Allah, please give Sahak strength….

This was an absolute tragedy that a man lived through to witness, with his own eyes. He saw the car ferrying his wife and young children met with an accident and burst into flames.

This story is featured this morning by Utusan Malaysia, :

Kanak-kanak rentung dalam nahas di Labu

SEREMBAN 21 Mei – Seorang kanak-kanak rentung manakala ibu dan adik bongsunya melecur hampir seluruh badan setelah kereta yang dinaiki terbakar dirempuh sebuah bas ekspres sebelum dilanggar dengan kereta lain di Kilometer 16, Jalan Labu-Seremban di sini tengah hari ini.

Mangsa, Nor Azian Ishak, 9, pelajar tahun tiga Sekolah Kebangsaan Batu 10 Labu di sini yang hangus seluruh badan, mati di tempat kejadian.

Dalam kejadian pukul 1 tengah hari itu, kesan rempuhan kuat bas tersebut, kereta Perodua Kancil dipandu ibu mangsa, Nor Aishah Rashid, 40, berpusing dan memasuki laluan bertentangan menghala Labu menyebabkan mangsa terpelanting keluar.

Malangnya, kereta Kancil itu dirempuh pula sebuah kereta jenis Ford yang gagal mengelak menyebabkan mangsa terperangkap di tengah-tengah dua kenderaan yang marak terbakar itu.

Ketika kejadian, ibu mangsa sempat keluar menyelamatkan diri sambil membawa anak bongsunya, Muhd. Iffad berusia enam bulan. Kedua-dua anak beranak itu turut melecur hampir 70 peratus di badan.

Selepas menyelamatkan Muhd. Iffad, Nur Aishah berpatah balik ke keretanya untuk menyelamatkan Nor Azian tetapi api terlalu marak sehingga membakar rentung anak keempatnya itu.


Pemangku Ketua Polis Daerah Seremban, Supritendan Ahmad Mahmud berkata, siasatan awal mendapati kereta yang dipandu Nur Azian itu sedang berhenti untuk membelok ke kediaman mereka di kawasan Ladang Labu di sini.

Katanya, secara tiba-tiba, sebuah bas ekspres yang tiada penumpang menuju ke Seremban dan dipercayai dipandu laju merempuh bahagian kenderaan tersebut.

“Rempuhan menyebabkan ia berpusing dan memasuki laluan bertentangan dan dilanggar pula sebuah kereta Ford menyebabkan kedua-dua kereta itu terbakar.

“Pemandu kereta Ford yang sempat menyelamatkan diri hanya mengalami cedera ringan,” katanya di sini hari ini.

Sementara itu, bapa mangsa, Ishak Sejet, 40, seorang pengurus Kilang Kelapa Sawit Labu yang ditemui di Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar (HTJ) di sini berkata, semasa kejadian beliau bersama beberapa rakan dalam perjalanan keluar daripada ladang itu untuk makan tengah hari.

“Secara kebetulan saya melihat kemalangan yang berlaku itu dan mencuba sedaya upaya menyelamatkan keluarga tetapi sayangnya api terlalu marak, ia berlaku begitu pantas,” katanya.

Tambah beliau, isteri dan anak bongsunya kini berada dalam keadaan kritikal kerana badan kedua-dua mereka melecur teruk.

“Isteri saya kini dirawat di wad kecemasan HTJ manakala bayi kami dihantar ke Hospital Kuala Lumpur untuk rawatan lanjut sementara arwah Nor Azian mungkin dikebumikan di kampung ibunya di Tanjung Keling, Melaka,” katanya

The man is my friend. Ishak Sejet. I knew him too well, those days. We were dorm mates. We were classmates. We were in the scouts together. He was the kind of friend everyone who love to have.

Sahak is a Parit Bunga bloke, who went to do engineering at Brighton after sixth form. I have not seen or spoke to him for a long time. I have his number now but since yesterday, he had buried two of his off springs and his wife is critically fighting for her life in Seremban Hospital ICU for 80% burns. Should I call him, I would not know what to say.

My prayers are with him and his family. I am too distraught to even call up my closest friend in the Alumni to tell him this horrifying story.

This story was uploaded from NST, :

Man saves wife, son but loses daughter


SEREMBAN: When Ishak Sejet saw a car on fire after an accident, he rushed to help the trapped victims.

He was shocked to find his wife and two children in it screaming for help.With the help of passers-by, he managed to drag his wife and son out of the vehicle, but was unable to rescue his 9-year-old daughter who died in the flames.Ishak, a manager with MPOB Experimental Palm Oil Mill, had left his office with a friend and was on his way to lunch when he came across the burning car after it was involved in an accident at the entrance of the palm oil mill.”I was shocked when I realised my family was inside.

“After getting my wife and son out, the heat became intense and I couldn’t save my daughter,” said Ishak at the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital yesterday.His wife, Noraishah Rashid, 40, and son, Mohd Iffat, 6 months, sustained 80 per cent burns and were later transferred to a hospital in Kuala Lumpur. Nur Azian, the couple’s fourth of six children, was buried at Noraishah’s hometown of Tanjung Keling, Malacca.Seremban acting police chief Superintendent Ahmad Mahmud said Nuraishah was waiting at the junction to turn into the mill at 12.45pm when an express bus rammed into her car.He said the Perodua Kancil was pushed to the opposite lane where another vehicle driven by a 44 year-old man slammed into it causing both vehicles to burst into flames.The driver of the other car escaped unhurt.Police have detained the driver of the express bus

* An update. I and few buddies drove down to Seremban in the afternoon to meet Sahak. We learnt he buried his nine year old daughter yesterday evening (she died instantly the accident) and this morning, he buried his six month old baby, who eventually passed away at Paediatrics Institute, Kuala Lumpur Hospital very early this morning.

When we saw him, we were simply unable to utter anything. He just cried when he saw our faces and a hug is all we could offer. After the crescendo of emotions simmered, Sahak explained the surgeons are trying their best to stabilise his wife and maintain enough survivality so that she could be transported either to HUKM or Kuala Lumpur Hospital as the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital in Seremban did not have the facility to treat major burns cases. At the moment, she is struggling for her life.

Later some other ladies from our batch showed up to give Sahak the moral support. One of them is a GP herself, drove all the way from Bukit Beruntung in her MPV.

Our parting words for Sahak were to ask him to be strong and take it easy (have some rest), for his other four kids’ sake (aged 14 to seven) who were not involved in the tragic and dreadful accident.

** An update as of evening, Thursday 24 May 2007. Noraishah or Sahak’s wife, who suffered 80% burns from Monday’s accident, has been transferred to burns unit at 2nd Floor, Kuala Lumpur Hospital this afternoon. Hopefully, they would have better equipment and expertise to deal with cases like this.

*** An update as of noon, Monday 28 May, 2007. Noraishah Rashid, 40, Ishak’s Sejet wife and mother to four of their surviving children never recovered from her burns. She died this today at noon, at Kuala Lumpur Hospital. May Allah s.w.t. bless her soul and give Sahak the strength to carry on, for the other children.

The remains of Noraishah Rashid was bathed, wrapped in burial shroud (kapan) and prayers offered before released by Seremban Police at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary, 3.30 pm and brought back to her kampung in Tanjong Keling, Melaka. She was laid to rest at Maghrib. 

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  1. My prayers are with you, too, for your friend Ishak Sejet and his family. May God have mercy and grant a miracle according to His will.

    You take care, brother.

  2. Semoga saudara Ishak dan keluarga bersabar dalam menghadapi ujian Allah ini. Saya doakan agar pertolongan dari Yang Maha Esa.

  3. Call him, coz should he ever need a shoulder it is now. You’re a good friend.

  4. Everytime I return to Johor from KL, I will never forget to say my fatihah (prayers) to my uncle, auntie and their daughter at the posting 200 m into the tangkak exit.

    They were burnt alive in their car in the late night/early morning hours in an accident with a bus express few days after first hari raya. That year was supposedly their full family gathering. Two daughters managed to be freed out of the car, but the father, mother, and daughter were trapped to be burnt alive. The two daughters and their other sibling became partly our responsibility as a family.

    An accident is an accident. Sometimes it can be avoided. Sometimes it is negligence. It is how we deal with it. What was sad about the episode was that none of the bus drivers, and passengers came out to help as the two girls stood there helplessly crying at the burning car.

    God taketh and God giveth. The two girls have since graduated as a doctor & maried, and another got accepted to our prestigous boarding school & now studying engineering. The remaining two brothers graduated and married.

    From his background, it seems we have a common root. I cannot say that I know how it feels, my brother Ishak Sajet, but I can appreciate your sadness and worries. Cry and be sad, but I hope you would later compose yourself and be strong to face whats coming. God have rightfully taken away what is god’s.

    God giveth and God taketh. And, I believe God taketh and God giveth. Lets be on good terms with God and never have doubt. My condolence to you, my fatihah for your children, and I pray for your wife’s recovery. Sabar ye … Ishak Sajet.

  5. Thanks for the kind words and wishes for my friend, Ishak Sejet. Pls accept my utmost sincere appreciation on his behalf.

    I am still unable to think what Sahak had to endure. I am too afraid to go there! Really!

    Rocky told me earlier this evening, Sahak would not be the same man ever again. I am so sad and sorry for his misfortunes and how God Al Mighty is testing his will and strength. May God provide Sahak the strength.

    And so shall all of us.

  6. Allah All Mighty will lead him and comfort him>>>>

  7. MasyaAllah… Wala haula wala quwwata illa billah…. Innalillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun…

    Kesian abang Ishak… but kena redha… setiap yang hilang akan diganti balik oleh Allah Ta’ala sebagaimana yang disebutkan oleh junjungan saw… dengan sesuatu yang lebih baik TETAPI jika abang bersabar. Send this message to him if you can…please.

  8. Tok Mudim @ Dr Azmi,

    I did. He said thanks for the kind words.

  9. yea this is just another test from Allah the almighty.

    setiap bala yang menimpa mempunyai hikmahnya tersendiri. mungkin kecil dan mungkin juga besar namun sbg insan yang pernah dilanda musibah besar dariNya, hikmah begitu mudah dilihat dan belajar mengambil iktibar dari yang sudah berlaku.

    may abg sahak gets the extraordinary strength needed. insyaAllah he will.

  10. Ah, too tragic!
    How a split second changes a lifetime. My heart goes out to brother Sahak. Innalillah and Alfatihah.

  11. Salaam bro’,

    You are right bro’ to immediately gather the troops to go visit him. It will mean a lot to him. All we can do pray is to God for the safety and happiness of our own families… Al-Fatihah to Sahak’s children…

  12. may Allah gives strength to sahak…’s too tragic.however life must go this time sahak really needs someone with him , to be there with him, all we can do is gives him our moral support.May Allah bless him and wife.

  13. BigDog Sir (and the rest too)

    If you have and if u may, pls e-mail me or sms to 0132416686 Ishak’s mobile number. I would like to speak with him to offer him my condolences and encouragement to brave the coming days thru. Two yrs back, I had buried my 7 & 8 yrs old – a painful experience that is.


  14. TQ BGDC for conveying the message… BTW, my name is not Azmi… 🙂 Azmi is the admin of roudhah portal. Sama-sama xmrsm muor 1 1/2 and xmrsm taiping 3 1/2.

  15. I was with you the night you got that call. Your being with Sahak is what every friend in grief needs, support from his friends. Be his pillar. Ease him thru these hard days. We continue to pray for bro. Sahak’s wife. When you see him again, tell him to be strong for the living. Kata Tak Nak just lost his brother this afternoon. May their souls rest in peace.

  16. Thanks Zorro.

    I know its not Dr Azmi….its Dr Aman! 🙂

  17. A’kum,

    Ishak was my senior in MRSM Muar. A fantastic person with very nice and strong character. He was our long distant runner. There was once this race to the finish between him and Mano, and that I thought was a classic. We were both librarian buddies (that is we kind of taking care of the library once a week in the evening)

    I was extremely shocked to hear of this terrible terrible tragedy. My prayers are with him and we pray that Allah will bless his wife and two offspring. May Allah give Ishak strength to carry on with his life with his children.

    Al fatihah

  18. …. be patient. For Allah S.W.T. tests his man …

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