Selagi langit masih membiru

RTM TV 1 this afternoon featured a telemovie titled as above. It was a story about the lives of police personnel and their families. The part of society we conveniently forget and take for granted, although by being there, providing us the blanket of cover for security, we sleep better every night.

Through the years, many of them gave up their lives, including their innocent families dragged into it, because the call of duty. On such incidence was the attack on Bukit Kepong Police Station, on 23 February 1950. 200 communist terrorists attacked and burn to the ground the police station and killed 14 police personnel including the station chief, Sgt. Jamil Md. Shah and 11 others non combatant including the families some of these policemen. The family of one constable, PC Abu Mohd Ali was completely wiped out in this bloody attack.

These are the people within our society often taken for granted in our comfortable daily lives. It is a good effort that the story featured this afternoon and depicts how these part of the Malaysian lives weather through their own daily dos. This particular show today was about the police and their anti narcotics operations. One corporal was killed and the painful torment that the family had to endure with the passing of their husband’s and father’s passing.


This is the typical kind of tragedy the Police Force and the families live through, every single day. It is up to us, the Malaysian public to appreciate the Police Force and their families more. Because they are there, we sleep better at night, every night.

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