Defiant pig farmers block ops to cull pigs in Melaka

Scores of pig farmers in Alor Gajah, Melaka put up road blocks this morning to deny the police access to their farms and cull their pigs. A team of veterinarians, department of environment officers, health ministry officers and other relevant local authorities were also stopped from entering the pig-farming area.



Despite repeated stern warnings, the pig farmers continued to breed more pigs than they were allowed to under the law. The Melaka State Government permits only 48,000 pigs to be reared but it is believed that the farmers in the area were rearing over 150,000 pigs. It is believed that Singaporean investors are behind the pig farmers. (The Chinese-majority Singapore Government bans pig rearing in the republic). The area is the largest illegal pig-farming commune in the country.

The pig farmers seemed to have the sympathy of DAP and PKR, whose representatives were seen with them at the road blocks. Neighbouring villagers have expressed fear that the presence of the Opposition parties could turn the matter into a racial issue.



Even after FRU was called in, the pig farmers refused to disperse and almost created an ugly incident. The 12-hour stand-off led to the Melaka State Government to rescind the pig-culling instructions without any explanation in the evening. The State Secretary was not available for comments, for the culling operation which saw over 2,000 authorities personnel in bio-hazard gear assembled at the Alor Gajah Town Council as early as 4.30 am this morning.

The local residents near by the concentrated pig-farming area had been complaining of the unbearable stench and pollutions created from this illegal over-breeding activities for years. However, after much complaints, nothing concrete has been taken by authorities until this morning when the culling order was issued after notices issued to reduce the number of pigs to the allowable quantity were blatantly ignored and unheeded by the pig-farmers.

This state of lawlessness demonstrated by the Paya Mengkuang and Bukit Beruang pig farmers clearly demonstrated their absolute disregard for other peoples’ well being. The pollution created from the illegal over-breeding of pigs have reached catastrophic proportions. Perhaps they have conveniently forgotten the ‘Kampung Nipah & Bukit Pelanduk JE’ incident that killed 63 people, including children, eight years ago due to pig-rearing unhygienic practices.

*An update as at Monday morning, 5 Sept 2007. This is what The Star and Utusan Malaysia reported.

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  1. always like this… when illegal malay stall, government rushing to demolish it but different standard use for this illegal pig farms…

    which one illegal? both illegal… and worst the pig farms who polluting our environment… but please use one standard procedure lah…

  2. looks like pig is more valuable than a man’s life

  3. …bab perternak babi seram nak langgar..kalu bab memali segala bala FRU sampai..siap ambush oooii musa hitam memali berani…laa pasal tak masuuuuk…sepet siap buat road block pun takut..jalan lah FRU..budak masuk padang stadium beriya-iya tangkap…kes ayah pin..segala taiko melayu gi ambush…bab babi….satu taiko melayu seram…jalan laah ali rustam…takut dgn gengster sepet…ke masuuukkk….mca buat dunno sepet ooh sepet..kang budak melayu start panas korang kata perkauman….jadi siput laaa…

    DAP sentiasa mencarai cari peluang mengunakan isu seperti begini untuk hentam Polis dan membawa dan politikanya sebagai isu “perkauman”. Macam isu “Ketuk ketampi dalam lokap”, dan bagaimana YB Theresa Kok (DAP – Seputeh) sampaikan dan sensasikan berita yang belum disahkan itu sehinggakan hampir menimbulkan insiden diplomatik antarabangsa untuk Malaysia.

  4. Why were they allowed to operate for so long or even given “approvals” in the first place? Where is the enforcement? As usual, our politicians have a lot to answer for but remain quiet on the facts.

    Operational issues are about civil servants, not politicians. Politicians DO NOT hv facts and figures and civil servants, provide them with it. Complaints on issues like the pollutions and discomfort caused by the over-rearing usually made at the agencies, like local authorities, veterinary dept, ODE etc. If one were to complaint at any wakil rakyat, the YB will hv to lodge a complain at the relevant agencies/authorities.

    That is how things work in this country. Civil servants in various departments do not encroach into other dept’s turf and law breakers’ cases usually transcend beyond one single dept’s jurisdiction. Most civil servants are Malays, so when its about delaing with “pigs” and pig-farmers, most probably they’d rather not do it or place minimal attention on issues arising from these pig-related activities.

    Thus the problem snowballed, this far!

    So its unfair to blame politicians in a sweeping statement just like that. Civil service is an animal on their own. They can simply ignore politicians, even political masters if they want to. No law say that they must heed every single instructions that come from politicians, even Ministers.

    One Deputy Minister in charge on the police personally told me once, it took him six bloody months to remove/replace a lance corporal that guard his residence BUT an OCPD with a rank of Supt can transfer a Sergeant within 24 hours, easily! The same politician also said the list for firearms applications that was submitted by the Minister in charge was dismissed with one stroke by the Director in charge and the Minister is the Prime Minister.

    The Kuddus case in MPAJ is a good example. Deputy Minister M Kayveas was very upset about how MPAJ handled Kuddus’s case despite his call for Kuddus’s corrupt practices.

    That’s how it is! A British civil service system legacy………………………….

  5. What DAP, PKR or MCA should have done is to protect the interest of the villagers i.e. the very people who have suffered for so long.

    Why the need to be symphathetic to the greedy pig rearing minorities who couldn’t care less about the pollution and in this case, the health and well being of the majorities? Or, is that just DAP being DAP?

    You are spot on!

    The chauvinistic DAP only interested to politicised issues regarding the Chinese, especially when they can portray the Chinese being ‘acutely marginalise’ and/or ‘oppressed’ by the authorities (who are usually the Malays). If they can spin this issue into a ‘racial’ issue, even better for their chauvinistic politics!

  6. Perangai yg tak senonoh betul penternak babi ni , MCA dan DAP pun sibuk nak bantu penternak haram yg perangai tak senonoh ni … and this people still no shame to say they being marginalise here .

    Habih tu !!! , majority beribu penduduk sekeliling yg teruk kena tempias akibat pencemaran yg AMAT teruk daripada ternakan babi haram ni .. sapa yg nak bantu !!!

    Inilah dia muka MCA dan DAP yg sibuk cakap pasal haksama rata dan bangsa Malaysia … ironiknya menampakkan wajah racist sebenar dimuka mereka …

  7. This is the problem when we do not enforce our laws strictly, this is a serious health issue, it bears no compromise from tehGovernmnet, just go and cull the pigs, no questions asked.

    Our typical problem is when issues like this be politicised and taken opportunity of, especially by Oppositions such as DAP. They are prone to drive this sort of issues into a ‘racially biased’ sentiment and agenda.

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