KD Tun Razak now joined


TV3 announced that the official names of boat one and two of the Scorpene submarines now under construction are KD Tunku Abdul Rahman dan KD Tun Abdul Razak, respectively. The story was earlier carried out by this blog as “Kisah Kapal Selam” on 21 February, “The Scorpene completely joined” on 16 March and “Najib refutes MT’s reports, submariners get dolphins” on 18 March.

The Royal Malaysian Navy Chief Admiral Tan Sri Ramlan Mohd. Ali was at the Izar dockyards in the Mediterranean port of Cartagena, Spain to oversee the joining of the second Scorpene submarine, KD Tun Abdul Razak. The joining signify that all the major and larger equipments and components like engines, communication, surveillance and weapon systems, fuel tanks and batteries, ballast system and living quarters of the submarine are already in place. From now on, it will be out fitting of the smaller equipments and components.

There exist a 20 officers man project management team at the DCNi dockyards in Cherbourg, France fully monitoring the construction and entire program very carefully. It is lead by First Admiral Roslan Ahmad.

At the time being, 140 odd officers and other ranks who will man, operate and maintain the two submarines are under religious training program in Brest, France. An Agosta 70 submarine, Ouessant has been provided by the French Navy (NAVFCO) for this purpose.

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