Leadership and loyalty

We live in a very complicated world today. Some trespassed into volatile borders carelessly and conveniently make inaccurate and shallow interpretations, probably out of pure or almost near ignorance, based on virtues and universal values deemed acceptable in its plurality and diversity. A trait of an undisciplined mind.

So there shall be disagreements. There shall be disputes. There shall be off tangent stance. There will be comprehension lost in transition. Then there should be respect. A point where opposing minds withdraw with full distinction earned. A gentlemen’s duel saved for another day.

And there had been ‘other days’, before.

Unfortunately there will be people who get lost in transit. They survived the shelling. They leave feeling betrayed. ‘Collateral damage’, some said!

Then there will be the interesting part. A test of loyalty. A test of respect. A test of camaraderie. Loyalty is a virtue that I admire and value. Leadership is about willing to be tested for loyalty. Leadership is about a test of wisdom. Leadership is about a test of decision making. Leadership is about the test of trust and confidence. Most important of leadership is to gain respect, trust and loyalty, one must prepared to reciprocate.

Today I have been put on this test, again. I have been here before. So I took the choice that I am expected to make; compromise my heart and go with the wit. I went with the principle of being a sub-ordinate.

I believe in the US Marine Corp motto “Semper Fidelis“, ‘Always Faithful’. A ship is a good platform to learn about ‘leadership and loyalty’. A good platform to learn about faith, wisdom and wit. A good platform to learn about team, teamwork and team spirit.

Leadership is the key to any organisation. Sometime, we have to change leadership pre-maturely (that’s what Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad urged UMNO, in Johor Bahru, 10 Feb 2007). Bad leadership will be detrimental to the sub-ordinates, the ship and the journey. But not today, not for me. Today we must show strength. Today we must show, we work well in the ship. Today, we carry on sailing into uncharted waters.

Today, I chose to listen to the leader!

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