Altantuya murder trial begins: reality Vs fiction

Altantuya Shaariibuu, a Mongolian part time model, came to Malaysia on 6 October 2006. She went missing sometime mid October 2006, after she was said to come to Kuala Lumpur looking for her lover. Her cousin, made a police report on her disappearance on 19 October 2006 and at the Mongolian Embassy in Bangkok. After a police investigation started, she was found brutally murdered sometime mid October 2006 and her remains found scattered in a forest reserve near Puncak Alam, Shah Alam.

During the UMNO General Assembly last November, the story about this murder which attracted so much attention by the local media became a hot gossip amongst the party people who convened and converged around the PWTC in Kuala Lumpur. So much attraction was given that ended two mainstream media journalists were questioned on their reporting of the case.

On 7 November 2006, renowned political and strategy analyst Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda detained for the murder under remand (which was extended) and he was charged at Magistrate Court for an abetting the murder of the woman on 16 November 2006. Razak Baginda was a strategic lecturer in the armed forces defense college before starting and running a political and strategy based think thank organisation in the 90s. He was said to be a friend of the Deputy Prime Minister since his days as the Defense Minister (1990-1995). The Malaysian Armed Forces developed a “Total Defense” doctrine during this time and was based on Razak Baginda’s research.

Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, both members of UTK elite squad of the Police Force, were also charged for the murder of the woman. CI Azilah was on Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi security detail to Pakistan when he instructed to comeback and detained on arrival.

The Star, has the story:

Two policemen charged with Mongolian model’s murder

KUALA LUMPUR: Two Malaysian policemen were charged Wednesday with the murder of a Mongolian model.

Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Constable Sirul Azhar Umar have been accused of murdering the Mongolian woman, Altantuya Shaariibuu, on the night of Oct. 19 and Oct. 20 in a forest area outside Kuala Lumpur, deputy public prosecutor Noorin Badaruddin told reporters.

She also said DNA tests have confirmed that the human remains found in a jungle clearing in the Bukit Rajah hill outside Kuala Lumpur was that of Shaariibuu.

Noorin refused to speculate on the manner the murder was committed or what connection the two policemen had with the woman.

Noorin said the two policemen were charged in a sessions court, and will face the first hearing on Dec. 14 in the High Court.

A third female police officer, who also was detained for questioning along with the two male officers, was not charged.

She was released on bail on Wednesday, said defense attorney Shaun Tan. – AP

Another policewoman was also arrested but after investigations during remand, she was never charged in court for the murder. She was said to be co-operative during the investigations, whilst in remand.

The case was then transferred to the Shah Alam High Court and all the three men were charged under Sect 302 of the Penal Code, which carry the mandatory death sentence upon conviction. Drama soon followed. Razak Baginda was allowed to be controversially released on RM one million bail on 15 December 2006 (until 5 Jan 2007 where the case will be mentioned again) by High Court Judicial Commissioner Mohd Zaki Yassin, only to be revoked by High Court Justice K. N. Segara a month later and upheld by a three man Court of Appeal led by Justice Mokhtar Sidin. He then produced an affidavit that he knew the woman and had an affair with her. There was also a game of musical chairs amongst the defense lawyers.

Regardless who-say-what-where-when-&-how-it-said-before, the the high profile murder trial starts tomorrow, Monday 4 June 2007, at High Court 4, Shah Alam court complex. Judicial Commissioner Dato’ Mohd. Zaki Yassin will be presiding the case.


So eventually the trial of a very high profile murder in 2006 did convene, with three persons charged. Over 100 witness will be called and produce their testimony in court. The case was expedited earlier from the planned March 2008 trial, for the growing interests of the public. However, from the date the two policemen, one policewoman and Razak was arrested, so much have been said, speculated, pre-empted and pre-judged by so many people, on a case which has not even started yet? Why? Does this people know her personally? How can the other people know more?

Susan Loone in her blog,, started harping on this case since Monday, 20 November 2006. She actually published 61 articles pertaining to Altantuya Shaariibuu!

Anwar Ibrahim, one time a convict, also harped on this high profile murder case. In his media statement on 10 January 2007, he urged the police to interrogate Deputy Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak. He harped on the case and related on it so much on Najib that it became a campaign agenda during the Ijok by-election at the end of April. His convention against Najib and attempt to relate him to the poor woman saw PKR suffered heavy losses and some even dubbed Ijok at “Anwar’s Waterloo”.

I am assuming besides Razak Baginda and very few privileged people, no one else in Malaysia have ever heard of the name “Altantuya Shaariibuu” before 7 November 2006.

Suddenly why so much attention and speculation was given on to a woman no one in this country ever heard of? Suddenly how come so much information about this woman and certain personalities surfaced? Where are all these information coming from since before 8 November 2006, since no one except very privileged few even heard of her? Will these people who talked so much about her be called and testify in the trial?

Was there an obsession with Anwar Ibrahim and Susan Loone on Altantuya Shaaribuu? Do these people know her personally?

How possibly can someone like Anwar Ibrahim and Susan Loone harp on the Altantuya Shaariibuu case on and on, endlessly and all of it are facts? Considering they never heard of her prior 7 November 2006, somewhere, somehow, most of their case on the poor woman must be from figment of their own imaginations and unqualified loose gossips and unprofound rumours, probably plucked from thin air and fabricated. Considering also both are political animals and have been known to be “Drama King and Queen”, they have the ability, propensity and history to consciously ramble on untruth and fabricated materials.

Then, there is also the magic question. Why did Anwar Ibrahim and Susan Loone do this, in the first place? Again, considering they don’t know her, so why did they harp endlessly on the case and very vehemently attempted linking it to Najib? What is their motive? Is it political?

Someone suggested that Anwar Ibrahim and Susan Loone were ‘paid’ to do this. They could be agent provocateur by someone or some organization to ensure someone like Najib gets the serious political repercussion on this case. Who would want to do that? Who would benefit from this?

Now that the trial starts tomorrow, let us no longer listen to people who have the symptoms of being compulsive liars or political apparatus for someone else (although they have a compulsion to vehemently deny they have “political masters” – see how they have the propensity to lie?). Let us all pay attention on what will be presented in the court (go early to secure a place in the public gallery). Afterall, the verdict will be made ONLY upon consideration on the materials that have been produced in court, during the trial. And that is the truth.

And may the truth, save us all!



*See also A Voice’s Another Brick in the Wall,, for his take on the case and as he put it “……..of a fading star politician, and a dejected wannabee politician turn drama queen blogger doing the sub-judicial act of not only discussing a case that is undergoing police investigation, but unabatedly dramatise their speeches and blog posting to infer Dato Najib as involved.”

* See also O.B.E. in his blog,, for his take on this.

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  1. Dear bigdogdotcom:

    I believe the truth will always prevail.

    But until it does in the Altantuya’s case, her grisly murder must remain at the topmost of on our collective conscience. Justice must be done; her killer or killers must be punished severely.

    If there are individuals out there who are witness materials, including Anwar Ibrahim and Susan Loone, I am sure they will be subpoenaed to help ensure that the truth prevails.

    I am sure I am just one of many Malaysians who have been rather disturbed by talk that the DPM was “involved” in one way or another. During the Ijok by-election, I was totally disappointed that the Altantuya became a main issue during the campaigning.

    We have seen many ugly things done by politicians against rival politicians, but in Ijok they tried Najib (who was leading the Barisan Nasional charge at Ijok) and, of course, found him guilty! At the end of it Najib emerged the victor (because the BN won the by-election) but some parties do seem bent on continuing to link him to the Altantuya’s murder.

    The Altantuya’s tiral is a high-profiled one. I hope we’ll have bloggers among the lawyers or journalists who will be in court so that we can follow the trial closely. I plan to provide updates on my own blow ( — thank you for allowing me this space to advertise my blog, bro) to keep readers updated. I am sure many bloggers will do the same.

    I hope we, bloggers, remind ourselves that from tomorrow, this will be an on-going trial. Freedom of expression must prevail but we must let justice takes its course. We must keep our eyes and ears open and be brave when we blog, and blog the truth. But let us not prejudice or subjudice the trial, or condemn anyone who has not been found guilty.

    Veteran-journo Rocky,

    You are so right!

    Anwar Ibrahim and Susan Loone talked about the Altantuya murder case as if they are involved in the process.

    Lets hope everyone learn something from this episode. Yes, the truth is out there, someone said and another person used “may the truth save us all”. The real truth, from this person’s point of view, could be mainly from figment of her imaginations (like the issue about being nominated at All-Blogs inaugural meet)!

    Then again maybe she’s practicing to write a fictional blog……. 🙂

  2. A day after I received an SMS informing Razak Baginda’s arrest, I received an SMS trying to link the age of Altantuya’s son with Najib’s visit to Paris. But they forgot that baby do not apper immediately after the semen meets egg but reqauire an additional 9 months.

    That alone tells me that a party is trying very hard to spread rumours to link Najib to the case. Anwar did only once at Ijok and a series of GAM (gerakan Anti Najib). I remembered susan loone attempt to say the baby belongs to najib in disputing the news that the dna confirmed as that of father. Throughout this ordeal, Susan Loone seems to report as though she has can speak Mongolian to be able to speak to the altantuya family from her base in bangkok.

  3. i’m sure Anwar and Susan and the ppl like them will never stop, the worst is they will accused our judiciary of biased or politicaly motivated if the three goes loose, and if the three are guilty, still susan and anwar will never give up to link the case with najib to satify their ego.

    I am in total agreement with you! Some peoples’ career had been thriving on bed of lies, one after another, layer after layer. When you pin them, they’ll say something pitiful like “Hey, give me a break. I’ve been thru hell!”.

    That’s why they become Drama King and Drama Queen

  4. i’m glad that the trial has been brought forward. i definitely felt tt justice couldnt wait in this case.
    pls see earlier postings —

    As Federation of Horny Dogs On the Net, Malaysian Chapter President, I welcome you on the BigDog blog! 🙂

  5. i hate to believe that anwar ibrahim has an agenda to fix najib by desperately linking him to altantuya.
    that said, i am appalled that najib has already been tried and the verdict given.
    of course, there is a link between najib and razak but i think, unless we know really what happened, we should all shut up and let justice takes its course.
    i am sure that najib knows that his political enemies — in his own party — are out to do a number on him with this case.
    and i am sure that he knows that they won’t stop.

  6. Hey bigdog,

    can you sniff out the culprits or must we bring in Flo ?? Or a Labradour from Ireland ?
    Anyways… let us pray that justice takes its natural course without fear or favour and the murderers pay heavily and all else hold their stupid tongue….

    So now we have a verdict already from Bangkok, eh ?? hey, maybe the jester (court- jester and village idiot !) did it or was it the butler ! Will all those who assumed be hauled-up or supoeneaed(spelling check !) to the court to testify ? Or are all bloggers going to be labelled/certified liars …if this case as ajudged and verdicted by Susan and Anwar is found to be just heresay and is this going to seal the credibility of all bloggers by the already frustrated Zam and Co. who will readily say …”see…I told you so….”?

    p.s. Can you enlarge your fonts in the comment section please… it is hurting me eyes and you can keep it in propotion with your size…sheeesh !!!

    You want the fonts to be 6″ or 8″???? Big difference, you know!

    Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha 🙂

  7. Brother,

    I am anxiously waiting as the drama unfolds. The speculations and limelight are just too much on this case.

    Lets wait for the full written judgment.

    And yet at this point some people already passed judgment and called the accused aka defendants as “murderers”!

  8. .
    the murderers come under dpm’s jurisdiction and is his resposibility. they all in fact report to him under all circumstances … including the perceived threat this innocent lady was posing ..
    dpm should explain his dept.s security protocol and perhaps explain who ordered the assasination. it is that simple …

    “….the murderers come under dpm’s jurisdiction and is his resposibility. they all in fact report to him under all circumstances … ”

    “Murderers”???? At this point, no one know who the “murderers” is/are because the TRIAL HAS NOT EVEN STARTED! (and yet some idiot already passed judgment!) There are ONLY accused aka defendants. How can you pass judgment at this point that they are the “murderers”???? So irresponsible!

  9. Lets wait for the outcome. Th rest is all speculation. All I can tell you is that they are checking on various phone calls made in this case, calls and sms!!! So the truth will come out…we can’t let our justice system be a joke and this is not a religious issue thus I hope our judges will rule without fear or favour.

  10. Everyone from the journalist circle knows Rocky is aligned to Najib, so now Rocky is seemed to be disturbed because his master is linked to the case. Everyone has their own agenda, Anwar Ibrahim included. Just that, we know lah this is friend’s matter and dont have to write such a long posting to justify things…

    Or is it Najib is the one who is aligned to Rocky….? And why not? Veteran Malay Mail Executive Editors cannot have supporters… it? 🙂

  11. Rahman,

    That’s the first time I’ve heard anyone said that!

    Everyone from “the journalist circle” knows that I always maintained an “arms-length” relationship with politicians, including Dr M, Pak Lah and Najib.

    You have to do better, beb.

  12. .
    How can you pass judgment at this point that they are the “murderers”???? So irresponsible!
    do you have to second guess on this straight forward case? how naive …

    That is the proper way. You must be barbaric and uncivilised then…..

  13. […] said this while Jeff had this. Will they write more? Most definitely as and when the trial […]

  14. […] Altantuya murder trial begins: reality Vs fiction Altantuya Shaariibuu, a Mongolian part time model, came to Malaysia on 6 October 2006. She […]

  15. OA

    How stright forward is the case?

    You and 25,000 others saw the Altantunya killed in broad daylight within safe viewing distance and subsequently saw a C4 stuck up her ass and lighted it up to explosion. All this is taken on camera and video camera with the concurrent of the Sheikh Fairuz. For safe measure, you and the other 25,000 witness are not women, and unemployed ie bloggers.

    Even under the above scenario, trust me. There will lawyer who could safe his client from conviction.

    So what is straight forward?

    Why do you bother spend time and effort to ‘entertain’ fools like that????

    There is a limit of reasonableness and with idiots like this, is definitely not it.

  16. .

    Rabid dog usually barks for nothing and at nothing …
    That’s their nature.

    A voice.

    Why don’t you revisit the defense statement? That would be the end of discussion I would guess unless you are still not satisfy and try to cook things up.


  17. .
    Dpm has known to possess violent tendency in his past – remember his famous “bathing in the blood of others.”

    Such person is known to be psychological unstable and tend to repeat such tendency in the wake of a perceived threat – yeah a threat from an innocent and peaceful and caring mother of two children.

    “Violent”???? Utter bollocks!

    Violent is like Idi Amin.

    Which cave have you crawled out from????

  18. justice? ask Nurul Huda and Canny Ong…

  19. .

    Violent is like Idi Amin

    How fitting a description?

    What a spot on comparison?

    The dog has finally smelled some SHIT.


  20. EEE…

    if you have a criticism against a fellow journo, you should go direct to her, not cast aspersions in unrelated matter in another blog. Or at least openly do so in your own blog. This covert method is unworthy of a man, whatmore one who aspires to represent all blogs. This is unprincipled, unbecoming a veteran journo and president of All-Blogs. What more if that person you criticise had first tirelessly worked to keep the issue of your being sued in the public light, andf garnering support for you.
    Unworthy, Rocky. In any language, culture or context, the apprpriate term would be INGRATE. Shame on you! I will def8initely not donate to the All Blogs legal fund to encourage bloggers the like of you.

    Yeah, so unleash the dogs now in this blog

    Susan Loone is the opportunistic sort of person who will ride on support that she gave. She started the support on Rocky and Jeff Ooi when they were sued because its an opportunity for her to ‘expand’ her opposition slanted political biasness.

    When All-Blogs was formed, she was nominated as a committee although in Shar101’s, she LIED to say that she wasn’t. Then when Ijok by-election came and PKR confirmed to contest, she insisted that All-Blogs go to ground zero to hel Anwar and the PKR campaign against BN. It was rejected and denounced by so many Bloggers.

    The moment she felt she can no longer influence All-Blogs and top Bloggers, aka “Cakap sudah tidak laku lagi”, she then formed PABS to compete against All-Blogs, which is still developing the structures to unite Bloggers for progressive and positive attributes. PABS was also announced right after BUM 2007 was held and it was so successful most Bloggers who attended BUM 2007 threw their support behind Rocky, Jeff Ooi and pro tem committee now busy developing All-Blogs.

    That’s the ‘politician’ in Susan. As Desi YL Chong says it,” …she will always ‘ride’ on NGOs for the politics!”

    Rocky has shown his support in this ‘uncovering’ of Susan Loone as an intolerable Blogger and defied good attributes and of blogging (something All-Blogs is all about). That is op of when she was highlighted to play Judge Dredd four days after the three men were actually charged in criminal, she published 61 stories to incriminate personalities in her ‘diabolical’ political agenda!

    The public is now seeing who the real Susan Loone really is………………………….”May the truth save us all”

  21. She is so pretty, now why would she be killed? Any rich billionaire would love to have her has a wife, even a second wife.

  22. Not to worry. Susan Loone is a loonie. She runs a blog so dull that you see the same visitors visiting to make comments not worth reading
    day in and day out.

    What use is a blog when you have visitor friends who visit to lend moral support.

    But beware of her mongrel who goes by the name of ‘monsterball’ – he is territorial like all dogs and would run visitors out just for being there.

  23. […] the case against Deputy Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak in his involvement of the ‘Altantuya brutal murder’ and of course, the kickbacks in the Scorpene and Sukhoi military acquisition deals. Here in […]

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