Tun Dr. Mahathir explains Malaysiakini story

Former UMNO President and Prime Minister YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad explained today on the report that Malaysiakini carried out stating that he had campaigned for the people of Ijok to vote the Oppositions. He said it important that the people should send signals to the leadership about certain issues without defying their support for Barisan Nasional (BN). Tun Dr. Mahathir said he would never turn his back against UMNO and BN.

He was speaking at an event in at a private orphanage function in Batu 6, Bukit Naga, Section 32, Shah Alam, Selangor this morning. The theme was “Majlis Jasamu DiKenang dan Terima Kasih Tun Dr. Mahathir”.


He also appreciated the people’s tribute for him, like the one in Bukit Naga this morning. He reminded further that is a very integral part of the Malay culture to acknowledge the elders’ contributions in society.

The former Prime Minister was his usual cheery and bubbly self in the suburbs of Shah Alam, this morning. As he said in private before, the opportunity for him to meet the rakyat gives him strength and rejuvenate his will to move forward. His usual warm smile illustrated it all.

So far, this year, Tun Dr. Mahathir has spoken at a few public events including the War Crimes forum at the PWTC in February and those organised by UMNO organisations. Due to his age and health condition, his physicians have asked him to reduce his engagements, especially trips overseas. It takes a lot of more rein this seasoned statesman 🙂

*photo is courtesy of Forum MyKMU ( www.forum.mykmu.net)

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  1. Afterall the good and bad he had done. i tend to remember him for his wit and brilliant sarcasm which his proteges tries hard to emulate. If only these ‘proteges’ emulates the wit part I would be glad BN continues its ways. biggie-up, BigDog! 😉

  2. Dear BigGuy!

    There is no http://www.forum.mykmu.net .

    May Allah bless you!

    Chill.. go go go BigDog….

  3. Aiyah…why the old M like to blame his previous suborindate again and again……

    Not long ago was to blame the lady who issued permit to import expensive cars ( she has been doing similar job under him for many many years but no complaint…only after old M retired….)

    Case 2
    Claimed his successor did not oblidge to the verbal agreement to serve only one term…… Doesn`t he select base on crediability and potential rather than seniority or who n who has background from grandpa to uncle etc etc??

    Case 3
    Clamied the now hot issue is due to SV…… Doesn`t SV exist when he is in charge???? He should blame himself for not knowing it earlier and poor systems of monitoring his appinted duty in charge….and not blame 1 after 1 just to justify his wrong doing in the past …

    Whatever now has little change to what he pass onto his successor….the system is setup during his dictarship

    Case 4
    neighbour are grapes i.e vintage wine. While Msia are apple…cannot compare apple juice (few cents) with expensive vintage grape wine??? Why??? Whose wrong doing?

    System? Policies?? Old M ??

  4. To “On March 7, 2008 at 12:50 pm MSP NPI Said:”

    Obviously you has only access to the mainstream news.
    I encourage you to read malaysiakini to get a balance news & views of what is going on…

  5. I think we should give our P.M. a peaceful mind to do his duties. What is the use of making so many comments which are distrubing ?

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