Blogging directory of Malaysia

There is a growing number of Malaysian bloggers, jumping into this new found medium of Bloggosphere. So many people find blogging as a medium of expression, recording, documenting, translation the train of thoughts, emoti-writ and also, like me, ramblings and doodlings.

Some people blog about their personal things, hobbies, lovelife, interests, travels and many chose this as a medium of expression for socio-political means.

One blogger, A Voice of Another Brick in the Wall,, is making at attempt to catalog these socio-political blogs. He calls it SOPO Sentral (Socio Political), , has linked in a single directory with so many known and popular blogs. The list is growing.


The newly formed National Alliance of Bloggers should use effort like this to promote healthy and progressive blogging amongst Malaysians and instill virtues and ethics such as telling the truth (don’t lie), no plagiarism and respect the acceptable boundaries of racial, cultural and faith sensitivities.

Happy and healthy blogging 🙂

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  1. Brother BigDog,

    I accidentally discovered this site yesterday while waiting for shar101 to accept my challenge to start blogging. So brother, we should give credit to A Voice for initiating the project.


  2. Hello Anon.Fm Miri. Zorro challenged me to write something as if it were my last blog. After I wrote mine, I went out blog-hopping to check out the other bloggers whom he has picked to do the same.

    Thanks for the info above. I will be visiting SOPO Sentral next.

  3. oops… made a mistake…I meant to greet BigDog first.

    Big Dog, thank you for the SOPO Sentral information. I was curious to find out who was Anon Fm. Miri and Big Dog after reading Zorro’s last posting.

  4. Feel glad you made the credit to A Voice brother.


  5. Tks bro!

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