Anwar is done! PKR is done!

It is final. Parti Keadilan Rakyat or Keadilan is finished! Done! Anwar Ibrahim is also done. Ijok was the last nail of the coffin. The by-election which ended yesterday (Saturday, 28 April 2007) saw the “bitter-sweet closure” (bitter for Anwar, sweet for all those who are really tired of Anwar!) of both Anwar Ibrahim and the party which was formed for and about him.

Barisan Nasional’s Cikgu K. Parthiban defeated the Mighty Tan Sri Khalid “Saviour of the Malays’ Ibrahim by a sound majority 1850 votes. This humiliating defeat of Anwar’s ‘dark horse’ is all about him trying to salvage his ego, in his attempt to play the Supremo of the Oppositions Alliance.

This was carried out by Mingguan Malaysia, today (


The fact that Anwar’s ten days campaign in Ijok clearly showed how distasteful he was as a politician and lack of real issues that really matters. His campaigned was focused trying to discredit the Deputy Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak. His ferocious attacks were centred on rumours about involvement in the high profile murder of the Mongolian model, Altantuya Shaaribu and alleged kickbacks worth RM 520 million from the Scorpene submarine and Sukhoi fighter deals. He was not interested about the local issues in Ijok or other issues that binds the domestic political scene today. Despite Najib swore in the name of God of non involvement with the woman and an official MINDEF communiqué issued about the two contracts and parties involved, Anwar still lashed his atrocious attacks.

The really funny thing was the issues involving the Prime Minister and/or his infamous son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin (who happened to be campaigning in Ijok, everyday too!) were left spared and unscathed in Anwar’s daily attacks.


He also said different things to different sets of voters. One of the issue which had spread from mouth to mouth was Anwar seen swinging at a tune during one of the campaign. Of course, Khalid’s major blunder campaigning on Ladang Tuan Mee also caused him a lot of damage.



The truth is that, PKR lately had been almost an abandoned party. Many stalwarts like Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, Jomo K. Sundram, Marina Yusuff, Nell Onn, Ruslan Kassim and Lokman Noor Adam left. The Mighty Zainur Zakaria and the feared Rahim King also left. Now, Anwar’s own trusted aide, Ezam Md. Nor is on the brink of jumping ship too. PKR now is left with one Dewan Rakyat seat and even that, Wan Azizah narrowly won in the last General Elections.


The people are tired and had enough of his brand of rhetorics politics. Anwar introduced mob style demonstrations, a leftist habit he started since his student days in UM in the early 70s. Maybe, when he started his ‘Reformasi’ movement after his 2 September 1998 sacking, the people at large finds in refreshing to have a ‘tangy and spicy voice’ to so called ‘revolutionising the system’. The irony was Anwar was actually part of the system which he is crying wolf now, for over 17 years!

The street mob approach became an instant success, espcially amongst rift-rafts seeking kicks on weekends. The clash during elections becomes Keadilan’s signature each time there is a by-election involving this party. Later it no longer become fashionable to demonstrate and riot. After a while, it died down and people no longer believed in the movement. It also ran out of flavour.


The fact after Anwar Ibrahim managed to wiggle himself out of being convicted, he chose to go abroad and took offers from Washington D.C. and Oxford ‘fellowship’ positions. That left his ever loyal supporters in the lurch. So many then turned away and re-evaluated their position and support for Anwar. And many made the decision and left.

Now after nine years since his first started, Anwar made another pathetic attempt and failed, miserably. If he still doesn’t get now, then he’d probably won’t. Maybe one day when he speaks at the mike and people starts to walk away, then Anwar finally realized that he is no longer wanted!

*A further update. “UMNO Secretary General Dato’ Radzi Sh. Ahmad said today Anwar Ibrahim would not be allowed to re-join UMNO”, quoted The Star, Monday 30 April 2007. That basically deprived his realistic chance ever to ascend the Premiership of the country. Hard luck, Anwar!


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  1. maybe anwar should just quit politics and become a fulltime professional dancer and form Persatuan Kaki Ronggeng (PKR).


  2. I guess it is an overreaction to say PKR is over. An outsider still did get 40% of the vote. Frankly speaking I thought they will only get 10% of the vote since Ijok was receiving so much funding (36 million) once the by election started. It proves that they are still relevant though only barely alive. My strategy for the next election is to vote the most likely to die candidate so BN will start pouring more funding when the by election come around. Too bad PKR can’t use the same strategy.

  3. Ignorance Says: An outsider still did get 40% of the vote.
    Both candidates are outsiders if where they votes registered is taken into account. Both candidates are local if their childhood stint is taken into account.

  4. lol.

    I agree with Utusan. It truly is the end of justice. Only money politics and crooked BN reigns.

    Justice will be sought elsewhere, I suspect on an international level.

    Hidup pembangkang!


  5. But can a man change, Big Dog. I agree the strategies adopted for Ijok did not suit the issue of the people at Ijok. But do you think the man can change? Or will his advisors allow him to change. I too will not want to hear the word Reformasi. I t left a bad taste in the mouth. Can he be an agent of change. You and I agree that if UMNO does not change, some change-agent has to step in. Maybe I do not understand UMNO enough.

  6. Such an incredible idea that anwar is done!
    If 6 years in prison can’t finish him off? What is one state by-election led by the PM himself?

  7. while i wouldn’t trust a government controlled newspaper that much, i do agree with you on not quite trusting mr.Anwar Ibrahim.

    and with the issue with phantom voters, i may have a simple explanation for this. I do stress however that this is my own theory with the information i currently have. the election registrar list names that if were put in focus would be too old to be even alive. this may simply be the case of the dead people haven’t been registerd as dead. i personally have seen multiple instances where this is the case.

    however there need to be actual confirmation that these registrar name were used in voting at Ijok.

    it’s is my hope however that the positive changes that were made during the Ijok election will continue( since the previous elected representative was known to have done little for Ijok)…

  8. this is like a child that won a card game over his classmates and kept yelling he won he won you loser you loser… shows how childish Umno, BN whatever is. All I can say is what goes around comes around. more roofs will fall cause crooked politicians breeds crooked supporters. just follow the money you will find them all there…

  9. Enough with the BN propaganda bullshit. Come on people.

    Malaysia is at a crossroads. If it keeps going down the path its been going in the last 10-15 years its doomed to be nothing more than a mediocre state at best and racial cannibalisation at worst.

    Its time for change. End the NEP; it’s the only way to end the brain drain that’s been going on in Malaysia for the last 20-25 years.

    The only affirmative action should be awarded to those who need it the most. The poor and disenfranchised of all races- Malay, Chinese and Indian.

    Love/Hate Anwar, he is the only politician who sees the big picture clearly. Until BN and especially the cesspool that is UMNO gets its act together and stamps out the institutionalised corruption within itself; Anwar is the only viable option.

    If Kairy becomes PM then all is lost.

  10. I read somewhere (I think it is Agendadaily) that DSAI went back to the town of Ijok yesterday to thank the chinese supporters that supported him and PKR. Lets hope he and his supporters learned their lessons from this and the by election in Machap and move on. I still think that inspite of his weaknesses and faults (who doesn’t?), he is the best hope to galvanize the opposition parties to give BN a run for their money. Not that BN could be toppled (fat hope) but for better check and balance. E.g., victory with smaller majority and lesser than the 90% seats won in the last GE peppered with opposition winning seats they never won before to give them a voice in State Assemblies. Anyway, since UMNO has declared, again, that the door is closed for him, there is nothing much to loose. An effective opposition is the most practical way to check the BN government. In the end, the rakyat wins.

  11. Zorro,

    Lets look at Anwar Ibrahim first. In 1974, he was arrested and detained under ISA for the demonstrations purportedly due to some people died in Baling because of starvation. In April 1982, Anwar brought into UMNO, was elected MP and made Parliamentary Secretary. From then, till 2 Sept 1998, Anwar was made Deputy Minister, Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports, Agriculture, Education and Finance. He was also the Deputy Prime Minister from 1993-1998. So what did Anwar Ibrahim do for the people of Baling in those 16 years 5 months he was a member of the ruling Government?


    If Anwar Ibrahim did not change anything then (especially for the people of Baling), when he had power and means, would he change now?

    UMNO have had changes too many times, over the years, without Anwar Ibrahim. The culture Anwar brought into UMNO is the money-politics of buying loyalty (Wawasan Team in the 1993 party elections, where he humiliatingly defeated incumbent Tun Ghaffar Baba, who had contributed to UMNO immensely, just for the nominations for the Deputy Presidentship ONLY!). Only RM can do that to a statesman who had the highest regard from everyone.

    Anwar be an agent of change? Anwar was the “agent of problem”. His expulsion from UMNO was the change long overdue. To erode the culture Anwar Ibrahim and cronies started, however is a herculean task. Bad habits are usually toughest to be shed from the system.

    Anwar’s best friends are still Wolfowitz, Rubin, Cohen and Albright, the Washington D.C. Jews who consistently been fucking up the world. Wolfowitz and Rubin were the strategic architects of the Iraq Invasion and now Wolfowitz himself has been expelled from his powerful IMF job for corruption practices.

    Anwar can change? Anwar most probably change the things he said and how its being said. Thats all!

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