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, surely got his foot in the mouth, for all the wrong reasons, against the bloggers. And, to sum it up, the bloggers will unite on this one, against Ku Nan, for a bloody long time!

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  1. bro,
    And so does my no. 1 fan and godchild who started blogging recently… I hope these clowns read the blogs for intellectual discourse. …but then how much they understand is altogether another question !

  2. Yo Dog

    Must have the least release your ole pent-up issue with the man!

  3. We’ve listed you at http://my.harro.com

  4. dimwit finally spoken

  5. Pearls of wisdom from the flower of Malay youth. Malaysia’s future is bright!

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