The Big Dog, according to Sheih


Sheih came out with this poster, depicting me, commonly and cordially known as “Big Dog”. It’s his latest posting in

I really love it! Honest to God, I do.

The expression is awesome. The pose is intimidating. The size is morbidly overloaded with corpulence. The discipline and training regime that goes with the profession is a principle I really value, in life.

As long as no one calls me, ‘Konekichi Ichibawa’ after this, I am quite alright with the image and persona it depicts. 🙂

This poster makes a validation. This poster marks the acceptance. This poster symbolise my existence in the Blogosphere is certified. A film maker’s interpretation of the BigDog. Maybe one day, we can film this. Get John Goodman or George Wendt, to play, the BigDog.

Thanks, Sheih.


BTW, with the current prices of gold, this guy looks like he is easily valued at least RM eighteen million!

Hahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaaha 🙂

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