The NSTP Chairman was reckless?

There is an update to the earlier story. It seemed Dato’ Jawhar had made a mistake when he explained on Dato’ Kalimullah’s absence from the AGM on Thursday morning. Apparently he text messaged Dato’ A. Kadir Jasin sometime today, after reading Rocky’s Bru.

This was Dato’ A. Kadir Jasin’s comment on Rocky’s Bru,, on the article “Wrong info on Kalimullah”, as a reaction to the subject matters posted yesterday:


Sdr Rocky,

Sorry for the incomplete fact in my earlier posting to you. I am blogging on the run. Just landed in Jakarta. I have been invited by Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) Malaysia, which is holding its XIII ABC Media Workshop here, to talk on blogging.

The following is the complete statement by NSTP Chairman, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Jawhir Hassan, sent to me via sms in response to postings in your esteemed blog:

“Dear Datuk, I saw your piece in Rocky’s Bru just now. I gave you a short reply yesterday because I thought a long story was not necessary. But since you put a question at the end about somebody in the NSTP management not giving me the correct information, I have to clarify in full.

Nobody in NSTP gave me the wrong info. The mistake was mine. I should have checked on the latest first before informing the AGM.

The actual events are as follows:

On Saturday, 13th I called on Dato’ Kali to enquire after his health. He told me his Pantai Dr wanted him to rest in Pantai for a week to relieve the pain developing on his neck. He was going there soon.

When Dato’ Kali was not able to attend I assumed he was resting in Pantai, and informed the AGM accordingly.

Actually that was not the case. When I got your msg that he was not checked into Pantai, I checked with NSTP, and they gave me the correct information, which was that he had to go for physio to Pantai that morning.

The mistake, therefore, is all mine and I apologise. The information was given in good faith.”

On my part I thank Dato’ Seri Jawhar for taking bloggers seriously.

I hope we had not been too hard on him yesterday. As I said in my address, the AGM might prove to be a baptism of fire for him.

Thank you.

8:21 PM

How could a Chairman of the supremo print media plc be that reckless? Was it an honest mistake or Jawhar had covered up for Kalimullah’s absence? In the first place, what sort of Deputy Chairman of NSTP, representing the editorial in the BOD was absent from an AGM?

Shareholders and power brokers should pay attention on this sort of absenteeism, especially for an important annual meeting. Too many questions could be left unanswered, like why company’s funds are used to finance an ex-employee private suit on a shareholder.

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