Anwar and PKR is sinking and its not ‘wayang’

Anwar Ibrahim and PKR should be listed as ‘endangered’ political animals. Their survival ability and life expectancy in this ‘dog-eat-dog’ political realism is now highly questionable. There is very few things left to do when people are jumping of a sinking ship, especially in a storm. And this is no ‘wayang‘.

Joceline Tan of The Star,, has the most recent story on a top PKR Exco jumping of ship:

Damage control by PKR leaders after Ezam quits


PETALING JAYA: Parti Keadilan Rakyat leaders are trying to do damage control following the resignation of their former Youth leader Ezam Mohd Nor and the devastating allegations he has made.

PKR leaders such secretary-general Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and information chief Tian Chua are keeping mum but Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar has come out strongly, calling Ezam “a traitor.”

“He is like one of the main characters in the Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms – very courageous and daring but at the end of the day, he betrayed the kingdom.

“Ezam has behaved like a traitor to our party and struggles,” said Shamsul.

Ezam, who announced on Monday that he had quit the party, is the second high-profile resignation from PKR since the party congress last month.

Former deputy president Abdul Rahman Othman resigned to join PAS earlier this month.

In resigning, Ezam had criticised Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for allegedly practising dictatorial politics and said that vice-president Azmin Ali’s power and influence was detrimental to the party.

Ezam, who was Anwar’s former political secretary, was also unhappy with Azmin’s control over Anwar on a number of political issues.

Shamsul accused Ezam of behaving like a pawn of the ruling party.

“He was committed to our struggle but now I suspect he is part of an agenda to undermine Datuk Seri Anwar and PKR with the general election so near. His motive is clear and his timing is perfect,” he alleged.

Meanwhile, Selangor vice-Youth head Khairul Anuar said that if Ezam was sincere about reforming the party, he would have taken on Azmin from within the party instead of quitting to attack PKR leaders from the outside.

“It is wrong of him to say that Anwar is a dictator because PKR is democratic. This is what happens when people join the party because they believe in a personality rather than the bigger struggle,” said Khairul.

Khalid said he needed time to come out with a consensus statement.

Chua declined to comment on Ezam’s allegations but said Ezam wanted to disassociate himself from PKR so as to give greater credibility to his anti-corruption NGO, Gerak.


This is was the latest of series top political bigwigs abandoning PKR and Anwarism for one reason or another. The last was former PKR Presidential candidate Abdul Rahman Osman. He abruptly left PKR recently to join PAS.

Not long before that was Dato’ Nalla Karupan and a strong number of PKR members of Indian ethnic background abruptly left at the eve of PKR’s annual convention, citing irreversable frustrations over racial issues.

This episode about Ezam was kind of expected sometime back. In March, he did a controversial pow-wow with his top personal supporters on PKR issues at his home in section 7, Shah Alam one night. It was said so many hurtful things were said and so much more unanswered questions were hurled. There had been serious ‘writings on the wall’.

Throughout the years, the Malaysian mainstream political scene have seen PKR big dogs such as Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, Datin Paduka Marina Yusof, Prof. Jomo K. Sundram, Ruslan Kassim, Nell Onn, Lokman Noor Adam and the Mighty Zainur Zakaria left PKR, citing its empty and shallow Perjuangan was no longer relevant, moreover after the street mob “Reformasi” movement naturally died, to show the struggle has lost its flavour. Even Saifuddin Nasution is on the verge of leaving and joining PAS.died.

So what is left installed for Anwar Ibrahim and PKR? Nothing much, really. After the humiliating defeat of Ijok by-elections at the end of April and PKR’s theatrical “main wayang” annual congress in May, there is a serious doubt looming over the man, Anwar Ibrahim, a former Deputy Prime Minister and one time serious challenger to UMNO President Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and BN, as a rallying point for the Oppositions in Malaysia to work together and achieved slightly better position.

Anwar and PKR have been seen as the ‘balancing’ factor and ‘pacifier’ between the conservative Islamist party the chauvinistic Chinese socialist party. PKR was ‘deceptively’ a glimmer of hope for the many who are looking for a non racial base multi ethnic political party. His so-called ‘leadership’ and ‘aura’, was said to be a rallying point of the various Opposition politicians. Anwar Ibrahim managed to be made a ‘cause’ which PAS fully capitalized to incite for their narrow political mileage and did their best in their 50 plus years in politics history in the Nov 1999 General Elections.

Actually, there had been a series of a serious in-fighting issues between Vice President Azmin Ali and former Youth Leader Ezam Md. Nor the past year, both Anwar Ibrahim most trusted aides since the days of Government and UMNO. Money and favourtism were said to be the biggest problem. So, at the moment Anwar Ibrahim is left with lesser people he can work with and unlikely more influential and strong personalities will come into the bandwagon. Even the ABIM youth leaders have stayed away from him. With these skeletal crew left and recent developments and progressive disintegration, it is doubt that Anwar Ibrahim now can command the respect and ‘aura’ from the Oppositions, namely DAP and PAS and be the convergence, as a run up before the next general elections.

Anwar Ibrahim and PKR days are really numbered. With only one seat in the 219 seat Dewan Rakyat, that shows a lot already. Being theatrical politicians, it is expected that they resort to more ‘wayang‘, most probably pleading the rakyat to maintain them as the last bastion to go against the BN, for their crucial survival in the Malaysian political platform.

Penang is the last field was Anwar and PKR can put up their last stand. However, it is expected that the Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will announce the mega development agenda for the Northern Corridor (Perlis, Kedah, Penang and North Perak) anytime soon, it expected to be the catalyst to propel socio-economic development programs in the area. This will definitely diminish Anwar’s and PKR’s strong chances, even with full DAP and PAS co-operation.

The godfather for the modern theatre, playwright William Shakespeare once said, “The bigger the lie is, the more people will believe in it”. Then again being theaterics, one can play many role, including a genuine politician in a sinking political vessel!

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