Khairy is no where anything like Dr. Mahathir

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was the former Prime Minister and UMNO President who served in both capacities for 22 1/3rd year. He had achieved many milestones and transformation within that period and a lot of what Malaysia is today has an almost direct co-relations to the decisions made, planned and implemented during his illustrious administration. However, some people would like to deny those and insult him by equation with a highly controversial “new-kid-on-the-block”.

In Joceline Tan’s usual Sunday Star political analysis column yesterday, she quoted a ‘political insider’, “Khairy reminds many of the young Dr. Mahathir”.



How is it possible could anyone equate Dr. Mahathir to anyone else? When he was in his thirties, he was probably the only Malay doctor with his own private practice in Alor Star. He served the people fairly and even waived charges for poor rural folks who called on him. Tun Dr. Mahathir was known as the “UMNO Doctor” by many.

He did not flaunt his wealth. He was elected as member of UMNO Supreme Council through democratic means. He often spoke about the under development state of the Malays. He talked about the serious lacking of the Malays in education and business and entrepreneurism. He criticized the UMNO President and Prime Minister for the latter’s non chalant and complacent attitude towards the problems of the Malays, the majority of the country and also Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra’s obtuse lifestyle which is not reflective of the hardships of the people that he represented.

In short, Dr. Mahathir stood for the people.

Khairy Jamaluddin on the other hand is totally different. He did not contest for the UMNO Youth Deputy Head seat which was almost handed down to him when many UMNO Youth Divisions were “advised” to nominate him during the 2004 party elections.

He left his job as Deputy Principal Private Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office to buy RM nine million worth of shares in a public listed pseudo investment bank wannabe.

He flaunts his wealth and influence indiscriminately. He dashed around the land gallivanting in a USD 20 million helicopter, officiating and meeting one UMNO Youth Division after another (surprisingly, the other UMNO leaders who are also Cabinet ministers don’t do that). His mother recently bought a RM five million old bungalow in Damansara Heights and tore it down so that it can be rebuilt again.

At that age, he is the most powerful 31 year old man in the country. Most of the senior aides to the Prime Minister kow-tow to him. His ‘people’ are now special function officers in most strategic ministries. He has tentacles outreached as far as he can anywhere within important decision making process in this country.

Despite of being married to the daughter of the Prime Minister, he has been gossiped to be in close company of some of the most popular artistes in the country. In an OIC meeting last year on the Israeli aggression into Lebanon, he organized a rowdy demonstration at the KLCC Convention Centre and broke through a police cordon.

In short, Khairy Jamaluddin sounds like an unscrupulous leader.

Dato’ Mukhriz is the kind of man who said things that needed to be said. His gentlemenly and mild mannered way has great merits. For example, on the issue of Israeli aggression into Lebanon July last year, as the UMNO Youth Exco incharge of international affairs and NGO, he invited and organised a dialogue session with the American and British envoys, Israeli two biggest ally. However only the British envoy responded and they debated on the issue, openly. At the last UMNO Annual Assembly, Mukhriz gave his frank opinion, “nothing new” when asked about UMNO’s Presidential speech.

Like his father, Mukhriz has nothing to offer for UMNO people except his leadership. Muhkriz stood for UMNO Youth Exco in August 2004 and came with the highest votes polled. Thus the support UMNO gave Mukhriz is genuine. UMNO people do not talk about “chasing the hantu out from the haunted house” in the context of Mukhriz, like what happened to Pemuda PJ Selatan meeting on Saturday.

So how on earth can that ‘political insider’ equate Khairy to being the “political son” to Dr. Mahathir? When Dr. Mahathir was Khairy’s age, people within UMNO gave him support because he had nothing else to offer them but his leadership. Dr. Mahathir then, like Mukhriz now, had no contracts to award, no clout to provide and the support the UMNO people provided him is genuine.

Of course Dr. Mahathir’s children, die hard supporters and fans would be infuriated with this ‘political insider’ statement. This narrow attempt to equate Khairy as a “political son” to Dr. Mahathir is an insult to the latter’s legacy. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi already equated himself to be Tun Razak’s “political son” two months ago and so many people thought its distasteful. Is this another Wong Chun Wai game to spin?

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  1. Hidup Tun Dr Mahathir..Calonkan Dato’ Mukhriz sebagai ketua pemuda yang baru..

  2. Regardless if Mr Jamaluddin is Mahathir’s political son or not we don’t need another 20 years of lies, spin-doctoring, outright racism, nepotism, hypocrisy and corruption again.

    The time of Mahathir and his like-minded leeching scum is over. The country barely survived Mahathir, now why should we have to put up with his “political son”.

    Instead, we need the political son of Tunku to step up. An honest, god-fearing, upright intellectual who loves people rather than hungering after publicity, power and money at the nation’s expense like the current UMNO, the REAL political spawn of Mahathir and his sorry 22 years in charge.

  3. Well…..the Sultan of Selangor has plenty to say (as reported in ‘The Star’ today).

    As did the Perak Crown Prince not too long ago.

    KJ? Where did he get a RM20 million helicopter from? As far as I know, only the Sultans of Pahang and Johor own expensive private helicopters!

    I suspect that KJ is no fan of the Internet (or of blogs for that matter). In the wild blue yonder of the World Wide Web, people don’t need to “kow tow” to him. And I suspect that he can’t stand that one bit!

    He is ‘provided’ with the helicopter whenever he needed to go gallivanting across this land.

  4. Sorry! I meant to write “USD20 million helicopter”!

  5. Pak Lah is really a lost case. How did Khairy get the post of Deputy Principal Private Secretary to the DPM, which is a PTD post? Right it was only for a short stint and mind you he did not undergo the usual positive vetting required of an officer holding such a sensitive post. Again it must be the FIL’s intervention that he was deemed cleared from vetting.

    The Star used to be independent but of late it has changed and has seen became the mouthpiece of KJ and his group. The latest article by Jocelyn Tan is a real disgrace. KJ is too damn over confident and for that he will meet his Waterloo at the next GE.

    Spot on, Sir!

  6. KJ is not fit to even kiss TDM’s worn-out slippers.

    Jostling Tan must have got special personal programme of her own as she cannot be that blind so as lick kj’s …. .What else are you prepared to do for him ? No , dun tell me. Young kids might be readin this site.

  7. Joceline is not stupid. So she must have been so taken in by Khairy to have made that comparison.
    How she has insulted Malaysia and Malaysians!
    Khairy is NOTHING if not for the fact that he is MR NORI and that his FIL has given him so much leeway to get his own way — bigtime.
    It is so simple – just ask ourselves who the hell is he? Cambridge grad? So what? We know of many other Cambridge grads who have far more admirable qualities than Khairy.
    For God’s sake — we would have expected someone who studied at such an eminent institution of learning to have learnt about integrity and to reject all that’s bad in leadeship and governance. But, no, Khairy has embraced everything that’s bad. Might as well be a son of a President of a banana republic. He fits the bill perfecto!
    He has proven to me that it is possible to be nothing as a leader, but through connection, to be given power and position.
    Khairy demonstrates the ill of/in a leadership.
    He has done nothing for the country, yet has been given so much.
    To me that is so frightening, so dangerous.

    Khairy is no anywhere near Anwar Ibrahim!
    So how dare anyone compares him with Dr Mahathir!

  8. This is scandalous. Ridicilious.

    Outrageous. Is this Joyce another spinner who being ‘advised’ to spin her gasing?

    Please stop. Or else, I am gonna puke on my lappy.

    Geli hati~

  9. The commotion is inevitable, about Khairy being the prodigal son of Mahathir. There are very obvious differences between the two. One is a tin kosong, the other is a tin penuh, so penuh that it keeps on spilling out.

    Khairi is a driven individual with no concern of the Malaysian Public. To him, politics is a game, a game he could probably make use of to boost his wealth. He’s not gambling his reputation and influence with it, he had planned it beforehand for it to become his courier booster.

    He is, however THE MAN, the popular guy on the block. That is for certain. Puteri UMNO berebut-rebut to take pictures with him. He’s popular. But is he a genuine politician? Someone who has ideas that could elevate the country? Nope, I don’t know. Like the Minister of Education who failed to solve the katak bawah tempurung crisis among malaysian students but had built multiple new ‘Smart’ schools, some being terbengkalai, Khairi to me has his eyes set on something greener than the path he had chosen today.

    We’ll just have to wait and see…

  10. KJ is the ‘flavour of the day’ that its not a surprise at all to have his shoes polished by a senior journolist like jocelyn or whats her name again.

    no disrespect to KJ but to be compared to the Grand Old Man is downright an insult to the former PM. i mean, seriously, whos this khairy again?

  11. i tried to be apolitical in my comments and i doubt i have anything much against khairy, but when TDM is insulted in such manner, its a natural reaction to throw faeces on that someone responsible for writing such poop.


    Hold you reins! (I mean, put the brakes on your wheels, man) Many felt the same way. Even at the same age, Dr. Mahathir did a lot more, than the SIL.

  12. KJ getting a ‘leg up’ by Joceline Tan?

    Looks like journalists like her have no qualms writing gibberish on bad rubbish and try to make it smell like roses.

    What was that oft-said phrase by the news people, “A good journo can cover a scandal by making readers believe a dead elephant can copulate lying down” (ok, I made that up but you got the gist of it).

    KJ is a clear indication of the downward spiral UMNO and some of its members are putting into the future of malay existence. If some of its key members are showing open support to KJ in taking up the reins of Pemuda UMNO, it is because they wish to be part of the gravy train KJ is promising. It’s a case of sycophants choosing a scoundrel to continue ‘robbing the poor to give to the rich’.

    As for equating KJ to the likes of a ‘young’ TDM, it was bad judgement by JT. But then again, isn’t the MSM part of the BN propaganda machine.

    KJ does not have what it takes to become any sort of leader and JT’s political analysis is a futile attempt to justify a rogue whittling away our nation’s treasures.

  13. aiseh sorry bang. i’m just pissed, not much at that KJ fella but joceline. or was it jocelyn, or sycophant or something.

  14. […] Khairy is no where anything like Dr. Mahathir Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was the former Prime Minister and UMNO President who served in both capacities for 22 1/3rd […] […]

  15. “@ Afiq:
    He (Khairy) is, however THE MAN, the popular guy on the block. That is for certain. Puteri UMNO berebut-rebut to take pictures with him. He’s popular. But is he a genuine politician? Someone who has ideas that could elevate the country? Nope”

    And neither was Mahathir, so perhaps there’s some truth in that “political son” rhetoric.

    May I refer you to the grand debacles of Putrajaya, Proton, KLIA, WestPort, the bengkok bridge, Bakun, Munir Majid at MAS, missing billions from Petronas, etc etc etc.

    Thank God Mahathir can only last 22 years. Another 10 years of him and the country would be bankrupt.

    The difference between the Badawi and Mahathir administration is that both are thieves, but one is better at covering it up….

  16. I remember Dr Mahathir taking part in the Great Economic Debate organised by the Economics faculty of Universiti Malaya in 1974 or 1975 (after the 1974 GE). When it was his turn to speak, he was booed as soon as he rose to take the mike. By the end of his session, the whole hall was cheering him.

    It impressed on me then this is a person who probably understood what was on the minds of the undergraduates, and he was able to address those issues.

    Another event was when RTM was changing to allow vernacular radio stations to be aired fully in vernacular language. There were huge protests during the UMNO general assembly. (Then, announcements have to be made in BM while the songs can be in vernacular language.) The good doctor again turned the delegates around and had them cheering the decision to allow full vernacular broadcast.

    If we look back at the 22+ years under Tun’s premiership, one would have to asssess if we have benefitted more or sufferred more.

    However, for sure, KJ in no way measures up to Tun.

  17. Big Dog.

    Good analysis. Saw it first when malaysia unplug picked it up from you. So here am I.

    Jocelyn Tan is not a jornalist I would think she is. Poor judgement on her part for letting it through from an unidentified “insider”. Her column in this case is a let down.

    Knowing how many felt about Khairy and his negative influence on the state of affairs in the country , she should have been more circumspect when quoting an UNIDENTIFIED “political insider”. Anyway, Star is an MCA paper, so that is not surprising.

  18. This Star columnist time and again rubbing shoulders. Thats why she equated Tun with KJ,another shoulder rubbing and apple polishing in the making. Readers are not that stupid Joyce !!! Well KJ is just born in the Malay political world,his perjuangan has been proven yet,we are are not sure as it is now wether he is worth for Perjuangan Agama,Bangsa dan Negara, its long time to go for KJ.

  19. I read your assestment and Joceline’s writeup. After balancing both thoughts, i think Mukriz is the rational and gentlemen person that should be ‘my’ sort of leader. Can’t say much about other attributes but if that is the same as integrity, fairness and people focus, i will vote for the gentleman anytime. Agree that Joceline is bias, even when i read that initially.

  20. […] August saw the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad went on a further vile sting against the Prime Minister Abdullah’s management of this country. On top of the that, former IGP earlier published his own opinion on the deterioration state of Police. Few days previously, a mainstream daily published a story that illustrate UMNO Youth Vice Head Khairy Jamaluddin as a “young Dr. Mahathir”. […]

  21. KJ KJ KJ, Bosan, menyampah, busuk, sombong, ego, pandai mengambila kesempatan dalam kesempitan, pembolot, pembelot, yahudi, zionis dan banyak lagi. Ko datang Sabah sia bagi hadiah telor busuk agar ko tambah busuk

  22. […] From his actions, I do not think he is interested in clearing his name quickly. Actually, he wants the police to arrest him so that he will regain popularity and become a martyr. Who does he think he is anyway? Jose Rizal?! Don’t make me barf. I barfed the other time reading about Pak Lah and Gorbachev. But that was not as bad as Joceline Tan’s rendition of equating KJ and Che Det though.  […]

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  24. Saying such statement was like openly fooling Malaysian who already know the genuine history of both figures. Mahathir was unlike any politician nowadays to be frank. Even though some of his decision were hard to be agreed upon, he has transformed Malaysia like what we see now. It was true leadership that made his ideas realized, gaining world confident to invest big bucks in our country and thus provide thousands of job opportunities.

    If people say Tun’s living a rich life, think wisely, he deserved it. for over 2 decades spending his time making sure the country ran well, no people die of starvation and our children got to go to school without bullets flying around was enough to describe how an important role he had when he was PM.

    Those who became KJ’s rats were those who got feed by him. Money politician always have power as long their money feed their rats, thats why they’ll do anything to keep their wealth growing. He’s just another typical loud guy who’s daddy gave him special powers to lead. You better start from the root boy!

  25. […] the former PM that Joceline would let pass such a shallow and narrow argument by her "insider".Read "Khairy is nowhere anything like Dr Mahathir."Read also Zorro's take on Jostling Tan.Original posting:Faizal and Khairy. Joceline Tan's article […]

  26. Dr Mahathir will always be my idol. As for Khairy..the debate with ambiga of which he came on top..I’m your fan.

  27. I disagree with most of the opinions here. KJ is an able leader with ‘balls’ – he’s not a coward. He is right to say that in a democracy the UMNO President and VP posts should be contested.

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