Again, Khairy……..who?

I was startled when the newspaper guy delivered complimentary “The Sunday Star” at my room, sometime nineish, from a second sleep. Earlier, the staff nurse in-charge woke me up at quarter to six, to check on my temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar level, asthma (using the flow meter) and insisting that I be administered with the prescribed six hourly Combivent nebulizer. After the usual post Salbutamol palpitations had subsided sometime just before sunrise, I went to catch some more shut eye.

I was flabbergasted! The title reads “Cash for appointment claims ridiculous, says Khairy“.

Khairy Jamaluddin denying in public that no need to pay money to see him?

That’s really strange because why should anyone, especially businessmen need to pay money to his so called “runners”, just for an appointment to see him? Who is he, that he is so important, that it ‘warrants’ such a ‘fee’ of RM 150,000.00, to secure an appointment?

Last time I was in the real world (pre-admission to the hospital), Khairy Jamaluddin is just the UMNO Youth Vice Head. He has no position is Government, what so ever. The Prime Minister, YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi confirmed this on TV3 prime time special interview with the Bernama Chairman, Dato’ Annuar Zaini (who happened to be a strong PM supporter!) on 8 August last year, “My son in law does not hold any post or involved in running the Government”. This was said again, at another interview.


So why does this particular businessman, in the “Kongress Jihad Ekonomi” (organised by jointly, GABEM and UMNO Youth), who calls himself “a failed entrepreneur”, said about this “appointment fee” openly during Q & A in the event? Is that a mere coincidence or a tricky question, to trap the UMNO Youth Vice Head?

If Khairy is just a party man, why is it so important that businessmen and others, see him for business opportunities or any other favours? What makes him different from another party man, who has no position in Government also, like Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik (GABEM Chairman and co-organizer of the event)? After all, Rahim is an UMNO Supreme Council member, compared to Khairy, UMNO Youth Vice Head.

Any fair minded person on the street who is able to read in English can only conclude; so many people were adduced to believe that his so called “runners” blatantly charge a “management fee” to set any appointment for the much talked about, Khairy Jamaluddin,”the son-in-law“. That’s a more probable logic why someone actually brought it up, in an open forum. Actually, I have a morbid curiosity how many actually ‘paid’ the so called “appointment fee”. šŸ˜‰

The Malays have a saying, “If there is no monkeys to shake the tree, the tree will not be shaken”. Or was it, some UMNO Youth leader, who said that?

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