Jed Yoong pressured?


I know this young lady, Jed Yoong. She is a cheery, humorous, casual and an open minded person. She is an editor with “Rocket” (English version), Democratic Action Party’s (DAP) mouthpiece. She also blogs under the pseudonym, Freelunch2020, Her boss is Tony Pua,, the Oxford biz-wiz recently cashed out his dot com listed company and assumed the position of Economic Adviser to the DAP Secretary General. Tony is also the Executive Editor of the “Rocket”.


We have met several times and now we are friends. Sometimes we talked about politics, other times we talked about a lot of other things. We respected each other’s turf. She is so open, she even once told me “If you were a neutral person, I would have asked you to write/translate for “Rocket”, Malay section”. Of course simply I can’t. “Rocket” is a party bulletin.

For almost two weeks, we did not see her around. She was very busy with the by-election campaign in Machap. She was so busy that her car was stolen. Anyway, she popped by NPC last Friday night and we caught up on missing stories. We talked about politics and shared each other’s aspirations. There are some common grounds.

On the way home, she expressed her thoughts on the Education Policy and Chinese Schools system. She vehemently felt that there should be only one school system with a uniformed syllabus and medium of instruction. Obviously, her thoughts were off tangent to her party’s policy.

The next day (Saturday, 14 April), I noticed she put her thoughts (which she shared in my car), into her blog. I thought that was bold. Then again, I thought she was a new breed of DAPSY who are not too comfortable with the Chinese chauvinistic policies and direction the DAP is going.

Suddenly, something went amiss. This was recorded in her blog, today:

Dear all,

This will be my last post.
It has been a good run. And thanks for all the support.
All the bestest and c u guys around in cyberspace.
I will miss my blog and all the arguments n views.
But it will continue to exist in cyberspace. Capturing a time in Malaysia as the most exciting general election is about to begin.

Take care.

Freelunch 2020 a.k.a. Jed Yoong


I was flabbergasted. Why is Jed quitting the Bloggosphere? I looked further and found her Saturday’s posting about her thoughts on the Chinese schools have gone and instead there is this short notice:



Hi all. I would like to clarify that my stand on abolishing all government-funded schools with Chinese as the medium of instruction is strictly my own and does not represent the views of DAP. I support national schools with English as the medium of instruction, Malay taught as a compulsory language and an optional third or even fourth languages to be taught. This does not represent the views of DAP.”

I was still unable to speak to Jed about this, yet. I am assuming that some DAP hardliners stumbled upon her writings and must have caused some uneasiness, somewhere. I am also assuming that Jed Yoong was pressured to make these drastic actions and decisions.

But why? Isn’t there separation and distinction between Jed Yoong, her blog and DAP? So Jed Yoong is unable to express her own personal thoughts which are against party’s policies and struggle? What ever happened to her human rights and freedom to express?

That is the very principle that All Blogs stood for. Jed Yoong had her thoughts set on a liberal approach on the education system which could foster the national integration agenda and narrow the cultural and racial gap between races.

I was happy as a member-for-life UMNO man, I saw a middle path on something which I could agree upon, with a DAP woman. The same concept which could positively attribute progress for nation building, as Bangsa Malaysia.

Now, its short-lived. Obviously her writings attracted adverse opinion from her party hardliners.

If Jed Yoong was to be penalized by this posting, then I am sorry for her executioner! No one should take Jed Yoong’s thoughts away from her. Not now, not ever!



An update on Jed Yoong.

She was mugged by four men on two motor cycles near her home in Taman Megah, Kuala Lumpur earlier tonight (circa 10pm, 22 April 2007). He sling bag was grabbed. She lost a camera, her wallet which contained her MyKad, driver’s license and credit and bank cards and other personal item.

She screamed at the top of her lungs but no one heard her. She is lucky that she was not hurt. However, I must imagine she was traumatised by the frightful experience.

Poor Jed!

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  1. BigDog,

    This is her (Jed Yoong) real blog at and not You have confused tomato sos and sos tomato. lol

    Take care.


  2. Hello Big Dog, I was blog-hopping and came across your very interesting posting. I think it is unfortunate what has happened to Jed. I thought with that disclaimer, it was clear enough for anyone to know the party does not share her views.
    I guess she must be one of those who were reminded that “you do not bite the hand that feeds you.”

  3. hey dude, really touched by the concern. also helped me rethink certain things and gave me more courage as i was worried about u know rice bowls issues but it’s so hard for me not to write what i want to write……

    here is my response on my blog:

  4. Whatever happens to the DAP’s ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ battlecry?

  5. LKS,

    What happen to your freedom of speech.!

  6. Dear bloggers

    (Listed in SOPO Sentral of Malaysia)

    This kutu is trying to develop a new hobby – listing your latest posting in my blog, Malaysiakita

    This kutu really hopes you can update me on your latest posting in
    Malaysiakita comment section or by email. You can reach me at

    To surf from blog to blog really consumes a lot of time. Mintak tolong la sangat-sangat! Harap sangat ni!

    I’m seeking your kind help! Tolong! Tolong!

  7. Bakaq,

    I believe I said sometimes ago at Walk with us below:

    and on my blog below:

    about the need for a SOPO-aggregator. Imagine after the alpha blogger that we will have the “long tail” bloggers.

    In fact, I have that intention for sopo sentral. Just thinking of a short cut to it… technology wise.

    Political position shd be personal bloggers position and not of All Blog. We shd encourage “engage and embrace”, where we can embrace.

  8. I met Jed only once, liked her bubbly and jovial personality immediately.

    Ok lah, not immediately immediate coz I was like…”gosh, you’re not a guy” and promptly got her a whisky.

    So is the DAP showing their true colours, whatever shades of paint jobs there are?

    “Engage and embrace” is one of All-Blogs’ philosophy that existing political parties will learn from bloggers in due time but I guess it will take a little longer because it looks like the ‘benevolent’ uber opposition’s stand on such issues are no different from the current administration.

    Hang in there, Jed. You’ll never walk alone. (am not a Liverpool but Man U fan, ok).

    Meanwhile, in the famous words of FL2020,


  9. thanks for all the support! really appreciate it….:D

  10. This is absurd, why should jed not be allowed to talk of her own opinions. We want a nation of thinkers not a nation of zombies.

  11. Dont give up blogging, freelunch2020. I like your “free lunch” information. =)


  12. To compare this

    – However, there is a conflict of interest now as I am now a paid machai of DAP and hence I can’t really write many independent posts especially with a post like EDITOR. – taken from

    And This

    – she even once told me “If you were a neutral person, I would have asked you to write/translate for “Rocket”, Malay section”. Of course simply I can’t. “Rocket” is a party bulletin. –

    aaaaa .. she not neutral either . hehehe

  13. Peace people

    We love you

  14. you have a good blog and comments, please visit and contribute your ideas on our website…

  15. may be what purportedly right

  16. Wow Article , I thought it was phenomenal

    I look forward to more interesting postings like this one. Does This Blog have a subscription I can subscribe to for more information concerning this?

  17. “I would like to clarify that my stand on abolishing all government-funded schools with Chinese as the medium of instruction is strictly my own and does not represent the views of DAP. I support national schools with English as the medium of instruction, Malay taught as a compulsory language and an optional third or even fourth languages to be taught”

    If this is what she said, that means she is no different then PAP’s leaders. PAP has abolished the Chinese vernacular school long time ago even though Chinese is the majority population in Singapore. As sibling party to PAP, I don’t think DAP has much different ideas in education then PAP, perhaps they may share similar view and policy as mentioned by Jed Yoong.

    Unfotunately, the real staunch supporter for the vernacular schools in this country are actually the ones comes from MCA and MIC, the real friends of UMNO. The national social contract was actually agreed upon amongst the late leaders of these parties which gave the recognition for the Malays’ special rights in economy and for the non-Malays’ special rights in vermicular education.

    UMNO has never questioned the special rights in vermicular education that the non-Malays have enjoyed all these while because this will jeopardize the political strength of MCA and MIC particularly in luring the Chinese and Indian votes for BN if these rights has being questioned by the UMNO.

    Therefore, I don’t think it is exactly correct to say that DAP is the cause of the existence of the vernacular schools in this country without scrutinising the big political role that has being played by both MCA and MIC in defending and championing these vernacular schools in this country.

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