Girl-Girl is now a wordpress woman!

My darling Girl-Girl is now a wordpress blogger. She started her wordpress blog yesterday, against my knowledge as she used my notebook as her platform (this notebook was programmed to handle ONLY this wordpress blog!).

Anyhow, I did teach her a thing or two about using wordpress, which include how to attach photos. I also helped her on the fonts, spacing etc. The item and story is all hers.

Anway, her blog is called “yeah, sure, whatever”, . Good luck with your blog, Sayang! 🙂



This is her with Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at his last Hari Raya openhouse at Seri Perdana in 2003

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  1. look at that, girl2 with DrM the real deal. and how much i envy her. I do remember her first pic featured in here was during this year’s hari Polis, with scrumptious, yummy chocolate cake in hands.
    The last time i saw Tun in person was like years ago and i cld only stare with admiration from far.

    My dear Kerp comrade,

    I don’t want to sound like a bloody show off or anything like that but we have brought Girl-Girl to functions like Hari Raya at Seri Perdana eversince she was four-ish (year 2000). There’s a lovely video footage when she was five or so, Tun Dr. Mahathir had a chat with her and her Ikea kangaroo at her hand and asking about the pouch. Then Tun Dr. Siti slipped a hari raya packet into the kangaroo pouch.

    Then, she used to hate all these pomp and pageantry (being with protocols). Later now, when she’s much older, she appreciates it. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister now never do Hari Raya openhouse in Seri Perdana anymore.

  2. hey no worries big bro. I envy her only with much admiration. she’s one lucky girl i can tell u that. and if i were her, i’d be bragging myself for years and years to come.

  3. I’ve visited her blog. It’s charming. Hope papa keeps an eye on things b4 the kid hits send button. Kids inadvertently let out addrss, fone #s, etc. There are so many sickos these days. One can’t be too careful

    Thanks for supporting. She needs some encouragement. We should all develop and nuture our children to be better people than us. Blogging is a progressive and positive developmental tool, if used properly

  4. Those days when Dr.M was Prime Minister – everybody kisses his hand, every media praise him endlessly, but now when he step down – I wonder what happen to all those minister who’ve serve him for many years? friends?

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