Cikgu Parthiban won!

I, Biggum Dogmannsteinberg, hereby per-maturely declare BN candidate Cikgu K. Parthiban won the Ijok by elections upon the death of the late Dato’ K. Sivalingam. As per now, 1845hrs 28 April 2007, I received an unconfirmed news of an increased majority of 2100 plus for the BN candidate. (At 1950hrs, another report of 1812 majority came in. This is almost 98% final tally!)

*Stop press (taken fr. Bernama Online ):

April 28, 2007 20:55 PM E-mail this news to a friend Printable version of this news

BN Wins With Majority 1,800 Votes

KUALA SELANGOR, April 28 (Bernama) — The Barisan Nasional retained the Ijok state seat with increased majority of 1,850 votes in today’s keenly-fought by-election, returning officer Haris Kassim announced at 8.42 tonight.


BN won in all polling stations except Bukit Badong.

This is a more detailed analisys, courtesy of Malaysiakini (uploaded at 2231hrs):


It shows BN lost in kampung Ijok and Pekan Ijok, not like previously reported, Bukit Badong.

Congratulations YB Cikgu K. Parthiban, BN candidate for Ijok and YAB Dato’ Seri Dr. Mohd. Khir Toyo, BN Chairman for Selangor. This also proves that BN Deputy President YAB Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s campaign strategy and tireless personal involvement for the last ten days was very successful despite Anwar Ibrahim’s and most of the PKR intense campaign is based on serious attempts in discrediting Najib with rumours and baseless allegations.



* Ijok by-election analysis tableau courtesy of Malaysiakini

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  1. šŸ˜€

  2. congrats to brader parthiban. its time to get down to real business and show the
    doubters what u r made of.

  3. Tahniah BN. Semoga dengan kejayaan ini BN akan terus berjuang untuk membela rakyat di luar bandar. Mungkin BN juga harus melihat kepada keadaan orang melayu di bandar seperti di Kuala Lumpur terutamanya di Taman Perumahan Rakyat yang jauh tertinggal dari segi kemudahan dan peluang. Syabas BN ..

  4. Salam to BD.
    Congratulatins. Its the people’s choice and everyone has to respect that choice whether they like it or not. BN had poured lots of ‘juice’ in Ijok and the Ijokians liked it.So be it.The people got what they wanted.

  5. Yeap, congrats to YB Cikgu and Ijok folks… They voted what they wanted.. For BA, perjuangan belum selesai… we must unite..

  6. A wake-up call for all, to both ruling and opposition.

  7. Yes it was quite the victory for the people of Ijok and the 1000-1500 phanthom voters.

  8. Interesting post.

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