Crime in Kepala Batas but where’s the DAP this time?

This a latest story about serious crime involving young ladies as victims. But this time, it is not in Johor Bahru. It is not even in Johor. It is in Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang. It happened in the laid-back constituency where Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is the MP. Prime Minister Abdullah is also the Minister of Internal Security, the Cabinet member in charge of the Police.

 NST online, , has the story:


Girl abducted and gang-raped

By : Adie Suri Zulkefli and Aaron Ngui

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KEPALA BATAS: An 18-year-old girl was abducted by bogus policemen, raped and forced to entertain more than 10 men over three days.

The victim lodged a report on Wednesday after escaping from the house where she had been locked up.

Her nightmare began here on Sunday while she was riding pillion on her boyfriend’s motorcycle.

The couple was stopped by a group of men who introduced themselves as policemen.

The men ordered her boyfriend to leave and for the victim to ride pillion on one of their motorcycles.
The girl was taken to an abandoned house in a nearby village where the men took turns to rape her.

Gagged throughout the time she was there, the victim was also raped by several other men who turned up at the house.

Upon her escape, she lodged a report at the Kepala Batas police station and was sent for a medical check-up.

Police detained two men yesterday in connection with the case, but it is learnt that the main suspect had gone into hiding.

His house is located just behind the abandoned house.

In George Town, a woman was taken on a 30-minute terror ride on Wednesday before being robbed of RM6,000 in cash and valuables.

The 21-year old victim’s ordeal began at 11.45am while she was waiting in her car for two friends who had gone into a clinic in Jalan Terengganu.

A man opened her car door and forced her at knife-point to move over to the passenger seat.

He then drove to a housing estate in Bandar Baru Air Itam, 15km away, where he parked in an isolated spot and relieved her of her cash and valuables.

The man then fled on foot and the victim drove to a nearby police station where she lodged a report.



This is the continuance of an earlier article “Politics over crime issues?” published on 21 June 2007 in this blog. So where is YB Lim Kit Siang and the DAP now, in this case? Aren’t Lim or the DAP making at least a statement condemning the morbid crime and also taking pot shots against the Prime Minister / Minister for supposedly ‘not doing enough for the people of Kepala Batas’?

Conveniently, Lim Kit Siang and the DAP have been very quiet when it comes to issues involving Prime Minister Abdullah. They said almost nothing about Khairy Jamaluddin buying up ECM Libra shares and later the unscrupulous take over of Avenue Capital, which is a GLC. They did not raise the issue about the Mitutoyo executives arrested by Tokyo Police last August. They were quiet about the much talked about ‘Oil for Food’ program were exposed. They did not question about the gullet in Turkey when Rocky raised it in his blog. They did not talk about Raja Petra’s story about the house in Mosman Park, Perth. They did not trounce Prime Minister Abdullah’s Government when I first wrote about the A319CJ being delivered by Airbus last 28 Dec. They did not even criticize the Prime Minister when he went on holiday during the really bad massive flood down south.

So what is the Evil Dark Lord Lim Kit Siang and the DAP’s game, actually? Those are pertinent issues involving Prime Minister Abdullah and too many rakyat talked about it, but where are the Lims and the DAP in these issues? Why did Lim and the DAP spare anything involving Prime Minister Abdullah and family, especially Khairy Jamaluddin, much talked about the son-in-law?

Comparatively, when Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was the Prime Minister, Lim and the DAP did not behave like this. They would use any opportunity to politically strike against Dr. Mahathir where and whenever possible.

Now is right moment putting all of our suspicions and skepticisms to the test. If the DAP can instigate Johor Bahru residents to demonstrate infront of the MB’s official residence and later use the so-called ‘ghastly Johor crimes’ as an excuse to write a Memorandum to the Police, now would they do it again infront of the Kepala Batas MP’s home in the constituency, on the same accord?

Too many people speculate ‘Grand Old Man Kit’ has been bought over. I am beginning to understand why he has been very nonchalant when it comes to issues involving Prime Minister Abdullah & sons.

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  1. Kat Kepala Batas pun ada penyamun dan penyangak macam ni? Saya hampir tak percaya tadi. Kalau Sdr Big Dog yang laporkan (dan bukan akhbar arus perdana) memang sukar nak percaya, tapi ni dah tak boleh nak nafikan. Saya nak puji NST kerana berani melaporkan perkara terkutuk yang berlaku di Kepala Batas.

    Selama ini saya ingat mati-matilah Johor Bahru saja bandaraya yang terkutuk. Lepas Kit Siang hantar memorandum dan ramai juga para blogger dan tukang komen yang mintak Ghani letak jawatan, saya amat gerun dengan bandaraya JB. Macam jenayah berlaku disana — rogol, samun, tetak, cocok, tembak-menembak, melacur, berjudi, carjacking, cockjerkingc .. you name it, you get it.

    Tapi Kepala Batas yang belum sampai status bandaraya pun dah teruk. Dah lah samun dan menyamar jadi polis, rogol dan ugut bunuh pulak. Lepas tu dipaksanya gadis malang tersebut untuk melacur, memuaskan nafsu lebih 10 lelaki dalam 3 hari!

    Memang laki-laki Kepala Batas ni nafsu haiwan!

    Saya gerun nak ke Kepala Batas. Ada ke tampat di Malaya yang selamat nih? Pekan kot?

  2. why dont u e mail this page to Kit and wait for his reply instead of accusing him of something which you cannot prove? i am sure he would have something to say being an honourable man.

    Lim Kit Siang an ‘honourable man’????

    He is the most power crazy draconian dictatorite politician in the history of democratic Malaysia. He had been in power since 1969 and still remain in power. (As if there is no other personalities in DAP can do the job? BTW, during that tenure, UMNO, MCA and even PAS have had four different Presidents each!). In 1999 he called Tun Dr. Mahathir and UMNO “undemocratic” because UMNO Supreme Council decided to hold back party elections till after the upcoming General Elections and Lim Kit Siang did the very same “undemocratic” move.

    He is a corrupt politician because the monies collected from dinners organised by DAP for the “Free Guan Eng Campaign”, Lim asked to be deposited into Lim Guan Eng’s personal account instead of DAP’s. He remained as an Opposition Leader in Dewan Rakyat because its a lucrative position. Raja Petra also said Lim have been issued APs, so thats why he did not attack PM Abdullah & Sons.

    DAP hv been short changing the Malaysian Chinese, for 38 years and they still get ‘played’ into Lim Kit Siang pathetic ultra long Chinese ‘opera’ called “Dynasty of Father, Son & Dotting Darling Daughter in Law”!

  3. The Lees of Singapore, the Lims of DAP and Abdullah of Malaysia have something in common, that is to build a political dynasty. So far, the Lees and the Lims have succeeded.

    By highlighting and focussing on the crimes in JB instead of other parts in Malaysia, the Lims is doing their Singaporean master a favour.

    An interesting theory indeed. Most probably true!

  4. with the increment of crime rates in the country, this matter needs utmost attention from not just the cops but other relevant authorities aswell. the trend is worrying and scares the shit out of me. not for my own safety but of my girlfriend’s since she drives home alone almost every night. these bad hats hv all kinds of tricks up their sleeve for their modus operandi and victims are normally caught off guard. it just freaks me out.

    sdr lubok, mana2 pegi pon tak selamat dah skang ni. aku ingat duduk condo, bayar maintainance fee cecah ratusan RM every month for security will solve the problem. wishful thinking. penyangak ada merata rata.

  5. welcome back BCG!!!

  6. Hello Bro , You Always comes with great article and comment …

    hmmm i laugh all the way when read this lim is honourable man hahaha … to me , this lim is only ‘play’ a selective issue only … that fit with his crazy-to-have power .

    Article from bro BGDC is an example.

    Bagi saya agak melampau kalau ada org yg sanggup sampai berdemontrasi sampai ke rumah yg dihuni keluarga dan penuh privasi …

    Thanks. 🙂 Orang orang ini beragenda sempit dan suka menangguk di air keruh. Itulah tahap kebolehan politik mereka!

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