No need for ‘Bangsa Malaysia’!

That is what was written in the The Sun today, page 6. This call was made at the Merdeka Dialogue, “Whither Bangsa Malaysia”, organized by DAP yesterday.

This is contrary what calls made by Haris Ibrahim and Tony Yew, as first highlighted by Rocky. Rocky has his own ideas to define Bangsa Malaysia. After attending a recital of the late national laureate Dato’ Usman Awang’s unpublished works, there was a poem about “Bangsa Malaya” dated 1949 which inspired Rocky to work towards this.

So what now guys?

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  1. big bro,

    will you be around on the 25th? i mean, i dont know man. not very sure about this bangsa malaysia thing. it would be quite an experience to meet up all of them bloggers. had a preview after a brief meeting with Tony last night and it was a pleasant one. but i’m not sure if the do is goin to be a non-political affair. call me a coward for all i care but i’m applying for EPC (elaun pekerja cacat) so i wldnt want to jeopardise my chance of getting it. its my future, mannnnnnn….

    One day, I might be talking about my perception of Bangsa Malaysia. This is not the right time yet. I don’t think the bigger blogging audience is ready for my thoughts on this.

    Its okay if you have other plans. It is important that you take care of your subsistence or pension scheme first. There will be other All-Blogs dos that you can come and equally demonstrate your patriotism.

  2. thanks biggie. i think i’ll just skip this one.

  3. […] Dog in his blog has alluded to this report and to the Bangsa Malaysia initiative by so many of us and then asks […]

  4. In your defense, the thing about this ultra liberal, is that they tend to see thinsg legalistic and from a narrow perspective of principle and interest.

    One will aspect them to talk of the law and nothign but the law. But sometimes they tend to speak abt only a narrrow perspective of the law. For example, they called themselves article 11 but only of article 11(1) and not 11(2) to 11(4).

    They are sheer liars!

    They will talk in language of humanity but we are not trying to be europe of america or australia, we are malaysia with our own history. When we talk of history, what is the period of our history their will allow to be in the perspective of the argument.

    Being so skewed to talk of the law, they will be bombarding us ignorant and naivette of law with their perception of law. Thus far, their perception of the law has yet to win any court case. They blame government manipulations, racist judge and bias judgement. The fact that they do nto win just proves that they are half past six lawyers from half past six law school and practisign at half past six law firm. They want to win from their perspective and wishes and not from the perspective of the law.

    Will they consider other opinion other than law as relevent? Will they look at issues of history, sociology, culture, education, economics, psychology, politics, religion, security, … etc etc on its own in the perspective of bangsa malaysia? Or will they look it from legal and simpleton common sense that argues for the sake of arguign without a broad and comprehensive understanding?

    I am not against the idea of bangsa malaysia. But teh idea has to be comprehensive in principle, interest and application.

    What do they understand by the term “bangsa”? What is the responsibility of “being satu bangsa”? And certainly they have no idea on the mechanics and implementation of what constiutute bangsa malaysia.

    This are just pressure grp claiming champions of the constitutions and yet disputing the constitutionlised sosial agreement!

    Ini kurang ajar!!!

    Pandangan Tuan adalah sehaluan dengan Kawan. Namun, mereka adalah minoriti. Mungkin liberalism yang terawang awang didalam minda mereka harus dibawa ke bumi nyata. Bumi Nusantara.

  5. pesanan: “I am not against the idea of bangsa malaysia. But teh idea has to be comprehensive in principle, interest and application.”


    You criticize them yet you yourself offer no solution to the problems affecting Malaysian society. At least they are putting their time, effort and brains to try and improve the situation unlike you.

  6. LOVE ALL THE COMMENTS AND THE THOUGHT PROVOKING, NEGATIVE START FOR POSITIVE RESULT YA DUDE..READ BELOW….hindraf said..”I have not committed any offence or crime other than to champion the cause of the systematically marginalised, discriminated and alienated ethnic Indian community in Malaysia, who remained permanently colonised despite achieving independence 51 years ago.”..u said..Correction. The populace may be ready but the warlords will never be ready. There are just too many chauvinists and racists in our midst… said..I think the RTM 1 have made a right choice to let the Parlimen Malaysia go live in TV, my friend from Singapore insulting me that, how come ur Malaysia Parlimen like ZOO..< u “All of us — Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Ceylonese, Eurasians and all people of Sabah and Sarawak — must keep an open mind and adopt a positive attitude to the rebuilding of a new Malaysian nation, based on equality of opportunity, equal treatment under the law, and all the rights enshrined in our Constitution as well as those in the United Nations Charter and conventions.”..< by d way said..would u please update and illustrate..u said..exile. Do read their stories, and tell others about this website so that they too will know what it is like to flee from persecution and seek refuge in Malaysia…anyway/all.noted/tq…

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