Mike Tyson helped Malaysia Today hits above five million

Premier Malaysian political portal Malaysia Today.net hits above 5.5 million today and still on going. On Monday, Bloggosphere went into pandemonium after rumours about the portal’s editor, YM Raja Petra Kamaruddin was arrested by the Police. There was an upsurge in hits.

After the news was rectified to be UMNO Information Chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib made a police report about Malaysia Today that published an article which was deemed to derogate and demean HM SPB YDP Agong and Islam, Raja Petra was called to Dang Wangi Police District HQ for his statements to be recorded and interviewed on whole day Tuesday, 25 July 2007. Malaysia Today recorded slightly over five million hits yesterday. An article, “See you in hell Muhammad son of Muhammad” was published on Monday in retaliation on the Tan Sri Muhammad making the police report.

The interests and curiosity on the portal are still rising. Raja Petra published his story about being interviewed by the Police, “A Comedy of errors“, today and several other articles like Husin Lempoyang’s “Bila pemburu musang tak kenal musang“, to explain the stupidity of this clumsy episode. It is expected Malaysia Today.net will hit six million visitors by day’s end.

That is a new record! Thank you Tan Sri Muhammad, as the UMNO Information Chief and thus, de facto Head of Propaganda for UMNO, you and your clumsy manners have actually promoted Malaysia Today.net instead of curbing it after you find it ‘unacceptable’ and ‘spreading lies and inaccurate information’. Ab. Jalil Backer an UMNO member in MyKMU.net shares my point.

So Tan Sri, anymore smart ass ideas?

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  1. Like I said, they are really clumsy. Mike Tyson’s comedy now resulting in even greater focus and interest on Malaysia Today and its contents.

    It sure is scary for them to know that the Agong can invoke his power and change the political landscape – no thanks to Malaysia today . So RPK has to be silenced or tucked safely away.

    They botched their first attempt. Expect bigger salvos for the next round.

  2. It is very surprising indeed that Mat Taib was not able to highlight the ingredients of his allegation against RPK when asked for by the OCPD Dang Wangi at the time of lodging the Police report. It can be interpreted that Mat Taib actually did not know what it was all about as he was simply “ikut perintah” from somebody in Australia. That somebody from Australia when later asked about the episode at the Dang Wangi Police Station would of course give the anticipated reply ” I don’t know – please ask Mat Taib…”

    Another unusual develo0pment is that normally the Police would first record the statement of the complainant and other witnesses as well as acquire documents relating to the allegation. Les Majesty is a rare case indeed in this country. Seditious tendency is not unusual. Both cases however involves the compilations of evidences, statements etc. The AG Chambers must first decide whether there’s a case or not. Then only the statement of suspects would be recorded and not as what happened to RPK when only 2 days after the report was lodged that he had to undergo an 8 hour of grilling. From the look of it the Police was trying to gather whatever evidence against RPK from his own statement ( admissions etc ).

    Are we safe?

  3. Dzulman

    Siapa yang memimpin dan siapa yang dipimpin?

    Tak boleh ke Tan Sri Musa Hasan, teh CHief and decorated policeman, memimpin pemimpin yang perlu dipimpin dalam hal ini?

  4. BD,

    They ‘goofed’ with Nat.

    And they ‘double-goofed’ with RPK.

    But then again, the RMP could possibly be ‘helping’ bloggers by going through the motions of ‘jalankan tugas’ knowing full well that what transpires, will deliver a TKO on Mike Tyson.

  5. Husin Lempoyang;

    Dengan pendedahan mutakhir dlm NST hari ini kononnya seorang pegawai tinggi mempunyai wang sejumlah RM 25 juta sudah tentu telah mencabar kewibawaan beberapa orang pegawai tertinggi PDRM. Rakyat sedang bertanya tanya apa lagi selepas ini, pucuk pimpinan Kerajaan saolah olah telah bermaustatin di luar negeri dan hanya balik sekali sekala untuk menjenguk anak buah dan selepas itu keluar semula.

    Ikan busuk dari kepala dan satu badan akan rosak. Kecelakaan yg dihadapi oleh PDRM tidak sahaja dirasai oleh pasukan tetapi sudah tentu akan menjangkit ke badan kerajaan amnya kelak.

    Siapa sebenarnya sedang memimpin – nakhoda hanya seorang!

  6. Mike Tyson is at his lowest just like the original Mike Tyson. he has put lots of effort to bring back his credibility and whats he has done recently actually indicating that he is asking for attention from Pak Lah. Compared to the days when he was the MB of Selangor, now his kids are already grown up and aven few has got married. The eldest daughter , has maaried to one ex footballer who used to be having Burger stall business on its own at his kampung in Klang. one of the other daughter got married to the hip hop rap superstar. they are all at their maturity and requesting for business opportunity. Mike Tyson feel really not happy on the matter when he is unaable to give projects to his family anymore like what he used to give to his friends during his hey day as MB of Selangor. Thats why he is puuting some good startegy for his son in law to go for the post of Ketua Pemuda of his new division of Kelana Jaya.

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