Mukhriz not going for UMNO Youth top post yet

UMNO Youth Exco in charge of international affairs and NGO, Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir denied a The Star report that he made a statement at this point of time that he might be contesting for the top post in UMNO Youth, in the next party elections. Instead, he thought it was important for him now to help UMNO Youth Head Dato’ Hishamuddin Hussein to beef up party machineries in anticipation of the upcoming general elections expected anytime soon. He said this after officiating the Sg. Siput UMNO Youth meeting on Sunday.

He also said this to the press after meeting the family of Kept. Intan Nor Asykeen Mohd. Arof, TUDM, the co-pilot of the missing S 61 RMAF utilities helicopter four days ago at TUDM Sg. Besi yesterday afternoon. Kept. Intan was a former MRSM Balik Pulau student and Mukhriz is the President of MRSM Alumni Association, ANSARA. Other ANSARA Excos accompanied him during the call on Kept. Intan’s family.


Mukhriz, a former MRSM Kota Bahru, retained his President seat in a 93 – 51 with a comfortable 42 vote majority defeated challenger Dr. Shamsul Anuar Sulaiman, a former MRSM Kuantan, at ANSARA AGM’s on Saturday. This is Dr. Shamsul’s first attempt to be seated for any position at the ANSARA Exco level.

This is also the first time Mukhriz was challenged and some dubbed this as an effort to run him down from his primary powerbase, a precursor to the next UMNO party elections. However, Mukhriz vehemently denied the ANSARA elections was a proxy fight between him and UMNO Youth Vice Head, Khairy Jamaluddin.

Media including TV3 and NTV7 waited around till the end of the ANSARA AGM in anticipation to make a news of Mukhriz’s defeat however were disappointed. No stories appeared anywhere when Mukhriz managed to retain his seat. This was the first time TV news cameras appeared in an ANSARA AGM.

Ironically, Dr. Shamsul was the immediate UMNO Youth Exco in charge of international affairs predecessor to Mukhriz. Hopes are placed that the challenge should not affect the brotherhood fostered within the alumni.


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  1. “This was the first time TV news cameras appeared in an ANSARA AGM.”

    The same feeling for folks at Machap, Ijok, a big signal of G.E. soon. As for KJ and gang, they are like his iPhone, All Show but Doesn’t Function.
    heheheheh. Hope they’re reading this.

  2. Wow Biggum, that was a fast recovery. Looks like you’re back to your normal self.

    Please excuse me if i do not recognise you next time our path cross. The handsomer you is to blame 🙂

  3. Very good blog, very rich nice pictures and articles, congratulations !!!

  4. Alhamdulillah, Tuan Selamat dan sejahtera.

  5. […] Mukhriz not going for UMNO Youth top post yet UMNO Youth Exco in charge of international affairs and NGO, Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir denied a The Star report that he […] […]

  6. salam bro big…selamat beristirehat…moga sembuh selalu…sambil to bro pi perbetui sikit dlm kmu…tu…banyak beluncas baik umno..pas…pkr…dan ntah-apa ntah..we miss u in kmu laaa bro…

  7. Hi there, great that you are at home. It is a great place to be after the hospital. Take your time to recover and enjoy living. Have a nice day.

    Note: I lost your phone number, [lost my cell phone over the weekend] Do miss call me. thanks.

  8. Umno Youth is a hopeless movement of kakibodeks and kakijilats, or bootlickers for you guys who don’t know Malay expressions. Mukhriz should get out of there. Go for a Supreme Council seat and let KJ go down with the rot. There is no way they are going to let the charasmatic Mukhriz to win if ever there is a contest with the Son-in-law.

    By the way, why did TV3 AND ntv7 send crews there? They are from the same group! And neither came out with any news? Sial (it means “damn”, not short for son-in-law, which is “sil”).

    Much like Nat’s arrest. He’s the first blogger to be arrested under OSA and not a word reported in Bernama! I heard none of the NSTP’s papers used it either, which means tvs 3,7, 8 and 9 did not cover it either

    Really mangkuk (whixh is bowl filled with shit, for u mangkuks who don’t know malay).

  9. Welcome back. Hope you are in the best of health

  10. ANSARA must be really happy ha with Tv and camera crew around.

    But why must you say about KJ and iPhone? Irrelevant to this ANSARA article.

    But then again, you must mention his name just to fit him into all this and also add his new kewl mobile the iPhone which mind you i guess any gadget freaks would love to get their hands on it only fools comdemn it!!.

    Congrates to Datuk Mukhriz for winning the election.

  11. Aaah Biggie…

    Glad you’re back, and very glad too to hear the ops went well.

    Now we can cross swords, again. Ha-ha. All the best, bro’…

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