Tun Dr. Mahathir strikes again

“The fate of the people is determined by the people themselves” and “The people gets the Government they deserve”.

These are the two phrases which can sum up former UMNO President and Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s spicy 90 minute speech in Kulai, this evening. The forum, titled “Kepimpinan Melayu di Era Globalisasi” was organized by Kulai Besar branch of the Kulai UMNO Division, at a local sports club multi purpose hall. Over 800 people attended. Even though the event was organized by an UMNO branch, many local non Malays attended with zest. It became a Malaysian affair.

Like the one before, this time Tun Dr. Mahathir is shifting the responsibilty to correct the many skewed situation currently in our beloved country on thr people.


Tun Dr. Mahathir started by saying the Malay rulers almost gave everything up to the post World War II British Military Administration suggestion to colonialised
Malaya instead its earlier ‘protected territory’ status. However Dato’ Onn Jaafar consolidated all the Malay organizations to form UMNO and with this, a very strong uniformed Malay force exist.

Dato’ Onn Jaafar, Dato’ Panglima Bukit Gantang, Zaaba and Nik Ahmad Kamil had the overwhelming support of the Malays and made them so popular and influential. As the leaders of a popular and strong peoples’ movement, the British administration were unable to do anything to them. With this strong backing of the people, these leaders dared to take risk against the British, a superpower which recently managed to win the World War. Indeed, they were succesful.

He said it is important for the people to be sensitive of their surroundings. It was reminded that the Malays should not easily agree with the leadership, for the sake of being subordinates. Disagreement with leadership does not tantamount to treachery. If the leadership is making decisions no longer benefited the majority of the people, then the people should do the necessary to ensure that the leaders who are protecting the interest of the majority is elected to office.

In the past, the Malay Rulers agreed to allow the British to ‘manage’ their state because they had become obtuse and looking for ‘easy money’ (Where Malay Rulers are offered handsome pay and lifetime pension for their powers and sovereignty). The pattern is much history repeating itself when he talked about Iskandar Development Region (IDR). The Government is now inviting foreigners to indiscriminately develop the prime area in Asia’s continent southest tip.

Tun Dr. Mahathir talked about how Globalisation is actually a scheme where the rich and powerful nations benefitted immensely and at the same time, oppress the poor and human-rich nations. He then cautioned for the people to look into whether is Globalisation bringing benefit to us or otherwise.

A strong message that the former Premier making a point today was its our duty to protect our sovereignty and not allow our “Kemerdekaan” eroded, bit by bit. The example he specifically made reference about is the IDR and its Free Access Zone (FAZ) foreign ‘carte blanche’ and decision made to cancel the Johor Scenic Bridge.

The IDR FAZ seamless movement of people, products and capital crossing into Malaysian border (from Singapore) will not require any form of documentation, inspection nor regulations. This seamlessness will give ample opportunites for “rogue business people” and “robbers” (penyangak dan perompak) to own businesses and properties and buy into interests, with ease. This fear also is extended against Israelis; people, products and business interests (for the record, Malaysia does not recognize Israel and Israel is a strong Singaporean ally).


The Gerbang Pintu Selatan CIQ complex and Scenic Bridge were planned for increasing number of traffic in and out of Singapore and to alleviate any intrusion in regular increasing Johor Bahru local traffic. Of course, to make the water in Johor Straits passable was in the interests of Malaysians as well. One interesting point Tun Dr. mahathir highlighted that the Gerbang Perdana project grew from RM 800 million to RM 1.4 billion and was wondering on the escalation.

Tun Dr. Mahathir repeated that our policies towards Singapore has been overbearingly too generous and lop-sided. He reminded the audience that First Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra expelled Singapore from the Federation because of the Singaporeans’ selfcentredness and if he was to see how situation developed today, after 42 years, he will be very disappointed.

Tun Dr. Mahathir cynically challenged the Johoreans since all these decisions made by Kuala Lumpur which involves the Johoreans, there wasn’t much response. Even when Tun Musa proposed that NEP is withdrawn from IDR, the Malays kept quiet.

On the issue of the economy, Tun Dr. Mahathir admitted and appreciated that the Chinese played an important role of nation building in their entrepreneurial nature. However, lately since business opportunities are sliding here at home, many chose to try their luck elsewhere, including China. He said if the Chinese wholesomely leave the country to do their business elsewhere, then the nation’s economic system would seriously suffer.

Tun Dr. Mahathir took snipes against the Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, as usual, again. He possed a striking question “What is more important, the suffering of the Johorean because of the Great Flood or go on holiday and officiate a nasi kandar restaurant in Perth?”

He also said the Prime Minister Abdullah lied when he cited the reason of the cancellation of the Scenic Bridge is because “the people don’t want it”. Tun Dr. Mahathir now calls Prime Minister Abdullah as in the same league of leaders such as George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard; Liars!

During the zestful Q & A session, a local resident suggested that a referendum be made pertaining to the Scenic Bridge issue undertaken for once; to set the record straight. Another audience, a local resident of Indian ethnicity who lives in Gelang Patah said that if the Malays within IDR suffer because of NEP no longer gives them advantage against foreign businesses, then naturally the Indians and Chinese will be affected too.

A local UMNO Youth ask about Tun Dr. Mahathir’s opinion about UMNO Youth. According to Tun Dr. Mahathir, UMNO Youth supposed to be the activist within UMNO but that is not the case. For example UMNO Youth did not have an opinion and stance on FTA with the US issues. He was honest enough to point out that when his son, Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir commented to the media on the UMNO Presidential Address in November 2006’s AGM, there weren’t any new materials in the speech a result, UMNO Youth spend a lot of time reprimanding him instead.

Undoubtedly, this is the feistiest critic Tun Dr. Mahathir had against current issues and the administration. I am so glad he did it on an UMNO platform and it attracted so many non Malays Malaysians’ attention and participation. This only shows that Tun Dr. Mahathir now has overwhelming support of Malaysians and his speech is getting more prickly and open.

More of this 82 year old much loved statesman were to come, within this 2007.



Post Scriptum: Tun Dr. Mahathir’s speech in Kulai video is up, courtesy of Malaysia Today (www.malaysia-today.net).

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  1. i wish the is mahathir mohamad in each of the leaders, then we will be in safe hand.

  2. Congratulation To BigDog , A True Johorean,

    The article that I wrote “Pangkor Treaty In Johor” certainly coming out with a loud bang here.It does not take a great Statesman like TDM to diagnose the problem that is facing us now.
    The ‘recurrence’ of the state of mind of our present leaders has all the recipe repeated as if the Pangkor Treaty was yesterday.

    I was labelled as nationalist (am proud of that) ,when I said the rakyat didnt benefit from Pangkor Treaty,my present equivalent for all intent and purposes is all rakyat of Malaysia .The rakyat most probably be the spectator to massive economic activities as companies would be free to import cheap labours from Indonesia,India,Thailand ,Vietnam etc,and we are suppose to give them free asses.

    I doubt very much S’pore would extend similar free asses to these foreign workers as expected of us in IDR.Basically its only one way traffic.

    When the famous ball bearing maker SKF was scouting for locations for their expansion,the choice was between Malaysia and S’pore.They decided on Malaysia for the Malaysia’s ability to provide ample land ,cheaper labour and good infrastructure to which S’pore was certainly unable to compete.To counteroffer ,the Goverment of S’pore was willing to offer a grant of SD200 million to win them over.To a big company like SKF the amount was not tempting enough to compromise their initial needs.Malaysian won it and you can see the establishment now as you drive along KL-Seremban Highway.

    The point is we are playing chess with S’pore,the move by Tan Sri Kuok to transfer all his plantation asset to S’pore,i believe was goaded by S’pore goverment.Our chess player thought they have been checkmated!! They must have thought that this is the begining of exodus of Malysian companies to S’pore,not to be outdone they decided to give the game away and kowtow to S’pore.Tan Sri Kuok’s decision was made because S’pore offered him some good renumerations which Malaysian Goverment could have easily counteroffered.

    If you have a friend ,keep them close,but an enemy keep them closer.S’pore who is our economic rival for upperstream economic opputurnities certainly need to be kept close.You need need to listen to their heartbeat.With problematic investments in China,Thailand and Indonesia their heartbeat certainly has increased to a higher tempo.Unfortunately our leader(singular)intrepretated it as an excitement not as fear.Thus decision was made to sleep with the enemy.

    So Malaysia lost it without a fight.

    Looking back in how S’pore manage to do all that is very easy.I liken it to an old, many time ditched lady of suspected repute,being marketed to a affable young man like Malaysia.People like 3K and a P would whisper many superlative traits found in this lady,conveniently ignoring the ugly past in the way she treated most suitors.Daily whispers become inner thoughts and inner thoughts made decisions to sign the treaty.

    Whats wrong is that to keep in competitions with S’pore? Isnt that the mantra the Goverment been telling everyone to be ready to compete?If that is so why is The Goverment ever so ready to surrender?I know the answer why,because the Goverment is UMNO and UMNO of today decided that The whole of Malaysian cant compete as they themselves find it hard to compete.UMNOputras been a rental seekers for so long and to them they just see the opening of IDR as a huge place to collect rents for their own consumption.

    Am I been proven right? Of course I am as I dont hear anymore voice from UMNO the old,the youth and the puteris.They surrendered like Red Indian on the Western Movies of John Wayne’s era.Displaced and roaming always looking for greener pasture where bison are aplenty .Their future generation would soon be begging for food on their ownland.I dare you to prove me wrong UMNO,speak up!!!

    Only a few Johorean were loud enough ,BigDg and Dato’Ron to name a few.
    Isnt it not Johor was the place as UMNO birthplace?When the bastion crumble ,the rest would be easy pickings

    Is dignity not worth fighting for anymore?

  3. Salam to bigdot.
    TQ for updating us about DrM’s speech in Kulai.
    CGOPD had commented well. It seems that the present day Johorean( big dog not one of them) had lost their balls to voice their opinions. This is their lives which are directly affected by the ‘coming soon’ invasion and rape of the region.

    And I’m not sure whether the rest of UMNO memebers in other states is aware of this? Do they no what Musa Hitam said about excluding the NEP status in IDR? Does their Ketua Bahagian,Ketua Wanita,Ketua Pemuda ,Ketua Rempit(ooppsss…ketua Putera) and Ketua Puteri explain to them?Or maybe these leaders(plural) are busy with their class F works with the local councils.

    I remember reading John Grisham’s The Rainmaker.
    Mrs Black(who is suing an insurance outfit,Great Benefit) had her claims denied and the last letter she received from Great benefit was from its Vice President of Claims dept. The VP ,at the end of the letter told that Mrs Black is stupid,stupid,stupid(yes 3 times).

    Can I say that too to most UMNO members?

  4. Ya tat’s it our beloved Dr.M , which are coming for us to see that he is making up for the biggest mistake of his entire career as our PM in appointing AAB as his succesor .
    It’s really a BIG mistake , sir bcoz we as the normal citizen , we trusted yr judgement in wanting the best for us that’s why we gave him the biggest mandate ever in the election history for a ruling party in Malaysia . While i really appreciate what Dr.M has spoken and point out but this will be merely just another fierce critics only bcoz at present he is in no position at all to counter the mighty power and resources available at AAB goverment disposal . For us the normal citizen in our beloved country , it’s just felt so sad and helpless in seeing the country being brought down to such a failing shape with a bunch of useless and corrupted jokers surrounding our PM .

  5. […] Tun Dr. Mahathir strikes again “The fate of the people is determined by the people themselves” and “The people gets the Government they […] […]

  6. You’ve got to hand it to Dr.M though. The man has steel balls. We need more outspoken leaders. ABB is a bit.. “soft” so to speak.

  7. thanks thanks.. still hoping for a ‘new world’ for malaysians

  8. hi

  9. interesting that our former premier said some nice things about malaysian chinese.

    on another note, history is repeating itself with the IDR as it appears that it will become MAINLAND SINGAPORE effectively.

    and all the struggle of UMNO for what since it has come to this?

    perhaps it’s time to rethink our race-based politics….for malaysians need each other more to excel in an increasingly competitive global environment.

    nice article…was too bz to make it…

  10. […] vehemently reiterated his call which he made in Johor Bahru on 10 February 2007 and again in Kulai on 29 March 2007 for UMNO people to do a leadership change and elaborated on it, which many in the audience today […]

  11. […] Tun Dr. Mahathir again repeated this call in Kulai, on 29 March 2007. The next day, he openly demonstrated his support for once arch political-enemy Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah openly, during the latter’s lecture on former Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein’s legacy in University Malaya (although some other politician openly claimed that he is the ‘political son’ to the Bapa Pembangunan Malaysia!). Certainly, this ‘renewed association’, gave a lot of Malaysians, especially the Malays some glimmer of hope for things to be made better.. So many issues that still have not been settled and rectified, nor explained, which include the nineteen points raised when the former Prime Minister met his successor in Seri Perdana Complex in a four-eyed-engagement, two days before Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 1427H. […]

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