A landmark moment in Malaysian blogging

Today, 12 April 2007 will mark a very significant date in the history of Blogging in Malaysia. This evening, the pro-tem committee of the National Alliance of Bloggers will meet for the first time, after its inaugural formation meeting last Thursday.


Last Thursday, Ahiruddin “Rocky” Attan, www.rockybru.blogpot.com, made a call on the blogging community in Malaysia. Fifty persons turned up, some as far away as Penang, Miri and Bangkok and all agreed to form the National Alliance of Bloggers (NAB). Many said their thoughts about the positive attributes of coming together as an association/society and thus a pro tem committee was formed. Ahiruddin was elected President, Jeff Ooi (www.jeffooi.com) the Vice President while Nuraina A Samad (www.nursamad.blogspot.com) was made the Secretary.

Amongst other objectives, NAB was formed to promote healthy and progressive blogging in Malaysia. It is also being seen as a proactive move against the Deputy Minister of Energy, Water and Communications’, YB Dato’ Shaziman Abu Mansor’s call in the Dewan Rakyat earlier last week to register bloggers in Malaysia.

The pro-tem committee will draft up the constitution and responsible to get the society approved by the Register of Societies. Another deliverable most probably expected from this pro-tem committee is the acceptable ethics and code of conduct for bloggers.


After the meeting, there will be a mini-farewell-party to celebrate poster-man blogger Kickdefella Sheih, www.kickdefella.wordpress.com career move and migration to his homestate, Kelantan. Sheih has accepted a position doing media liaison and production at the Menteri Besar Kelantan Inc. head office and will start on 15 April. He has left his current position as production and movie lecturer in UTAR.

The former filmmaker’s new venture has created a light debate amongst several bloggers (eg. The Malay Male, www.amirhafizi.blogspot.com), because he is a pro-claimed UMNO member and now serving a PAS master. His professionalism and resolution to a political ideology should never been doubted, from the very beginning.

We wish all the best to Ahirrudin and his e (electronic) coy band of Bloggers and Sheih for his new venture. A toast to unchartered territories! 🙂

*photos are complimentary from Mat Salo’s Borneo Blues, www.matsalo.blogspot.com


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