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What have I done this time? It seems Rocky of Rocky’s Bru ( has tagged me, again!


Since I have been honoured tagged by the bloggo-journo Rocky (thanks!) , I am taking a bow and must say, I have a big problem tagging five other bloggers for my choice of the Thinking Blogger Award. There are simply too many deserving blogs who should be listed as my personal Thinking Bloggers. Please refer to Rocky’s Bru or 3540 Jalan Sudin ( for the rules.

However, I would like to nominate my Thinking Blogger Award to:

1. Dato’ A Kadir Jasin ‘s The Scribe ( is no doubt one of the biggest bloggo-journo name of Malaysian political writing in the Bloggosphere today. The former Editor in Chief of NST has a persperctive on many interesting current issues in the news.

2. A M Ubaidah’s Tangents: Restless Musings of a Malay Mind ( gives a very refreshing analysis on highly technical issues like Petrol prices and its affect on the economy and latest, the facts and arguments about Malaysia’s position on the FTA negotiations with the US.

3. A Voice of Another Brick In The Wall ( is a how ‘Hippie Blogger’ digest and analyse deeply on a lot of issues. His analysis on corporate games in rather quite good.

4. What’s In My Head ( ), is a blog from a perspective of an early 30s young woman. She was a former journalist and she has amazing perspective about so many things.

5. Zorro Unmasked (, a perspective from a retired former teacher and Good Year trainer. He patiently collects and arrange discussions from other blogs which are material to his arguments on certain issues. Of course, the wisdom of an old man.

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Mukhriz Mahathir, the Peace Malaysia guy



Earlier this afternoon, I went to Ijok. In heat of the Sunday afternoon sun, Peace Malaysia started its mobile clinic for the people of Ijok during these by election days. This is an NGO that provided medical profession practitioners opportunity to serve the less fortunate public or disaster area, on voluntarily basis.

The Peace Malaysia mobile clinic was opened at the Bukit Badung JKKK Office and officiated by Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir, UMNO Youth Exco in charge of International Affairs and NGO. Mukhriz is also the Peace Malaysia Co-Ordinator.




There were a few doctors who were at the clinic, providing free medical service and medicine, for the people in the area. The more serious cases were referred to the nearest hospitals. A lot of medicines were raised for this project. It also included formula milk for infants. When there were no patients in the clinic, some of these volunteer doctors made house to house call, especially amongst the older folks.

This is not the first such venture for Peace Malaysia. Also not for Mukhriz. Peace Malaysia has been setting up mobile clinic and field hospitals in some of the worse disaster areas, the past three-four years.

They operated one clinic in Acheh after the Boxing Day tsunami that hit the region and left more than a quarter of million people dead in the Northern Sumatra region. After that the were in Balakot, Pakistan during the Ramadhan of 2005, when the province was hit with a terrible earth quake. Then they were also in Jog Jakarta, also operating the same facility after its earthquake. Last August, Peace Malaysia mobile clinic team went to Syria and Lebanon, to provide emergency and post trauma medical care for the devastated area being attacked by the ruthless Zionist Israeli forces.

The Peace Malaysia clinic during the almost month long Johor floods is one of the longest mission they ever carried out. They cared for various relief centres around the vicinity of Parit Sulong.

Mukhriz personally is not new to this. His first humanitarian mission was in Ambon, few days before Eid-ul-Fitri in 2000. He was in all of these places Peace Malaysia clinic operated, including Syria and Lebanon. When he was there with the first Peace Malaysia medical team, he was actually exposed to the risk of hostile fire from Israeli fighter bombers.

Mukhriz also is involved with the peace process in the warring South Thailand Muslim majority provinces, under the Perdana Global Peace Organisation. As the Executive Director, one of his pet project is building a half million Ringgit mosque in Pasir Jawa, Saiburi District, Pattani Province. He chaired several session in the landmark Perdana Global Forum III 5-7 February 2007 at the Putra Word Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, which theme was “Criminalize War”.


As the Co-ordinator of Peace Malaysia and UMNO Youth Exco in charge for International Affairs, Mukhriz has a different approach in engaging sensitive and prickly issues, especially pertaining another nation. He does not buy into the idea of rowdy demonstrations in front of the Embassy or crashing through Police barricade at international conferences. However, his methods are more constructive engagements sort. Example, in the issue of Israeli unlawful blatant attack and incursion into Lebanon last July, Mukhriz representing Peace Malaysia invited the US Ambassador and British High Commissioner for an open debate on the subject matter. The US Ambassador declined but the British High Commissioner was game for it. HE Mr. Boyd McCleary and his First Secretary were engaged in an open debate with Mukhriz and Dr. Chandra Muzaffar at the Securities Commission auditorium last September.

The aspiring future leader in UMNO is set to do more, if he is given the opportunity to continue his good work.


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