ANSARA-Utusan pre-Ramadhan blood donation campaign

The ex-MRSM Alumni (ANSARA) and Utusan Malaysia launched its nationwide pre-Ramadhan blood donation campaign in various locations in major cities through out the country. The objective of this campaign is to help increase the national blood bank supply of blood, in anticipation for the upcoming Hari Raya holidays (where accidents and surgeries will be expected to increase).


With the tagline “Give blood; give life“, the campaign started today (with the exception of Kota Bahru, which started on 7 Sept 2007), because of during Ramadhan, so few Muslims willing to donate blood as they are fasting. So they decided to help stock up the blood bank supply one week before the fasting month start.





ANSARA is led by Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir while this campaign is co-ordinated by one its active members, Dr. Mohd. Halim Abu Bakar. The list of the blood campaign venues and the contact numbers are stated here.

This is part of ANSARA’s social work, which encourage the public to participate. In Klang Valley, the campaign is carried out at Jaya Jusco Cheras Selatan and Bukit Raja.

*Photos were provided by photo-journo-blogger, Minaq Jinggo

*An update as of 600pm, Saturday 8 Sept 2007. So far, this drive managed to collect over 1,100 pints of blood. Thank you, generous Malaysians!

*An update as of 700pm, Sunday 9 Sept 2007. Final tally: 2059 pints. Even that the national blood bank ran out of tubes and sachets, although people are still queuing up to donate blood, in place like Jaya Jusco Cheras Selatan and Bukit Raja. Well done, everyone!

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  5. Assalammualaikum,

    Saya mohon izin utk “cite” gambar pertama unutk dipaparkan di laman web ANSARA. Sumber photo akan dinyatakan di laman web. Mohon hubungi saya jika terdapat sebarang pertanyaan.

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