Efforts to undermine Islam in Malaysia from abroad

There exist a concerted attempt to undermine Islam and Muslims, in Malaysia, today. This structured effort is being generated from outside Malaysia and if unchecked, will lead to further instability with regards to the acceptance and sensitivities of Malaysian Muslim majority towards conversion outside Islam.

The predominant Malay Muslim Malaysians have very conservative attitude and approach towards infidelity, apostasy and attempts to convert outside Islam. They have reacted adversely to the few cases which surfaced and attracted too much attention.

In a recent landmark case where Lina Joy wished to omit the word “Islam” from her MyKad, no longer depicting her faith in Islam, the Chief Justice of Malaysia ruled that “one cannot embrace or leave religion according to one’s whims and fancies”. The CJ further clarified that one should have brought one’s case to the Syariah Court for an annulment out of Islam. Th case ended in an episode which was more than a woman tried to change a word in her identity card.

It was seen as people taking advantage of the case for their own narrow quest. Some say it was an attempt to test the system which protected the interests of the predominant Malay Muslim majority. The case attracted a lot of NGOs from abroad, hiding under the veil of universal values such as human rights.

However, the structured effort still continue. Some of them tried to re-define and narrowly interpret Islam and/or the covenants and conventions that Islam stood for, for ill intent and skewed reasons. The Ministry of Internal Security recently banned 37 titles of books contained elements that will demean Islam, from the Malaysian perspective.

Bernama online, www.bernama.com, has the story:


June 06, 2007 17:14 PM


Govt Bans 37 Publications On Islam Containing Twisted Facts

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KUALA LUMPUR, June 6 (Bernama) — The Internal Security Ministry has banned 37 book titles and publications on Islam containing twisted facts that can undermine the faith of Muslims.

Secretary of the Publications and Quranic Texts Control Division Che Din Yusoh said today 21 of the publications were in the English language and published in the United States, United Kingdom and Jordan while 16 were in Bahasa Malaysia and published in Malaysia and Indonesia.

All the book titles and publications were banned by a prohibition order under the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984, he said in a statement.

He said the prohibition order was imposed on the publications because their contents and text on Islam twisted facts and true Islamic teachings or contained elements that misled the faithful and humiliated the prophets.

“These publications can cause confusion and apprehension among Muslims and eventually jeopardise public order,” he added.

The list of book titles and publications, the names of the authors, compilers or translators and publishers as well as the country of publication are contained in the Government Gazzette dated April 26 2007.

The banned book titles and publications published in English are:

Unveiled At Last: Bob Sjogren (YWAM Publishing, United States);

The Last of the Giants: George Otis Jr (Fleming H.Revell, US);

Inside the Community: Understanding Muslims Through Their Traditions: Phil Parshall (Baker Books, US);

Now You Can Know What Muslims Believe: (Ministries to Muslims, US);

Blind Following of Madhhabs: Shaykh Muhammad Sultaan (Al-Hidaayah Publishing, United Kingdom);

My Journey from The Christianity of Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah To The Islam Of The Prophet: Saim Bakar;

Answering Islam The Crescent in Light of the Cross: Norman L Geisler, Abdul Saleeb (Baker Books, US);

Islam in Context Past, Present and Future: Peter G. Riddell, Peter Cotterell (Baker Academic, US);

Feminism and Islamic Fundamentalism, The Limit of Post-modern Analysis: Haideh Moghissi (Zed Books Ltd, UK);

Islam At The Crossroads, Understanding Its Beliefs, History and Conflicts: Paul Marshall, Roberta Green, Lela Gilbert (Baker Books, US);

Glad News! God Loves You My Muslim Friends: Samy Tanagho (Authentic Media, US);

The Fifth Pillar A Spiritual Pilgrimage: David Zeidan (Piquant, Great Britain);

Heart of the Koran by Lex Hixton (The Theosophical Publishing House, US);

The Life and Times of Muhammad: Sir John Glubb (Madison Books, US);

Inside Islam The Faith, The People and The Conflicts of the World’s Fastest Growing Religion (Marlowe & Company, US);

Jesus and Muhammad Profound Differences and Suprising Similarities: Mark A. Gabriel (Charisma House,US);

Nine Parts of Desire The Hidden World of Islamic Women: Geraldine Brooks (Anchor Books, US);

Introducing Islam: The Basics: Kim Whiteheads (Mason Crest Publishers, Jordan);

Introducing Islam: Islam, Christianity and Judaism: Dorothy Kavanaugh (Mason Crest, Jordan);

Murder in the Name of Allah: Hazrat Mirza, Tahir Ahmad (Lutterworth Press, Great Britain); and,

The New Paths in Muslim Evangelism, Evangelical, Approaches to Contextualization (Baker Book House, US).

The banned book titles published locally are:

Ringkasan Mafatih Al-Jinan Kunci Pembuka Syurga: Syeikh At-Tuisy (Jasmin Enterprise, Kuala Lumpur);

Bahaya Tarikat Sufi/Tasawuf Terhadap Masyarakat: Ustaz Rasul Bin Dahri (Perniagaan Jaha Bersaudara, Johor); and

Apa itu Ahmadiyah?: Mirza Bashiruddin, Mahmud Ahmad (Jemaat Islam Ahmadiah, Batu Caves).

The banned book titles published in Indonesia are:

Petunjuk Membuat Azimat dan Benda Bertuah: Abd. Hamid Zahwan (CV.Aneka, Solo),

Islam Tanpa Syariat Menggali Universalitas Tradisi: Ziauddin Sardar (Penerbit Grafindo);

Ombak Hidup Mengalami Damai Di Mata Taufan – (Yayasan Isahi Nusantara, Jakarta),

The Passion of Christ Kesengsaraan Al-Masihi; Mujarobat Ilmu Kekebalan: Ahmad Toha, Abdul Ghoni (CV Bintang);

Menyoal Relevensi Sunnah Dalam Islam Modern: Daniel W. Brown, Jaziar Radianti (Penerbitan Mizan, Bandung);

Rahsia Manusia Menyingkap Ruh Ilahi: Syekh Nur ad-Din ar-Raniri (Pustaka Sufi, Yogyakarta);

Ikhtisar Tajul Muluk (Mahkota Raja): Abd.Hamid Zahwan (CV Aneka, Solo);

Pilihan Do’a Jaljalut Mengantisipasi Gejolak Zaman Modern: Muh. Rofi’.SI (CV Aneka, Solo);

Pengantar Psikologi Al-Quran Dimensi Keilmuan di balik Mushaf Utsmani: Dr Lukman Saksonro (PT Grafikatama Jaya);

One True God Risiko Sejarah Bertuhan Satu: Rodney Stark, Sadat Ismail (Penerbit Qalam,Yogyakarta);

Tasawuf Dalam Qur’an: Dr Mir Valiudin (Pustaka Firdaus, Jakarta); and

Wahdat Al-Adyan Dialog Pluralisme Agama: Fathimah Usman (LK iS Yogyakarta).




As an example, recently, came to the attention of some that there exist some teachings which redefined how prayer is offered. It was narrowly interpreted by some using a few verses in the Al Quran that prayer in Islam is not about the five required to be preformed at specific times. These ‘reformists’ are making the attempt to re[write how Muhammad S.A.W. practiced prayers which remain intact by over one billion worshipers throughout these 14 centuries. There are also issues related to cult such as the Qadyanni and deviant cult groupings, such as the banned Ayah Pin and Al Arqam movement.

Some people interpreted efforts like these are systematic ways of refining teachings, taking advantage to test the system for loopholes and others perceived these sort of efforts as trying to undermine Islam as the religion of the Federation of Malaysia, challenge and mock the authorities, system, Judiciary and the position of the HRH Malay Rulers as the defenders of the faith and Special Malay Rights. Eventually, it will developed (or ‘snowballed’) into insult at the majority through the legal process and hiding behind the veil of the Constitution being the Supreme Law of the nation.

There is no pluralism in Islam. Islam is about one God Al Mighty, the Most Merciful and Muhammad S.A.W. is the messenger and Al Quran, Hadiths and Sunnah are the referrals. As long as the non Muslims respect these boundaries, then the predominantly Malaysian Muslim majority will remain within their own turf. Any minority, who is trying or had tried to be cheeky and ignorantly or consciously dwell into parameters they could willfully avoid, then they would have the tendency to be treated as arrogants and these Kurang-Ajarness will be reciprocated, accordingly.

As they say in Malay, “Sarang tebuan jangan dijolok! Padah akibatnya…..”

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