Parents in hospital

I have been running in limbo, for almost a week. My parents are both taken ill. Since last Monday, they have been brought to see my physician, at Damansara Special Hospital, twice. They did not do better. Infact, my father’s condition worsened. So on Thursday, I took him to see my cardiologist (the physician was on emergency leave). He was admitted. Since mother wasn’t well either, so I got the doctor to admit her as well. It better that she also gets 24 hours medical care.

My father complained of severe pain in the head. And when he saw the doctor since last Monday, his blood pressure shot up. So they suspect my father is suffering from hypertension and gave him the medicine to bring his blood pressure down. Mother is in for bronchitis. She is treated with asthma medications.

However, after few days, his pain got worse and the hypertension medicine is unable to bring his pressure down. Then they got the ophthalmologist to check on him. She said nothing is wrong with his eye. Then they got a neurologist to examine him. They did CT scan and MRI and found nothing. Now, they say it is an uncommon migraine and they are giving him four painkillers to relieve him from the suffering. However, it is not doing that well. He is still in pain and now, he is feeling nausea (because of the painkillers). His vision is slightly impaired.

However, Mother has improved. Since they took a suite, my brother and sister and their respective troops are with them, almost daily. So sometime, it’s like a circus in there. We brought home cooked food for them at every meal and of course, I get to eat the hospital prepared cuisine (Hey, its kinda good, okay!). The atmosphere of little ones squabbles over crayons and M&Ms, actually is a therapy to both of them.

Yesterday, two of his sisters visited. That brought them joy. I saw how my father was talkative, after almost a week. I purposely not tell anyone but my siblings he was in hospital for the first few days because I knew his pain was severe and I don’t think he’d appreciate any visitors, even kin when he is in that unbearable and annoying pain.

I hope the consultants (cardiologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist and radiologist) can accurately diagnose him and give him the right treatment.

P/S I managed to finish Syed Akbar’s book and its great that there’s wifi at KPJ’s hospital 🙂

P/S II: Thanks for the kind thoughts and words, expressed here or through other medium. Thanks to my dear friend Bernard Khoo who offered prayers whilst attending Mass on Easter Sunday. To the catholic bloggers that surf this blog, I wish everyone a good Easter Sunday and may we have ever lasting peace and harmony, for the betterment of mankind (of course, womankind as well – I am trying to shed my sexism!) 🙂

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