Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar is the FIRST Malaysian Angkasawan

Bulletin Utama TV 3 just announced orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor as the FIRST Malaysian astronaut. It was announced by the International Space Station at Fox News although the Malaysian Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi have yet to do it officially till this coming Thursday.


Captain Dr. Faiz Khalid (pictured here on the right), an army dentist, has been selected as the back up astronaut during this landmark mission for Malaysia. The launch is planned three days before Hari Raya Aidil Fitri (10 October 2007). We should be expecting Takbir Raya from Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar at a 200 km elevation.

They have a specific blog and they interact with the visitors to the blog.


Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, 34 (pictured here on the left) is an alumnus from my former old school in Muo, Johor. Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir and his ANSARA Exco will be pleased to learn that the first Malaysian astronaut is an ex-MRSM bloke! So will the people at Bahagian Pelajaran MARA and his peers from medical school.

Congratulations, Ansarawan.

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  1. congrats, dr sheikh muzafar.
    first malaysian astronaut. probably the most good-looking ever sent to space.

    • hi! nice meet

  2. ya la, based on his popularity, somehow most of us knew all along it was going to be the better-looking doc.

    i had lunch at his co-owned restaurant a couple of months ago and I would hv had a good chat with him if not for the screaming girls waiting in line to hv their photos taken.

    i end up chatting with that chef ismail dude.

  3. yeh..yeh…
    syabas inspektor sahabbbb..

  4. His fiance can say goodbye to him. After his space stint, his sexlife is gonna skyrocket as fast as his space shuttle did!

    For whatever it is, congratulations!

    Commiserations however to Dr Faiz. I’m sure he would have served our purpose better as more emphasise will be targeted on his experience rather than his appearance. We have celebrities in abundance, what we need are scientists to propel our unit in the Science Ministry without distractions.

  5. he must be, er, on the moon! first malaysian in space! poster boy looks and now he’ll have stories to tell the girls about the mo0n and starts other guys won’t be able to do. instant celebrity. i hope he comes back and keep his hair a little long to fit into the new role of real model (hey, my kids think guys with long hair are cool).

    congrats dr sheikh muzafar! and dr faiz khalid, who has nothing to be ashamed of for being no 2.

    There is nothing wrong being No. 2 aka “back up” crew for a space flight mission.

    Infact, history already proven the significant role of the “back up” crew of a space fight mission. Appollo XIII was originally manned by Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and Ken Mattingly (pilot). Few days before flight, the mission flight surgeons were convinced that Mattingly had contracted measles and was ‘bumped’ of the mission, in favour of Jack Swiggert, the ‘back up crew’ pilot.

    Apparently Appollo XIII mission was disrupted when an explosion happened to the command module “Odyssey” and they never made it to the moon. Being an experienced Saturn V pilot, Mattingly played an instrumental role in the rescue mission plan to bring back the astronauts alive; when he deviced a full pre-entry procedure despite the crippled state of the “Odyssey” and serious lack of electrical power.

    Mattingly never had the measles. Imagine what would have been if Mattingly was in the mission instead of Swiggert. Would Swiggert managed to do what Mattingly did?

  6. Hey Rocky,

    You’d be amazed at how guys can sweet-talk the girls of today. They’re not looking to hear about the stars and the moon like in the sixties and seventies man! They want to see stars, and I’m telling you bro, the men are giving it to them bright and shiny! Yee-hah!

  7. Always knew the good-looking one wd be it. I remember once reading about a survey in a management mag which concludes that all things being equal, the better looking candidate gets the job.
    Whatever, congrats to our Astronaut.

  8. Big, nasib baik pilih angkasawan tak pakai sms .. kalau tidak it will be Mawi .. omg !!!

    A sucker is born every minute!

  9. good job mr angkasawan..

    we are PLF wish u all the best and May Allah bless you…

  10. Hello Bigdog.

    Their blog is at http://www.angkasawan.com.my/blog. Your link is wrong bro. That’s the very old one.

    Thanks for highlighting this. I will make the necessary changes. 🙂

  11. Big Dog,

    You ex-Muar? Which batch?

  12. I dont think he is interested in girls…..YET! uP, UP AND AWAY, CAPTAIN MARVEL.

  13. lain mcm je si zorro ni ….heheheheeee
    Tak fahamler bro…

  14. […] Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar is the FIRST Malaysian Angkasawan Bulletin Utama TV 3 just announced orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor as the FIRST Malaysian astronaut. It […] […]

  15. Congratulations to the Dr Muzaffar for being elected as the first malaysian going to the space. the record is going to be good. that’s it.

    wonder why a medical doctor is being sent to the space? and what benefit he can brings back to us in Malaysia? I mean, there must be somesort of contribution he can make, is it? maybe our ‘space intelligence agency’ or whatever ministry related can utilized him going there. not maybe. SHOULD BE.

    and aahh..not being cynical or what. the journey to space now affordable. provided you got some millions of dollars, you can contact the Russians or the Americans. and now we even got space tourist!!!

  16. hye dr.sheikh…

    i would like to wish u good luck and all the best.. we all will pray for your health and success.. please, make us proud!! do it for malaysia!!

  17. Congratulations Dr.Sheikh Muszaphar!!!
    You’ve made us proud..
    To Dr. Faiz, there’s a lot of chance coming to you out there… Never give up!

  18. askum nape tak pilih kapten faiz khaled…. ni tak adil………
    saya rasa dia paling layak…
    atau pun keduanya di pilih sekali baru adil..
    saya rasa sedih betol…..
    bagamana perasaan kapten faiz nanti…
    maesti dia sedih kn….
    saya lagi sedih…..

  19. askum…gud luck for both of u…i’m really proud of u.. send my regard for faiz and i hope u all succes in your in life…may allah bless u

  20. semekom…just want to wish selamat hari raya..hahaa…pose tahu..jgn dok pose.tak pose nanti tuhan nampak…

  21. tahniah n im proud of both of you…but,remember always ingatkan allah dalam sebarang kerja kita


  23. Congratulation to “Si Kacak” <–tht’s wht my sis called u.

    As Malaysian, we are very proud that after 50 years of Merdeka, we now have our 1st astronault!!!

    Good luck and all the best!!!

    p/s: thanks alot for making us proud yarr bro 😉

  24. exactly…it`s not only `kacak` but brilliant,charming,kindly, educated n byk lg r…mmg leh angau bile igt dr.sheikh muszaphar..die gak pemilik restoran rebung ngan 1org chef 2 tp xigt lak name nya..chef ismail kot..!! dr. sheikh jg diri tau..miz u so much…my senior…!!! luv u lots!! untung nya sape dapat die… tgk je r sape gurl yg b`tuah 2…we pray for u alwizz..handsome dr. in the world..

  25. congrat 4 both of u…
    malaysian r very proud o’ u..
    gud luck..
    we’ll owes pray 4 ur health n safenest..
    -doc 2 be-

  26. Congratulations, Dr. Sheikh!!! U r my HERO!!!! We are so proud to see an old Paulian going to space… All Ex St. Paul’s Primary, Seremban students should feel PROUD cos dr sheikh was from our school!!

    Way 2 go, Dr. Sheikh!!!

  27. Hi Dr,I wanna 2 wish u gud luck n may Allah bless u every second 4ever…i’m one of ur million fans!ur gurlfren is so lucky..she got a handsome,brilliant n charm man!…u have everything!make Malaysian proud k!daaaa!

  28. congratz!2 my beloved dr sheikh,may Allah bless u every second..i luv U so much..make Malaysian proud k..!2 dr faiz, i proud of u 2…daaa!

    • Semoga berbahagia selalu….

  29. tahniah……semoga berjaya dan sihat sejahtera sentiasa berada di sana.kami di sini sentiasa menyokong.

  30. syabas pada dr sheikh n dr faiz n semua warga malaysia!
    Semoga bertambah keyakinan dan keimanan kita semua apabila melihat ayat-ayat ALlah. Selamat pergi dan kembali.. be good stay good

    u go handsome boy! ahahaha *whee*
    make msia proud k??
    congrats to Dr Faiz too! =)
    to oll Dr Mus diehard fanz,
    u’ll regret if u dun catch out MOSTI’s ESTIdotmy!
    itz d angkasawan project thingy edition!
    l0adsa Dr Mus pix!
    well, im proud cuz he’z ma petbro =))))))))

  32. Askum..just drop by to wish all the best and do the best for malaysia..we are proud of you.Wahh!!It’s such a dream come true.


  34. well,congrate.u mk me proud 2 b Malaysian.luv yaa!!tk cr!!!!

  35. congrate Dr Sheikh !!!malaysian proud of yau

  36. good luck,
    this from adik ina

  37. congrats! may Allah guide you.. majulah Malaysia!!! :p

  38. congratz to DR Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor!

  39. tahniah kat syeikh….
    bangga sangat n bersyukur sebab angkasawan pertama malaysia adalah seorang melayu….
    suka tengok sheikh….
    selamat ari raya…
    send my regards if u meet alien there…

  40. it doesn’t matter who has be choose. The most important thing is how the person can fulfill the task. All the best!!!

  41. tahniah!!!!!!!!!!
    semoga berjaya di sana…………..
    anak malaysia boleh!!!

  42. hey guys,[especially to two charming astronauts from malaysia]
    i would be very happy to say that both of you are the most eligible guys on earth and on space ever! congratulations,dear!
    yeah,i agree that they are the most wonderful doctors ever,i hope that they would not disappoint our beloved country,malaysia.
    wow! 9 days to go!they are almost nearer to their target!surely,they would make malaysia proud with their mission on space and become the first one to pray as a muslim on space and fasting and celebrating raya too.
    i wish them thousands good luck and hopefully God will bless them,i love you.
    you’re my idol,guys and the new malaysian icon!

  43. salam, i’m proud both of you. congrat DR Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor.all the best

  44. Everyone of us Malaysians has been taken for a ride.

    Check-out what NASA says about our ‘astronaut’ Dr Muszaphar at this link:


    Additionally, read the article on ‘Space Participant’ at Wikipedia, the online free encyclopedia at the following link:


    Anyway, here is an excerpt of the article at Wikipedia ” …. NASA Public Affairs has used the term Spaceflight Participant to designate space tourists. Tito, Shuttleworth, Olsen, Ansari, and Simonyi were designated as such during their respective space flights.[6] lists Christa McAuliffe as a “Space Flight Participant” (although she did not pay a fee), apparently due to her non-technical duties aboard the STS-51-L flight…..”

    So, our “Angkasawan Malaysia” is only a space-tourist according to NASA. Nothing more than that.

    Semua kita sudah ditipu … oleh siapa ye?

  45. sape tunang muszaphar..nak tgk gambar boley tak? kalo ade gambar..antar la kat email saye..thanx!!

  46. pandai2 ja 2 lalaki pg bulan klau hensem muka dia ndak pa

  47. A’kum Dr Sheikh,
    Congrats and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri up up in the moon. Proud of u as not the 1st Malaysian but also the 1st Muslim pergi ke bulan.

    If I am not mistaken, there was either a Saudi or Eqyptian astronaut who has been to space. So Dr Sheikh is not the first Muslim in space.

  48. As’km, our first malaysian astronout, Sheikh Muzaphar.. It’s been Malaysia’s dream to send a Malaysian to the outer space..So,please do anything to fulfill it.. everything is now on your shoulder,Hidup Dr Sheikh!!

  49. tahniah…

  50. congratulation for all the candidates especeialy to Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar for making our dream come true…..

  51. good luck.semoga terus berusaha dengan gigih.and jangan putus asa.harumkan nama negara.all the best..tak lupa juga,SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI KAT ANGKASA.

  52. good luckkkkkkk

  53. alOo..

  54. hansome guy…not interested in girls make me wonder…..

  55. Congratulations! Hope u can propose to PAS for a political party on the moon.

  56. semoga berjaya…
    selamat hari raya…Dr.Sheikh Muszaphar


  58. Dear Sheikh Muszaphar do the best!!sye kat cni x penah lupe nak doakan Dr…Sye pun x tinggal buat semayang ajat untuk Dr…semoga pergi dan balek dlm keadaan yang selamat dan sihat…may God Bless u dear…malaysia miz u…

  59. Dear Sheikh Muszaphar do the best!!sye kat cni x penah lupe nak doakan Dr…Sye pun x tinggal buat semayang ajat untuk Dr…semoga pergi dan balek dlm keadaan yang selamat dan sihat…may God Bless u dear…malaysia miz u…especially me!!!

  60. what is the different between astronaut and spaceflight participant?

    No difference. Some crew flew the space craft, others do experiments and research. All have their roles. Technical crew man the aircraft equipments and researchers do their experiments. If there is no researchers, then there is no reason to have the flight into space in the first place.


  62. saya mengharap kamu nakan melaksanakan tugas sebagai angkasawan malaysia dengan cemerlang.

    good luckj=>

  63. kejayaan dr adalah sesuatu yang dinantikan rakyat malaysia.. saya panjatkan doa’ agar apa yang dilakukan dirahmati dan di berkati ALLAH hendaknya…

  64. Good Luck n we proud of u. Semoga segalanya selamat. Insyaalah

  65. Assalamualaikum.. tahniah kepda Dr Sheikh Muszaphar kerana telah diiktiraf sbgi Angkasawan Negara,saya disini mendoakan semoga Dr Sheikh selamat dan dapat menjayakan misi dan visi di ISS sana dan juge tiba dan kembali ke Malaysia, kepada Dr Faiz jgn bersedih maybe dilain hari anda akan dapat pergi kesana jua Insyallah!Selamat Hari Raya to both Of u… kami bangga dengan kejayaan Dr Sheikh Muszaphar n Dr Faiz.. Semoga Berjaya.. Wasalam 🙂


  67. […] Angkasawan Negara Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie, 33, an orthopedic surgeon with HUKM, the first Malaysian in space will be blasted into orbit in a Russian Soyuz TMA-11 spacecraft tonight, at 9.22pm Malaysian time. The event will take place at Baikanur Cosmodrome, right in the interiors of Kazakhstan. […]

  68. tahniah diucapkan kepada dr. rakyat Malaysia berbangga dengan anda..

    semoga selamat pergi dan pulang

  69. Proud of you guy !!!

  70. Gud,luck to Dr.sheikh muzaffar…..
    kami amat berbangga dengan anda…kami rakyat Malaysia akan mendoakan dr semoga pergi dan balik dgn selamat….n SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!

  71. GUD LUCK…MAY GOD BLESS U…WE ARE VERY PROUD OF U…..Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….

  72. TAKE CARE!!!!!!

  73. hiiiiiiii………
    i sekeluarga doa kan kejayaan doc.berdua……
    take care…..

  74. hello Dr.
    best of luck to u n hope u have a great success throughout the journey..
    may Allah bless u always 🙂
    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..

  75. YOU CAN DO IT ! BELIVE IN YOU ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  76. “For those who are on my friend list…I totally have to agree with all of you who say people are getting fake in here. So I gave in and let’s see who really reposts this. This is a test to see who’s paying attention. It serves to eliminate people who are trying to add “friends” like its a popularity contest in High School. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Lets see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are.. Repost this if you are a friend.. Don’t reply… just copy and paste””

  77. “For those who are on my friend list…I totally have to agree with all of you who say people are getting fake in here. So I gave in and let’s see who really reposts this. This is a test to see who’s paying attention. It serves to eliminate people who are trying to add “friends” like its a popularity contest in High School. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Lets see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are.. Repost this if you are a friend.. Don’t reply… just copy and paste”” 🙂 🙂 🙂 😕

  78. gd lucks to you, syeikh!!! you’re malaysian proud~


  80. […] Angkasawan Negara Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie, 33, an orthopedic surgeon with HUKM, the first Malaysian in space will blast off into the 360km elevation orbit in a Russian Soyuz TMA-11 spacecraft tonight, at 9.22pm Malaysian time. The event will take place at Baikanur Cosmodrome, right in the interiors of Kazakhstan. […]

    DO UR BEST..



  84. Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie,
    Wish u a safe return…will be dato’ soon…very soon

  85. hye..to dr muszaphar..we(malaysian) love you..tahniah abg muszaphar..hrp2 abg terus berjaya…kpd abg faiz, tahniah kerana telah menjadi second choice…bkn senang nk jadi secon choice…tahniah buat dua2 yg tlh mengharumkan nama negara tercinta..sama2 kite doakan kejayaan abg2 berdua..

  86. Assalamualaikum.. pd seme rakyat MALAYSIA n umat ISLAM.. same2 kite berdoa smoge DR.selamat pergi dan kita menanti kepulangan beliau ke tanah air dengan selamat.. Mmg bangga sgt2 ngn DR. drpd jdkn mawi o siti nurhaliza, lebih elok jdkn DR. sbg idola kita.. sowie to say.. huhu… To DR, may ALLAH bless u.. Selamat Hari Raya..

  87. Ok for your information, Dr Sheikh Muzaffar ni hanya sbg SpaceFlight Tourist. Tau apa maksudnya?, maksudnya dia hanya sebagai pelancung/space tourist, dia tak layak digelar astronaut atau cosmonaut sbb dia hanya seorg tourist. Kalau nak jadi astronaut bukan senang, bertahun2 kene jalani training. Ini dlm masa sekejap je boleh jadi astronaut hehe lawak. Media2 malaysia ni memang suka menunjuk.

    Sesapa yg kaya raya boleh pegi guna duit sendiri dgn bayaran USD30 million sbb Rusia Space Agency dah open utk individu melancung ke angkasa. Bezanya Dr Sheikh Muzaffar ni funded by government. Dah ramai dah individu pegi guna duit sendiri. So baca pendapat koorg yg bangga tak tentu pasal ni lawak jugak, nampak sgt tak tau apa2 😛

    Ni bukti nya http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_tourism

    Totally disagree with this comment.

    Dr. Sheikh is trained as a Cosmonaut, just like other Russian Cosmonauts to space and he has been certified by the Russian Space Agency as a Cosmonaut.

    He will be conducting a series of medical and bio-tech tests and research, on behalf of various Malaysian scientists in space. That include a genetics experiment that will be carried out by eminent Malaysian geneticists, Oxford trained Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Saifulaman Mohd. Said of Bio-technology Institute, UiTM Shah Alam.

    He is in space for a specific mission and will bring down the results for the betterment of mankind through science.

    Get your facts right!

    • ckp jelah jeles. x puas aty la katakan.to dr.sms i’m proud to u!happy sllu…….to sibir bawa bertaubat. cermin diri sendiri dulu sblm nak kata org. bajet bagus…..

  88. Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar was an ex-Paulian…Come to my school and give a speech to us as soon as possible!

  89. kalaupun die just melancong.. oK gak melancong ke angkasa lepas.. drpd melancong xtentu pasal g bali la ape la.. pd org yang xtau bersyukur de rakyat MALAYSIA wakili negara g angkasa tu mmg anggap lawak ngn kiteorg yg bangga ngn DR. atleast ompoteh tu nmpk de Jalur Gemilang n muke rakyat MALAYSIA g angkasa.. p/s: to ahmad sibir.. x elok ckp cmtu.. mmg kiteorg tatau pape.. tp awk pon bru bc dr wikipedia tu kan.. nway thanks for d’info’! GUDLUCK DR.!

  90. to Sibir Ahmad, aiyaa..

    space tourism =/= angkasawan.
    astro-cosmonaut is.
    ((doesnt matter if you just seat and bring canai to space=i still consider the person as astronaut))

    never act wise on net by quoting from the likes of Wiki

  91. Congratulations Dr. Sheikh Muszaffar,
    U are up there with a mission..
    For those who do not understand.. or pretend not to understand…or juz plain jealous .. pls remember… our cosmonaut is no ordinary guy.. he has gone through hardcore tests and training.. to be able to reach there.. and with great physical abilities and good brains to match, not to mention extremely good looks… I can only say… bravo… we Malaysians are v proud of u!!

  92. Ahmad Sibir,

    you really know nothing about space,not to say about this mission. Please go back and read some books. Dr Muzaphar went to space doing research, NOT just as tourist. What do you think Yuri Gagarin did when he first arrive to space?

    You were just being cynic, and it’s NOT nice, and I fuckin’ hate it.

  93. Alhamdulillah..Dr.Sheikh has finally flew to the space.May Allah save u along the way u go and return.Makes Malaysia proud.Wish u gud luck and do the best handsome and brilliant Dr.SMS.

  94. hai…congrat to our beloved astronout Dr. Sheik and Dr Faiz coz have been selected to go to the iss…good luck may god bless you..we proud to be malaysian..you are the best and all the best to you…

  95. saya mohd hafiz daniel bin mustafa.saya berumur 12tahun.saya harap angkasawan hensem kita Dr. Sheikh dtg ke sekolah saya.alamat sekolah saya ialah sek Assumption di Buterworth pulau pinang..saya hrp doc sudi dtg ke sini kami amt meminati mu..you are my idol…a want to be like you one day insyaAllah…
    saya suka makan Pizza dip-a-licious hrap dpt belanja nnti…all the best

  96. Tahniah dr.Sheikh Muszaphar,we are proud of you as the first Malaysian astronaut, selamat pergi dan kembali.
    Daripada warga SMK Seri Gunong,Alor Setar, Kedah

  97. terharu siot ngk smalam..bergenang ayo mate mase die nk berlepas..semoge selamat balik dgn selamat..all the well-wishes wif u..assalamualaikum..

  98. Saya memang dah tau pasal ni semenjak Malaysia heboh pasal angkasawan negara. Url tu sbg bukti je.

    Kalau Dr. Sheikh tu pergi sana untuk buat scientific research, ok lah memang bagus, amat dialu-alukan. Tapi kalau pergi semata2 melancong macam individu2 yg lain tu, rasa macam membazir duit rakyat je.

  99. Dr. Sheikh is trained as a Cosmonaut, just like other Russian Cosmonauts to space and he has been certified by the Russian Space Agency as a Cosmonaut.

    He will be conducting a series of medical and bio-tech tests and research, on behalf of various Malaysian scientists in space. That include a genetics experiment that will be carried out by eminent Malaysian geneticists, Oxford trained Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Saifulaman Mohd. Said of Bio-technology Institute, UiTM Shah Alam

    Of course they need training, even though as a tourist..

    To do a scientific research in only 9 days?, i dont think it make sense at all.

  100. Up..up and the way!
    Congartulation..n selamat pulang!

  101. Semekom…Congratz Dr Sheikh Muszaphar become the first malaysian angkasawan.Selamat pergi dan selamat kembali.Balik nnt msti dpt title DATUK.Kepada anak2 dara,jgn la brangan nak tackle Dr Sheikh,nak jd DATIN segera katakan.Anyway Dr,SELAMAT HARI RAYA n SELAMAT MAJU JAYA.

  102. Ahmad sibir u are too much…
    Whatever pun i bersyukur dengan apa yang ada..

    to my dearest Dr;
    Wish u a safe return Dr!!
    May Allah bless u Bro!!!!Insyallah..

  103. Congratulations to both Malaysian astronauts/ cosmonauts!! We are proud of you.

    Especially to Dr.Sheikh, (indeed you are the most good-looking man sent to space and brilliant man. Succesful! :))
    All the best in whatever you are doing up there.
    Let you share your experience and knowledge wit all Malaysians once you’re back to the country.
    Happy Raya!!
    Safe journey return to Earth..
    Go bless you..

  104. semoga berjaya dan kami berdoa agar selamat membawa pulang kejayaan dan kebanggaan negara.

  105. His Perfect!!

  106. ha..bak kata upin & ipin..betul..betul..betul..!!!!
    x kisahlah dia melancong ke..hapa ke…yg PENTING,dia merasa gak sampai ke angkasa…!!!!
    sokong Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar…anak melayu kebanggaan NEGARA!!!

  107. As’kum…to Dr. Sheikh Muzaphar,

    Congrats n gd luck in ur mission in ISS..hope u bring back da good things and tell da all malaysian da grates experience u get it…He not go TOURIST la but he WORKING to do the test n research also it can be benifits especially da medical and bio-tech programm…maybe one day we use it,right!plzzzz support me….

    To Dr. Faiz Khaleed,
    It’s ok u not be da first but in 2008/09 insyallah u go plak…ur name also include in Russian-Malaysian Project…don’t worry,we’ll support u also =)

    Congrats once again both of u guys!!!


  109. Selamat Hari Raya kepada Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor!!!

  110. Good luck to Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor !!!
    Saya sokong Dr. !!!!!!!

  111. awak ni sunguh comel dan baik . saya mahu ucapkan selamat berjaya di angkasa lepas. Malaysia boleh

  112. Salam Ukhwah Buat Semua Muslim dan Muslimah….sama -sama kita berdoa semoga Tuan Dr. selamat dan dilindungi Allah.AMEEN.Semoga Usaha dan Perjuangan Tuan Dr. dirahmati Allah Taala.Selamat Berjihad Wahai Mujahid Islam!..

  113. Assalamualaikum..

    Kami sekeluarga mengucapkan Semoga selamat pergi dan pulang kepada insan yang telah mengharumkan nama negara amnya dan umat islam khususnya.

    Anak-anak saya turut berbangga dengan kejayaan Dr.. dan berharap satu hari nanti akan dapat mengikut jejak Dr.

  114. salam…. sy sbgai rkyat msia berasa BANGGA!!!!!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!!!! MALAYSIA KU GEMILANG!!!!!!

  115. DR.u r very ensem guy…

  116. selamat berjaya kpd angkasawan negara yang pertama,Dr.Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor,tahniah,saya berbangga menjadi warganegara Malaysia,.

  117. Congratulations dr.Sheikh…proud to be Malaysian!!!!


  119. tahniah…



  121. assalamualaikum…doc,

    tak kira la doc pegi sana melancung ke, nak buat research ke yang penting i doakan u selamat pergi dan balik..yg pasti balik nanti kami ingin mengetahui apa yang ada diluar sana..maklum la bukan calang2 org yang boleh ke angkasa tu..syabas ok..i’m proud of u and doc faiz..SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI DI ANGKASA..

  122. Sekalung tahniah buat Dr SH Muszaphar. Semoga semangat membara anda membuka mata rakyat Malaysia agar sentiasa befikiran “Malaysia Boleh”. Semangat anda hadiah istimewa Kemerdekaan Malaysia ke 50. Tahniah!!!! Semoga selamat pergi and kembali.

  123. Dari segi research tu, Dr Sheikh ni membawa 3 research yg sedia ada untuk di cuba di angkasa. Dgn kata lain dia sbg TESTER (conduct research) bukan perform a research, ok. Kalau nak betul2 buat research kene amik masa yg agak lama di ISS, paling kurang pon 3 bulan macam Astronaut Rusia yg lain2 tu.

    So bagus lah, Dr Sheikh memegang amanah negara jugak walaupon sbg tourist. Tahniah jugak dari saya kerana menjadi org Malaysia yg pertama dpt pengalaman di angkasa dan melaksanakan tanggujawab kpd negara. Syabas!!

  124. semoga selamat pergi dan balik

  125. OMG ! Ask the question : Who is the most glamorous and famous one in Malaysia today???? YOU know the answer.
    Even the most powerful politician or celebrity also turn green lihat keadaan …yang paling lucu, ramai si Cantik dan Si Comel celeb mula berkesal kerana dah berkahwin dgn Datuk tua !!!!! hahhahaa…..

  126. Dr Sheikh,

    You are the best!!Congrats!!We are so proud of you..May Allah S.W.T bless you..Hope u are safe…Selamat pergi dan kembali..Please do share your experiences with us!!


  127. waa…sedih aku beb xdpt menyaksikan dr shiekh berlepas dari baikanor,smlm aku g mjls berbuka puasa…melepas aku..hm,pe pun good luck utk dr shiekh…tahniah!!!malaysiaku memang gemilang,terbilang & cemerlang mempunyai seorg angkasawan pertama..dr shiekh,tahun dpn kita smbut birthday sme2 tau..tarikh lahir kita sme,tahun je lain…

  128. those who critizised dr sheikh is just being jealous.. cuz u dont have that precious oppurtunity to go to the outer space!
    and jealous cuz he’s being admired by almost all anak2 dara in Malaysia, n maybe south-east Asia.
    Dr Sheikh is the Most Eligible Guy in Malaysia!
    once again, congrats Dr!
    Im soooo proud of you!
    so proud till tears are rolling down on my cheeks unexpectedly.
    proud + terharu + sebak and what so ever..
    yg pasti youre the first person who gives me a chance to tell how izzit like to have tears of joy
    cuz i nvr get one.

  129. semoge pergi dan pulang…saye bangge menjadi rakyat Malaysia…!!!

  130. congratulation……..

    may god bless u always n selamta sampai ke tanahair semula…
    let us 2gether pray for them……
    kekalkan kejaguhan andan kerana malaysia bangga bcoz of u..bye

  131. i wish if i also dapat pg ke bulan………..
    bes bah kalokta pg ke bukan nak….
    netauk nak kita dapat tgk org kat atas ya nak…
    netauk got something diffrent?heheheh
    tapi nak pa ndak d polah nya kat atas yaoh?
    mudahan jak nya dapat mengkaji benda yg pelik2 nak…netauk benda ya dapat membuahkan hasil yg lumayan sekaligus mengharumkan nama malaysia cemerlang gemilang dan terbilangkan…..

  132. cOnGrAtUlAiToNs>>to dr.sheikh muszaffar…(cHaRmInG mAn)
    we are very proud of you…
    hope u can do ur best…
    dont forget 2 pray & fast up there…
    may ALLAH bless u…
    loVe U so much..
    hope u can come back safely..
    make us proud…when u come back!!
    luv u…best of luck!!!!

  133. good luck to Dr sheikh muzaphar!!

  134. congrates dr. sms!! i’m proud of u… u had proved that malaysian can do it! “MALAYSIA BOLEH”!!^_^

  135. I would like to congrate both Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and Dr Faiz Khaleed. Both of you made your good efforts in becoming Malaysia’s first astronauts . I just want you to know that both of you are my heroes and im looking forward in becoming the Malaysia’s first female astronauts. p/s: Sheikh,you r totally handsome. Dr Faiz, i luv ur smile… =) SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!!

  136. Syabas dan tahniah Dr. Sheikh. Semoga sentiasa dilindungi Allah dan selamat pergi dan selamat kembali. Semoga misi kali ini menjadi detik permulaan untuk mengorak langkah lebih jauh.

  137. saya doakan Dr Sheikh selamat pergi dan pulang..Dan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

  138. When I watched three cosmonauts on the screen walking in their spacesuits…I couldnt help but noticed, our handsome Dr Muszaffar was the tallest amongst the three…wow!! at least we are walking tall man…heheh..

    Congrats again Dr… and indeed, the moment of blast-off was really very special ..I juz feel so scared yet excited for our Malaysian cosmonaut…. as if… I was the one who was about to be “blast-off” ! :P. I think others share the same feelings… unless u happen to be one of those..ehemm… sour grapes..hehe

  139. Dr sheikh muzaffar,,,, u’re my hero….miss u alwayz

  140. good luck i’m proud with u..

  141. biarlah pi angkasa dr pi kutub wat bazir2 masa. lalala… apa2 pun, semoga dr sheikh slmt pulang, dilindungi Allah selalu. pd famili dr sheikh, tahniah sbb berjaya didik dia sampai ke tahap ini..

    DR SHEIKH, U R STILL OUR HERO.. tourist ke, apa ke, x kisah! yg penting, bwk nama Malaysia penuh maruah.

  142. tahniah kpd dr.sheik muszaphar 🙂

  143. Ahmad Sibir cukuplah cakap besar tu. Kalau kau hebat sangat apa kata kau yang naik. Ataupun education history tak layak? Tah2 SPM pun pangkat 3.

    Atau mungkin macam shashaDEPP cakap, kau jeles. Mungkin kau perut buncit, gemuk, dan muka berjerawat batu. Dr. SMS kan hensem, semua orang tau.

    Jangan suka sangat mengkritik. Kerajaan buat semua ni ada sebabnya.

    Kita patut bangga, bukan nak memburukkan. STOP BEING TYPICAL MALAY, YOU ASSHOLE.

  144. u make malaysian proud.. i will remember u forever ~ juz hopping that i was the 1 on the space.. haha.. u look cute too~ come back safe will ya ! wil pray for u..


  146. proud as malaysian to be the first go to outer space ISS.
    good luck and welcome back to earth.


  147. assalamualaikum.
    prtama skali saya nak ucapkn selamat hr raya kat dr sheikh muszaphar & tahniah sgt sbb doc dah dpt buktikan ank melayu yg dipandang rendah olh bangsa lain satu mase dulu pon boleh berjaya. saya prcaye doc mmg btul2 layak jd angkasawan pertama malaysia. kata2 org melayu yg tipikal mcm ‘YAB Ahmad Sibir’ tu doc tak payah heran sebab org camtu la yg buat bangsa melayu mundur. fyi, saya adlh pelajar mrsm balik pulau,penang. kejayaan doc syg juga ex-mrsm buat saya yakin yg pilihan saye utk trus blaja di mrsm memang tepat. say harap doc dpt dtg kat mrsm balik pulau dan ceritekn pengalaman menarik doc kat kami sumer. saya harap satu hr nanti, nama saya pon blh jd sebahagian dr lipatan sejarah ngr mcm doc dah lakukan.

    saya doakan doc selamat pergi dan pulang dan trus banggakan nama malaysia!

  148. malaysia amat2 berbangga….
    xsabar menanti kepulangan wira negara.
    semoga selamat pulang..

  149. congratulation dr. syeikh………u r my idol. i promise i can meet u one day!!!

  150. congratulation 4 u..u will be malaysian idol…we will pray 4 u n wait 4 u…u make everybody salute to our country…malaysia..cemerlang,gemilang dan terus terbilang ke arah wawasan 2020.

  151. tahniah dr sheikh muzaffar shukor….tak sia2 usaha anda selama ini. Kami rakyat Malaysia sentiasa mendoakan keselamatan dr….semoga doc slmt pulang ke tanah air bersama dgn satu harapan………kami sentiasa sokong doc walau dimana saja doc berada…….engkaulah wira negara!!!!!!

  152. u alwayz in our heart.good luck!

  153. tahniah!!!!!!!!!!we all proud of you…good luck and dilindungi allah selalu

  154. tahniah kepada dr sheikh muszaphar….kerana berjaya menjadi angkasawan malaysia yang pertama…semoga berjaya dan semoga selamat sampai bumi…i’m proud of you

  155. Dr. Sheikh did nothing more than took a space taxi to a resort in outer space.
    You or anyone else can do the same thing if you can afford it.
    Like always, wehavebeen dupedby ourselves.
    Have a nice dream.

    I vehemently disagree with this. Angkasawan Negara Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie, who is doctor, will be conducting a few experiments and research in the weightlessness of outer space, on behalf of a few Malaysian and foreign scientists, which include the eminent Malaysian Oxford trained geneticist, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Saifulaman Mohamed Said.

    Please read

  156. Poor guy some sources were saying that he is just a space tourist. Aiyah how come he’s not married yet? he’s 35 already!

  157. Malaysians cannot even produce their own car engine for their national car Proton. Stop hyping Malaysia Boleh, and kindly DO NOT try to cover up my weakness and that of my country.
    IT IS A FACT THAT WE ARE A CONSUMER SOCIETY. We consume other people technologies like taking a space taxi for a ten days holiday at a resort in outer space.
    No disrespect to Dr. Sheikh whatsoever.
    At RM30 million payback, we could have sent more than 300 students to study engineering in Russia but we chose space tourism.

  158. Wah.. syeikh muzaphar really burn the nations’ spirit to follow his step. everybody is highlighting him now. hope he will bring malaysia to the eye of the world. to syeikh muzaphar.. i am really proud of you

  159. dr sheikh muzaphar shah…im totally proud of u…u r like the star of malaysia that are shining on the galaxy…im proud of u….You are mY iDol…

  160. selamat berjaya tuk menjalankan misi dan selamat beraya di ISS..moga dr.syeikh muszaphar dan angkasawn yang lain selamat pergi dan kembali ke bumi dengan selamat..!!!inyaallah..

  161. He’s hot alright….What else can I can..All that I needed to say have already been said by everyone here. Yup, it is a big deal to be chosen to sent to space be it as a tourist or as a line of duty. Can’t help thinking, perhaps it is pure luck that got Dr Sheikh chosen or a possible political connection too…mmm…You know how it works in this country..Whatever it is, connection or not I am very certain that he fits all criteria..Just look at him..man..he’s hot

  162. assalamualaikum..i am very proud with you,my idol.now i am in form 5 science stream and i want to continue my study in aerospaces engineering.all coz of you.you gave me strength..hope u will come to KISAS to give a speech..gud luck my idol..

  163. congrats to u Dr.Muszaphar..selamt menyambut hari raya di angkasa..as a m’sian i’m very proud of u because u r our first m’sian astronaut. u r my idol!!

  164. If the choice is mine, I would have sent Dr. Sheikh to space. Why bother sending 300 students to Russia to become engineers, when we do not need them.
    It is cheaper to import engineers, and I may get some kickback either way.
    I also decide what is best for my country, depending on the amount deposited in my bank account.
    My Malaysian brothers and MOTHERLAND is only second to my self-interest.

  165. aghhh…..juz cant visualise how Dr SMS’s life would be when he return to ground safely….he probably cant even walk out from his house !!! His security is at stake…his fans !!! may take every piece of him…hmmmm, Dr Faiz apa kurang nya? He too such a warm guy and seems more approacheable and equally intelligent I believe. But after semua semua ini…tolong lah kerajaan jangan bakarkan duit macam ini…we need the fund for many other things in Malaysia untul Rakyat biasa. Everything is so expensive..petrol included !!!

  166. Why bother sending 300 students studying engineering in Russia when Malaysian education was being recognized by the world?

    We just dont have technologies, that’s why we need outer help. It’s costly, but for future prospect – we learn something.

    I’m really sick of you Typical Malays. I’m malay too – but not as typical as you.

  167. congrates to Dr. sheikh muzafar for being the first malaysian astronaut to be on space! i had to agree he is the most good looking malay astronaut ever! may u be home safely and as good looking as ever! basya!

  168. Anak Malayu/Amelia Aliass

    There are two things here “Anak Melayu”/Amelia Alias..
    firstly…typical attitude .. tak bole tengok bangsa maju mesti nak kutuk.. tak senang tengok orang berjaya, mesti post mortem cari salah orang..
    2ndly…. tak percaya kemampuan anak bangsa sendiri and diri sendiri!!

    Change man… not all yang berjaya tu mesti ada political connection blah blah blah and percaya la kemampuan bangsa sendiri…we are a smart race believe it, only dulu2 saja…now semua dah berubah… how come some masih tak nak berubah??


  169. assalamualaikum..

    Tahniah kpd Dr Sheikh…. U are my idola..
    Saya memang minat glerrr ar tentang angkasawan nie… x sangka pulak anak malaysia dpt pergi ke angkasa lepas…. Dr Sheikh u are very lucky man… i’m verry respected to u… Congratulation…

  170. assalamualaikum..

    Tahniah kpd Dr Sheikh…. U are my idola..
    Saya memang minat glerrr ar tentang angkasawan nie… x sangka pulak anak malaysia dpt pergi ke angkasa lepas…. Dr Sheikh u are very lucky man… i’m verry respect to u… Congratulation…

  171. nina,

    nak tengok bangsa maju tu boleh,but cum on to think logically,tak banyak le yg kite maju,nak banding dgn ngr lain tu,kite ni di mana,nak bangga sgt je le..ya le tu,the-so-called smart race,sudah tentu semua org percaya dgn kemampuan bangsa sendiri..jangan le nak critisize comment org..
    anyway i am not here to critisize the cosmonauts…
    al d best for u ,dr.sheikh,i look up to u..

  172. Congratulation Dr.Faiz n Dr. Sheikh~!
    I always dream of being malaysian’s first astronaut… o well, female astronaut maybe..haha. Anyway good luck!

  173. Congratulations and gud luck.May god always be ur side,k.Btw i’m a mrsm student too that’s y i’ll always will support your back……..MRSM rockz

  174. Your contribution will spur greater interest in Physics in Malaysia.

  175. Let each Malaysian strive for a life of excellence.

  176. nadia@dikya_kuching… SK(A)DHAKH….12 tahun..
    TAHNIAH!! dr. sheikh sbb dah telah sbgi angksawan 1 MALYSIA… wakil pertama ISLAM pulak tu…. nanti saya pun nak jadi angkasawan perempuan pertama… nanti form 1 nanti saya pun nak masuk MRSM n be a excllent doctor as u…. thank u… i’m always watch 588 ch to see… tahniah jugak sbb dah sampai di angkasa dengan selamat… alhamdullillah……….. THANK U..


  178. u r my idol……… the best idol in the world………. u r smart, intelligent, kind, never selfish to people, the best best best best best best best best best doctor or person in the world… may ALLAH bless u…… dont forget to pray always k… we never forget u the best astronout!!!!

  179. congratulation dr. syeikh muszaphar…
    i’m really proud of u coz being a first astrounout…
    n u may have a sweet moment at there because fasting and celebrate the Eid at the outer space… i hope u willing to share ur experience with me at here
    after i heard story bout u n faiz successfull.. i become earnest to study in science field.. n it’s works.. thank you to Dr.Syeikh Muszaphar n Capt Dr. Faiz 🙂 good luck to our Malaysian warrior dr.Syeikh Muszaphar n Capt Faiz..semoga dapat pulang ke Bumi dengan selamat…

  180. congratulation dr. syeikh muszaphar…
    i’m really proud of u coz being a first astrounout…
    n u may have a sweet moment at there because fasting and celebrate the Eid at the outer space… i hope u willing to share ur experience with me at here
    after i heard story bout u n faiz successfull.. i become earnest to study in science field.. n it’s works.. thank you to Dr.Syeikh Muszaphar n Capt Dr. Faiz 🙂 good luck to our Malaysian warrior dr.Syeikh Muszaphar n Capt Faiz..semoga dapat pulang ke Bumi dengan selamat…Amin..

  181. assalammualaikum..wish u all da best, our dearest doc!! Happy Raya Day;p

  182. suda la utk org2 yg berminda class bawah tu.. diam je la, dulu projek Proton mula nak dilancar pun macam2 komen yg nak menggagalkan projek murni pemimpin negara.. mesti mau cari kelemahan. Bila dah berjaya pun masih juga nak cari cacat celanya.. jd x heran la klu kita tgh nak cari jalan keluar dengan menghantar rakyat Malaysia (Dr.Sy.Muzaffar) ke angkasa pun puak2 ni masih melihat yg Malaysia tidak patut menghantar angkasawan.. mereka ni masih mahu menjadi orang yg menunggu dan berbangga dengan negara lain yg berjaya dan hanya tahu bertepuk tangan. Mereka ni sentiasa melihat org Malaysia x payah berganjak utk maju. tp apa yg aku nampak org2 ni lebih kepada “SIKAP DENGKI” kerana yg dihantar tu bukan mereka sendiri.

  183. pada sapa2 yg blum tau, wikipedia tu kluarkan info yg blum bleh pakai k.. klu sapa2 berani try la buat assignment ka.. & jadikan wikipedia ni ref.. tengok apa jadi? cari la info dr sumber yg sahih..

  184. Assalamualaikum Wr…..Wb.

    selamat atas keberasilan Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukur, untuk bisa bertualang diluar angkasa (Antariksa). kami Orang Aceh (Ujung Pulau Sumatra) Merasa Bangga atas keberasilan Putra Malaysia.
    congratulation dr. syeikh muszaphar
    i’m really proud of u coz being a first astrounout.
    GUD LUCK DR. Sheikh Muszaphar.

    Erwin A. Walad

  185. congrats……once again a doctor is proven to be a greatest person in non-medical field after Tun Mahathir.

  186. anda terpilih ke angkasawan

  187. assalamualaikum w.b.t,

    contrag’ dr sheikh atas kejayaan warga malaysia pertama

    ke angkasa. angkasa satu perkataan yang sheikh dengar

    sejak kecil lagi. Mesti ingat time kecil-kecil dulu

    bila terdengar cikgu mengajar subjek sains…opss dr

    sheikh tak ada belajar sains time sek rendah..tapi ime

    form 1 until 3 adakan. best dengar tentang angkasa

    kan.. siapa sangka macam mmpi saja bila ternampak ruang

    angkasa sendiri dengan kedua-dua bji mata. Merasai ruan

    angkasa yang betul-betul tiada graviti. Semoga

    dilimpahi dengan apa jua keinginan hidup, dipanjangkan

    umur agar pengalaman di angkasa dapat dikongsi bersama,

    dimurahkan rezeki agar mudah beramal sedekah dan

    dikurniakan isteri yang solehah buat menemani hidup

    dunia dan akhirat. Anak-anak yang bakal mengikut jejak

    ayah nya…tapi jangn lupa dan kufur dengan Allah Yang

    Maha Esa… kehidupan dr.sheikh mungkin akan berubah

    berbanding sebelum dkenali dulu-dulu lagi…jangan

    tinggal solat ye…jangan lupa allah…ingat mati

    adalah manusia yang paling bijak…bukan manusia yang

    bijak membuat kapal angkasa… Ingatlah allah sayang

    sangat dengan dr.sheikh sebab itu allah pilih dr.sheikh

    lihat sendiri ciptaanNya yang Maha Kaya…tak mustahil

    kalau Allah boleh pilih sesiapa sahaja…mungkin ah

    chong, mutu, ahmad, mary, minah, dan banyak lagi…tapi

    allah pilih manusia yang palin dia sayang, yang

    sentiasa ingat akan dia, yang selalu sujud dia iaitu Dr

    Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie bin Sheikh Mustapha.

    Siapa tahu dan sangka wktu kecil dulu Dr.Sheikh orang

    biasa tapi bila balik nanti ke bumi di beri

    penghormatan yang paling tinggi iaitu Datuk Dr Sheikh

    Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie bin Sheikh Mustapha. Itu

    Baru gelaran di dunia belum lagi anugerah yang allah

    akan bagi jika sentiasa ingat akan Nya… wassalam

  188. Our angkasawan success is due to his personal values such as diligent, disciplined, single minded and passion in his mission. Let us malaysians from now on be a respected nation because of our inner qualities.

  189. Continue to equip ourselves with the necessary education and skills so that we can TRULY stand equal with US, Russia and China in the field of Physics and space.

  190. To succeed in science, we Malaysians must change our culture. Do it fast and seriously or else ………

  191. If the right attitude or culture is adopted, even the handicapped can succeed.


  193. assalam…congrats 2 1st angkasawan Malaysia…May Allah bless u n good luck in the experiments…Selamat pergi dan pulang ke tanah air…kami rakyat Malaysia akan menyokong dan senantiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan dan kejayaanmu…Kita hanya merancang tapi Allah yang menentukan segalanya…All the best!!!Malaysia boleh!!!

  194. tahniah diucapkan kpd dr sheikh muszaphar..
    pd pendpt sy kedua-dua org angkasawan msia mempunyai identiti dan kesungguhan mrk yg tersendiri..
    dan mungkin msia boleh memikirkan pembelian @pembuatan roket yg tersendiri..

  195. a.fam,

    honestly i dun get what u were babbling about…
    i think u dun quite understand what was written… pls read again ..
    and says who one cant critisize here? and what exactly do u think u hv juz said about what I hv written? … Wasnt that critisms? And I hv every right to be proud of my country’s achievements eventhough its not as much as u claimed, when compared to other countries, and I hv also the right to be proud of my race… and nobody can to anything about that!!! 😛

  196. a.fam,

    honestly i dun get what u were babbling about…
    i think u dun quite understand what was written… pls read again ..
    and says who one cant critisize here? and what exactly do u think u hv juz said about what I hv written? … Wasnt that critisms? And I hv every right to be proud of my country’s achievements eventhough they are not as much as u claimed, when compared to other countries, and I hv also the right to be proud of my race… and nobody can do anything about that!!! 😛

  197. Congrats Milo Boy!!!
    wish u slamat hr raye n slamat pulang ke tanah air tercinta ya…

  198. He’s like very very hot!

  199. Assalamualaikum,
    Buat Dr.Sy.Muzaffar teruskan yg penting bila blk nnt buktikan yg saudara membawa sesuatu yg bermakna. Buat Capt.Dr.Faiz ready to be 2nd angkaswan, insya Allah 2009.
    Bagi yg x senang dgn kedudukan Malaysia sebaris dgn negara maju tu tunggu kepulangan Dr.Sy.Muzaffar nnt.

  200. Spending money for a angkasawan in space is much much worthwhile sms your favourite singing idol.

  201. Physics is fun and interesting. Master it some of you for the sake of achieving the status of a developed country.

  202. Tahnia!!! dr Seikh kerana anda kedudukan malaysia sudah sebaris degan negara maju.All the best to you dr Seikh.Semoga kejayaan anda ini membuatkan ramai anak muda ingin menjadi angkasawan.Kepada dr Faiz bersedia lah..untuk menjadi angkasawan ke-2 malaysia(memang dah jadi pun)he..he..he..Apa pun

  203. hey space dude! congratulation to u..u r d first malaysian who makes me n d rest really proud of..ala..stakat panjat gunung n berenang jauh2 there’s nothing.. but you, you use a lot of mental,IQ and physical strength to pass all the test to go outta this earth.. again, CONGRATULATION!!! u deserve to have the best title dude.. anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri di angkasalepas.. semoga Dr. Sheikh Muzaphar selamat pergi dan kembali ke tanah malaysia..amiin…

  204. ♥Congrats 2 our angkasawan, Dr.Sy.Muzaffar..
    ♥i’m very2 proud to be malaysian..
    ♥neway, hensem betol la..

  205. Such a blessed human being is Dr.Sy.Muzaffar. Good look, good body, cheerful smile, intelligent, socialble, giving the rightful place his Creator (God) deserves. He has all a human being should be. It has been a long time I met such a person.


  207. gud luck 4 doc..semoga selamat sampai ke tanah air..blk cni nnt,doc akn jd org popular..jgn lupe dr mane kita dtg..dh lame xdtg cni..dtg la ke husm,kbg kerian..

  208. congratulations 2 u!!!we malaysians are sooo proud of you!!we all love u!!

  209. sheikh.,we r proud of u!!kita doakan u selamat dan berjaya in your mission.,btw,you look cute in tv..,hehe..,hope can meet you one day!!

  210. The most handsome brainny cosmonut existing on earth. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  211. Saya berharap semua rakyat Malaysia hidup seperti angkasawan kita, bukan melepak tanpa tujuan di supermarket, mengambil dadah di tempat gelap, merokok merosakkan paru-paru, malas berlajar, telalu gila dengan dunia hiburan dan malas bekerja.

  212. As’kum…
    Tahniah Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar!!! sebagai anak malaysia saya amat berbangga dengan anda.. smga di masa depan malaysia dapat melahirkan lebih ramai bakal angkasawan negara… i’m proud of you… may Allah bless you.. 🙂

  213. askum DR.SHEIKH & DR FAIZ,
    saya berbangga dan bersyukur kerana kalian berdua berjaya dalam misi ke angkasa sebagai wakil atau duta Malaysia ke sana…tahiah kepada DR. SHEIKH yang selamat berlepas ke angkasa,rasa mcm tak percaya jgk Malaysia dah sampai ke angkasa,namun semanagt berkobar-kobar MALAYSIA BOLEH! menjadi sumber kekuatan kepada kita untuk lebih yakin & percaya bahawanya MALAYSIA BOLEH!
    Sesungguhnya apa yang kita doakan agar perjuangan Dr sheikh Muzaffar InshaALLAH tak akan berakhir dalam tempoh 10 hari shj semasa di angkasa di pusat ISS…akan tetapi ini akan terus menjadi titik tolak model perjuangan kepada semua generasi muda masyrakat Malaysia pada masa sekarang dan akan datang dapat mencontohi Angkasawan Pertama Negara untuk turut serta menjayakan misi ke angkasa demi Perjuangan sebagai MUSLIM Kerana ALLAH untuk Agama ISLAM,negara Malaysia pada masa2 akan datang…
    “Segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan sekalian alam” (ayat 2 Surah AL-Fatihah)
    Sesungguhnya dari perspektif ISLAMIC SCIENCES perjuangan ke angkasa lepas mendekatkan diri kita kepada ALLAH SWT agar menjadi hamba yang sentiasa berfikir ttg kebesaran disebalik kejadian hebat Ciptaan ALLAH YANG MAHA BERKUASA dan setiasa bersyukur akan anugerah nikmat yang dianugerhakn kepada kita selama hayat kita di bumi milikNYA ini…selain itu program keangkasalepas menyuburkan ingatan kita kepada sirah Nabi Muhammad SAW yang tercinta dalam ISRAK DAN MIKRAJ baginda….wallahualam.

  214. Dr Sheikh, your life is so colourful and interesting. You are a medical doctor, a part time model, doctor and also a part time model? I think the first in the world !!!!!! Most exciting a angkasawan some more . wowwwwwwwwwwwwww you truly enjoy life. You are not only scientifically minded but artiscally minded. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww inconceivable.

  215. assalammu’alaikum…

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri buat angkasawan negara Malaysia..
    Semoga kehidupan di sana sihat dan menceriakan..
    Saya dan keluarga sentiasa mendoakan kamu semua selamat pergi dan balik…


  216. assalamualaikum to both of u…
    1st of all…tahniah to both of u…to me… dua2 adalah hero malaysia.. nak jd hero sy pun boleh…heheh juz joking…anyway…sy doakan dr.sheikh pulang dgn selamat… anyway dr.faiz.. u did a good job & u’re so cute….

  217. hye angkasawan2 malaysia…

  218. Assalamualaikum Dr.Sheikh….

    Firstly,saya nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Dan Batin..Secondly,saya nak ucapkan tahniah kerana sampai ke ISS…Apa macam kat sana??Sronok ker?Tentu bestkan!
    Sebenarnya saya nak tanya beberapa soalan?Macammana nak masak di Iss tue?Nak mandi macammna?Kalau nak tidur tue macammna nak bezakan yang mana malam dan pagi?Macam durang dapat air dan makanan?Macammana nak tau kedudukan kiblat jika hendak sembahyang?
    okey,tue jahlah….May Allah bless you…Jangan lupa ceritakan pengalaman anda ketika berada di ISS..Plzz replay my question…Dayah223@yahoo.com..kalau dr ada friendster addlah saya daieyzman@yahoo.com

  219. hai

  220. SeLaMaT HaRi RaYa MaAf ZaHiR DaN BaTin….MaY AlLaH BleSs You….


  222. assalammualaikum…
    hai Dr.Sheikh Muzaffar….
    Tahniah kerana menjadi angkasawan pertama Malaysia
    Teruskan usaha anda menjayakan misi dalam membuat kajian perubatan di angkasa
    Saya berbangga apabila makanan tradisi Malaysia dapat di jamu di ISS.Seronok tengok Dr.Sheikh terapung2 dalam siaran lintas langsung dari ISS di Televisyen.Semoga ALLAH SWT sentiasa melindungi anda.

  223. tahniah|||||||||||\\

  224. Assalamualikum….
    Bangga dan terharu sangat bila melihat roket berlepas…
    So, harap2nya apa yang di rancangkan menjadi. Dan berharap la jugak, ada angkasawan wanita dari Malaysia pada masa akan datang.

  225. Assalamualaikum dr.sheikh/faiz semuga sentiasa sihat dan dilindungi Allah s.w.t. hendaknya insya’allah. Di kesempatan ini saya ingin mengucapkan “Selamat Menyambut Aidil Fitri” dan Welcome Back to Earth. Semuga peluang yang telah dikurniakan ini dapat memberi ilmu yang bermanafaat kepada anak-anak remaja apabila pulang nanti tentang keagungan serta kebesaran Allah s.w.t. serta menjadi idola rakyat jelata. Amin

  226. 1st. Tahniah kepada kedua-dua DR. yang layak bergelar angkasawan negara.
    2nd. Kepada Dr Sheikh,selamat menjalankan ujikaji di angkasa dan selamat pulang dengan selamat ke bumi.
    3rd. Kepada Dr. Faiz, walaupun tak dapat pergi ke angkasa tapi Dr. Faiz tetap hero di hati rakyat malaysia.
    4th. Malaysia akan tetap terbilang, gemilang dan dijulang di mata dunia.


  227. tahniah bub dpt naik ke atas sana

  228. hai leeya

  229. tengok video klip chef ismail, boifren dr sheikh muszaphar………

  230. tahniah kepada dr sheikh muzaffar kerana menjadi angkasawan pertama malaysia. semuga success dgn tugasan yg telah di berikan ketika berada di iss.

  231. A’kum…

    Dr.SMS menjadi idola kepada anak saya yg berusia 10 thn. Semuga perjuangan Dr. akan disambung oleh generasi yg akan datang. Good luck we r proud of u.

  232. congrats to u…. hope u alwayzzz fine in outer space….love u so much….my cute charming guy….

  233. congrates to dr sheikh muszhaphar sukur allah will bless you i hope dr sihat sejahtera di iss with love danial



  235. HI DR,

    CONGRATS TO YOU !!All malaysians are so proud of you.Special Hari Raya goes to you.Please lets me know how’s your hari raya at space & also how you sit inside the rocket for 48 hours.Awaitng for for reply soon. ANGKASAWAN MALAYSIA MEMANG BOLEHHH!!!!!


  236. assalammualaikum dr sheikh,saya doakan moga dr sheikh sihat,berjaya,selamat pergi dan selamat kembali ke bumi
    tak lupa jugak selamat hari raya aidilfitri saya ucapkan,,,amin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,





  238. Hi!Congrats,to dr.sheikh muszaphar.Do the for our contry malaysian.God bless you……

  239. Congrats!dr.muszaphar.

  240. tahniah dr sheikh muszaphar krn telah menjadi angkasawan p’tama…

  241. It is time Malaysians use their mind to decide and not let others decide our mind. Dr SHEIKH , you are that kind of man.

  242. Assalamualaikum Dr Sheikh Muszaphar.
    Alhamdulillah akhirnya impian anda&harapan seluruh rakyat Malaysia menjadi kenyataan. Syukur kepada Allah yang mengizinkan.Harapan saya agar pengalaman yang Dr lalui dapat dikongsi bersama akan mendekatkan kita padaNya dan menginsafkan kita dengan kebesaranNya. Doa saya& keluarga agar Dr Sheikh Muszaphar sekeluarga sihat. Wassalam.

  243. salam,u guys really make us malaysians proud!i’m ur little junior ere,dying with kannada language in kmc,mangalore!congrats again and wish u all the best..

  244. hey guyz…i know all of you are very supportive to our angkasawan, Dr. Muzaphar but don’t (some of you) ever let Dr. Faiz’s feelings go down.he is as best as our already-flown angkasawan..don’t you know that????..don’t you know that this stuff costs billions of ringgit(like our currency can overpower USA dollar or Paun Sterling..daaa)???sending one person to space is COSTLY amazing…about those teh tarik thing or whatever those stupid stuff that people ask him to do, fuck it off..we can still send a loads of bloody people to space-make histories not only one history-if only malaysia and russia is still hand-in-hand…Let Dr. Muzaphar do his experiments in the space..if he ever succeed doing all his experiments, they will bring COSTLY AMAZING MONIES to us.then, we can put our ass for the next spaceship launch..however, if he really has photoshoots up there,ok..we shall see them once he returns to earth..
    Good Luck!!

    The Malaysian Angkasawan has very important scientific research missions of his own, which the future of space travel lies. Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is doing an important experiment on loss of bone mass in weightless. People plan for journey to Mars. If space travellers lose bone mass for the long journey to Mars, it will be detrimental even terminal for the long to and back trip.

    This is an experiment originated from the Oxford trained geneticist Prof. Dr. Mohamed Saifulaman Mohamed Said of Bio-technology intstiute, UiTM. Since Dr. Sheikh is also an orthopedic surgeon, he knows exactly what he is doing in the experiment and has a lot of interests in this particular field.

    Prof. Dr. Saifulaman is off to Moscow on Friday, to make preparation for Dr. Sheikh’s return.

  245. Salam buat Dr.Sy.Muszahpar & tidak lupa juga to our next angkasawan Dr.Faiz. Pertamanya harap2 semua kita kena ingat ejaan nama angkasawan ni, ramai salah eja termasuk aku la.. hehehe.. anyway psl baru sorang naik gi ISS tu so xde la salah orang kan. Apa pun nak bgtau ada ka patut sorang mamat tu kata Dr.Sy.M main gasing kat ISS.. bkn main gasing la, ni nak bgtau semua org bezanya pusingan gasing di ISS ngan di bumi.. apa la. ni mamat ni bkn sintis punya otak tu psl kata main gasing. Info terkini yg amat kita boleh banggakan lg.. sebenarnya 18 calon terakhir angkasawan kita layak utk berada di angkasa. Cuma mmg panel pemilih yg terbaik psl cuma sorang saja yg akan pergi so Dr.Syeikh Muszahpar la yg pg. Apa pun harap2 hasil research Dr.S.M nnt akan mampu memberi sumbangan bermakna kepada dunia, insya Allah.

  246. syabas dan tahniah saya ucapkan kepada angkasawan pertama kita kerana berjaya bergelar seorang angkasawan pertama malaysia…senyuman angkasawan kita menawan dan manisa dipandang…

  247. syabas dan tahniah saya ucapkan kepada angkasawan pertama kita kerana berjaya bergelar seorang angkasawan pertama malaysia…senyuman angkasawan kita menawan dan manis dipandang…

  248. asssalamualaikum
    to our beloved angkasawan n our next b”cmg angkasawan cong8 yerk…doakan we”ll yg nak spm taun nie cz ktorang nk jd cam u”ll gak isnyaALLAh may ALLAH bless pe yang korunk sume wat….dah blek nant jgn lupe dtg MRSM SERTING GAK ek
    HIDUP ANSARA!!!!!!

  249. Send 300 students to Malaysian universities to study engineering rather than send one man to waltz in space.
    You guys out there refused to acknowledge the truth but then I assume that there is some sort of benefits for you not to see the truth.
    Where was out country during the economic squeeze?
    You may BULLSHIT some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT BULLSHIT all of the people all of the time.
    You guys will be acountable when you meet your LORD/


  251. Salam sekali lagi buat angkasawan kita.. bagi yg dengki tu duduk diam2 ok.
    Dengan langkah pertama ini, diharap sebagai pembuka jalan merintis ke arah yang lebih jauh. Mengikut Pengarah panel pemilihan Kol.Dr.Zulkeffelie 18 calon terakhir semuanya layak utk menjadi angkasawan. Itu sekarang klu dirancang insya Allah tidak mustahil jumlah ini meningkat kepada 180 org atau 1,800 org atau 18,000 org. Yang penting kita melihat projek sulung ini di sudut yg positif. Hanya mereka yg punya cinta sejati pada Malaysia akan merasai kepuasan melihat salah seorang rakyat negara ini berada di sana. Kita tidak boleh menunggu lebih lama lagi. Kita perlu gunakan ruang dan peluang yg ada utk mengangkat Malaysia.. MERDEKA 50

  252. takde apa dh yg bleh ucap..congratz3,setinggi2 tahniah buat dr.sheikh muszaphar..you are my idol..saya amat kagum dengan angkasawan pertama kita.kesungguhan dan pendirian serta semangatnya menjadi pendorong untuk kita,generasi muda..one day i’ll become like you,doctor…insa-Allah..now i’m studying in medicine.
    hrp bleh jd cam doc nnta..skali g congrats,jugak utk dr. faiz khalid.

  253. kita sebagai rakyat MALAYSIA JANGAN dengki dan melekehkan angkasawan kita, dan JANGAN JADI BODOH, ROKET TU HANYA ADA 3 KERUSI SAHAJA. 2 ANGKASAWAN BERTUKAR DI ISS, 1 KERUSI UNTUK SPACE TOURISM tapi Dr.Sy.Muszahpar pergi ke angkasa dengan membawa bahan-bahan kajian untuk manfaat seluruh umat. kalau roket tu MALAYSIA punya dah tentu kerusi tu tak dinamakan space tourism. MAJU KEHADAPAN LAH WAHAI RAKYAT MALAYSIA YANG BERFIKIRAN LEMAH. JANGAN BERBANGGA DENGAN PENCAPAIAN ORANG LAIN.


  254. Assalamualaikum,

    Tahniah dan Syukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana Angkasawan Negara yang #1, Dr. SMS telah selamat sampai ke ISS, semoga semua task dapat dijalankan dengan sempurna dan berjaya hendaknya… Maka celiklah mata2 mereka yang tidak percaya dengan keupayaan rakyat Malaysia yang beragama Islam dan berketurunan Melayu selama ini, even di kalangan bangsa kita sendiri.
    Didoakan semoga Dr. SMS yang hensem lagi kacak bergaya akan pulang ke bumi seterusnya kembali ke tanah air dengan selamat, berkat doa sekalian rakyat Malaysia…
    Good Luck 4ever & ever… Hope can c u face 2 face soon!

  255. you are so brave man…i respect u la…nanti diari u e mail la kat i…kat man_1504@yahoo.com.my….i ni umor baru 9 thn…hehehe…and one more is u r so gorgeous….

  256. assallamualaikum dr.SHEIKH MUZAPHAR..

    my name is FAIZ..
    saye berbangga menjadi rkyt MALAYSIA.kerana seorang anak malaysia telh terpilih untuk pergi ke angkasalepas.
    Disini ana akan mendoakan semoga beliau didalam lindungan ALLAH S.W.T. dan ucapan ini khas wat beliau SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI MAAF ZAHIR&BATIN…

  257. i hope dr sheikh muzaffar will be back to malaysia safely and can share the experience to all malaysia.good luck.

  258. Even though Dr.Sy.Muszahpar is a Malay by race, i as a chinese still support him. To me, success means love every human being on earth. Dr.Sy.Muszahpar , i support all you do.

  259. dr syeikh would u be my future husband…….heeeeeeeeee

  260. dr syeikh, would u be my future husband.heee……..

  261. assalamualaikum…
    ape khabar dr.?sy hrp dr. dsana chat walafiat… sy hrp dr. selalu b’doa agar dr. slalu ingat pd Allah n x lalai slps dr. melalui pelbagai cabaran n dugaan… sy pun hrp begitu jgk…sy ni meminati sheikh bkn shj dr rupa paras malah sy ingin menjadi seorg angkasawan mcm dr….
    sy hrp dr. memberi motivates kat sy melalui emel sy: dilla_washio@yahoo.com
    thank for giving me opportunity to leave a comment.
    congratulation to you as a first malaysian astronaunts…i proud of you…

  262. hello
    hope you happy n i hope you’ll get married faster.

  263. congrats, dr sheikh.u are the first angkasawan malaysia. i hope will be back to malaysia safely and share the experience with us .i hope too i can meet you at once day… i support u and proud of u ^_^

  264. Selamat Raya yg ke 6 buat semua,
    Insya Allah dlm 3 ke 4 hari misi pertama kita yg digalas oleh Dr.Sy.M akan selesai sepenuhnya. Harapan kita dgn perkembangan positif dr ISS yg menyatakan semua perancangan berjalan lancar dgn hanya tgl lg 2 research yg dijangka akan disempurnakan selewat-lewatnya 12jam sebelum Sayuz berlepas kembali ke Bumi. Sekembalinya beliau akan membuat kita rakyat Malaysia merasa hebat. Walaupun bkn menjadi manusia pertama menjadi angkasawan tetapi telah mengatur LANGKAH PERTAMA yang besar. Semoga ia tidak berkubur sebagai sejarah tetapi biarlah ianya menjadi asas kita utk terus berdiri gagah di zaman yg perlu kita membuktikan siapa kita selepas 50 tahun merdeka. Tidak perlulah kita terlalu mencari tempat sebagai negara yg mampu menyusun roti terpanjang, biskut terbesar dan sebagainya. Biarlah hasil kajian kita menjadikan negara kita pusat rujukan dunia, insya Allah.

  265. Hai everybody..
    Just wanna share this feeling…i’m so proud of our first Malaysian astronaut..First of all, congrate to his parents,and Dr.Sheikh Muszaphar as well..To Dr., no matter what people want to say about you, just ignore and let them be,as long as you know you are on the right track, so keep on excellent…the important and truth is only you and ALLAH knows right…anyway, as a malaysian, malay and muslim, you really2 make me impress and proud..Pray you safe return to the earth and hope the moon and stars up there can release you, i’m scared that they’re fall-in love on you already, yea the most PERFECT MAN sent to space…To Ahmad Sibir, apapun yang anda rasakan, Dr.dah buktikan dia mampu melepasi semua ujian kelayakan, and i’m very sure that Malaysia gov not too STUPID to finish our money as what you said..kalau anda meragui misi ini, ia bermakna anda juga meragui keputusan yang telah malaysia gov. buat. So, honestly, to me, your comments are just like ‘coffee shop talk’.Bangsa kita hanya mampu duduk kedai kopi sahaja kalau lebih ramai yang berfikiran macam ni..Its time for us to prove it, not just be ‘Tin kosong’ k..Anyway, i hope can see you ‘Ahmad Sibir’ to become a better than our Dr.Sheikh, but if you can laa…ok, apapun, jadilah manusia yang Syukur Nikmat, bukan Kufur Nikmat, Alhamdulillah…

  266. semoga berjaya n success slalu….
    congratulation………. kamu membanggakan keturunan sheikh

  267. Assalamualaikum….
    congrats….im proud of u as the 1st malaysian astronount…….

  268. Thinking man…

    I salute u…!!

  269. salam,,
    saya ucapkan tahniah pd dr,,
    semoga berjaya,,
    dan teruskan usaha untuk memajukan Malaysia,,,

  270. i luvvvvvvvvv u lah….all the best!!! everything will be just fine….insyaALLAH………may ALLAH bless u……..AMIN

  271. i will be right here waiting 4 u!!!!!!!!!! =p

  272. ass’kum…dr. syeikh. the whole malaysian is proud of you. i hope that i can be as sucessful as you…

  273. you’re the 1st good looking cosmonout ever…

  274. Dear Dr,

    Semoga hari ini adalah yang terbaik, dan hari esok lebih baik dari hari ini…taniah..semoga Allah memberkatimu.


    You did something no one else can do.

  276. Assalamualaikum,
    Buat mana2 yg x setuju dgn apa yg dah dibuat oleh kerajaan utk menghantar angkasawan, harap cadangkan lah sesuatu yg lebih advance atau yg lebih baik dr projek ini k, jgn asyik melalut ntah apa2.. buang masa.
    Untuk Angkasawan kita Dr.Sy.M harap kepulangan saudara nnt akan membuktikan sesuatu bkn kpd mereka2 yg ckp ntah apa2 ni, tp kpd apa yg diharapkan oleh para intelek. Hasil research Dr.Sy.M amat ditunggu bkn sahaja oleh Malaysian malahan para saintis Eropah, Jepun, termasuk NASA sendiri. Tahniah juga buat Dr.Sy.M kerana pd hari pertama berada di ISS telah membantu memperbaiki kerosakan pd bahan kajian dr Eropah. Kira ok la tu kan.. klu pelancong mana nak reti baiki benda2 ni kan.. ok la insya Allah kita akan menyambut kepulangan hero kita sedikit masa lg. Tidak lupa juga kepada para krew kita yg bertungkus lumus memberi info terkini yg berpangkalan di Moscow bagi menjamin kelancaran kajian Dr.Sy.M di ISS.

  277. nina, thank you. Let us continue to be like Dr Sheikh Muszaphar living our life to the fullest.

  278. good job mr angkasawan you made Malaysia proud..oh by the way, did anyone notice asking an angkasawan while he is in space whether the other astronauts think malaysian food is delicious is appropriate? i mean it seems that we are more interested about the food rather than the experiments he supposed to do.. they can ask the question when he arrive back

  279. to those who said it is all a waste….

    Our angkasawan is indeed an astronaut…duhhh! he is doing a few experiments up there.. He is not lazing around floating.. get your facts right dude.. how lame are you going to get?? our angkasawan is up there doing research and making Malaysia proud while you are saying nonsense about him.. Think about it, are you doing anything that can make a difference towards our country?

  280. Salam buat semua,
    Malaysia kita sdh membuktikan kita juga mampu buat apa yg org lain buat, MSC, perenang, pelayar, ekspedidi Everest, ekspedisi ke kutub dan sekarang ini program angkasa.. insya Allah selepas ini rakyat Malaysia akan memandu Soyuz & seterusnya melakukan “space walk”.. what we have to do now is to think positive.. Bangsa Malaysia Boleh

  281. assalamualaikum…
    syabas & tahniah 2 our lovely astronout…
    dr. Sheikh Muzaphar Shukor…
    we’re proud of u as a malaysian..
    kejayaan yg d kecapi mnjadi pendorong dan pembakar semangat anak-anak bangsa ari ne…
    anksa mmg wajar dan harus d telusuri..
    smoga kejayaan yg d kecapi hari nie xkn menyebabkan dr. mnjadi seorang yg lupa diri…
    sebagai anak malaysia… sy bangga mempunyai seorang angkasawan yang HENSEM spt DR.SHEIKH MUZAPHAR..

    P/S: bawakan sebutir bintang untuk sy ye..=)

  282. Doctor Sheikh Muszaphar!!
    LUV U!!!!!!MMUUUAAHH!!!

  283. i hope,one day,i will meet u…

  284. assalamualikum…..tahniah buat Dr Sheikh
    kejayaan anda membuatkan saya semakin bersemangat untuk menggapai impian dan cita-cita…
    tiada yg mustahil dalam hidup ini!!!!
    me, my family and all malaysian luv u so much!!!!!

  285. Memang Angkasawan kite ‘pelancong’ dimata dunia. Kalau hangpa tak percaya dan nak juga dok di bawah tempurung – silakan. Tapi yang nak meluaskan pengetahuan sila lihat site berikut –





  286. assalamualaikum…
    jus wanna wish api eid mubarrak to u n hve a safe journey back 2 mal….
    wisk me luk 4 my spm k coz i wanna be just like u

  287. you are some of the malaysian who are brave.i was very proud of you.congratulations to sheikh muzaphar because he was a first Asian’s astronaut.good luck…….

  288. i love you……………………..

  289. assalamualaikum….

    just want to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri n have a safe journey.May ALLAH SWT bless you

    all malaysian luv you so much coz you already prooved that MALAYSIA BOLEH !

  290. hii….congrats….semoga slmt pulang n do da best….malaysia boleh!

  291. Congratulation!!! i am very proud of u!!!wish u Selamat Pergi dan Selamat Pulang…Sesungguhnya pengorbanan anda sangat besar kerana memartabatkan Malaysia di mata dunia…sanggup bergadai nyawa dan menyambut hari raya walaupun tanpa keluarga di sisi patut dibanggakan oleh semua rakyat Malaysia….”MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!”

  292. Assalamualaikum,
    Taniah dan Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Maaf Zahir Batin dan Selamatlah hendaknya pulang ke bumi Malaysia Insyallah. Mulut tempayan boleh ditutup mulut manusia bernama melayu PHD memang tinggi. Perdulikan kata yg tak baik yakin pada ALLAH yg sentiasa bersama.

  293. hai sheikh selamat hari raya…saya suka sangat kat sheikh x tahu knp….sheikh ada makwa x kalau x da boleh saya jadi makwa sheikh…hehehe….semoga dpt pulang ke bumi dgn selamat..alhamdulilah…saya ada puisi yang saya buat khs utk sheikh x tdo malam tau nak buat puisi ni…nanti lah saye kasi kat sheikh tau…x lupa kirim salam kat fais….sheikh ni comel sangatlah…hik3

  294. ala lupa lah ni frenster saya aya-omotni@yahoo.com…kat frenster saya ada byk ganbar sheikh….sheikh ada frenster x??????????hehehe

  295. hai dr sheikh…im md syafiq very proud of you become a first malaysian go to space..how do you feel when you want to departure to space??can u rep my email please because many question i want to ask you…i hope we can see you soon..

  296. salam doc..
    congrats..proud with ue..
    may Allah bless u always..
    we’re all waitin for you on earth..
    Love u!

  297. Salam buat saudara Sharom yg berada di luar tempurong tu..
    Nampaknya pada pandangan saudara Sharom pandangan dunia tu sangat penting utk menentukan siapa yg patut bergelar angkasawan.. Cuba Saudara dapatkan pula artikel di mana NASA memberikan pengiktirafan yg Dr.SMS tu adalah angkasawan. Klu setakat pelancong apasal pulak Dr.SMS tu diminta tolong memperbaiki peralatan bahan kajian Eropah? Apa pula guna Nasa sendiri, USA, Eropah, Jepun dan para warga Saintis dunia menunggu hasil research seorang “pelancong”? Herankan. Cuba halusi la brader.. baca tu jgn pilih2, baca semua.. dan try la ikuti perkembangan semasa. Katak bawah tempurung sekarang ni dah tau guna wireless tau.. & utk makluman saudara Sharom mmg selama ni negara2 maju tu akan mengatakan semua psl negara kami Malaysia negatif, mana diurang nak katakan negara kami Malaysia ni O.K.. pada diurang semuanya psl Malaysia K.O. Klu rajin lg baca la sebanyak mana artikel2 dr negara2 tu psl Malaysia, jgn setakat psl angkasawan ni.. psl hak asasi ka, psl politik ka, apa2 la, semua diurang akan katakan Malaysia ni mmg teruk.. So bagi yg merasakan hanya pandangan negara2 luar tu sahaja yg betul silakan lah. Bagi mereka2 yg suka melihat dr sudut yg positif kita berilah peluang pd projek ini, hingga kita dpt melihat hasilnya kelak insya Allah. Bukan lama lagi pun.. jam 11.30am 21Oct.07 ni insya Allah Dr.SMS akan berada di bumi ni semula. Bila dah selesai semua prosedur.. maka beliau akan dibenarkan balik ke Malaysia. haaaa.. masa tu la klu nak kata apa pun.. pada aku setakat artikel kat internet tak WAJIB nak percaya k..

  298. dr syeikh muzappar semoga berjaya pergi dan balik

  299. we syeikh muzappar dah nak balik raikan bersama!!!!

  300. Saya sokong pendapat Azmi DHM….

    Bagi saudara Sharom, kembangkan sikit pengetahuan anda.. semua orang tahu, banyak negara yang cemburu dengan kejayaan Malaysia dari banyak sudut. Kehidupan kita yang penuh hamorni, our peaceful country, the successful ways we run our country, our capabilies… apa yang kita buat, mereka akan cuba pusingkan to make us look “small” … anyway.. cuba saudara baca pula article2 yang mempunyai pandangan positif terhadap malaysia .. then try to make a wise assessment..

  301. heheh..


    capabilies = capabilities…

    typo error 😛

  302. sekarang timbul plak macam2 citer yang tak best ttg project ni.. mmm… ntahla..negara luar kata kerajaan Malaysia membazir kan duit…
    ade laman web kata Malaysia bukan boleh tp Malaysia….. sungguh memalukan…
    tp yg pastinya projek ni menambahkan minat orang ramai mengenai sains

  303. tahniah dr sheikh muzaphar shukor… i will always support you… malaysia love you…

  304. wah dr sheikh…bertuah lah kamu ye…dapat jadi angkasawan yang pertama di malaysia…kiteorang semua bangga lah jadi anak malaysia

  305. Angkasawan, may you continue to inspire by your charming sweet smile, confident personality, most handsome face on earth, sharp mind, cheerful smile. I am crazy about you. Am I in love with him ? Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what am I going to do ?

  306. Can Dr bring me a mooooonnnn rock? That will kill my sickness to Dr……..

  307. menyampah aku..

  308. Assalamualaikaum… Tahniah Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar dan Dr. Faiz kerana menjadi kebanggaan rakyat Malaysia.Anda berdua menjadi inspirasi dan idola anak-anak sekolah pada era ini.

    Selamat pulang ke BUMI dan pulang ke MALAYSIA untuk kedua-duanya.

    Doa dan harapan rakyat Malaysia sentiasa mengiringi anda berdua.Selamat berjuang demi agama, bangsa dan negara tercinta.

  309. dr.sheikh is a handsome,brilliant,intelligent..cutiest..watelse he need???
    god..i wish i could hav u..hahaha..
    does he had a friendster??emails??

  310. whatever pe0ple said about u,dr sheikh..
    i h0pe u will never stop d0ing whatever u r d0ing rite n0w!!
    gud luck!

  311. and btw..congra8 to u laa..since u r d 1st malaysian angkasawan..wish u ol d bst..byeee..

  312. Well I have to admit that Dr.SMS’s mission to space was somewhat ‘amatuer’. After all, the scientific tests that were done in a micro-gravity environment seem somewhat ‘petty’ for the betterment of mankind through science. But anyways, big acheivements always start with small steps. Forge ahead Malaysia!

  313. Assalamualaikum Malaysia, kurang dr 12 jam dr sekarang Dr.SMS akan sampai ke bumi insya Allah. Sama2 lah kita mendoakan agar semuanya berjalan dengan baik dan selamat. Semoga hasil kajian Dr.SMS akan memberi pulangan yg berbalaoi utk semua khasnya Malaysia

  314. smoge dr.SMS kembali dgn selamat..amin..

  315. sy rasa program ini hanya akan membazirkan duit rakyat…..aku rasa ini hanya lah propaganda kerajaan…… kita tegok je…apa kesanya nanti

    Tiada pembaziran langsung. Eksperimen dan kajian saintifik yang dilakukan oleh Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar di angkasa lepas adalah untuk kemanusiaan.

  316. selamat berjaya… selamat kembali…. selamat hari raya……

  317. his already gone and now he’s gonna be home in few hours. oh…how wonderful it was to be in space. he make me want to realise my dream to be UP THERE even though i’m in bio stream. hehehe….wish me to be like you too dr. sheikh….c u soon on earth…in TV

  318. What is the confusion over cosmonut. astronut and space flight participant ? To me, it is so simple. Astronut or cosmonut are like teacher, space flight participant is like Head of sience department in school. The teacher is having one of the responsibilities in school, head of science department. Our angkasawan (cosmonut, astronut) responsibility according to NASA is space flight participant since his task is not that specific , he is having a wide variety of tasks to carry out ! So how do you expect NASA to call him ? So now all of you understand ? Dr Sheikh Muszaphar is cosmonut, astonut or angkasawan .

  319. nadia@kuching,

    congratulation dr………. u r the best astronout……

  320. kepada Angkasawan negara kita ni semoga berjaya dan selepas ini diharap kan anda terus menaburkan bakti kepada negara malaysia untuk jadikan negara kita terus maju..HIDUP MALAYSIA…

  321. congrate to u dr.sheikh muszaphar………
    i wish u good luck

  322. Nydia…

    That experiment that u saw was for the school children syllabus.. thats y ..
    He has other experiments and research conducted for not only Malaysia but also Japan and Russia. Of course those experiments are highly confidential ..

    For Johan…
    Propaganda Kerajaan??? Ish Ish… macam tak kena jer komen En Johan tu..

    Anyway juz saw our cosmonaut on tv departing for journey back to earth. My prayers for his safe return, aminnn..

  323. congartulation!!!!!!to our astrounout. Semoga berada dalam keadaan sihat semasa berada di ISS

  324. salam…………
    ek mubarak kpd DR!!!
    saya amat b`bga krn DR dpt mengharumkn nama malaysia setanding den negara lain.Disamping itu DR dpt mengharumkan nama AGAMA ISLAM dan menggembalikan status agama kita!saya HALIDA sentiasa doakan DR selamat pergi dan selamat pulang!!!!

  325. Syabas Anak Malaysia….
    Dr. SMS dah pun selamat sampai di bumi. Kami sekeluarga sangat teruja dan tak sabar-sabar nak mengetahui cerita lebih lanjut tentang kat ‘sana’.

    Marilah kita sama-sama menyambut kepulangan Wira Negara kita dengan penuh kesyukuran dan keinsafan.

  326. Assalammualaikum…,


    I would like to say congratulation to Dr.Sheikh….u r the best astrounout in the world…

  327. Alhamdulillah

    Our cosmonaut Dr SMS has landed safely on earth…


  328. Assalammualaikum…..


    Tahniah…dan selamat kembali ke bumi…semoga pengalaman Dr.Sheikh di ISS dapat dijadikan panduan dan ikhtibar kepada anak watan Malaysia bagi menghadapi dunia teknologi masa kini…


  329. Alhamdullillah
    Sedikit masa lg Dr.Syeikh Muszahpar & Capt.Dr.Faiz bersama2 krew Malysia yg lain akan kembali ke Malaysia. Insya Allah berdasarkan laporan semasa yg kita terima semuanya berjalan lancar mengikut perancangan. Dan apa yg penting langkah Malaysia menghantar our 1st astronut merupakan langkah bijak dan amat perlu diteruskan utk angkasawan yg ke2 dan seterusnya. Hasil research Dr.SMS akan membuktikan yg calon kita adalah layak utk bergemar angkasawan.

    Utk En.Johan : Propaganda kerajaan???? wakakakakakaka

  330. *bergelar angkasawan*

  331. AsSalamualaikum…Dr.sheikh!! Amacam p angkasa,beSt x??
    Ade jmpe alien x kt sane?Hehehe.Lupe r nk suruh Dr. kim slm kt di0rang ari 2.Hakz.

  332. Congratulations for that outstanding achievement.I’m proud to see a Malaysian in outerspace!!..Ur the man..!!..Malaysia Boleh!!

  333. tahniah!!!!

  334. tahniah Dr.Sheikh muzaffar


  336. saya sbgai rakyat m’laysia berbangga d atas kejayaan dr sheikh muzaffar shukor yang berjaya menerokai angkasa lepas dan mengangkat nama malaysia ke iss

  337. “””kat sana ada nampak alien ke atau pun benda2 pelik2???

  338. assalamualaikum sheikh muzaphar..tahniah saya ucapkan kepada abang sheikh.saya berbangga dengan abg sheikh kerana telah menjadi angkasawan negara yang pertama di Malaysia.sesungguhnya jasamu akan sentiasa dikenang.luv u so much..

  339. Assalamualaikum Dr Sheikh…
    Selamat… kamu orang asia tenggara dan seorang muslim yang menejelajahi ruang angkasa walau aku bukan orang Malaisia tapi aku bangga dengan kamu

  340. assalamualaikum….
    selamat maju jaya

  341. hope u dpt cari teman hidup yg sesuai dan sejati…
    k kemsalam kt ma

  342. hope u dpt cari teman hidup yg sesuai dan sejati…
    k kem salam kt dr faiz……………………….ckp dia ngan jgn gemuruh

  343. Tahniah Dr.Muzaffar!!!! Agar segala pengalaman dan kejayaan yang dicapai di angkasa bakal menjana pemikiran rakyat Malaysia dan menjadi pemangkin dalam pendidikan anak bangsa.Namamu pasti tercatat dalam kamus sejarah sebagai Wira Negara yang gemilang.Syabas!!!

  344. cmne kajian dr. kt saner…?
    kalau berkesempatan sila datang ke smk telok mas melaka ntok menerang kn serba sedikit tentang kajian sel barah…terima kasih dan conragulation 2 you…..

  345. u r in a million……….
    u r up there in a vission
    i’m totally proud with you
    may Allah bless both of you
    lastly, best of luck

  346. Assalamualaikum w.b.t. semua..Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin. Saya ne sebenarnya dah fanatic sangat dgn Dr Muszaphar ne, saya hebohkan kat org yang dia ne ‘tunang’ saya. Lagipun saya pggil dia dgn gelaran manja ‘abg Mus’ hehe ko org smua jgn marah ye..

    Saya kagum sangat2 kat dia. Bagi saya dia miliki segalanya ciri2 lelaki idaman saya, termasuklah IQ dia, physical dia, kebolehan dia, kesungguhan dia & mcm2 lagi lah. I really respect him. He got evryting yg di idam2 kn setiap wanita. Harap2 lah dia jadi teman saya sehidup semati hehehe…Aminnnn….

    Kalau ko org nak tau, selama program angkasawan itu di jalankan, saya asyik dduk dpn tv tengok dia, dengar berita tentang dia, doa utk dia dan mcm2 lagi lah utk dia. Saya sampai tak ckup tdo sebab spent time untuk rancangan dia. Saya jugak rela tak pergi beraya sebab nak tengok dia dlm tv, apatah lgi siaran live dia.

    Saya kalau boleh nak jumpa dia face to face, pergi mkn sma2, pergi beli belah, bekelah dan mcm2 lagi lah. Nak ambil gmbr bnyk2 dgn dia jugak hehehe..

    Sory kalau ko org rasa saya ne berlebihan tapi itulah hakikat yang saya alami buat msane.

    Ok, kpd Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, i’m really proud of you, you are the real man, u are the guy i’m looking for hehe…LuV u. Hope u have a great life and hope u see n meet u one day, aminnnnn…..

  347. hai..askum..sy nk ucap syabas dan tahniah kpd kedua angkasawan negara kita kerana berjaya mengharumkan nama malaysia di persada dunia.syukur alhamdulillah kerana dr shiekh muszaphar berjaya mendarat dan sampai akhirnya..sukses slalo..jgn tinggal solat kerana walau apa pun yang kita lakukan hanya Tuhan yang menentukan..ingat tau dr sheikh and dr faiz..hehe..love you all!!erm,sy pon bdk mrsm gak..majulah mrsm utk negara!!

  348. askum ,saye harap awak akan dapat menjelajh ke seluru negara .untuk bertemu dengan pelajar macam kami ni yek….

  349. askum ,saye harap awak akan dapat menjelajh ke seluru negara .untuk bertemu dengan pelajar macam kami ni yek…awk kan first angkasawan negara kita kerana berjaya mengharumkan nama malaysia di persada dunia.syukur alhamdulillah kerana dr shiekh muszaphar berjaya mendarat dan sampai akhirnya..sukses slalo..jgn tinggal solat kerana walau apa pun yang kita lakukan hanya Tuhan yang menentukan..ingat tau dr sheikh and dr faiz..hehe..love you all!!erm,sy pon bdk mrsm gak..majulah mrsm utk negara!!Dr. SMS dah pun .There is nothing wrong being No. 2 aka “back up” crew for a space flight mission.selamat sampai di bumi. Kami sekeluarga sangat teruja dan tak sabar-sabar nak mengetahui cerita lebih lanjut tentang kat ’sana’.

    Marilah kita sama-sama menyambut kepulangan Wira Negara kita dengan penuh kesyukuran dan keinsafa.angkasawan Dr.Faiz. Pertamanya harap2 semua kita kena ingat ejaan nama angkasawan ni, ramai salah eja termasuk aku la.. hehehe.. anyway psl baru sorang naik gi ISS tu so xde la salah orang kan. Apa pun nak bgtau ada ka patut sorang mamat tu kata Dr.Sy.M main gasing kat ISS.. bkn main gasing la, ni nak bgtau semua org bezanya pusingan gasing di ISS ngan di bumi.. apa la. ni mamat ni bkn sintis punya otak tu psl kata main gasing. Info terkini yg amat kita boleh banggakan lg.. sebenarnya 18 calon terakhir angkasawan kita layak utk berada di angkasa. Cuma mmg panel pemilih yg terbaik psl cuma sorang saja yg akan pergi so Dr.Syeikh Muszahpar la yg pg. Apa pun harap2 hasil research Dr.S.M nnt akan mampu memberi sumbangan bermakna kepada dunia, insya Allah.

  350. Tahniah coz sampai angkasa.Tolong ceritakan ckit apa yang anda lihat kat angkasa.

  351. A,kum DR.sheikh n DR.faiz sy,fatin amira,fatihah fatin n hajar kami ingn mengucapkan tahniah kpd DR.kerana tlh berjaya sampai ke ISS, kami semua mendoakan agar dr slm tiba di malaysia….agar dlm keadaam sihat….kami mengucapkan love you slm maju jaya n you are very handsome man in the world!!you are my idol…dtng2 lah ke KB MALL n sek.kami d kota bharu..bye…bye…

  352. U are the Man!! Brilliant,charming,kindly,educated n The only Cute Man in the World!! M’sia Very proud With Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor … WE LOVE U

  353. salam.thniah!dr syeikh.wah!dh cm org arab plak ek.bgganye ngn dr.sy pn t’ign gak nk g sne.mst bgga kn jd ank m’sia yg blh bktikn m’sia bleh.sy skang ngah bljo lg.arap dr syeikh doakn sy trut b’jya cm dr syeikh w’pun sy amuk bdang akauntn.2 r,dlu mls nk blajo.t’kjut gak,tbe2 da prgram ni.dlu pk cm klako je cz bdk2 da cta2 nk jd angkswn.ye r,mne mgkin.tp,dr syeikh dh bktikn pd sy.arp,yg len pn blh b’jye gak.wslm

  354. Saya merupakan pelajar MRSM Langkawi,ingin mengucapkan tahniah atas kejayaan Dr. untuk mengharumkan nama negara kita…..

  355. selamat pulang kepada Dr. yang telah mengharumkan nama negara kita,Malaysia yang tercinta……….

  356. Ya Allah..Handsomenyaaaaaa… Alhamdulillah dh sampai ke bumi:D

  357. assalamualaikum…

    saya begitu bangga dengan angkasawan pertama negara kita, dr sheikh muzaffar…beliau kebanggaan kita semua sebagai rakyat malaysia sebuah negara yang kecil tapi maju…

    saya begitu terharu kerana beliau telah berjaya membuktikan kepada semua MALAYSIA BOLEH…beliau akan menjadi contoh kepada generasi2 yang akan datang…

    kepada dr sheikh, saya ucapkan tahniah kepada anda…anda telah berjaya membuktikan segala2nya…demi negara, bangsa dan agama…


  358. You make us Arabs proud of you!

  359. Assalamualaikum Dr Syeikh, i hope u always in a good condition.. Anyway, congrats for that outstanding archievement. 2 Dr Faiz, the next astronout, i hope u can reach u dream 2 go 2 the space. Muuuahhh, Luv u 🙂

    Saya sangat gembira melihat Dr selamat kembali ke Bumi tanpa kecederaan. Saya sering berdoa agar Dr Sheikh selamat tiba ke Bumi. Syukur kepada Tuhan kerana Dr. akhirnya selamat jua. Saya amat kagum dengan Dr. Sheikh sehingga mengikuti perkembangan Dr. Sheikh sebelum Dr. Sheikh berlepas ke Angkasa lagi sehingga mendarat ke Bumi. Paling saya takuti ketika Dr. Sheikh terhempas di padang pasir ketika mendarat. Saya ingat Dr. Sheikh mendarat di laut. Tetapi saya gembira akhirnya hero pujaan saya selamat. Dr. Sheikh merupakan inspirasi saya dan juga keluarga. Sekiranya ada rezeki saya, saya akan ke Kuala Lumpur untuk bersua muka sendiri dengan Dr. Sheikh di restoran Rebung.

  361. tahniah kpd dr sms cz telah slamat sampai n datang kembali ke bumi…tahniah juga cz berjaya menyelesaikan ujikaji yang diberi…terima kasih di atas eksperiment yang telah di tunjukkan di angkasa dan telah disampaikan melalui tv….tahniah dr sheikh muzafar cosmonaut negara…anda pembangkit semangat negara….

  362. Assalamualaikum Dr Sheikh,I hope u always happy and always in a good position. Anyway congrats for u achievement… 2 Dr Faiz the next astronout,hope u ready 2 go 2 the space for the next mission… Take care n gud for u 🙂

  363. Salam to Dr. Sheikh..

    Alhamdulillah u have landed safely…
    Im really2 proud of u..
    U hv inspired me a lot..

    Syabas to Dr. Sheikh… 🙂

  364. c0ngrats,smoga Dr sheikh muszaphar terus brjaya di masa hdpn,sy brbangga sbgai rkyt malaysia krna ngra kita telah berjaya en I h0pe Dr faez khaleed akan diberi peluang untuk ke angkasa lepas

    both of you are great

  365. Selamat pulang ke tanah air kepada Dr Sheikh Muszaphar. Minat sangat kat angkawasan ni sampai my hubby bawak pegi Rebung hehehe…tutup la pulak! Anyway bukan i sorang je yang minat ni rupa-rupanya anak i, anak sedara i, kakak, kakak ipar in fact mak i pun minat dr sheikh…alamak kena berebut la camni eh ahahah…kidding..All the best to him and may this expedition brings whole lot of benefit to Malaysian youth and inspire them to embrace science and mathematic.

  366. Assalamualaikum Dr Syeikh, i hope u always in a good condition.. Anyway, congrats for that outstanding archievement. 2 Dr Faiz, the next astronout, i hope u can reach u dream 2 go 2 the space. Muuahhh, Luv u 🙂

  367. Assalamualaikum Dr.SMS,
    Semoga pengalaman dan hasil dapatan sepanjang program dpt dikongsikan ngan rakyat Malaysia

  368. i love u dr!!!!!! u’re so cuteeeeeeeeeeee! i wish i could meet u…hehe….congratulations!

  369. assalamualaikum Dr.Sheikh…
    harap Dr. dapat kongsi pengalamn dr. dgn kami semua…
    dan dgr kata Dr.nak buat buku…
    kalau ader…pasti sy akan belinye…

  370. lega rase hati dapat dengar dr.selamat sampai ke bumi..

  371. Salam buat Dr SMS,

    Juz nak mention yang we malaysian really2 proud of you!!Not many people can do this amazing job!You’re great,gorgous,cute,handsome,brilliant,fuuu~juz can’t describe by words!Sng citer, for me you are the most perfect man ever!!So for those yang suke la nk kutuk2 ckp perabih duet gvernment tu, bwk2 la insaf..x bgos dengki2 ni..aku tau la korang jealous..mst muke pon burok mcm prangai korang jgk..aku tujukan ni khas utk sape2 yg name ubi kayu, tok guru sampan, malaysia boleh, piority, amir azmi, mat sampan and malu malu kt kutuk dr kt official blog dr tu..korang ni layak anta g somalia je..x patriotik lgsg!buduss!!Whatever it is, love our astronaunt sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!

  372. bagai manakah perasaan semasa kite berada di dalam soyuz (kapsul) ketika selepas terkeluar dari pada ISS menuju ke bumi iaitu ketike hendak mendarat,ape persaan Dr ketika pada masa itu..adakah keadaan kapsul itu jatuh dalam keadaan yang stabil atau sebalik nya..bagai mana pula Dr hendak menunai kan solat ketika berada dalam keadaan yang terapung begitu..sewaktu hendak mendarat adalah Dr terasa seperti gegaran??Adakah air kecil itu dikitar kan semula untuk kegunaan untuk minuman,oksigen atau yang lain lain..?saye ingin mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut..

  373. congratulation to the first malaysian astronout.I’m very happy to hear that ur save.i wish i cuold meet u. once again congratulation!!

  374. assalamualaikum.. alhamdulillah that u have reached earth safely.erm..i hope i could meet u… we,malaysians
    are really proud of what u have achieved. conratulation..

  375. hye dear DR…
    good job..
    n i really proud of u DR. SHEIKH MUSZAPHAR..

  376. askum dr sheikh…

    i love u!!!!

  377. wah …dah balik …selamat sampai ke bumi … sapa nak komen …komen lah …yang nak dengki …dengki lah … tapi benda benda yang besar .. bermula ngan kecil … aku sendiri sekurang kurang nya tau ada Space Station rupanya … kalau org mlaysia tak pegi mungkin aku tak tau sampai ke tua. Kau orang nak kata angkasawan ke … space traveller ke …kau orang punya pasal .. nantilah …lain kali aku naik ke bulan ke … mars ke … baru kau diam kot … tapi kalau jenis dengki dan berlagak pandai … ingat kata aku gila kot hahahaha

  378. Dr SMS….. mmg tau pun dia tak baca pun bnda ni, tp nk gak wish him “welcome back to earth”….. dengan kuasa Allah, malaysia dh ada angkasawan sndr, Allahu akbar… k, salam…

  379. Assalamualaikum rakyat MALAYSIA, pada ketika ini anda semua pastinya sedang tidur nyenyak.Ini adalah pertama kali saya melayari dan ingin memberi sedikit informasi terkini kepada anda.Sebentar tadi pada 2.30 pagi saya mendengar RADIO 24, dimana Dr.SMS sedang dibicara oleh Pengacara Nizal.Pada ketika ini Dr.SMS berada di Star City, Moscow. Tahniah kpd Wira Angakasa Malaysia yang telah mengharumkan nama negara dan telah banyak mengubah cara pemikiran serta minda anak-anak dan belia-belia Malaysia, juga umat Islam pada keseluruhannya. Saya begitu teruja dengan semangat beliau, yang juga tidak pernah ketinggalan menyebut-nyebut kebesaran Allah sepanjang beliau berada d ISS serta Sayus TMA10 & 11. Disamping menyatakan beliau melakukan ini semua semata2 kerana agama, bangsa dan negara. Subhanallah, begitu canggih teknologi kini, dimanakah kita? Kini, kita dapat berbangga kerana kita telah mencapai tahap pertama yang membanggakan. Anak-anak dan belia telah pun sedikit-sedikit melupakan akademi fantasia dan hiburan yang melalaikan.
    Sewaktu mendengarkan suara Dr Sheikh, saya sungguh bersyukur kehadrat Ilahi dan menitiskan air mata, inilah yang saya tunggu-tunggu selama ini agar anak-anak Malaysia bangun membuka mata mereka agar berfikiran luas tentang kebesaran Allah S.W.T dan mempertingkatkan ilmu pengetahuan untuk bersaing di arena global.
    Sebentar tadi Nizal telah menujukan pelbagai soalan dan telah dijawab oleh Dr.sheikh dengan sungguh baik sekali.Nizal telah beranyakan bagaimana Dr.Sheikh berpuasa selama dua hari di Sayuz TMA 11 dan menjalankan ibadah solat:-beliau menjawab-di angkasa saya berbuka dan bersahur mengikut waktu di Kazakhstan, saya juga menjalankan ibadah solat mengikut waktu di Kazakhstan. Beliau berkata di hari raya beliau telah menyanyikan tiga buah lagu iaitu lagu p ramlee,alley cats dan …Beliau telah memakai baju batik yang mempunyai motif bulan, bintang dan..,(akan di pamerkan di arkib nanti). Beliau sedang di kuarantin dan tidak dibenarkan umtuk berjalan sekarang atas dasar menjaga kesihatan. Beliau berjanji akan ke angkasa pada masa hadapan dan akan berada disana selama 6 bulan lamanya, juga berhasrat untuk menjadi komander di ISS (AMIN YA RABBAL ALAMIN).Mengikut beliau, kebanyakan dari Angkasawan yang berada lama di angkasa mengalami osteoperosis atas dasar – kurangnya senaman dan gerakan (dari pengetahuan saya).Sewaktu pendaratan, Sayuz TMA 10 telah tersasar sejauh 600km dari tempat pendaratan yang seharusnya.Mereka didatangi oleh pasukan penyelamat, dibuka hatch (pintu)oleh pasukan keselamatan dan dibawa menaiki helikopter ke pangkalan selepas 30minit. Beliau menyatakan Sayuz TMA 10 telah melantun sebanyak dua kali dan keadaan begitu panas sewaktu pandaratan. Beliau dan crew merasakan amat sukar bernafas seperti dihimpap gajah sewaktu pendaratan dimana sepatutnya kiraannya ialah 8G tetapi meningkat 9G. Beliau berada di atas crew yang lain sewaktu menunggu pasukan keselamatan. Beliau menyatakan lebih suka sewaktu menaiki shuttle atau sewaktu ke ISS kerana dapat melihat bumi, tetapi sebaliknya berlaku sewaktu turun ke bumi dengan Sayuz yang mana membelakangkan bumi(tidak dapat melihat bumi sewaktu pendaratan).
    Beliau berterima kasih kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia yang telah banyak memberi sokongan dan galakan kepada beliau (Sama-sama kasih Dr. Sheikh, apalah sangat sumbangan kami. Sumbangan Dr. Sheikh sebelum dan selepas ke angkasa membawa Malaysia ke mata dunia amatlah besar dan bermakna buat kami).
    Sampai disini dahulu, Selamat Pagi Warga Malaysia, hanya ini yang dapat saya kongsi bersama di pagi Syawal yang ke-11 ini. Bersatu hatilah kita, Majulah kita kehadapan dengan saling bantu membantu dan Sayang Menyayangi..Sesungguhnya Nabi Muhamad adalah angkasawan yang terbaik,menaiki Buraq yang tiada tandingan kuasa seperti Shuttle atau Sayuz dari Palestine, Ke langit Tertinggi bertemu Allah S.W.T, cuba kita fikirkan dan renung-renungkan..Assalamualaikum semua, sebenarnya esok pagi saya ada kelas tp saya tetap ingin berkongsi perkara gembira yang seumpama ini yang pertama kali terjadi di negara kita. Seronoknya jika dikaitkan semua ini dengan kebesaran Allah S.W.T. Salam sayang buat Ahmad Sibir dan seluruh umat Islam..dari Sarah Hussain Stamford College PJ y3s1.

  380. Assalamualaikum Dr,saya sebagai rakyat malaysia sangat berbangga dengan DR…Mudah-mudahan dengan permulaan ini akan menaikkan nama malaysia di maata dunia…saya sangat meminati Dr..Bagi saya Drlah yang menjadi idola saya kerana saayaa juga meminati untuk menceburi dalam bidang angkasawan..mudah-mudahan Dr dapat menceramah pelajar sekolah agar dapat menarik minat pelajar dalam bidang ini..terutamanya di sabah..sekian terima kasih.

  381. Assalamulaikum Dr…anda telah menjadi idola pada saya dan saya harap Dr. dapat menceramah tentang bidang angkawasan kepada semua pelajar di sabah..kami amat mengharap agar dapat datang ke sini untuk menceramah kami..oklah SELAMAT BERJAYA..

  382. aslmlkm,,, selamat kembali kpd anda..
    tahniah krn dr. tlh mbuat malaysia
    berbangga dgn anda sekaligus
    menaikkan nama malaysia ke
    seantero dunia….

  383. congrates!!!

  384. Asalamualaikum Sheikh and all malaysian,

    Its not only proud but dignity and respect for being the first malaysian in the orbit. All knows that It was initiated by Tun Mahathir and Pak Lah who make it real in 2007.

    You are the one choosen to represent malaysian citizen, always remember of what the country have done to you, so please exposed the next generation of what you have experienced from very beginning.

    we have spend hours watching every moment of your juorney with doa. Syukur alhamdulillah, May God bless you……

    Thank you

  385. Well not sure how far is true…Is SheikH muzaffar gay? heard that he and The chef guy are lovers.

  386. I find it very interesting that many folks here commented on Dr Muszaphar Almasrie being a ‘Malay’. Strange, very strange indeed. Isn’t there a Malay saying, ‘Lembu punya susu, Sapi punya nama’?

    Well, why don’t we change the name of ‘Arab Republic of Egypt’ into the ‘Malay Republic of Egypt’? Look, at the map folks! Egypt is further than China!

  387. you are so handsome… you make my life gone crazy..
    i like .. i love u……………… don’t forget to add contact with me i will wait for u forever………..

  388. assalamualaikum….. tahniah atas kejayaan Dr Syeikh Muszaphar Shukor…. semoga bjaya dalam ape jua yang anda lakukan…. chayo’ ….. love u….

  389. Alhamdulillah. Itu saja yang saya mampu katakan atas kejayaan SMS ini. Setinggi mana ilmu, kalau BUKAN atas kehendakNYA, mustahil mencapai apa-apapun. Namun tahniah buat SMS yang diizinkanNYA melakar sejarah dengan kejayaan ini. Saya amat berbangga (sangat-sangat). Saya membaca kebanyakan mesej yang diposkan di laman ini, Astaghfirullah…macam-macam. Kalau Tok Guru Nik Aziz boleh kata perjalanan SMS itu satu fardhu ke atas umat Islam, bertambah kukuhlah keyakinan saya bahawa ini bukannya pembaziran seperti yang dituliskan oleh beberapa orang di sini. Yang sinis memang banyak. Memperlekehkan tambahan pula SMS orang Melayu, ada pula yang mendakwanya Arab…betullah tu. Nenek moyangnya betullah Arab…tapi dah lunyai makan masak lomak cili api tu, sekolah kek seromban, …kira Melayulah tu. Wbp, apa sangat nak berkira tentang hal tu. Tipikal sungguh sikap sebegini. Tak kiralah, biru ke, coklat ke, hijau ke mata kita, kita kan orang Malaysia! Cukup. Tahniah SMS! Lepas ni kalau Dr.Faiz pulak berjaya, apa pula kata orang ek? Orang cina kot sebab mata…tapi mengancam jugak….!!!

  390. alhamdulillah dah smpai ke bumi..teruskan kajian yup! moga success slalu…my prayers always be by ur side..we are all proud of you doc..really2 proud..smpai tak terungkap dgn kata2..hahah…u’re my idol..insyaAllah one day i’ll become a doctor..doc betul2 mnjadi sumber inspirasi saya masa saya betul2 tgh down..masa saya rasa susahnya ambil medic….tp kjayaan doc tlah mnjadi pndorong kpd saya utk never give up n now i love taking medicine.n i’m sure all people out there also look u as their idol..anda mmbuka mata dunia doc!!menaikkan martabat malaysia. untung mak ayah doc dpt anak cam doc..untung bakal isteri doc nnti dpt suami cam doc..hope to meet u one day..sgt2 bharap….ok,we all always pray 4 u..we all love u.we all really proud of u!!tabik spring..wslm

  391. Alhamdullillah…syukur ke hadrat ilahi bahawa Dr. Muzaffar dah pun mendarat ke bumi dgn selamat dan segala urusan dan kajian yg dijalankan pun telah berjaya dilaksanakan dgn baik. Kejayaan ini amat membanggakan bagi seluruh warga Malaysia terutama sekali pemimpin kite terdahulu, Tun Sri dan juga sekarang Pak Lah. Kejayaan ini juga telah membuktikan bahawa Malaysia boleh melakukan misi-misi yang mungkin satu ketika dahulu mustahil bagi kita. Semangat Malaysia Boleh dan berkat doa dari rakyat telah membawa Dr. Muzaffar berjaya dgn misinya ini. Tidak lpa juga kepada Dr. Faiz. Kejayaan anda berdua akan menjadi mercu tanda kejayaan anak bangsa Malaysia yg akan datang. Tahniah untuk anda berdua, Dr. Muzaffar & Dr. Faiz.

  392. congratulation!!i’m so proud of u,dr!!

  393. Assalamua’laikum..Dr Sheikh
    Tahniah buat Dr kerana dpt ke angkasa n pulang dgn selamat..
    dan paling membanggakan.. Dr merupakan angkasawan malaysia pertama y dpt terbang ke sana tuk meneruskan penyelidikan.
    tidak terjangkau difikirn ttg kehidupan tanpa graviti..
    terdengar perbualan Dr di kaca TV telah terbukti, ciptaan Tuhan terlalu Berkuasa..
    saya juga ingin berkongsi aper2 y Dr rasai di sana..
    bagaimana raser diri apabila melihat persekitaran di luar bumi..
    per y terfikir dfikiran Dr waktu itu…
    segalanya la… hope hear u… proud of u Dr..

  394. cangratulation to you be as the angkasawan pertama negara ye…..
    semoda dr.sheikh berjaya di dunia dan akhirat dan dapat berkongsi segala pengalaman yang ada…
    tiada yang mustahil dalam hidup ni….
    nice to know you n bye

  395. im so proud of u!!!

  396. A’kum Dr. SMS…I’m very proud of u…and u r so handsome….love u….

  397. A’kum Dr. SMS…I’m very proud of u…and u r so handsome….love u….when r u getting married..

  398. waa…ely berase bangge kerane dr.sheikh sebagai ank malaysia pertama yg menjejakkan diri ke angkasa lepas…syabas abg dr.sheikh yg cute…hope dpt dtg ke sek ely ehh…bagi tunjuk ajar…ok….sek..SMK seri serdang,UPM…ok…..xp….take Care

  399. Askum…tahniah dan shukur alhamdulillah buat astronout negara Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor..kerana telah berjaya membuktikan bahawa Malaysia boleh menjadi diantara yang terbaik.Pada Mejar Fariz…ur turn as the second malaysian astronout…gud luck..we hope u will be the best, same as our first astronout. jangan lupa bumi key…bila dah naik space kirimkan salam kat e.t ek…;p askum…

  400. A’kum Dr. Sheikh…I’m very proud of u..alhamdulillah cz Dr. sampai ke bumi dengan selamat. terus kan kajian ok…to our second malaysia astronout…ur turn will be coming…gud luck ek..hope u will be the best as our first astronout, when u will be at the space..send my regards to e.t ek..hikhik..;p.gud luck to Dr. Sheik and Mejar Fariz..
    both of u have make the malaysia boleh slogan come’ true…Allahuakhbar3x!!!!

  401. askm dr.sheikh..
    h0w r u? surely im praying 4 ur success!!
    n may ALLAH SWT bless u.
    btw,slamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin!!
    n im really proud of u!!
    u had made each of everyone in m’sia proud of U!!
    hope u will come back 2 m’sia n give a talk 2 my school (StGeorgeGirlSchool)at Penang on hows ur trip n ur feeling being up there!!
    pliz!!really hope dat u will come 2 my school.!!!
    =) n congrats 2 U!!!!!
    i’m really proud of u dr.sheikh muszaphar shukor as u r our dearest 1st ANGKASAWAN MALAYSIA!!!
    luv u dr.sheikh!!

  402. akum dan salam sejahtera…
    tahniah diucapakan….saudara telah menjadi kebangan seluruh rakyat Malaysia…namun adakah anda pasti Allah akan menyangjung anda….. harap-harap semua yg dilakukan bakal mendapat ganjaran pahala dr Allah…tetapi kenapa rata 2 rakyat malaysia termasuk pimpinan negara kita tak pernah menyentuh betapa hebatnya cipataan Allah di angkasa…. sebaik-baik manusia adalah golongan yang berkir tentang ciptaan Allah dan dr kajian tersebut menambahkab iman. apa oun tahniah n terus kan peerjuangan…

  403. hi dr sheikh muszphar.
    selamat hari raya.
    dr sheikh selamat mendarat di bumi .
    apa khabar?

    smiley always

  404. korang semua aku nak tanya kat korang muszaphar dah ada tunang ke lum?


  406. alhmdulillah..slamt kmbali kebumi..
    hurm,bt dr sheikh,andalah wira ngr..my batman..huhu

  407. Dear Nini

    If a Malaysian of Chinese origin were to be fluent in Bahasa Melayu and eat Nasi Lemak, Sambal Belacan and Tempoyak every single day, why don’t you call them ‘Bumiputra Melayu’ considering that China is a lot nearer than any Arab country?

    Why don’t you call Osama Bin Laden a ‘Melayu’? He has a ‘Bin’ just like all of the Malays and his ancestors are from the same village as some of your ‘Bangsa Melayu’ leaders?

  408. hi..dr sheikh…how r u…hope u find always…i’m very proud of u…i’m sure u have so much experience when u r in ISS…so..i hope that u can share something to me…i really want to know about angkasawan…i really like this topic…so can u reply my msg….giv ur email too…thanks so much….muahxxxx….luv u….daa…hope 2 see u soon…

  409. congrat dr sheikh ~.^

    best x kat angkasa?? hehe

  410. Seronok baca mesej di atas yg dihantar oleh “On October 23, 2007 at 4:26 am sarah hussain stamford college pj y3s1” professional dan educated mesejnya…

    US astronaut = NASA Astronaut
    Russia astronaut = Russia cosmonaut
    Selain daripada di atas semua astronaut adalah astronaut negara itu sendiri…
    Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor = Malaysia astronaut..
    why? because soyuz or Space shuttle is not belongs to us

    What belong to us is orang kita yang sampai ke angkasa
    our Malaysia astronaut…
    Tak kira berapa lama…
    Yuri Gagarin yang pertama sampai ke angkasa pun hanya spend 108 minit saja. Itu saja masa yg dia sempat sbb tokoh legenda ini tidak sempat ke angkasa utk kali kedua…

    Yuri Gagarin was born near Moscow, Russia on March 9, 1934. He died on March 27, 1968. Yuri joined the Soviet Air Force in 1955. By 1959, he was training to become a cosmonaut.

    On April 12, 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit Earth! The name of his spacecraft was Vostok 1. Vostok 1 had two sections. One section was for Yuri. The second section was for supplies needed for Gagarin to live such as oxygen and water.

    Vostok 1 circled Earth at a speed of 27,400 kilometers per hour. The flight lasted 108 minutes. Vostok’s reentry was controlled by a computer. Yuri Gagarin did not land inside of Vostok 1. He ejected from the spacecraft and landed by parachute.

    Yuri Gagarin was killed in a plane crash before he could travel in space a second time.

    Yuri Gagarin =angkasawan (astronaut/cosmonaut)pertama dunia
    Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor = angkasawan (astronaut/cosmonaut) pertama Malaysia

  411. syabas dr heikh muzaphar..!! anda lah wira malaysia..berusaha lah dengan bersungguh2..aza-aza fighting..!!! hehe..

  412. To our young and charming.. mejar Dr. Faiz..
    Good luck and take care of urself…
    Hope to see u in space for our next space journey.

    We are going to have our own soyuz which might be called as kapal angkasa satu or what ever the name is…
    Someday someday… round the next corner i hope..
    it’s not a day dream…

    Lets make it come true…

  413. Another Arab….omg!!! Faham bahasa Melayu rupanya…Osama orang Melayu? Bolehlah! Sapa-sapa pun boleh…jangan Bush sudah! Buat lawak pulak Arab ni…!!!@#$%

  414. Dear Syed Luqman (18Oct@9.59am)

    Here is the equation in Malaysia:
    Keturunan Syed + Keturunan Sheikh = Keturunan Pendatang from NON MALAY countries further than China!

    Oh, by the way, it has been established in the Arab countries that the ‘Keturunan Syed’ are actually descendants of the 1st Jewsish tribe to embrace Islam! Prophet Mohammed’s (pbuh) only son died without bringing any zuriat.

    When you were practising Judaism, you say that you were ‘The Chosen People of the God’ after after embracing Islam you make false claims again! Here’s another fact – The human race (including the Kufara’) are all descendants of a prophet (Prophet Adam), so what is your excuse now?

  415. Dear Nini

    I love a good debate. No hard feelings. I’m honoured that you consider me ‘faham Bahasa Melayu’ but here’s the fact – it is incorrect to categorise someone as a ‘Bangsa Melayu’ based on what they eat. Don’t you consider DNA as precise proof of ‘Bangsa Melayu’?

    If you were to categorise someone as ‘Bangsa Melayu’ based on their diet, what category would you grant to the Baba Nyonya of Melaka and Penang?

    Love you Nini!

  416. Dear Nini

    Bush’s real name is GEORGE BIN ABDUL AZIZ AL-BUSH!! Dia pun ada ‘Bin”!

  417. saya tahu.. apa yang nak saya katakan ni.. susah orang nak terima.. ramai orang akan berfikiran saya ni.. gila.. mungkin saya dah tersilap mengambil keputusan untuk diri saya sendiri.. tapi.. saya rasa.. tentang angkasawan Malaysia ni.. dia.. er.. lebih baik saya diamkan je apa yang saya rasa tentang dia..DIA MEMANG.. DAHH..emm,takpala…. namun,,saya rasa saya boleh berkongsi dengan seluruh rakyat Malaysia// emmm.. semenanjung dan sabah sarawak.. yang angkasawan ni.. AKAN DIPINANG SAYA!!!!!!

  418. Another Arab….

    U r being petty… shame on u..:P

    Nini… I agree with u… datuk nenek moyang and so on and so forth memangla arab…! Accordingly.. most malays originated from Yunnan Province of China.. but that doesnt make us still a chinese ..we are now malays!! Likewise Dr SMS ..

    Incidently some encyclopaedia define a Malay as someone who practises Islam, regards the Malay culture, speaks the malay language, eats, lives that of a Malay.. so what do u hv to say about that AA?

  419. hey…

    congratulation ya…

    you proves that there is nothing that we cannot do…

    GOOD JOB!!!!

  420. assalamualaikum….saya bangga sangat kerana angkasawan negara kita akhirnya berjaya ke angkasa lepas

  421. askum..tahniah di atas kejayaan Dr kerana telah berjaya mencapai misi negara kite meskipon Dr adalah org yg pertama ke angkasa lepas..Bagi saya inilah 1 kebanggan buat MALAYSIA kerana kite juga setanding dgn negara2 yg maju..yg mempunyai teknologi yg canggih..semoga ramai lagi rkyt MALAYSIA mnjd ankasawan yg berjaya..

  422. i lurve yOu sheikh!!!!yOu are Our herO!!!!

  423. tahniah……………..
    kejayaan Dr.SMS menjadi kebanggaan rakyat. Saya dan keluarga amat berbangga…. tahniah sekali lagi….

  424. Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar,
    I am indeed proud of your achievement. All Malaysians and your parents have every right to be proud of you and what you have done . This space programme has indeed stirred a strong interest in Science and Technology among young and old Malaysians alike as it was intended too. Having gone through all the comments made on this blog and being an ardent follower of Channel 588 I feel excited about what is about to happen after all these. I am sure the interest in Science an dTechnology among our schoolkids will surge as never before . I now realise the reason behind the change in policy of teaching and learning of Science and Maths by our former Prime Minister. Syabas Dr Sheikh and Syabas the Government of Malaysia on this bold and brave project.

  425. Dear Nina (24Oct@1014am)

    Thank you very much for your message. Also, thank you for your clarification that most Malaysian Malays trace their origin to Yunnan Province in China with a large minority of Malaysian Malays tracing their roots to Arab countries. Why are you trying to tell me things that I am already aware of??

    You asked me what I have to say. Well, this is what I have to say:
    Malaysia chose an ethnic Arab to be the 1st Angkasawan and he became the 3rd Arab in space (after a Saudi and a Syrian)! Thank you Malaysia!

  426. i am so happy that malaysia have an astront good job!!!!!!!! hope you enjoy drsheik muszaphar shukur

  427. saya ialah peminat awak im 11 years old

  428. syabas!!!..kerna tlh bjaya mjdi angkasawan m’sia pertama.

  429. congratulation..btuah sungguh u jd angkasawan m’sia yg ptama.May god bless u…

  430. congratulation! buat anda semoga senentiasa success dan drahmati Allah amin…

  431. Dear Nina (24Oct@1014am)

    Since you stated that most Malaysian Malays trace their ancestral origin to Yunnan Province in China; would it not be correct to say that Malaysian Malays are in reality ethnic Chinese who have embraced Islam, adopted Arabic names 100% and speak a language that is more Arabic in content (vocabulary)?

    By the way, what is wrong with having a DNA to determine your ethnic origin?

  432. selamat sejahtera. saya amat berbangga kerana akhirnya negara saya mempyai seorang angkasawan. kejayaan ini menunjukkan negara kita mampu bersaing dengan negara-negara yang lein dalam menjelajahi angkasa lepas. saya mengucapkan tahniah kepada Dr. Sheikh khususnya dan negara amnya.

  433. cayang dr.sheikh…tahniah…………..!!!!!!!! berapa umo dr ni?? saya 12 tahun… bleh minta email x?? nnt send dekat email sya k.. nurkasih91_cayunk@yahoo.com.. daaaa

  434. Dear Nina (24Oct@1014am)

    Petty is not a word to describe someone who has been consistently accurate, precise and factual.



  437. I think I have succeeded in sliencing all claims that Dr Muszaphar Almasrie is a ‘Bangsa Melayu’.

    For those who are not familiar with Arabic surnames. Here is a hint – Arabic surnames will always begin with either AL, EL, BA or BIN.

    By the way, ALMASRIE is Arabic for ‘The Egyptian’. There is absolutely no reason for any ‘Bangsa Melayu’ to link himself to a country that is one of the original 7 founding members of the Arab League!

    If Dr Mus is a true Deli Melayu, he would have a name like ‘AWANG A/L PENDEK’. Am I not correct Nina? Please don’t take me for a bodoh!

  438. congrats,congrats,congrats
    ank malaysia bolehhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    i,m very proud

  439. aduhai kawan…
    jangan begitu…
    Siapa pun dia orangnya kalau asalnya dari Malaysia maka orang Malaysia ler.. kan…
    Sedih lah citer bangsa2 ni… kita kan negara yg bersatu..
    satu bangsa, satu bahasa…
    Selamat Hari Raya.. Maaf Zahir dan Batin..

    Malaysiaku Gemilang…
    Syabas anak Malaysia…

  440. akum…. hai kawan 2… sapa sapa nak pi angkasa boleh daftar sekarang…. ada potongan harga… siapa cepat dia dapat… semua orang boleh melancong…janji ada duit..cuma kamek..nak pesan…bair kita terbang tinggi mana…. jangan lupa bahasa kiter…asyik cakap bahasa org putih jer… pak leh pun masa komunikasi dgn pak syeikh cakap b.melayu…. sedih aku tgk … syabas pak lah…. jgn lah duk berlagak sgt….. kiter ni melayu… ikut lah cam PM kiter…

  441. Askum….Congratulation Doktor Syeikh Muszaphar for being The FIRST Malaysian Angkasawan

  442. tahniah dr sms..
    im very proud of u and i hope u will do the best

  443. Dear Tiara (24Oct@6.38pm)

    Kindly accept my sincere apologies if you are offended by this mention of ‘Bangsa’. But why don’t you scroll up and look at all those yang membangkitkan ‘Bangsa Melayu’ lah, ‘Anak Melayu’ lah, ‘Martabat Melayu’ lah etc.?

    Time has changed. Get used to it. There are many Malaysians like me, who are not afraid to admit we are IMMIGRANTS and we prefer to stand by those who do not share the privileges of being ‘Bumiputra’.

    At the same time, as ‘Bangsa Melayu’, you have to learn to be sensitive so as not to offend us Arabs. Gone are the days when Arabs are not fluent in their language. The new generation of Malaysian Arabs can now speak fluent Malay and Arabic and we have a sense of identity and are not easily swayed by your ‘Masuk Melayu’ rhetorics! We look at Arabs pretending to be ‘Bangsa Melayu’ as clowns! Imagine Osama Bin Laden wearing a Chinese Emperor’s costume and claiming to be a Chinese!

    For a start, stop categorising Arabic Names as ‘Nama Melayu’! Another sad case of ‘Lembu punya susu, Sapi punya nama’. Arabic names have meanings in the Arabic Language. And stop insisting that ‘Nama Melayu’ must have a ‘BIN’. Let me tell you that by adding ‘BIN, you are identifying yourself more as an ARAB and not as a ‘Bangsa Melayu’. Go and ask Osama Bin Laden!

    What is wrong with names that are purely Malay in origin? Names like Awang, Purnama, Budiman, Hang Jebat, Hang Tuah, Hitam, Melati, Mawar etc. There is nothing in Islam that says that you must have Arabic names.

    I admire the Indonesians for their embrace of their ethnic identity. You can see it in their names. Even though they are Muslims, they maintain their identity and not try to be wannabe Arabs. Who would expect that a name like ‘Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’ is leader of the largest Muslim country in the world?

    So, is it against the law for me to remind my fellow Malaysians that Dr Muszaphar Almasrie is an Arab with a Malaysian nationality? Is it wrong for me to say that Hollywood actress ‘Salam Hayek’ is an Arab with a Mexican nationality? Is it wrong for me to say that ‘Shakira’ is an Arab with Colombian nationality? Is it wrong for me to say that Zineddine Sidane is an Arab with French nationality? Is it wrong for me to say that Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) and Paula Abdul are Arabs with US nationality?

    Times have changed. There are now Malaysians of Chinese origin who can speak fluent Arabic. You can’t keep on fooling people anymore.

    Once again my apologies to my Melayu Muslim brothers and sisters for the harshness of this message.

  444. elow…nk tau tak????smalan kan,kte pegi bulan….best giler….nk ikot tak???tunggu kte mmpi yerk…bawu boleh ikot…he..he..he..anyway,tahniah to syikh muzapahr…mmuuaahh!!!

  445. Dear Johan (24Oct@7.16pm)

    Sorry to inform you but Pak Lah is ‘Makkawi’. If you want to know what that means, please go to the Saudi Embassy and ask them!

  446. Dear Another Arab,

    I was stunned and totally amazed at the way u stood by ur so called “arab claim”. It awed me further when u went all the way to suggest DNA procedures conducted to back ur statement… LOL.

    As for names.. u mentioned Awang A/L Pendek .. well I thought thats pretty whimsical .. Its not often one gets acquainted with an arab comedian..and a very angry one too..:)). As for Melayu Deli.. isnt Deli something to do with Indonesia?

    U said u hv succeeded in silencing all claims pertaining to Bangsa Melayu. Well I do not think so. I still stand by what I said. As for taking u for a “bodoh”… my apologies… really I dun appreciate taking anyone being “bodoh” unless the person him/herself thinks he/she is. I dun make it a habit looking down at other ppl be it their race, culture, language, names etc .. I am proud of my race as a Melayu but I dun despise other races and think that my Melayu is better and mightier. Sorry I dun hv a problem with that…

  447. Dear Nina (24Oct@10.39pm)

    Are you so very sure that you are truly a Malay? What kind of a Malay are you – you don’t even know the difference between a Deli Melayu and Melayu?

    I suspect that you are just another descendant of a non-Malay immigrant pretending to be a Malay. otherwise, you wouldn’t have felt insulted by the DNA issue.

    You say that you don’t despise other races. You cannot even embrace your own Bangsa Melayu who are non-Muslims and yet you say that you don’t despise another race? What a joke. At least we, as Arabs, don’t have a problem with our brothers and sisters who are Christians. We NEVER deny them their Arab identity even though they are Christians or Druze. Their Arab identity is guaranteed by our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

  448. Dear Nina (24Oct@10.39pm)

    Sorry. I forgot to add that as Arabs, we don’t need an encyclopaedia to tell us who is an Arab and who is not. The Prophet of Islam (pbuh) has already clearly spelled it out.

  449. Dear Nina (24Oct@10.39pm)

    Do you want to know why DNA is a very sensitive issue to you?

    Well, it is because that in Malaysia, ‘Bangsa Melayu’ (not to be confused with Deli Melayu) is the only Bangsa in this world where you can ‘Masuk Melayu’ and choose to ‘Keluar Melayu’!

    Sounds like a Club Membership to me!

  450. Dear Another Arab,

    I consider myself a Malay and nothing can change that.. not even ur sarcastic remarks!!

    I am not ashamed to ask u that question with regards to Deli because I dun pretend to be a ms “know all” or a “smart alex”… like some ppl do.

    Also it doesnt hurt me a bit whatever u suspected as per my ascendants, be it chinese plus arabic plus dutch plus wateva..coz like I said before… I consider myself a Malay regardless of what ascendants I hailed from. I stand by the fact that I was born here a Malay and a Muslim, I adhere to the Malay culture, speak the Malay language, live and eat as a Malay and Muslim..etc etc etc ( Muslim Arabs lament at the fact that until today, not all Arabs are born Muslims..and as the saying goes… if u cant fight them…join them..(joking ..k). On the DNA issue…insulted?…:P.. on the contrary, Another Arab..!! I was actually v amused!!!

    Again I stress, it is not my habit to look down on others .. as such I feel compelled to remind that as a Malay.. though I am proud of my race that doesnt deem me mightier or better than other races.. jangan marahhh… ya..:))) KALLAS!!

  451. Dear Nina (25Oct@12.09am)

    I think I should apologise for hurting you. Wallahi ana muta’assef jiddan jiddan. I didn’t mean to do so.

    I sensed that you are my Arab sister but the difference between you and I is where we identify ourselves. Can we start afresh please?

    I am also a Malaysian like you. So, let us forgive and forget. By the way, the difference in terminology used for ‘Melayu’ and ‘Deli Melayu’ is as follows:

    Melayu : Peranakan, from within Nusantara (eg Bugis, Javanese, Minang, Bawean, Banjar, Manadahiling, Aceh etc) who have embraced the Malay Culture. This term can also be applied to Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis and other immigrants from outside the Nusantara who embraced the Malay culture.

    Deli Melayu: Genetic Malays (currently less than 15% of the Malay population in Malaysia). The Kelantanese can be considered as Deli Melayu as their customs is very similar to the Deli Melayu in Riau and other parts of Sumatra. Now you understand why the Kelantanese consider other Malays as ‘Pendatang’.!

  452. Another Arab,

    Thank you for enlightening me on Melayu and Melayu Deli.
    U are indeed v knowledgeable. I guess u muz be either a historian or a professor in ethnic study or simply like me, an encyclopaedia enthusiast…lol..or perhaps a psychologist turned hostile..hehe

    Anyway..I wanna sleep now..

    Good nite… assalamualaikum my muslim brother/sister…:))

  453. first of all, lots of CONGRATS to our dear Dr SMS & salam eid mubarak =]

    ehem, Nina & Another Arab, u both really something ha… whatever, but i agree with Nina. i juz wanna point out 1 thing to Mr Another Arab: about ‘bin’.. this is not about malay or what, this is for muslim, yes for non-muslim there’ll be such name like u have mentioned (AWANG A/L PENDEK).. right Nina? hee..

    malay or arab or anyone, the most important is ‘heart’… please live nicely everybody =]

  454. Assalamualaikum w.b.t…Dr. Sheikh.. Tahniah and Well done as our misi come true. Alhamdulillah Dr boleh dah jadi role model yang baik terhadap ramai orang..InsyaAllah Allah may bless u. As for me you are success as parent you pun memang beriman dan berkat doa ummi and ayah n parents n semua rakyat malaysia yang doa ..solat hajat u selamat. dan diri Dr sendiri pun memang bersihla….suke sangat!Kalau nak wat sesuatu niat kene betul,,and nawaitu kepada Allah s.w.t..kejayaan dr membuktikan kebesaran Allah..bestnyer dapat gi space…sure tambah humble diri kiter terhadap Allah s.w.t..As a science teacher your success will be as isnpiration for children to become somebody by doing research and study well…Your experiment akan dikongsi oleh sume orang… Tahniah dr..and tahniah kepada keluarga dr..Dr nanti kirim salam kat adik Dr …that’s Sheikh Ahmad:)…jangan lupe!..Assalamualaikum..May God Bless u and your fiancee n your family and all muslim and others…’Hope dr will reply!

    Fatthima Hussain,23(geomariner_84@yahoo.com)

  455. Gosh, very interesting conversation there you Nina and AA! Tapi dari pengalaman I dengan orang Arab…which is sangat banyak….Arab memang suka berdebat…cepat panas…tapi kalau dengar student dari Arab, ramai colleagues I akan surrender, tak nak supervise them! Tapi itu Arab yang betul2 datang dari Arab le…AA ni kira dah Arab Malaysia, so tak termasuk dalam kategori tu lah… Anyway, that makes the mosaic more colorful, right! And AA, cool yeah (like my children always say to calm me down!).

  456. My dear sister Nini (25Oct@8.40am)

    Thank you for your feedback! Yes, I am one Malaysian Arab that loves Sambal Belacan and Tempoyak but at the same time, I equally love our Mezze. When I am back in Malaysia, I miss our Arabic dishes and when I am in any Arab country (which I do spend 4-5 months in a year), I miss our Asam Pedas. By the way, I do cook Arabic dishes at home.

    But for the record, I grew up in Egypt and studied at the Cairo University. I speak, read and write fluent Arabic and have mastered my written Bahasa Melayu when I moved back here. Like most Arabs born in non-Arab countries, I have dual citizenship as enshrined by the Arab League.

    You are right, there are now thousands of Arabs students in Malaysia and thousands more are visiting each year. In Malaysia now, there is a second renaissance in all things Arabic as more Malays are rediscovering their Arabic origin. With Pak Lah, Hamid Albar and Mizan, you are set to see Arabic Language becoming a more dominant language than what it used to be.

    My, my, even non-Malays are now learning to belly dance – another Arabic culture from our pre-Islamic days!

    Why keep denying your Arabic roots?

  457. Dear Dr Sheikh,

    Good Morning!

    Terima kasih banyak,kerana dapat mengharumkan nama negara di mata dunia..
    Semoga berjaya dalam semua bidang.
    We LOVE you so MUCH..

  458. Dear Sape2 Lah (25Oct@4.39am)

    So, if Bin is strictly for Muslims, how would you describe DAVID BIN GURION? A Malay? An Arab? A Jew?

    BIN is an Arabic word and let us Arabs determine the correct usage. We don’t need a wannabe Arab tell us how to use OUR LANGUAGE!

    Sorry to say this but I am tired of you Malays restricting non-Muslims from using INSHA ALLAH and ALHAMDULILLAH. To start with it is NOT YOUR LANGUAGE and please be reminded of it!

    Christians Arabs (who all have Arabic names) are free to use INSHA ALLAH and ALHAMDULILLAH because ‘ALLAH’ is Arabic for God and is God to all. If ALLAH is a Muslim God, then who is TUHAN? A Malay diety?

  459. it makes me wonder.why cant they find someone who isnt a somebody or belong to a “datuk” tan sri” family?both of these candidates come from well priviledged families.they arent your average “joe”,a guy/girl who came from the village,or an out-towner.it justs makes me wonder how many strings they’ve pulled,well since they belonged in the wealthy-class community.they’ve had so many priviledges in their life,WHY CANT THE BLOODY GOVT FIND SOMEONE WHO ISNT FROM THIS PART OF SOCIETY AND DO SOME GOOD TO THESE PEOPLE?TURN THEIR LIFE AROUND,GIVE THEM HOPE AND DIGNITY?WHY WOULD YOU SEND SOMEONE WHO IS ALREADY BEING FED WITH GOLDEN SPOON ALL THEIR LIFES?WELL,THATS WHAT I CALL 50 YRS OF INDEP.CONGRATULATIONS GOVT OF MALAYSIA.YOU’VE WASTED OUR MONEY,THE TAX PAYERS’ AND I CANT JUSTIFY YOUR ACTION.

  460. All I have to say is that the whole Space Tourism thing was a total waste of tax payers money. He is NOT an astronaut, he just went up to space, served the Russian Astronauts Malaysian food and asked them to fill out survey forms on what they think about the food. It is sad that the Malaysian government funded this bogus project. The 25 millions dollars could have gone into research, helping the poor or went into the educational system (we really need good teachers). I don’t think this guy deserves the attention he got, he never conducted any experiments or did any analysis on space, he was merely sent to space for the sake of “being the first Muslim Malaysian” in space. The fact this was made into such a big issue was because the word “Muslim” was mentioned so many times throughout his interview. Why does religion have to do with going to space? Why can’t he be the “First Malaysian” that went to space and not “The First Muslim Malaysian”? Do we need to sub categorized every single thing so that everyone comes with a label, or represent a special minority group. At a time where the government is trying to promote “muhibah” amongst all races, slapping labels all across the community is not the right thing to do. Did we ever hear statement like “the first Blackman in space?” or “The first Jew in space?” Looking at the posed pictures that this guy took, it’s his modeling side that is demanding attention. Sheikh, your 15 minutes of fame is up, you can step down the stage now. And for Malaysia, I hope we learn from this lesson, as space tourist Anousheh Ansari, 40, an Iranian born American businesswoman went to space for $20 Million, we paid $25 Million to conduct food surveys in space. Malaysia Boleh? Sure we can, we just need to take a longer time than everyone else.




  462. assalamualaikum……………sye peminat Dr..no 1….i love u….jgn mara…..nnti lg tmbh tua…..

  463. Dear Sape2 Lah (25Oct@4.39am)

    If indeed ‘Bin’ is mandatory for Muslims, go and instruct your sebangsa serumpun ‘Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’ to include a ‘Bin’ in his name!

  464. assalamualaikum,
    Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar,kesayanganku. Selamat kembali ke bumi Malaysia. Tahniah diatas kejayaanmu,berjaya menjejakkan kaki ke angkasa lepas. I LUV U SO MUCH,DR. SHEIKH.


  466. apa khabar Dr.Sheikh?

    Sebagai rakyat malaysia saya berbangga dengan kejayaan anda.Semoga selamat pulang ke malaysia.All malaysians love you so much….

  467. Dear Wook iee (25Oct@11.29am)

    I salute you for your excellent statement.

    Nevertheless, let’s look on the bright side – Malaysia sent an Arab to the ISS. He is definitely not a Malay. For playing his role as the ‘First Malay Angkasawan’ so well, he might even venture into Hollywood!

    Can we arrange for Michelle to rope him in?

  468. Dear Wook iee (25Oct@11.29am)

    On a separate note, maybe we can set up the first Malaysian Restaurant at ISS? Serving Nasi Lemak, Rendang Tok, Asam Pedas, Kapitan Curry, Satay, Lontong etc.

    Wow, I’m getting hungry already!

  469. Dear Trentdabo (25Oct@11.31am)

    I assure you that our Dr Mus is an Arab stud! Don’t jump to conclusion just because that Chef Ismail is his business partner. Chef Ismail is a really family friend.

  470. dear dr. sheikh…
    congrat 4 ur achievement 4 our country.
    i’m d 1 dat who r vry proud of u n also admire u.
    hope u can share ur xperience wif me……..
    congrat again,.

  471. I have no problem with sending A Malay, Indian, Chinese, or any Malaysians up there if its for a good purpose. There needs to be a good reason to spend 25 Million dollars, those are the hard earn money that the tax payers paid, and I believe it should go back to community and do good things. Let it be feeding the poor or setting up a good health care system for older generations of Malaysians. We do not need to prove ourselves to the world that we have a Malaysian in space. We need to focus on what is important to us, such as healthcare, education and put Malaysia on the track to become a stronger country.
    For me, Someone like Tun Adbul Razak, Tungku Abdul Rahman… these are the heroes of our country, certainly not a space tourist that looks “ cute in pictures”. Priorities has always been placed second in our society, Malaysia is always out to prove a point to the world rather than wanting to think further down the road. I don’t want to speak ill of my birth place, but sometimes being a minority I do feel like a red headed stepchild that no one cares about. It will take a very long time to unite all Malaysians, and for now I can only see more segregation and people putting stereotypes on each other because after all, we are too good and too fast to label ourselves.

  472. I don’t want to sound like an ass, but the $25 million should go into education so that people do not write like these people:

    “congrat 4 ur achievement 4 our country.
    i’m d 1 dat who r vry proud of u n also admire u.
    hope u can share ur xperience wif me……”

    “congratulation 4 u..u will be malaysian idol…we will pray 4 u n wait 4 u…u make everybody salute to our country…”

    “Tahniah kpd Dr Sheikh…. U are my idola..
    Saya memang minat glerrr ar tentang angkasawan nie… x sangka pulak anak malaysia dpt pergi ke angkasa lepas…. Dr Sheikh u are very lucky man… i’m verry respected to u… ”

    It is important to write proper English and Malay, and not some bahasa pasar. This is a forum, and no you are not talking to your cat. If we want to be respected in this world, we got to write properly and talk properly. The British left behind a good english educational system, yet so many people here speaks like some goons that fell off from trees. I say $925 Million should have gone into education, and for all gods'(allah, jesus, buddha.. etc) sake, train and pay our teachers enough so that they can bring up a better generation. Stop Space Tourism in Malaysia, Support Education!

  473. Dear sapa sapa yg duk puji pak syeikh….
    Janganlag terlalu memuji…itu hanya kejayaan kecil saja…hanya allah yg layak dipuji….Negara lain lama dah naik ke Angkasa…. kiteer….keta pun tak reti nak buat sendiri lagi……nanti kiter / media masa asyik duk puji dia…. tak der apa pun dia boleh buat…. selamtkanya dr sifat riak, sombong n bongkak…. Ari tu masa cakap ngan Pak Lah pun bukan main Somboong lag mamat ni… Pak lah cakap melayu dier cakap mat om…putih. Tak pandai cakap melayu ker

  474. haiiii

    i’m very like u….
    bcozz u is da first time goes to da moon….
    hehe. 🙂

  475. Dear Wookie,

    You are very eloquent and I totally agree with you. I think you must look Hot.

  476. yg ko nak memburukan nama dia knp…lantak dia lah nak ckp org putih bukan menyusahkan ko pun…bagus lah dia pegi iss….dripd ko 2 x pernah pergi pe pulak…

  477. syg dr sheikh

  478. Dear Wookie

    Your concerns are very genuine and it may surprise you that there are millions out there who are against this waste. Nevertheless, it is part of the pre-election ploy to appease the Malay mentality that Malays can go to space.

    The point is – No Malay has ever been to space because Dr Mus is an ethnic Arab. But the Malays will be dancing happily for any achievement by anyoneone claiming to be a Malay. Scroll up and look at them singing praises and claiming Malay achievements! Hell they will even be happy with any achievement by a Jew provided the guy is willing to wear Baju Melayu, have a ‘Bin’ in his name and insist that he is a Malay.

    And that is the truth.

    The next major activity the Malays do is to give out titles to each other to make them feel that they’ve achieved something. And yet there are Muslim scientists in other countries whose achievements in the world of medicine, science and technology are considered major contributions but they don’t have titles.

    Then again, we need to give the Sultans (which, by the way, is an Arabic word and not a Malay word) something to do or they’ll be bored to death.

  479. Another Arab,

    I thought our slanging match has ended on an amicable note yesterday but I cant help but respond to ur rather careless and very provoking remarks …

    U seem to be a very frustrated Arab here in Malaysia.. I wonder what happen…

    U cant accept the fact that a Malay has gone out of space.. (thats ok .. its ur right) .. u must be terrified too of the fact that not all Arabs are muslims unlike the Malays.. who are 100 percent muslims !!I hv said before, I do not look down on other races but u hv made me come out with this bold statement… WE MUSLIM MALAYS ARE BETTER THAN U PROUD ARROGANT MUSLIM ARABS!!!! U ARE ONE OF THOSE ARABS WHO IS JEALOUS OF THE SUCCESS OF OUR MELAYU RACE. (Not all Arabs of course, there are some v nice humble ones)
    WE MANAGE TO BE A “BORN MUSLIM” RACE. EVERY MALAY U MEET IS DEFINITELY A MUSLIM (save for a few isolated case) UNLIKE U ARABS…DESPITE OUR PROPHET MUHAMMAD S.A.W. BEING AN ARAB, U ARABS STILL HV OTHER RELIGIONS WITHIN UR RACE!!! U cant even help our palestinian brothers and sisters … so stop dancing ur arrogance dance!!!

    This is sad…

    Btw.. juz out of curiousity, are u always in ur Arab robe?

  480. Dr.Sheikh

    Well done!!!
    All da best!!!!!
    We are very proud of you….

  481. Guys, c’mon, the forum is about that tourist that spent $25 million hard earned dollars doing nasi lemak surveys in space. Its really not about religion. I think its sad that everything is associated with religion in Malaysia, haven’t we learn from those countries that mix Politics and Religion together, none of them actually succeeds. I hope you guys sort things out.

  482. ur da best in malaysia right now!!!
    ignored what eva people say…
    u make malaysian proud…
    i support u…

  483. u’re right nina =]

    neway, mr AA, did i say ‘bin’ is STRICTLY or MANDATORY for Muslims? if a muslim doesn’t want to put ‘bin’ in his name, suka hati dia lah.

    i know many arabs, i learn arab language, my ustaz mostly are arab & they’re all very nice, but i never meet an arrogant arab like u.

    ‘wannabe arab’? i’m pure malay, a muslim & i’m thankful with this. even i learn arabic language & know many arabs, i never think to be an arab. & i never think to teach an arab how to use arab language.

    u said Malays restricting non-Muslims from using INSHA ALLAH and ALHAMDULILLAH. are u sure? my teachers & lecturers, non-Muslims, always use these words, they even give Salam whenever enter our class / halls, & we like it, we answer it with smile. The other malay lecturers also are please with this. Please don’t condemn whole malays juz by seeing some of them making mistake. even u’re like this, i still respect & love my arab ustaz.

    To start with it is NOT YOUR LANGUAGE and please be reminded of it! <— oo really? … Al-Qur’an is in arab right? is’t it juz for arab people?

  484. dear sharina…
    ko yg tak sub sgt dgn dier apa hal…. sapa ko….
    jangalah tak sub sangat..kiter lum tahu lagi hasilnya… kalau setakat nak melancong….tu..aku pun boleh….. bawa gasing & ketupat… main kat sana….. ko nak ikut aku ker…..kiter main badminton ker, tenis ker kat sana..lagi gempak…

  485. sheikh muszphar bertuah dpt prg iss….die mmg brtuah!

  486. Syukur Alhamdulillah..segalanya telah selamat. Dr Sheikh telah selamat pergi ke ISS dan kembali ke bumi walaupun beliau belum kembali ke tanahair yang sangat dia cintai, MALAYSIA.Apepun untuk Dr. Sheikh, tahniah..anda telah membuat MALAYSIA menjadi bangga memiliki seseorang seperti anda. Mempunyai semangat yang jitu, mencintai negara malah membanggakan negara. Dr. seorang yang berbakat dalam apa jua bidang yang diceburi. Sucsess sebagai Dr, ahli perniagaan, model terkenal dan Angkasana negara.Kita tak tahu sama ada akan ada atau tidak orang seperti anda. Secara peribadi,saya sangat berbangga dengan Dr. Saya harap selepas ini akan anda menjadi contoh, ikon yang terbaik untuk rakyat MALAYSIA meneroka angkasa raya. Akhir kata, saya berharap Dr. akan berjaya didalam hidup dan saya doakan juga Dr. akan mengakhiri zaman bujang dengan insan pilihan hati. All the best Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al-Masrie.

  487. Sape sape lah…

    Some arabs (not all) think we malays pining to be “wannabe arabs”…what a “damnn optimistic” opinion!!

    Who wld want a complicated mind like our honorable mr. AA, a very black heart and vengence written all over his face?? A mouth that hs gone out of control and nasty thoughts playing over and over again. I for one wld not want to be associated with any of that. As a muslim, I try v hard to control my bad impulses.

    Like u, I am very grateful to god that we malays are all born muslims. From history, we all know that our ancestors either practiced hinduism, buddhism or native animism before converting to Islam. And we hv managed to keep this faith for generations upon generations because we hv the capabilites to see that our Islam is the one and only true religion and the Quran was definitely not written by men. That shows at least our race hv a clear understanding and intelligence. Otherwise how do u think we hv managed to run this country successfully.. (I know Mr AA is fuming now.. through his arab nostrils..heheh).

    Keep up our head high .. Malays.. dun let a premature andropausal arab guy strip us off our dignity!!

  488. dear sapa 2 jer lah..
    aku sokong apa yg dikatakan oleh dr masitah…..tak yah kiter bangga melampaui batas…. perbelanjaan nak pi sana amatlah besar…. guna duit kiter gak.. kalau ada hasil tak pa lah….tapi kalau tak ader apa pun kejayaan yg di bawa…. kan namanya membazir..baik duit tu di gunakan untuk tlg rakyat yg misin terutamanya harga minyak yg duk nak naik ni…….

  489. Hello Nina,

    When you wrote “And we hv managed to keep this faith for generations upon generations because we hv the capabilites to see that our Islam is the one and only true religion”, you are putting other religion down to make what you believe is superior. It is written in the law that if you are born a Malay, you SHOULD be a Muslim. I have met a few Malays who have converted to other religion but they were then disowned by their family and had to be sent to religious reform/rehab school before they left Malaysia for good. The family kept a secret from the rest of the world as it is a disgraceful act that this person has brought to the family, so no one really heard their side of the story. So it does happen, just that it wasn’t reported.
    I think when our country set such strict rules for its people, most will just follow the flow and will not challenge the system. Being a Muslim in Malaysia has a lot of perks too, houses/properties are cheaper, you get upper hand in education system, so if I were a Muslim, I won’t want to rock the boat either. I am writing this not to belittle your religion. I respect Muslim ritual and its believes, but I will never put down other religion and claimed “we are the best coz no one in our religion change their faith”. Again, I think the topic of the forum is about the space tourism and not about religion. Not everything is religion related, but mutual respect is indeed the right way to go. I am not sure if this posting will get posted. If it does, I wish everyone well and be considerate. If there is a chance, travel out of the country and learn from the experience, about other countries and different cultures and believes, that will make you appreciate what you have and be more open minded about other things. Thank You for your time.


  490. Dear Nina (25Oct@9.36pm)

    Thank you very much for your reply. To be honest, I thrive in any verbal fencing and seize every opportunity I could to make a statement that is based on FACTS.

    You accused me of making ‘careless and very provoking remarks’; well, unfortunately, I consider them as ‘Accurate, Precise, Factual and Thought-Provoking’. Every single statement I made is accurate but it rocks your boat and makes you extremely nervous. Noticed the deafening silence from either the ‘Keturunan Sheikh’ or the ‘Keturunan Syed’?!?! They don’t want to be drawn in and be humiliated for their hypocrisy.

    For the record, I have never indicated that the Arab race is superior. Oh, rest assured we have our fair share of idiots and clowns like all other races BUT we do produce scientists, doctors and other professionals who excel in their profession to the point where they can secure employment and contribute in developed countries. Suffice to say that our successes are also well documented in local TV series featuring Islamic contributions in Medicine and Science. And oh, by the way, we don’t need to study Mathematics and Science in English in order to produce scientists. We can do it with Arabic!

    And whilst we are on the subject of language, how come Bahasa Melayu does not have a written form of language? How come it has to be borrowed either from the Arabic or English alphabets? How come 60% of your vocabulary is Arabic in origin? Note: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka consists of four words and two are from Arabic (Dewan and Bahasa)! That by itself has proven that Arabic Language has significantly enriched Bahasa Melayu!

    May I ask you why should I be jealous of Malay Successes? Malay Successes translates into ‘Arab Successes’. Now let me see:
    1. Our country spent millions to send an Arab to space.
    2. Five years ago, our country spent millions to install an Arab as the symbol of everything that is Malay, which was followed by feasting and merry-making.
    3. This year, our country spent millions more to install another Arab as the symbol of everything that is Malay and followed by another orgy of feasting and merry-making!
    So, why should I be jealous? Tell me.

    Since you claimed that the Malays have made successes, can you list these successes (strictly in medicine, science and technology) down for me to research? Can you name me all your scientists? What contribution has the ‘Bangsa Melayu’ made to the human race? If there is none whatsoever, may I suggest that you go back to your Chinese roots (Yunnan Province) because there you will find plenty. Plenty enough to have had the attention of the Prophet of Islam (pbuh)!

    As for the presence of Christian Arabs and Druze, it shows our level of compassion. Furthermore, as I have stated, it was the Prophet Mohammed’s (pbuh) guideline that the Arab identity not be made solely on religion. He made it out of wisdom and if you Malays chose to ridicule him that is fine by me. For your information, during the crusade, Suleiman El-Ayyouby (whom I am very proud to say was an ethnic Kurd) selected a Christian Arab as his No 1 general out of respect of the Christian Arabs fighting alongside the Muslims. Now are you enlightened?

    As for the Palestinian issue, it is documented that hundreds of thousands of Arab lives have been sacrificed to free Palestine from the Zionist Occupation but the sad reality is no Arab power can vanquish a power supported by the US (through the Jewish Lobby). It is easy for you to blame it on us but the sad reality is the whole world has been held in control by the Jewish Lobby – just look around in this country at all the commercial symbol of Zionism!

    As for your question on whether I wear my Arabic Thoub. Yes, I do especially for Friday prayers. And every Friday I see many Malays wearing the same. It makes me wonder?

    Now, what are you going to do? Have me incarcerated just because I am one Arab who does not wish to dance the Zapin and sing Dondang Sayang just like the other Arab hypocrites in this country? And yes, I will be glad to perform the Dabke for you!

  491. Another Arab,

    U are a man totally obsessed or should I say, literally possessed!!!

    I hv never indicated that we hv strings of successes as per mathematics and science. Those came purely from ur overactive and confused state of mind. I said…”at least we Malays are born muslims”… pls read and digest..!!!

    U can say what u like to back ur overzealous statements.. but as a muslim, I suggest u read back what u hv written of us Malays and if u were in our shoes, shld we juz sit back and take all those written sitting down???

    In Islam too, we hv to defend what is right and I know u always think what u said are all right.. I guess u thought too highly of ur own opinions. U hv no regards of others and hv no sensitivities. U said u dun regard highly of ur race, but ur delirious ravings about arabs show…u displayed urself “stark naked”!!!

    Dun ask me to go to Yunnan, China.. becoz if i go there, I wld hv to go to the middle east too coz I happen to hv a mixed of chinese, arab, dutch and malay blood. And rightfully, as I am born and bred here in malaysia, as a Malay, I am very happy and proud to be one.

    U are also very “aksi” man.. pls refer to Sape2la remarks about the quran. It is written in arabic so i guess it is only exclusively for u arabs??? As for the arab robe, thank god they look nice on our men…:)))

  492. Trust me; I am a very politically correct person. I never want to put down anyone and make them feel bad. But I am siding with Another Arab right now, as in he presented facts in his arguments, and I can see the point he is trying to make. I know this is not a competition, but Nina you need to present facts to convince people and not “I think” “We are” “I assume” because its mostly based on what you believe and NOT what is being seen around the world. Yes, I agree I do see more scientists and Mathematicians which are of the Arabic race on CNN, BBC etc. But Another Arab, you are a smart chap and I am sure you know that the Malay culture is still a young culture, the Arabic culture went way back thousands of years. I think Malaysia is still trying to find an identity as it is considerably young country, so things are still changing and sure it is not a time to celebrate by giving each others praises of a job well done. When we embarked ourselves in the plateau with the rest of the developed country, THEN we should pet our selves on the back and say “syabas”, it is definitely not now, not 5 years from now. Malaysia needs to sort itself out, it needs to align people’s mentality, to get rid of affirmative action and make it anyone everyone’s game (healthy competition can promote growth) and the majority need to get out of its comfort zone before we can succeed as a nation. Sometimes hard words come with spikes and spurs and it may cut you, but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Perhaps things can be put in better context, but I give you credit for not sugar coating the topic. Thanks Arab.

    PS: It still saddens me that majority of people on this blog choose to say how cute Sheikh is and not question what has he achieved after the $25 million spending? There is no difference in spending $25 million by sending Britney Spears to space . Its still a lost cause. I would like to hear from the people in “good malay” or “good English” why they are proud of Sheikh, what are his achievements. Because right now all I read is broken Malay and broken English, which makes me sad that obviously our educational system did not work.

  493. dr.syeikh….TAHNIAH…wira malaysia gitu….i love u…hehehe

  494. Dear Andy,

    Thank you for ur message. I must apologise to u most profusely for coming up with that religion statement. Honestly I wanted to put within brackets (no offence intended) but unfortunately I forgot. It was unintentional. I hope u and others will accept my apology.

    Juz for ur information, I hv travelled to many countries esp the middle east and I hv had also the opportunity to travel to Jerusalem. It is here my heart missed a beat because I was totally awed when realising that the Muslims, Jews and Christians share the same prophets. (Some prophets)I hv always known this through history but to be there and see for oneself is totally an amazing experience. Anyway.. this is juz a remark .. k. 🙂

    I agree that respect goes a long way, but when someone belittle ur race… u juz cannot sit and smile..

    Sorry this is the wrong forum to “blast off” but I cant help it.

    All the best …:))

  495. Apology Accepted! Thanks 🙂


  496. Nina, I just got to ask. Do you agree with the $25 Million spending on the trip? Do you think its the right time to spend this money? Do you think the $25 million could have been spent on something else? Trust me, I won’t bite your head off if you said Yes to the first question.

  497. hi guys…i really2 proud 2 b a malaysian..
    now malaysian has prove that we all can do anything taht ather people can do..
    thaT guy not juz a briLLiaNt guy but also a really hot guy..
    i admire him so much
    i wanna b as good as him
    even i might not b da next angkasawan buT i wanna malaysia 2 b proud wif me,a malaysiaN can do everything not only in our mind but in da reality worLd..
    malaysia boleh!!

  498. Dear Andy,

    Yes I agree that it is worth spending RM25million K for the trip. When do u think is the right time to do this? 10 years from now? 20 years from now?

    I believe Andy, u know how the systems work. We hv budget for everything.. budget for education, budget for town/city planning, budget for the poor, budget for the aged .. etc etc so as the country cld grow in balance.

    The idea was mooted by our ex pm in 1985. It is now 2007 so they muz hv calculated and considered and budgetted and planned and wat nots to safely conclude that we are able to finance this trip in 2007. Dun ask me to present facts and figures as I am not a Finance person and I know u like facts and figures on the table :)… I juz use my common sense..:P

    And Andy.. I dun mind u biting off my head.. I am ready and prepared!!

  499. Andy..

    I forgot to add in…

    If u think 10 or 20 years from now wld b a good time to hv that trip… how much do u think it will cost then?

    If u think no such trip shld ever take place at all for Malaysia, at least as long as we are still around, then god bless u…:))

  500. I accept your answer Nina. But I disagree with you, I don’t think its worth spending the money at all. I don’t think the government has been wise in spending the national budget; this to me a wasteful spending. Its not the right time, not now, not 10 years from now. We do not have to prove a point to the whole world. Instead we should focus on ourselves first. Find ways to take our people out of poverty. Do you know that the economical balance between the races has gone totally off balance? The Malays are taken cared by the government; Chinese are taking care of themselves. Who is there to help our Indian brothers and sisters? The $25 million could have gone into helping Malaysians to achieve equal economical balance within races. I know there are racial problems everywhere and it’s almost impossible to balance it out, but it still shows that our country’s priorities are not right. I do not mind our countries budget goes into building the most lavish and beautiful mosque in the world, I believe religion brings people together and unite them. Can’t the $25 million go into public housing, and setting up better public education? Why does it have to be spent on a guy who did nothing else but smile in front of a camera and looking all pretty and be called the first Muslim Malaysian in space? Why should millions and millions of hard working Malaysian’s money be spent on one person, who has NOT done anything back for the country except being a poster boy. I don’t get it? I am a Chinese and I never questioned affirmative action that I am not eligible for, but I just wish our country can prioritize our problems and issues first before spending so much on an exorbitant gimmicky event. I am sad, I don’t know why people choose only to see the pretty side of things and not put the flip side into considerations. Nina, thanks for the explanation.

  501. Priorities Nina, priorities. There is such a thing call delayed gratification. Solve our national problems first before enjoying the space tour. I don’t think we need an astronaut, we do not even have a space program. Or at least use the $25 million to send 500 people to work with the Russians, rather than send pretty boy up there to strike a pose. Right, Nina? =)

  502. Sorry Andy.. I do not agree with u.

    We can go on and on.. u with ur facts and figures and priorities..ur scepticisms
    and I, with what I hv juz said..

    I muz quote India as an example (no offence intended). They spend millions or billions on nuclear weapons, military etc and u can see, how poor the ppl are… if u juz happen to be in Delhi, u will know what i mean.. but thank god, we dun find such situation here..

    I dun like to go into this racial issue (I still hv an unfinished biz with Mr AA to settle..:P) as I am not politically inclined but I assure u, the Indians are improving in their life status, otherwise y do u think Ananda Krishnan is the richest man in Malaysia? And our good Datuk Seri Sammy Vellu a cabinet minister .. these are the voice of the Indians…

    Hey take care, I gtg… talk to u later :))

  503. Hi guys be global man. All the problems of the world started because of all the narrow minded thoughts we have , all the racist attitude we have, all the kekitaan we have, all the we are the best, the rest are second, all the …………. I believe its time to stop if we want to make the world a better place to live. THis handsome angkasawan belongs to everybody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  504. semoga dr sheikh dpanjang kan umur, n happy dsamping kluarga n yg trsayang. sy mmilih dr syiekh sbagai idola sy.. bkan shaja dia brpengalaman tp cute.. hehe..

  505. is it rite dat dr sheikh is gay?i got know from a lot of people surrounding me? n more, wat is the relationship btween dr sheikh n chef ismail..something bad make me trouble n shock..dr sheikh xplain?

  506. Dear Nina (26Oct@4.06pm)

    I will respond to Sape2La once I’ve done my research.

    Dear Andy0905 (26Oct@4.06pm)

    As an Arab, I apologise for my countrymen’s behaviour in duping the rest of the population that they are Malays. My principle is that if the Baba Nyonya cannot enjoy Bumiputra privileges, then we Arabs have no reason to demand such rights simply because we come from countries much further than China and our DNA will not support it. We are after all a Semitic race.

    The behaviour of these Malaysian Arabs (aka Bangsa Melayu) is most embarrassing. The are the LANUN looting this country and that is why there are still poor Deli Melayu (aka Genetic Malays). Yet they blame the Chinese! What hypocrites!

    If we depricve these ‘Bangsa Melayu Arabs’ through DNA, we can save billions each year on unnecessary lavishes, pomps and pageantry. They SHOULD NEVER be given Bumiputra rights because Arabs (unlike Malaysian Chinese) are guaranteed dual-citizenship by their ancestral homeland. This is one of the Arab League’s charter.

  507. HaI Dr TaNiaH KeRaNa DaPaT MeNjAlaNKan MiSi D AnKaSalEpAs…..SeMoGa SiHaT SeNtIaSa.AmiN……

  508. dr..ur myhero..

  509. ko nak g iss bleh dpt ke entah2 bru nak daftar dah out…lantak lah dia nak bwk gasing ke ketupat ke guna duit ko ke…yg ko benci sagat kat dia apasl pulak….untuk masitah

  510. Andy,

    I hv meant to request u to read this site but was in a hurry to go off juz now.

    I wonder if u hv read this. Juz in case u hvnt, pls give time to log in and read. The address is too long to type in here so I wld appreciate if u cld log in “the straits times online, then click top right hand corner in box “Jaring emedia”, next u click on news and finally click on Q & A with Datuk Mazlan Othman. I assure u will hv a more professional presentation of whats nagging in our minds. Enjoy…

  511. Hi,

    “A friend is one who knows who you are,
    understands where you have been,
    accepts what you have become,
    and still gently allows you to grow.”

    All the best for you: In whatever you do,anyway at everywhere 🙂


  512. hai dr sheikh how are u to day

  513. Dear Fred (26Oct@9.53pm)

    Let me assure you that Dr Mus is NOT GAY! He is a pure breed 100% Arab STUD. Chef Ismail is a dear friend to his mother. Do you think that his mother would allow an effeminate guy to touch her beloved son?

    But you know, gays (like women) love to be seen with a handsome beefy stud. It increases their market value and they enjoy the little spotlight that they can share.

    As for me, I’m extremely content to running after the girls that are running after him! Who knows, I might meet someone nice?!?! 😉

  514. Dear Andy0905 (26Oct@4.06pm)

    Thank you for your compliments BUT I am not smart.

    If I am smart, I would dupe the Malays into elevating me as a Sultan in either Malacca, Penang, Sabah or Sarawak by telling them that I am a descendant of the Prophet of Islam!

    I would even give Malaysia a discount – During my installation, I will kiss every keris in this country, kitchen knives, parangs and cangkuls for the effect.

  515. Dear Another Arab..

    On a lighter note…

    If u wanna someone nice.. u shld try to b nice urself

    and if u wanna kiss the kris for effect, try kissing ur own mouth if u can.. it cuts well and deep

    Sorry cant help it… “a muz respond situation..!!”

  516. Dear Nina (27Oct@10.09am)

    😉 😉

    I’ll be the Malaysian version of Edward Scissorhands with an improved gadget – a tongue to kill!

    Love you Nina!

  517. Another Arab,

    Yeah… “bite ur tongue” too if u know what I mean..

    Killer!!! (ur tongue)!


  518. Dear Nina (27Oct@10.09am)

    You know, I am really a nice person.

    Of course, I will start to retaliate when insensitive Malays insult my name and identity. When I tell them my name, they say I have a ‘Nama Melayu’, when I introduce my Christian Arab gf to them, the Malays would say that she must ‘Masuk Melayu’ to be married to me. Do you know how much problem I have with JPN because i don’t have a ‘Bin’?? JPN insists they have rights to determine how Arabs (who never asked for Bumiputra rights) should be named!

  519. apa khabar dr.?

  520. semoga sihat selalu..

  521. semoga allah memberi rahmat kepada dr. &keluarga.from:zafri@taman jelutong dan email saya>zadfri@yahoo.com.

  522. Dear Another Arab..

    My hunch was correct… something did happen that turned u into what u are now..full of bitterness..

    Try going to JPN again..and apply for a “bin” to be included in ur name… i.e. if u wanna the “bin” and if it is allowed…

    As for those malays who insisted ur gf masuk melayu, I strongly believe they meant “masuk islam”..

    Sometimes in life we hv to read the “in between the lines” and not act rashly out of anger

    Like Nini said… Cool Yeah…:)))

  523. dr.merupakan seorang perwira malaysia.Saya mengucapkan selamat pulang ke>tanah air tercinta.Jika saya berpeluang utk menjadi angkasawan seperti dr.,saya akan membuktikan kepada negara Malaysia bahawa Malaysia juga setanding dengan negara2 luar.Selamat maju jaya kepada angkasawan pertama Malaysia.MALAYSIA BOLEH.

  524. Jangan lupa email kpd saya>zadfri@yahoo.com.

  525. Dear Nina

    Do you know, it is haram to change the name of the religion? Allah has chosen Islam as the name and not even us (as Arabs) would dare to use ‘Masuk Arab’.

    That term ‘Masuk Arab’ or Arabianised can only be used when you embrace the Arabic Language & Culture (regardless of religion). Many Arab countries are Arabianised (15 last count) but the ‘pure’ (if there is such a word) is from the Arabian Peninsula.

    We NEVER used ‘Masuk Arab’ to describe someone that had embraced Islam. I will never dare to say such things myself. It is forbidden.

  526. Dear Another Arab,

    Goodness gracious!!…mamamia… !!

    Let me enlighten u..

    Actually the words “masuk melayu” are used by our Malaysian chinese whenever someone wants to convert to Islam. The thinking is…when u convert .. u become a malay. But that was in the days gone by. Nowadays its a different story.. everyone knows when u convert to Islam u do not automatically become a Malay. U can actually still eat with ur chopsticks or dress in ur cheongsam top with long pants (for ladies)… nothing wrong with that as long as it covers what needs to be covered. U dun hv to dress in Baju Kurung. Likewise the men.

    Well the malays take this as a joke and always say in jest “masuk melayu” . If this is forbidden then god forgive those jokers… for me I never said anything as such coz I know ppl convert to the religion not to the race. They can then adjust and adapt as per islamic guidelines. AA..u remind me so much of these lines..

    “Dun be alarmed.. when u hear the alarm” hehehe :)))

    Try saying these lines many times.. u will find them really amusing…lol

  527. Dear Sape2 La (25Oct@11.27pm)

    For your information, Arabic Language had existed BEFORE the dawn of Islam. To categorize it as a ’Devine Language of Islam’ would be MOST INCORRECT. Allah chose Arabic Language as a vehicle to deliver his message and as a language of communications between Muslims.

    There are still languages in the Arabian Peninsula that predates Arabic. Along the Yemen & Omani border, you will find a language that is referred to as ‘Mahra Language’ and in Syria ‘Aramaic’ is still spoken. In the island of Socotra, they also have another language that also predates Arabic.

    Arabic is still used in all Arab churches and Arabic is the language used in the Holy Bible. This is through my exposure with the Coptic Church and the Syrian Orthodox Church. I know that this is something unbelievable for the Malays and that is because you have never lived in any Arab country and see a Mosque and a Church located next to each other. I can assure you that there is no confusion as to which ‘House of Lord’ an Arab goes to.

    It may be of interest to you that there are hundreds if not thousands of ‘Arabic Language’. Suffice to say that the Quranic Arabic is no longer written nor spoken. What has evolved is called Colloquial Arabic where each country has its own dialect. It may surprise you that there is a European (Christian) country that speaks Colloquial Arabic – MALTA. The Maltese can communicate with the Tunisian and Algerian easily.

    Therefore, for you to state that Arabic Language rightfully belong to all Muslims would not be totally correct although Muslims can get closer to Islam through Arabic. However, there is an Arabic Language Department in Cairo that has become the DBP of the 22 member states of the Arab League as provided for in the Charter. They are the rightful party to determine the proper usage and definition.

    As such, it would be diplomatically correct for Malaysia and Malays to dispute the proper usage of Arabic to the right party and that is via the Arab League.

  528. hai dr sheikh..me’n’my sister luv u coz you who is ‘d’ brave astronut…tq very much sebab tlh mengharum kan nama negara malaysia nie…
    this is from aisyah ‘n’ mieyra

  529. congratulation dr. sheikh!i’m the fan of channel 588.hehe. to be the 1st astronout after the challenging training is d best thing.i’m also solute u as ur patriotism.
    u are not only charming(people always talk about that!), but u hane been given by ALLAH a smart think n brilliant. thanks to ALLAH for HIS GIVEN

  530. Es-salam alaikum Rakyat Malaysia

    Saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia yang telah mendoakan dan mendorong saya ke arah kejayaan negara kita.


  531. Takziah kepada Dr. Sheikh sekeluarga atas pemergian adiknya. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya. Amin..

  532. salam..
    congrate 4 both of you…
    you all make malaysian proud…
    to DR Sheikh…
    you had proved dat nothing imposible in this world..
    kejayaan anda telah membakar semangat sy utk bergelar engineer dlm bidang aerospace..
    keazaman yg dr tunjukan menjadi punca inspirasi sy…
    impian bermula dgn angan2…
    dan angan2 itu telah anda kotakan…
    to dr faiz…
    semoga berjaya dlm misi seterusnya…
    anda jgk hebat

  533. kesian dr sheikh atas kematian adik sheikh….saya turut cedih lah

  534. Assalamualaikum,

    Pertamanya tahniah sekali lagi buat Kerajaan Malaysia kerana dpt merealisasikan program angkasawan negara dgn menghantar Dr.Syeikh Muszahpar ke ISS.
    Dan yg keduanya mohon admin bagi blog ini agar mana “bloggers” yg dah menyimpang dari topik atau yang dah menyentuh isu-isu perkauman sila “unpublish” comment yg berkenaan. Pada aku antara tujuan blog ini adalah untuk menyatakan pandangan masing-masing berkenaan dengan program angkasawan sulung ini. Kalau nak bercakap hal-hal yg tidak berkenaan sila pergi ke blog yg sepatutnya. Tidak sesuai lah untuk menyatakan apa bangsa angkasawan kita ni.. Pada aku yang apa yang penting dalam program ni adalah untuk melihat keupayaan rakyat Malaysia. Bila menyatakan pendapat atau komen tu biarlah berlandaskan rasional, jangan emosi. Bila orang sudah dikuasai emosi nampak sangat BODOHnya. Malaysia merdeka 50 tahun, tapi nampak sangat masih ada mereka-mereka yang tidak berjaya untuk menunjukkan kemerdekaan Malaysia itu. Belajar lah dari apa yang berlaku di mana-mana muka bumi ini. Bersyukurlah jadi warga Malaysia. Belajar untuk hormat menghormati. Fahami apa dia “KESOPANAN DAN KESUSILAAN”.

    ps. kurang ajar tu lebih baik dari tidak masuk ajar

  535. asal ko tetiba marah pulak????

  536. Dear Sharina (28Oct@1.59am)

    I think Azmi DHM has indeed felt the TRUTH of all the statements I made. Good. At least, the message gets across.

  537. Dear Sape2 La (25Oct@11.27pm)

    I am sorry. I forgot to mention that there is no such thing as a’Pure Malay’ just as much as there is no such thing as a ‘Pure Arab’.

    Even Mizan (aka the symbol of everything that is Malay is an Arab. He traces his ancestral origin to Hadhramaut. Takes 13 hours to fly there – further than any province in China!

    If you want to know where that is you can ask Osama Bin Laden. If getting hold of Osama is too hat, you can try our Keturunan Syed aka Keturunan Pendatang aka Hamid Albar.

  538. Addendum

    Dear Sape2 La (25Oct@11.27pm)

    I am sorry. I forgot to mention that there is no such thing as a ‘Pure Malay’ just as much as there is no such thing as a ‘Pure Arab’. I will accept a ‘Deli Melayu’ to mean that you have Malay DNA (or Genetic Malay).

    Even Mizan (aka the symbol of everything that is Malay is an Arab), traces his ancestral origin to Hadhramaut. For your information, it takes 13 hours to fly to Hadhramaut – further than any province in China!

    If you want to know where that is you can ask Osama Bin Laden. If getting hold of Osama is too hard, you can try asking our Keturunan Syed aka Keturunan Pendatang aka Hamid Albar. He should know!

  539. Dear Azmi DHM (ujana12a) – (28Oct@12.55am)

    Sorry. Sometimes, I will have to discard SOPAN and SUSILA when it comes to dealing with someone like you.

    Please define ‘Merdeka’ when the symbol of everything that is Malay has to be imported from an Arab country? Please define ‘Merdeka’ when the ‘Raes El-Wazarak’ has to be imported from an Arab country?

    Some would call it occupation! But of course, you Malays are entertained by Arabs dancing the Zapin!

  540. i love sheikh muzaphar because he can do anythin for pak lah and he very handsem men i very love he and i want to see with my eyes.

  541. knp ko nak menyebuk pula

  542. Sheikh, Im not Malaysian. Im a Bruneian.. And Im so proud of u…

    Takziah buat ur Brother

  543. Tahniah buat Kerajaan Malaysia akan tetap kita negeri yang sedang membangun nak buat apalah nak hantar org ke angkasa lagi; satu cukuplah. Kalau setakat nak cari nama saje tak payahlah nak belanja berjuta duit rakyat. Banyak lagi rakyat malaysia yang masih hidup dalam keadaan yang daif. Tak faham dengan kerajaan nak mengatakan pembangkang tak dapat memberi sebarang kemajuan, ya betullah tu tetapi fikirlah sikit rakyat malaysia yang merasa diri cerdik. Kalau baru nak memerintah takkan tiba-tiba je nak ada kemajuan sedangkan selama ni Barisan yang memerintah kat Trengganu tu kenapa tak maju pun.

  544. Assalamualaikum DR….

    Kami mengucapkan takziah di atas pemergian adinda DR….. sesungguhnya hadapilah ujian ini dengan penuh keredhaan. Al-fatihah……Amin.

    Tahniah di atas pentauliahan sebagai Cosmonaut bersama dengan Dr. Faiz nanti.Andalah sumber inspirasi rakyat Malaysia.

    Majulah dalam apa jua, untuk Malaysia….

  545. Assalamualaikum,

    Bagi yang merasa diri tu dah pandai sangat tunjukkan la kepandaian tu, tak salah mengaku diri tu pandai tapi jangan tengok orang lain tu bodoh..

    Kalau siapa-siapa nak memperjuangkan bangsa dia gasak korang la.. Arab ka Melayu ka.. siap-siapa lah, pada aku sama saja.. ada juga kaki mabuk, kaki perempuan macam kaki lah..

    Kalau setakat kerana berbangga dengan bangsa dia tapi sendiri tak menyumbang pada bangsa.. porahhh.. baik terjun lombong la..

    Sudah la tu, fikir la dengan rasional.. comment la yang membina.. bagi yang beragama Islam tu tunjukkan la bukan nama saja Islam tapi bahasa biarlah menggambarkan Islam.

    Mari sama-sama kita sedekahkan Al Fatihah kepada adinda Dr.Syeikh Muszahphar atas pemergiannya semalam. Semoga rohnya bersama mereka yang terpilih, amin.

  546. Yes Mr.AA I agree with you about Zapin & I think latin country also also influent by Arabian belly dancing.

  547. Who is this AA?

    Wasting malaysia’s time!!!

  548. Dear Azmi DHM (juana12a) – (29Oct@12.23am)

    It may be of interest to you that Belly Dancing (aka Raqset Sherqqiyeh) was brought to the Middle East by gypsies. It traces its origin in India.

    The origin of the Latin American people (aka The Hispanics are the result of inter-marriages of indigenous people and Arab slaves0. Yes, Arabs, forced into slavery and Christianity during the Spanish Inquisition.

    Now when you talk about Islam, you will have my utmost support but if you talk about bangsa, I will NEVER support it. I am an Islamist not a RACIST. Racism must be confronted with racism.

  549. Dear Azmi DHM (juana12a) – (29Oct@12.23am)

    I have a question for you.

    If Malaysia were to categorise Malaysians of Arab origin as ‘Bangsa Melayu’; would it not be fair to state that ‘Bangsa Melayu’ are descendants of immigrants from countries further than China?

  550. Takziah buat keluarga Dr Sheikh…Semoga adik dr akan dicucuri rahmat…Al Fatihah……….

  551. Jgn layan sangat si AA tu.

    Cakap saja lebih, Islamist kunun… tapi yang “clan conscious” sangat tu tak sedar ..

    Tak consistent langsung…cakap berbelit2

  552. Ref:AA Oct 29 3.32 am/5.06 am

    Kalau dah tak tido pagi/subuh ni baik buat quammullai..

  553. tahniah atas kejayaan dr muszaphar membawa misi negara.
    sesungguhnya kejayaan dr menjadi inspirasi kepada generasi muda untuk terus berusaha mendalami pelbagai cabang ilmu yang tidak pernah habis untuk dicari. selain itu, takziah kepada doktor atas pemergian adik tersayang. sesungguhnya, setiap kejayaan ada manis dan pahitnya. hikmat yang terselindung di sebalik kejayaan dr hanya Allah saja yang tahu….
    terima kasih kepada dr kerana membuktikan bahawa umat Islam mampu meneroka angkasa lepas yang selama ini hanya mampu diterokai oleh umat agama lain. sesungguhnya dr bertuah kerana dapat melihat alam semesta ciptaan Allah yang penuh dengan keunikkan dan rahsia di sebalik setiap ciptaan-Nya….

  554. Dear Fatin (29Oct@7.59am&1026am)

    You have a beautiful name. Can you tell me what it means in ‘Bahasa Melayu’? I have a Kamus Dewan next to me and I need you to refer to the page.

    How come the Queen of the Egyptian Silver Screen took a ‘Nama Melayu’ (i.e. Fatin Hamama)? Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faten_Hamama

  555. Dear Fatin (29Oct@7.59am&10.26am)

    Oh oh oh. I forgot to add Kamus (or Qamus) and Dewan (or Diwan) are both Arabic words!

  556. malas nak layan..


  557. Dear Fatin (29Oct@11.09am)

    From A Dictionary of Modern Arabic (page696): Fatin – Fascinating, Tempting, Alluring, Seductive, Captivating, Enchanting, Charming, Tempter, Seducer.

    From Kamus Dewan – sorry takde apa2 pun!

  558. Dear Fatin (29Oct@11.09am)

    You should be grateful that your father gave you a beautiful Arabic name. A name so beautiful as the person who makes it famous.

    Don’t tell me you ‘menyampah’ dengan Bangsa Arab?!?!

  559. assalamualaikum.. tahniah kepada dr. sheikh muszaphar.. semoga terus berjaya pd masa akan datang…

  560. Dear Kamylia Adrina (29Oct@10.41am)

    For your information, there were other Muslims that went into space. Dr Mus can never ever claim to be the first.

    The first was a Saudi, by the name of Sultan Salman Abdul Aziz Al-Saud. The second was a Syrian, by the name of Fares Mohammed.

    Imagine a 3rd world country can send a man to space and they never bragged about it! But in typical Malay style – Ayam bertelur sebiji riuh sekampung?!

    And of course there were other Muslims from different nationalities (including Russia, Iran etc). Drs Mus claim to fame was being the 3rd Arab into space and the 1st Malaysian (sorry he is not a Malay)!

  561. He brings lots of inspiration.. and touch lots of souls.. i am so proud to be a Malaysian..

  562. Whys is Fatin so quiet? I haven’t even tied your tongue with a leash!

  563. Assalamualaikum Dr. Sheikh dan keluarga.
    Tahniah di atas kejayaanmu dan saya bangga sebagai orang NS mempunyai seorang angkasawan seperti Dr. Saya sentiasa doakan Dr. dan keluarga sentiasa diberkati Allah. Wishes you all the best in future.
    Takziah di atas pemergian adinda yang tersayang.. Ajil. Tabahkan hati dan kuatkan semangat. Semuga roh adinda Dr. dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama orang yang soleh. Amin.. Al-Fatihah.

  564. Dear Fatin (29Oct@7.59am)

    Tak consistent langsung………..cakap berbelit2

    Can you clarify the above how my statements are not consistent?

    Berbelit2? I think this term can only be applied to the Keturunan Syed. They specialise in that!

    You’ll be amazed that in front of the Malays, they will claim to be descendants of the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) and in front of the Chinese and Indians, they will claim to be Malays and expect to be accorded the Bumiputra status.

    Even so, I doubt any Malay would admit that the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) was a Malay!

  565. Fatin gave up!

  566. AA

    What is ur name pls?

    Wld like to look up in my arabic dictionary

  567. AA

    Do u hv a job?

    or rather

    A life??

  568. AA

    Get a life..

    if u dun hv one

    Get another job

    if the one now is too mundane for u

  569. To Dr Sheikh

    Welcome back to Malaysia

    My condolence to u and family ..on the demise of ur beloved brother .. stay strong..

  570. Selamat kembali ke Malaysia….sebagai wira angkasa….luv u….al-fatihah untuk Ajil….adik kpd Dr. SMS….bersabar di atas segala ketentuan yang diberikan oleh Allah S.W.T…Sesungguhnya Allah amat menyayangi hambanya yang diberi dugaan di dunia ini.

  571. Dear Fatin (29Oct@4.18pm)

    My name is Loay (or Luay or Loai). It is spelled ‘Lam’, ‘Waw’ with a Hamzah above it and ‘Ya’.

    You almost knocked me off my seat! You have an ‘Arabic Dictionary’? WOW! What’s the name?

  572. Dear Fatin (29Oct@4.20pm)

    Yes Fatin. I do have a job and a life! And I’m paid quite well and I travel (on Business Class) 3-4 times a year.

  573. Dear Fatin (29Oct@4.22pm)

    Now, whay should I take another job. This one is excellent. Nice pay, nice perks. I’m only busy 5-7 months in the year.

    So, why should I change it?

  574. Sounds like a chinese name.

    Are u sure ur roots are arabic?

  575. assalamualaikum doctor sheikh..saya berasa bangga kerana dr. dapat menjalankan misi sebagai astronaut negara ini dan saya mahu dr.memberi penerangan kepada sekolah rendah,sekolah menegah dan universiti.saya mahu dr. datang ke sekolah saya di sekolah kebangsaan taman muda

  576. Dear Fatin (29Oct@5.45pm)

    Apparently, you are not familiar with Arabic (especially with names)! No way can Loay be described as Chinese. But then again, some Chinese names can be found in Arabic!

  577. wateva…

  578. Dear Fatin (29Oct@5.45pm)

    Well, I am pretty sure by 100% that my DNA will prove that I am Arabic although I do believe that I have Turkish and Ethiopian line somewhere. Let’s throw in Javanese also for the wonderful Nasi Rawon!

  579. So, how about it? Can we meet?

  580. Fatin

    I am dedicating this this song, Omri Kellou, for you. Please visit http://www.oghnia.com/video-display-album.php?newArtistID=WaelKfoury&newVideoID=OmriKellou

  581. Thank you.

    What about the song Arabic Trance by Rehman. Where can I get this?

  582. I don’t know. I buy my CDs in the Gulf (either at Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Doha).

    Here are a few sites you can check:

    Good Luck!

  583. Fatin

    Which Arabic singers do you like?

  584. She is I believe a Lebanese but she sings in Arabic.

    Her name is ..Asha.. not sure.. but she is quite popular and is beautiful

  585. My favourite Lebanese (ladies), of course, is the Divine FAIRUZ. Followed by the amazing Majida El-Roumi.

    Then the new generation – Najwa Karam, Nawal El-Zoghby, Elissa, Haifa Wehbe (she was in KL), Maya Nasri and the hottest sensation Nancy Ajram.

    Don’t know Asha.

  586. Oh I forgot Dina Hayek (no relation to Salma Hayek)!

  587. ok..anyway she was popular some years back in 2004.

  588. Halfa Welbe.. she performed with some groups here in Kl some months ago .. now I recall

  589. Hey wait I forgot another Lebanese I love – Amal Hijazy. There’s so many puring out from Lebanon that you can’t keep track!

  590. Yes, she performed on 31AUG. She is something! I missed her concert! Haifa, I adore her!

    But you need to check Nancy Ajram – she is an absolute darling to all Arabs worldwide. Check out her songs on Oghnia.

  591. Ok I will thanks.

    Hey I’m supposed to “menyampah” u…

    Anyway gtg time for magrib prayers


  592. Especially Nancy’s singles:

    Ya Tab Tab, Moagabah & Illy Kan (in Egyptian dialect)

    Ehsaas Jedeed & Ana Yally Behebbak (in Levantine dialect)

    Mostagah Leek (in Gulf dialect)

  593. Wa 3alaikum es-salaam

  594. Yeah, everybody hates me here! Menyampah, Meluat etc. But hey, it’s good for my bad-boy image!

  595. sian pulak…

  596. Dear Fatin

    Here is a nice song for you:


    Singer is Joseph Attiyyeh from Lebanon. He is winner of Star Academy, the Pan-Arab version of Academy Fantasia. The song, La Terouhy (Don’t Go) is very beautiful and sung is Levantine. Very touching.

  597. how do i play the song?

    doesnt work

  598. Fatin

    Here is another song:


    Singer is Ahmed El-Sherif from Tunisia. He was 5th placed during the 1st Star Academy. Song is Baeddy Teir (I want to fly) is sung in Levantine.

    Surprisingly the winner Mohammed Attiyyeh of Egypt didn’t gain any success the way Ahmed did.

  599. Do you have Real Player?

  600. yes i do

  601. Well, try again or try a different song.

  602. Fatin

    This is another song, a duet with Diana Haddad (of Lebanon) and Cheb Khaled (of Algeria).

    The song MAS WU LOULY is sung in Maghrebi Arabic and is really nice.


    For your information, Diaha Haddad is married to a Muslim and she is the 1st Arab singer to have hits in all the major dialects!

  603. Diana Haddad (Zay El-Sokkar – Sweet as Sugar)

    Sung in Egyptian


  604. thanks but something is wrong and i cant display the video.

  605. Ok I got to go. I think I got rid of everone here!

  606. Tary the other sites. Perhaps http://www.6arab.com/

  607. k.. thanks

  608. You need to check your software. Perhaps your Real Player is an older version or it has expired?

  609. perhaps…

    thats ok.. will try other sites

  610. Fatin

    Here’s how: When the page has been downloaded, click on HI just below the pic of the singer, which is just below the word VIDEOS.

    Can you try?

  611. Here is DIANA KARAZON, the Jordanian singer that represented the Pan-Arab region during the 1st World Idol.


    We Badat Aeish (I started to live) is sung in Egyptian.

  612. Yeah I tried that..

    its ok, i will go to other sites

  613. i want to see you and married you!!!!! i very interested to see you and i was fall in love because of you!!

  614. i like you!!!!

  615. Fatin

    In the late evening, listen to this song – ZAMAN by AMAL HIJAZY of Lebanon.


    This song is sung in Levantine and the lyrics can be found at http://www.oghnia.com/Lyrics-show.php?ID=1592&newArtistID=AmalHijazi

    There is even a translation for your benefit! Beautiful song. Enjoy!

  616. hi dr, congrats 2 you cause had a good job 2 be an
    astronaut! selamat hari raya and wish you happy always with your girlfriend (jika ada)

  617. i think you have a good attitude 2 an astronaut!

  618. kesian dr sheikh x sempat nak tgok adik dia….semoga roh adik dr sheikh di tempatkan pd org 2 yg beriman…amin…marilah kita ramai 2 sedekah kan al-fateha kepd adik dr sheikh…

  619. Hey Arab, I wrote a bunch of stuff but cant seem to get it posted on this site. I applaud you for the things you said, and to stand up for what you believed. I definitely learnt a lot from the postings. I am still sadden by the $25 million spending, but heck there is nothing I can do. Thanks for keeping it real.

    Andy AKA Wookie
    PS: think the music dedication is a bit too much!

  620. Attention:
    All the girls yang minat Dr Mus

    If you want to follow me to his house ok, I can bring you there. But don’t forget my ‘upah’ – belanja makan!

  621. i am not a girl but an old hag..

    can i still follow?

  622. Salam,
    I biasa dengar upah haji….terbaru ‘upah tunjuk rumah dr.sms’. Siap iklan lagi!!! No offence hah! Just back from outstation. Now I see AA has team up with Fatin. It’s good to know that AA also has his (I guess) soft side! Hmmm….I wonder why?

  623. Nini..

    I hv not teamed up with AA. Since no one wanna talk to him anymore about race, he switched the topic to arabic songs and since I happen to be a fan of one Lebanese singer, thats how it all happened

    Anyway I juz asked him if its ok for an old hag to tag along to Dr Mus’s house or if its exclusively for young girls only..:)

  624. AA,

    I manage to sort my realplayer. I hv listened to all the songs, thanks.. nice songs ..

  625. Dear Fatin (30Oct@8.39am)

    If you consider yourself an old hag then I must his classifed as ‘prehistoric artifact’. 😉

    Yes, I intent to visit the family hone in PJ when I get to KL. Geng Arab mesti lah!

  626. Typo error

    Dear Fatin (30Oct@8.39am)

    If you consider yourself an old hag then I must be classifed as ‘prehistoric artifact’. 😉

    Yes, I intent to visit the family hone in PJ when I get to KL. Geng Arab mesti lah!

  627. a relic.. more appropriate..

  628. Dear Nini (30Oct@8.47am)

    Every man has his soft side. 😉

    But that doesn’t mean that I am a softie!

  629. Dear Fatin & Nini

    Noticed that my spellings above are all messed up. You girls are too nice to me!

    Relic? That’s new word. I was thinking in the line of ‘Museum Artifact’.

    I promise you all will like me as long as there is no racial thing brought up. As I’ve said I too have Javanese blood.

    Siji, Loro, Telu, Papat…………

  630. Jawa ..:O

  631. do u look more arabic or more javanese?

  632. I look more like a lunatic! 😉

  633. we are really@ proud of you.your achievement gain our spirit to move around the space.

  634. Dear Nini (30Oct@8.47am)

    Upah haji can cost thousands of RM. Upah tunjuk rumah Dr Mus cost sebungkus Nasi Lemak (Tempoyak not required). 😉

  635. u done the good job Dr.sheikh.may god bless u .

  636. kalau 10 orang dapat 10 bungkus nasi lemak.. kenyang tu..

    tunjuk rumah jer buat per, saya pun bole cari, orang nak jumpa dr sheikh …

  637. AA,
    Cukup ke sebungkus nasi lemak? Mamat Arab biasanya makan ….kush semangat!!! I ni tak lah fanatik sangat nak jumpa sms. Mungkin dan tergolong dalam relic/prehistoric artifact kot. Cuma I cant help admiring his ‘dancing eyes”. Cutenya….

  638. sorry, silap eja “Mungkin dah tergolong….

  639. And AA, we certainly dont need another softie.

  640. assalamualaikum!!dr.sheikh..takziah atas permergian atas adik tersayang..semoga ALLah mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya…AL-FATIHAH….tabahkan hatimu..

    TAHNIAH atas pengitirafan sebagai seorang COSMONUT..sampaikan salam tahniah juga buat mejar dr.faiz khaleed..

  641. tahniah diucapkan kepada dr.sheikh muzaphar kerana berjaya menjadi angkasawan negara yang pertama.saya sebagai rakyat malaysia berasa bangga akannya.

  642. sayang sheikh muszaphar

  643. Dearest Fatin / Nini

    Sorry I was unable to reply as I just got back into town from KK. And now that I am back I will go to PJ to offer my condolence to the family.

    I have decided that since you’re both nice to me, I will now officially change my name to reflect my peranakan status. My new Jawa Totok name from this point will be Wak Hang Relic!

  644. Wak Hang Relic has arrived!

  645. Oh wait wait wait> How about Wak Hang Relic Al-Toyo???

  646. Eee…find another name! Tak best langsung! It does not reflect your personality.

  647. Fancy all these while I was actually interacting with a “Wak”…no offence.. juz simply … cool. All these time I was visualising an “Omar Shariff” (he is a total relic anyway)..:)

    U certainly managed to pull the wool over our eyes…:P

  648. Dearest Nini (31Oct@8.07am)

    Another name? Hmmm………….. What about Sheikh Hang Relic Bin TOYOterLADEN?

  649. Dearest Fatin (31Oct@8.19am)

    Well, I take your comment on ‘managed to pull wool over our eyes’ as a compliment.

    To be honest, there are hundreds of Arabs in some Arab countries who have Indonesian upbringing (including far flung Tunisia!). So, don’t underestimate the Indonesian influence at all.

    I heard that the respected Saudi singer Mohammed Adbo is also one. The late Saudi singer Talal Maddah was one. I was even told that the former Yemeni PM, BAJAMMAL, must have Sambal Terasi during his meals! And a Yemeni student in KL told me that there is a small town in Yemen where they all embrace Indonesian culture!

  650. Dearest Fatin & Nini

    Who is cuter? Dr Mus or Faudel Belloua (an Arab with French nationality)?

    Here is a famous song featuring Cheb Khaled (of Algeria and dueted with Diana Haddad), Rashid Taha (also of Algeria) and Faudel. Faudel is youngest of the three.

    The song, ABDEL QADER, in this video was shot in Paris. The orchestra was an Egyptian flown in for the concert.

    Check Faudel out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oSCF8Bl-ys

    By the way, the song is sung in the Maghrebi dialect (of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco & Mauritania).

  651. hello u are the best

  652. Dearest Fatin & Nini

    Here is another video clip of Faudel appearing as guest during the Star Academy 4 of Lebanon.

    Singing with him (in order of appearance) are Emad Jallouli of Tunisia, Ahmed Dawood of Kuwait (the tall lanky guy) and Amal Lembary of Morocco.

    See the ease at which Emad and Amal both sing in Maghrebi dialect. Ahmed was struggling. Even for me it is a difficult dialect!

    Shaza Hassoon of Iraq won 1st place. I voted for her when I was in KSA at that time. I also voted for Emad due to his vocal prowess.

    For info on the Star Academy 4 finalists, please visit http://www.arabicnights.com.au/star_academy/

  653. Hi Dr.Sheikh Muszaphar!Nice 2 meet u…Good job astronauts!!!God bless u 2…would u like 2 b my fren??Bcoz I like 2 “collect” frenz…if u dun mind.. hehehehe…

  654. Assalamualaikum, hello Dr. Mus.
    Teruskan usaha anda untuk mengharumkan nama negara di persada dunia… Keep it up!!
    I’m PROUD of u…
    We all love u…
    Dan juga slm takziah buat dr.

  655. My dearest Wak bin Laden aka Wak Hang Relic aka AA,

    Juz a question

    Sorry if its personal but this I gotta ask

    Do u look very “wak” or very “arabic” or a mixture of wak plus arabic = wakarabic? (not to be confused with wahabi)…

    Pls answer honestly 🙂

  656. Wak Relic,

    Between Dr. Mus and Faudel Belloau, I wld say Datuk M Daud Kilau is cuter.. at least he has many extra talents..hehe

    Dr Mus is handsome but too clean shaven… shld hv some hair on his face..haha

    Btw what is sambal terasi?

  657. Dearest Fatin

    To answer to your question, I look Arabic. I have been told I look like an Egyptian, at times even Moroccan and when I am in the US even Hispanic. So how can I describe myself other than one hideous looking lunatic?!

    I identify myself as an ethnic Arab with an Indonesian upbringing out of respect for the Nusantara. Nevertheless, I embrace the Pan-Arab culture. I will behave like a Malay when the need arise but they will notice the difference no matter how hard I try.

    Btw, Sambal Terasi = Sambal Belacan!

  658. I LUV U….

  659. Wak,

    I know there are Indonesian influence in countries like Holland (obviously as per history) and some other euro countries. I was spoken to in Bahasa Indonesia by a local when I was in a small sleepy town of Gemunder, Germany.

    But for countries like Yemen and Tunisia.. this is news for me…

  660. hello…what is going on….here….this is dr mus….website or….ur own personal chatting

  661. Dah kena marah…!!!

    Padan muka saya…:P

  662. kah…kah…kah….

  663. so fatin, back on track ha! Go to go, ada open house. c u all 2moro! Taa….

    Nanny, u remind me of a comedy The Nanny! I love it. Jangan mara-mara ah..(pronounce samy style!)

  664. Dearest Fatin

    According to my late father, Indonesia in the 60s and 70s played a leading role amongst Muslim nations. That is why the influence is felt right up to the Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean.

    I was with my sister in Tunis (the Medina’s Souq) and was chatting in Malay so as to avoid the locals knowing our discussion on the items and was surprised by a French lady who spoke fluent Indonesian. She introduced us to her Tunisian husband. His mother was an Indonesian and he then introduced us to the Indonesian Community there. Then of course, we had our supply of Soto and Nasi Padang etc!

    Sambal Terasi is Sambal Belacan

    Malaysia only started to assert itself over the last 10 years. That is why only over the last 10 years Arab Embassies started sprouting here. Jakarta has got a complete set, I believed (minus 4 perhaps).

  665. Dearest Fatin

    According to my late father, Indonesia in the 60s and 70s played a leading role amongst Muslim nations. That is why the influence is felt right up to the Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean.

    I was with my sister in Tunis (the Medina’s Souq) and was chatting in Malay so as to avoid the locals knowing our discussion on the items and was surprised by a French lady who spoke fluent Indonesian. She introduced us to her Tunisian husband. His mother was an Indonesian and he then introduced us to the Indonesian Community there. Then of course, we had our supply of Soto and Nasi Padang etc!

    Malaysia only started to assert itself over the last 10 years. That is why only over the last 10 years Arab Embassies started sprouting here. Jakarta has got a complete set, I believed (minus 4 perhaps).

    Sambal Terasi is Sambal Belacan.

  666. Nanny

    Go and sit on a broomstick and be a Mary Poppin for a while!

  667. I think I got rid of Mary Poppin!

  668. this is how the lame thinkers work –
    keep on diverting their cause. perhaps you should be focused in our discussion.
    stop being an idiot, talking like a bunch of ****
    about nothing.

    critical thinking is required, however, try take it easy.

  669. Dear Wannabe Arab (aka Azman)

    How come your father couldn’t find a ‘Nama Melayu’ for you and he had to take an ‘Arabic Name’?

    Pity we Arabs don’t consider ‘Nama2 Melayu’ worthy to name our children. Hell, who wants to name his son ‘Awang’ or ‘Hang Tuah’ or ‘Pendek’?

    If we Arabs ever demand EVERYTHING back (our names, our vocabulary, your Sultans etc.) you will end up back to your Yunnan Province origin in China!

  670. Dear Dr Sheikh,

    Everyone including myself hv written how goodlooking, tall, macho, intelligent, suave, dashing … the list goes on… u are..

    U are also smart, enterprising, eligible, most sort after bachelor on earth at this moment.

    U are the first astronaut for Malaysia, an icon for the future generations.. u hv successfully put Malaysia on the map for outer space exploration,..

    Words of encouragement hv been abundant when u were vying for the astronaut’s seat, well wishers even cried when they saw u blasted off.. and for days thereafter we waited to get news of u on the tv screen, saw ur handsome face as u floated in the ISS and we were so glad, and when u were about to journey back to earth in the capsule, we prayed hard for ur safe return.

    When u did reach earth, everyone was elated and we thanked god for bringing u back safely.

    Unfortunately as gods will, ur dear brother untimely demise was not only a sad welcoming home for u and family but to all of us Malaysians.

    Condolences were offered on every space be it in blogs, forums, newspapers .. juz about everywhere..

    Everyone was juz as despondent as u are.

    Discussions and opinions were traded regarding the continuation of this programme and so far it looks promising.

    Dr Sheikh…

    I do not know what to write anymore… everything I hv said above had been said..

    Seems like everyone is saying the same thing..

    So thats y, I took a break and talk on something else .. but dun worry, I wld certainly talk again about u when the need arises..

    All the best..:))

  671. Dearest Fatin

    Do you want his residence phone number?

  672. AA,

    Temper, temper, temper..


  673. No dear AA,

    I juz admire him for his achievements and qualities..

    like those makciks who admire Mawi for his supposedly singing prowess and aura..

    I am a makcik too.. remember…:P

  674. Dear AA aka Sidi Bou (not related to Sidi Oraza, I believe)

    Thanks for ur info re Indonesia.

    Talking about Tunisia, I was told Tunisia is a very nice and colourful country with exotic culture..
    However it is hardly mentioned around this side of the world .. dun u think so?

    We know more about Sudan than we do about Tunisia…

  675. My Dearest Fatin

    First and foremost, please forgive me for my harshness and cruelty. You don’t know what I went through since I return back to my ‘country’. All those bottled up frustrations has been exploding – even our Govt Departments are getting racial ephitet from me. And believe me, they couldn’t believe their ears from the things I say and also when I told them to go ahead and have me arrested.

    Now you understand why I resist any attempt to label me as a Malay. I completely coccoon myself in my language and culture. It has been extremely painful expecially when I never asked for Bumi rights as compared to the other Arabs. Now, I sympathise for the Chinese. I don’t know how they can put up with it and the whole hypocriscy.

    For your information, I lived in Tunisia and it is one of the two Arab countries (besides Syria), I would want to spend the rest of my years. Tunisia is absolutely beautiful. You will love the capital (Tunis) and its suburbs – Carthage, Sidi Bou Said, La Marsa etc. Take time to discover Hammamet, Nabeul, Sousse, Sfax, Monastir, Jerba and Kairouan besides the interiors. Amaze at the Roman Amphitheatre – larger than the one in Rome.

    For more information on Tunisia, please visit http://www.lonelyplanet.com/worldguide/destinations/africa/tunisia

    Syria. Wow. I love Damascus especially during the winter months. Snow up on the mountains. I miss the Syrian people and hearing them speaking their beautiful Levantine dialect. I also miss dancing the Dabke with my Syrian friends during occassions. Also, I miss the Syrian food – the best in all the 22 Arab countries. I miss waking up in the morning having my Koonaffa Naboolsiyye with a cup of mint tea.

    For more information on Syria, please visit http://www.lonelyplanet.com/worldguide/destinations/middle-east/syria/

    What can I say? I made the wrong move to return home – a country that never could accept me for my identity.

    My desire is to move back to my roots and spend the rest of my life there.

  676. hey….
    congrate to you Dr Sheikh Muszaphar….
    I really supprise and thank’s god coz you safe …..
    and seroiusly…u r the malaysian idol totally..

  677. Nini,

    Dah kena marah kenalah tulis panjang dan lebar re dr sheikh…hehe

  678. ble lah nak jumpe dr sheikh

  679. tahniah sy ucapkan kpd dr.sms coz mengharumkan nama negara.Malaysia boleh,sy ni minat dr.sms.i love you…gurau je.Cuma dalam mimpi je he.. he..best kan dapat pergi iss.kalau boleh bawa sekali girlfriend ye…

  680. tahniah saya ucapkan pada Dr kerana berjaya pergi ke iss dan dapat mengharumkan nama negara malaysia..Dr merupakan idola saya sekarang ni..he..he..

  681. whassup dr sheikh!!!saya sangat bangga dgn dr.dr sheikh ialah angasawan yg pertama di m’sia.saya sangat minat dgn dr,klu boleh suatu hari nanti saya nak jadi mcm dr sheikh.saya ada seorang kwn yg minat sesangat kat dr sehingga dia sanggup nangis nak minta keratan akhabar yg berkaitan dgn dr.tapi saya xlah fanati sangat mcm dia.whatever,saya mengucapkan taniah di atas kejayaan dr sheikh dan taksiah di atas pemergian adik dr.selamat……………

  682. Dear AA,

    Thanks again for nice narration of Tunisia. I was invited there by a net fren some time ago but have since lost contact with her. But I hv always contemplate the probability of travelling to Tunisia one of these days, juz as I hv contemplated for years to travel to Kashmir. And indeed, I hv successfully fulfilled my Kashmir dream.

    U missed the Syrian food.. well I miss the juicy nice lamb beriani at the Lebanese restaurant in Dubai. U know those type of restaurants that serve hugh gigantic portions of lamb. They hv sections for men, families, ladies.. well the front portion was I guess, reserved for men and I nochalantly sat there to hv my beriani. All eyes wide opened at my ignorance but they were kind enuff not to shoo me away..lol, and I miss hanging around City Centre and sipping coffee to complete bliss watching life passing by…hmm..lovely..

    Ok I fully understand ur frustrations.. juz dun go on venting ur anger like that .. can cause a heart attack…lol.

    Be happy inside out, will take years off ur age..:)))

  683. hai…Dr.Sheikh.how are you? saya ingin ucapkan tahniah ke atas kejayaan Dr.and good luck……saya juga ingin mengucapkan takziah ke atas kematian adik Dr.yang tercinta.bye…………please…kirim salam kat Mejar Dr.Faiz.

  684. hai dr muz…why u r not in rebung last night…i was waiting to c u…here….

  685. aiii…. selamat pulang ke tanah air..takziah atas pemergian adik dr. dan tahniah diatas kejayaan dr. ke angkasa lepas..ceritakan lah kebesaran ciptaan Tuhan diatas sana, semoga anak-anak muda sekarang sedar tentang kehidupan di dunia ini…dan semoga ada di antara rakyat MALAYSIA yang akan mencipta roket negara sendiri untuk angkasawan kita menjelajah ruang angkasa….

  686. My dear Nanny

    Welcome back!

    While waiting for Dr Mus, please enjoy this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXcQYBTZNwI

    This song is Kollena Insan (We’re All Insan) and sung by Moroccan Diva Samira Said during the African Cup of Nations in Cairo. The song is sung in Egyptian dialect. By the way, Dr Mus great-grandfather came from Egypt.

    For more information on Samira Said, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samira_Said

  687. Dr Sheikh MS

    All the best to u


  688. and condolence on the demise of ur brother

  689. Dearest Fatin

    If you do decide to go to Tunisia, kindly note that we do not need visa. We will get 3 months upon arrival.

    When you get to Tunis, DO NOT miss spending a day at SIDI BOU SAID. Walk all the way up the village till you get to an Arabic Cafe by the cliff (they have the best tea in all of Tunisia). Then check out the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean’s azure waters and the coastline is just awesome. It’s is one of those moments you will treasure! Oh when in Tunis (in Arabic Tunis El-Asima), do not miss the Bardo Museum!

    Spend some time also in Monastir – very cultural. Explore the Kasbah and El-Kantaoui. The seafood is fantastic. And oh, do make sometime for a visit to the Hamman (Turkish Bath)! They have a ladies section.

    If you can make it to Jerba, please do so. It is a nice island and kind of laid back. Try to stay in Houmet Souq, where you will most likely enjoy the Tunisian hospitality and will definitely get invited to a Tunisian home.

    I miss Tunis. By the way, in Arabic, the capital and the country is referred to as ‘Tunis’. The way to differentiata the capital is to add ‘El-Asima’ for ‘The Capital’.

    You can also make a side trip to Malta from Tunis. You can either fly or take a ferry!

    Enjoy Tunisia! And you must eat a lot of BRIK and COUS-COUS.

  690. Dear AA,

    Thanks. Now u sound like the guy from the Tourism Agency..:P.

    Anyway what is Koonaffa Baoolsiyye? Brik?

    Hv u gone to Dr Sheikh’s house? If u hv, how is he?
    I heard he has lost some weight. If u meet him, send my warmest regards and sayang…:P:P

  691. Dear Fatin

    Koonaffa Naboolsiyye is a breakfast snack/dessert. Very tasty and really ada ooomph!

    Brik is a Tunisian appetiser. There used to be one restaurant in Subang Jaya (Cascabel?) that serves Brik. The chef is Tunisian and his wife is Malaysian Chinese. Their daughters are models (Malaysia’s future angkasawanita?). Don’t know what happened to the restaurant since I heard that he (Adnan) moved to Langkawi.

    Strangely, I heard another story that during the last Ramadhan, his bazaar was packed with people buying Brik. Apparently, he made Brik famous in Malaysia!

    Yes, I was at Dr Mus house two days ago. I sat and talked to the father and his eldest brother. He was there but I am not familiar to him although our two families have known each other for decades. You know, it is a community thing.

    Insya Allah, I’ll be going today after Friday prayers to bring some Arab stuff. No matter how peranakan we are, we pine for certain Arab delicacies!

    I can’t blame him for losing weight – they don’t allow Tempoyak and Durians at ISS!

  692. Dearest AA,

    U are going again to his house… well dun forget to send my warmest regards and condolence..

    Tell him… we Malaysians are v proud of him ..

    Btw which part of SJ is the Cascabel?

  693. A’kum Dr.sms. How r u this morning….jz wanna ask u one question…when r u going back to Russia and for how long ….gud luck & take care….

    its jz me…ur die hard fan…

  694. AA,

    Sorry wrong word used:

    Pls CONVEY my warmest regards, heartfelt condolence and sayang to our first Malaysian Astronaut… jgn maraahh :))

  695. to the handsome guy…dr sheikh muszaphar…congratulation di atas kejayaan anda semoga terus bersemangat dan terus berjaya menjadi seorang angkasawan terbilang…

  696. askum…….
    Apa khabar dr.sms kami berasa sungguh bangga dengan kejayaan dr.Kami harap dapat bertemu dengan dr.sms dan berbual mesra kami juga harap agar dr.sms dapat hadir ke sekolah kami di alamat S.K.TAMAN JANA,34600 KAMUNTING,TAIPING,PERAK DARUL RIDZUAN.Kami amat berharap agar dr.sms datang kesini.

  697. askum…..
    utk Dr sms, kami ucpkn congrates atas kejayaan Dr…..n gud luck on u’re career okey!!!may god blessin u….bubye…

  698. dear DR SMS,you are the cutest astronaut ever!COULD YOU come to my school.MY school is sekolah kebangsaan seksyen 7 kota damansara, hope to see you.good luck, and i hope to be the next angkasawan!!cool!!!bye Dr. handsome……..

  699. Assalamualaikum Dr. Mus,

    Tahniah diatas kejayaan dr. yg telah mengharumkan nama negara di persada duniah. All the best…
    I’m proud of u…
    We all love u…
    Salam takziah buat dr. sekeluarga. Semoga roh aruah dicucuri rahmat…

  700. assalammualaikum.tahniah atas kejayaan anda dan takziah atas pemergian adik yang tersayang.semoga tabah hadapi dugaan.saya yakin dr. dapat menghadapi dugaan ini.anda adalah sumber inspirasi saya.lebih2 lagi hari lahir saya sama dengan anda.27.7.1992.cume tahun yang berbeza.

  701. hai…

  702. congrate!!dr sheikh muszaphar to be the first astronout ok!!!

  703. Dr SMS seems so purrrfect!! I terpikat & terpukau. Mcm x logik je ..semua bagus, physical tip top, emotional..mcm sempurna jer!

    Is he for real?

    Then I hear he’s gay dgn chef gemuk tur. What the…
    Betul ke? Anyone?

  704. My dear Linz (3Oct@1.58am)

    The ‘chef gemuk’ (aka Chef Ismail) is the mother’s good friend. He has been with the family for years!

    What kind of a mother would allow her good friend to touch your beloved son? Please lah use some of the grey matters that you have in between your ears!

    If he were to be gay, he could EASILY get the likes of men much better than the ‘chef gemuk’! He is an Arab dude and he is hot. He can even get a menteri with billion euro bank account if he wanted to! Why settles for something less? Please lah!

    That chef was just being a typical effeminate gay. They can’t help sharing the spotlight and increasing their so called ‘profile’. Makes them feel that they are still desirable and glamourous.

    Once I pretended to be an Arab tourist in town and a gay waiter (in a 4* hotel cafe) was telling his equally gay friend in Malay that I insist on having him go out with me!

  705. My dearest Fatin

    Sorry. Yesterday, I didn’t manage to visit Dr Mus’ family house in Sec 12 PJ because I had to meet a potential client in town.

    I’ll try today. Apparently, the news is Dr Mus and parents are returning to Moscow soon. So, I need to be certain before I drive all the way to PJ.

    That Tunisian Restaurant (Cascabel) doesn’t exist anymore. I tried looking for it early 2006 at SS18 (or SS17) but they have closed. I will call Adnan and update you!

    As for passing the message to your idol Dr Mus – I will Insha Allah! But please note, I can bond better with his eldest brother even though I am 3 months older than him!

  706. My dearest AA,

    If u r unable to convey my regards to Dr. Sheikh MS, then juz convey them to his daddy…lol!!

    Anyway are u 3 months older than Dr. Sheikh or his eldest brother?

    Most probably the Cascabel was at SS17.. thought I hv seen it there some years ago..:O

  707. AA,

    I fully agree with u re Dr Sheikh..

    If I were a guy and a gay with all the qualities that Dr Sheikh has, I wld certainly look for someone who hs tons of money and a certain position in life for a “partner” than a plain looking “gemuk” chef.. !!(gosh.. this is bad.. sorry chef..if I go to Rebung, pls do not ignore my order..:) 😛 .

  708. Dearest Fatin

    Guessing my age huh? OKlah, I’m also 35 like your favourite Dr Mus. Unfortunately, I don’t have any chef who wants to be my business partner! Maybe Chef Wan?

    By the way, where is Rebung? Tomorrow, I’m taking that potential client out to a new Moroccan Restaurant in town – Tajine. Just above McD at the junction of Bukit Bintang and Sultan Ismail.

  709. AA,

    Bingo! u got it…lol (guessing age).

    Rebung is in Bangsar Park. Hit the Web Search for rebung restaurant and u will b able to access it on All Malaysia Info page.

  710. OK.. I hope Doc SMS not gay with chef gemuk. That would be such a waste! But of course, if he is gay, his mom is NOT going to know about it.The chef gemuk will have his cake and eat it too. Mmm…

    Did anyone notice that his big bro is good looking too? The lawyer lah. In this country where guys are queuing up in front of Pusat Serenti, its good to know that some people can actually produce a string of good looking educated sons. I really wannna know what his mother ate when she carried them. I wonder if they ever got the rotan treatment when they were small?

  711. Dearest Fatin

    I found another beatiful song, I’d like to share with you. KHALEENI BIL JAU is sung by Lebanese singer, Maya Nasri in their Levantine dialect.

    Once a Chinese friend of mine was in my car and he heard the song and he was so touched that he requested a CD from me.

    Trust me, you will love it. This song even became #1 on the Israeli pop!

    Anyway, here is the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zppLxUe5Vl8

    And he is the lyric:

    Roo2 3alaeyye shuwaiyye
    Masheeni 3ala dhau
    3ataitak aktar ma fih
    La mat2elly lau

    Shoo yalli saeer feek
    Shoo yalli beyerdheek
    3ala ba3dak khaleeni
    Khaleeni bil jau

    Enta yalli fikrak sareh
    3aesh bel khayal
    Lau netfe tensa embereh
    Kan beyemshee el hal

    Sama3ni min hikayyeta
    Haki min nazrata
    Min nazrah ahyatak
    Ana befham walau

    Bet2elly innak jai
    Be3oyounak kallam
    Ana besma3 gheir hikayyet
    Baeddy el ahlam

    Ana ba3ref afkara
    Matkhabbe asrara
    Hayehdee mosh afkara
    Ana ba3ref shoo el jau

    3 is for Arabic alphabet ‘ain’
    2 is for ‘qaf’ with the two dots above

  712. AA,

    Thanks but the lyrics are all in arabic. Guess I hv to open my arabic dictionary again…huh..

    BTW my fav lebanese singer that I told u about was Elissa. I hv found her on the sites u sent me. U can access her through search “Elissa”.

    Some years ago I bought her CD in Dubai which had so many nice songs..however I lost the CD and a fren then gave me a cassette as replacement. I still hv it with me.. pls try to access

  713. Dearest Fatin

    ELISSA? Elisss? Elissa? Who doesn’t know ELISSA. She made it big with her AISHALAK album in 2002. Many #1 hits for that album!

    Once I woke up in the middle of the night and she was singing the song AISHALAK over the radio and the lyrics (being poetry) was enough to make me feel paralysed!

    Another hit from the same album is AJMAL EHSAAS and the video clip caused a stir in several countries.

    At least we have something we both love.

  714. Fatin

    Do you know that the video clip for AISHALAK was sponsored by Christian Dior Paris?

  715. AA,

    Y did CD Paris sponsor her video clip?

    Yes all the nice songs I am listening to now at oghnia.com.

    Looking for one fav song of mine now..

  716. Dearest Fatin

    If you watch the AISHALAK clip, all the dresses are by CD. The makeup by CD and there is a segment where Elissa enters a CD boutique.

    Here are a few things about Elissa:
    a) She is names after a Phoenician princess. Lebanese are descendants of Phoenicians you know!
    b) Her big brak came when she did a duet with Ragheb Alama with the song Betgheeb Betrooh (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RmzXtJEr-A).
    c) I believe her first album is Baeddy Doub but it does not appeal to me.
    d) She became world famous with the Aishalak album.
    e) Subsequent albums never managed to match the success of Aishalak.
    f) Even though Elissa is Lebanese, the major hits are in Egyptian dialect (including Aishalak).

    Here is the lyrics (and my pathetic attempt at translation) of AISHALAK:

    3aishalak ahla sineen
    (I will live for you the most glorious years)
    Fil 3omr ya dhoy el ein
    (In the life, Oh Illuminator of the eye)
    Wu be 2alby ya ghali
    (And with my heart my dearest)
    Haneen wa gharam
    (Sweet Love and Passion)
    Min awel youm fi hawak
    (From the first day I loved you)

    Kan helmi akun wa iyyak
    (It has been my dream that I be with you)
    Lau youm beinna 3omri ma3ak
    (Even a day with you is equivalent to a lifetime)
    Wu kiteer wa ana betmannak
    (And there’s so much that I wish for you)
    Ya habibi el 2alb bestennak
    (My love the heart awaits you)

    2arabny habibi kamman
    (My love, come close to me again)
    Ana show2i elailk wa el haan
    (My desire is for you as well as my yearning)
    Imlakli ed-dunya hannan
    (Fill up the world for me with sweet love)
    Naseeny ma3ak koll el ahzaan
    (With you I forget my sorrows)

    3asha2 wa ana gheir ma3a2ool
    (I adore you that I become impossible)
    Ana roohi ma3ak 3ala tool
    (My spirit is with you always)
    Dah ana 2alby kiteer mashgool
    (And my heart is preoccupied with loving you)
    Ya habibi
    (My love)
    El 3omr ba2aloo zaman
    (The life will have another zaman)

    Now you will know why I feel paralysed when this song is played past midnight. Enjoy

  717. pelik tgk suma comments kat sini. dah siap gaduh2 pulak. ada tu siap bg komen cinta pulak kat dr sheikh. agaknya yg minat dr sheikh tu pomp je yg ramai. agak2nya peminat dr tu minat dr sbb ape ye. yg paling teruk, ada siap gaduh2 plak, argue psl race dr la ape la. baldy idiot betul la. (sorry but i have to say)


  719. we are proud of u..congrate!
    sheikh muzafar hero malaysia!
    malaysia boleh…kejayaan mu kebanggaan rakyat malaysia..syabas sekali lagi..

  720. salam…
    we are so proud of ur successful being the 1st malaysian astronout…
    hopefully,u can preview ur fiancee..huhu…
    really wanna noe about her…

  721. My dear Sue (3Oct@3.28pm)

    I guessed you were trying to send a message to me.

    The reason I reminded everyone on this site that Dr Mus is an Arab is simply because you Malays are incapable to tell the difference between an Arab and A Malay. Hell, the next time we will hear that’Bangsa Yahudi’ can be classified as ‘Bangsa Melayu’.

    What’s the difference? Arabs and Jews are both of the Semitic race? Ask yourself who is an idiot! And the funniest thing is that you Malays are foolish enough to elevate Keturunan Pendatang (from countries further than China) as Raja2 Melayu.

    As Anwar used to say Pooooooooor Deh!

  722. My dear Sue (3Oct@3.34pm)

    Too bad your handsome father is not an Arab otherwise I will not hesitate to nominate him to be elevated as Sultan in one of the states without Raja2 Melayu.

  723. Dearest AA,

    Wow! u were paralysed .. by Aishalak. Awesome!

    Thanks for the translation.. If u cld do me a favour.. pls.. cld u find the lyrics and translate them for me for the song “Ah Min Hawak..”from Aishalak album (my favorite). Cldnt find any video clip online on this song. Love this song so much but dun know the meaning except a few familiar words..

    Wateva the meaning of the song, I dedicate this song for you.. used to sing full blast whilst driving..lol.


  724. Kenapa marah marah pagi pagi ni ya..

  725. on behalf of my family, conratulations for the 1st malaysian angasawan ..dr syeikh muszaphar.

  726. salam…..buat angkasawan malaysia pertama,dr sheikh muszaphar….semoga pengalaman berada di di ISS dpt dimanfaatkan bersama terutama dengan golongan pelajar..
    ddaaa…..nak tdo r…haha

  727. congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i’m proud with you..

  728. Morning AA,

    Found it in eSnips

  729. salam 2 dr.mus..minat glerr kat dye n he’s my idol..he’s got a full package which is he’s good looking man, well-educated n etc..i really want 2 know he’s email coz i want to know about his mission 2 space..n mcm mane ade sorang gurl bleh outing ngan dr.mus..coz i really want to see him face 2 face..hope u can reply my comments and good luck 2 u,dr.mus..wassalam

  730. dr,nk ikut g sane leh x?tambang brape?neway,tahniah cuz harum kan malaysia kt mat salleh.bia diaorg tahu sape kite kn…

  731. olla!!!!…d0c sheikh is my idol,also d0c faiz..caye tabib ah!!!..congrate 2 d0c berdue yang ensem tuh…heheh..tahniah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…tak taw nak kate aper dah..doc berdue memang lelaki macho oooo…

  732. congratulation……
    i’m tabik spring lah….

  733. My dearest Fatin

    I just got back from a day’s outing – entertaining another Pak Arab gila! I will respond to you emails shortly. Let me rest. Been out whole day.

  734. Dearest Fatin

    You need to ignore my sarcasm. I have to have my attitude problem to maintain my idiotic personality. Otherwise, the girls will think that I’ve turned soft!

  735. AA,

    “Control macho” huh..

  736. OK, noted. Ah min hawak coming up. It is in Levantine. I thought it was in Egyptian.

  737. Ah Men Hawak
    Aah from your love

    Ya habiby te2elly keef, keef beyensany hawak
    My love tell me how, how could your love forgets me
    3omry saar seif wu khareef, ma bey3eesh lahza balak
    My life became summer & fall, I can’t live a moment without you
    Ya habiby min zaman, zaeed 3alayee 3assak
    My love your cruelty to increased for a while
    Hairany 2alby hairan, lahza mesh 2ader yensaak
    I’m confused, my heart is confused, it can’t forget you for even a moment

    Ana meen 3andy ba3adak, lameen 2alby bekoon
    Who do I have after you, to whom would my heart be
    Min hawak ah min hawak, ah min 2alby ma shafaak
    I’m hurting from your love, hurting from my heart that didn’t see you
    Shoo saar behobbak shoo saar, yalli hayati sineen sineen dhayaa3
    What happened with your love (for me), that my life became wasted years

    Ya habiby la la tegheeb, roohy etmettahm el ghyabak
    My love please don’t be away, my soul can’t take the separation
    Enta be 3omry el habib, 3omry min doonak saraab
    You are the love of my life, my life without you is a mirage
    Ya habiby haddy koon, la malaam wa la 3etaab
    My love be calm, no blaming and no accusing
    Bein gharamy wa el junoon, beghra2 bahr el 3azaab
    Between my love and my insanity, I drown in the sea of torture

  738. Dearest AA,

    Thank you so much. At least I know the meaning of the words now…

    Very poetic, very heart rending..

    Thank you again…:))

  739. BTW do u like the song?

    Dun u think its lovely?

  740. It’s a fantastic song. Not amongst the best but it is definitely memorable.

    Have you heard of Fadl Shaker? He has a beautiful duet with Yara – Akhedny Ma3ak (Take me with you). The lyrics can really move you.

  741. The word ‘Ah’ has no translation in English. It is a ‘sigh’ word when a person is emotionally hurt. So, it can anything that relates to pain.

  742. Never heard of Fadl Shaker.

  743. You know Fatin, writing down the lyrics of Arabic songs using English alphabets is one heck of a job. It involves dual translation.

    The first is your visualisation of the Arabic words and that it has to be replaced with English alphabets. It is not an easy task because of the non existence of certain alphabets is English plus the fact that pronounciation between the major dialects really varies even within an Arabic alphabet! Then this is followed by the actual translation.

    I just saw some of my mistakes. A linguist, I am not.

  744. Dearest Fatin

    Here’s something that has developed over the last 10 years in an attempt to use english alphabets (by native speakers of the Arabic Language):

    English numerals for Arabic alphabets:
    2 = ‘Qaf’ or even the Hamzah
    3 = ‘Ein’ is totally non-existent in any language
    7 = ‘Ha’ as in the asphyxiating H (e.g. Hob or 7ob)
    5 = ‘Kha’
    6 = ‘Tho’ the heavy T (like Toyyib)

    It is on very rare occassions that songs are sung in Standard (Literary) Arabic but when they do the peotry becomes awesome.

  745. Dearest AA,

    I know the Arabic language is one of the most difficult languages to master

    Even in English/Arabic Dictionary, the arabic words are all in arabic alphabets, so one muz learn the arabic alphabets (jawi) before one cld make use of the dictionary

    Anyway the Arabs are known to be poetic, expressive, creative, imaginative…

  746. You can add LUNATIC as well. That is fine by me.

  747. lunatic = crackco 😛

  748. hi…tahniah atas kejayaan dr.menjadi angkasawan pertama islam.saya juga ingin mengucapkan takziah pada dr.atas kematian adik dr.anyway CONGRATULATION and tabah mghadapi dugaan.

  749. hello dr Muszaphar,

    I wanna wish u all the best and god bless., condolences for yr bro.

  750. Ingin mengucapkan syabas pd doc

    dan juga takziah

    semoga doc dan keluarga dalam keadaan baik

    bila mula menjelajah seluruh malaysia?

  751. Dr. Mus,

    When can we all get to see you and where?

    Are you very bz?

  752. Dearest Fatin

    I found a singer that I want to introduce to you. She is the legendary Mayada Elhennawi – from Syria.

    You need to know that the Lebanese produces commercial trash but the Syrians will give us Arabs something to cherish for generations to come and Mayada is definitely one of them. Believe me, I will dump Elissa in a minute if I have to choose between the two!

    Absollutely no comparison. One is God’s gift to the Arabs and another is a commercial trash propped up by Arab Governments so that we will not focus on their plunder of Arab treasuries.

    She was dicovered by the greatest of all composers – the late Dr Riyadh Elsonbathy. And her place is up there along with Fairuz, Abdel Halim Hafez, Farid Elattrash and our ‘Eastern Constellation’ or in Arabic Kawakeb Esh-Sharq (Oum Koulthom).

    Dr Elsonbathy wrote her a song in Classical Arabic (ASHWAQ) which until today is extremely memorable. Her voice can only be described as ‘heaven sent’. When they discovered her, many were excited because we wanted to fill a void left by the passing of Oum Koulthom. But we realsied that Allah has been kind to let us enjoy both.

    Another thing you need to know is that the ability of any Arab singer (non-Egyptian) to sing well in Egyptian Arabic is exteremely important for the career advancement. For a new Arab singer to be popular throughout the Arab World MUST strive to achieve a #1 hit in Egyptian dialect. It’s simply bread and butter.

    Suffice to say that Egyptian Arabic is very dominant. Anyway, here is one of her popular song ‘Habbena we Ethabbena’ (in Egyptian of course) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYMNOAeXwYU

  753. Do you go to your restaurant?

    or are you leaving for Moscow soon?

  754. Sorry that was Shahd Barmada of Syria. Here is Mayada Elhennawi – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyimEXQ4TvA

  755. AA,

    Elissa exudes a vibrant modern personality and her songs’ arrangements are contemporary and internationally inclined.

    Hmm.. this Mayada is great too but I prefer Elissa :O).
    Mayada’s songs are too arabic..(for me)

    Hey.. try listening to Juanes for a change… I love Es Por Ti..

  756. Sorry AA,

    I hv sent a message under farahainshafinaz. Thats me actually..

  757. Allah will strike me for forgetting Warda (from Algeria), Esmahan (of Syria), Shadia (of Egypt), Laila Murad (of Egypt) and Aziza Jalal (of Morocco). And the late Mohammed Abdel Wahab – composer, singer and actor.

    We will not have our identity without these. The voices of all these singers are more intoxicating than all the wines of the world.

  758. Farah used my pc juz now and I forgot to erase her details …:P

  759. hye .assalamualaikum,congrate to u.wish u and family gud luck.

  760. huhu..lots of comment here.. 😀


  762. AA,

    Did u read Yahoo’s news on the unveiling of King Tut’s face?

  763. As’kum,

    Apa kabar Dr SMS

    Ucapan tahniah dan takziah

  764. Assalamualaikum Dr Sheikh,

    Wish u a safe journey to Moscow and back..


  765. Dr.SMS,
    Perbaiki kemahiran berucap anda (saya fikir anda boleh buat yang lebih baik dari itu!!!) dan usah pedulikan komen-komen negatif. Ambil sebagai cabaran untuk maju! Golongan negatif tu memang akan kutuk/mengata walau apa pun yang anda buat! Jangan patah hati tapi kuatkan azam. Gembira dengar berita anda akan menamatkan zaman bujang anda sebelum 2009. Walaupun tak perlu buktikan apa-apa sebenarnya, tetapi hal ini boleh menghentikan tohmahan yang mengatakan anda gay! Apa-apa pun saya pasti ramai yang setia di belakang anda memberi sokongan. Hey sms, I’m in love with you! Just like I’m in love with Robert Redford in Up close and personal, remember? I’d love to have tea with you someday! He..he..

  766. to sheikh..
    Be happy in whatever you did..
    we are so proud of you..

  767. A’kum….Dr SMS already back to Moscow….and getting married soon….who is the luck girl in his life…

  768. u really handsome…i fall in love wit u,i hope i’ll c u soon….

  769. Well Nanny, it doesnt matter (to us!) whoever sms choose to be his wife. As long as he’s happy, we should be happy too. It’s like Ct Nurhaliza or Erra Fazira getting married to the man they love and be happy… After all, he’s only human and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, remember? Someone said she admires sms for his dancing eyes….me too!!! I totally agree! Mimpi sms lah pulak malam ni……

  770. I admire SMS for his wicked smile…:P

  771. congrats….we hope that our beloved astronouts will always in the pink of health…..and also will getting married soon!….don’t forget to invite us……….insyaallah……..good bye…….see you and best of luck……tadaaaa…….

  772. i miss u…………u a my hero……..i luv u dr sheikh………………………….i teringin sangat nak jumpa u……

  773. I admire him too but only one would be lucky to be his mrs. All the best Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar. Kita berdoa semoga Dr. Sheikh terus berjaya. Doakan Dr. SMS bahgia hingga akhir hayat.

  774. salam.. syukur dan tahniah slamat pulang ke Msia.. terharu rasanya tatkala pelancaran ke ISS.. bergenang air mata ne bila tgk muslim melayu pertama naik ke angkasa.. hope sheikh dpt share experience gan warga MSIA nnt.. bt CD la.. n gan seluruh pelusok rakyat tau bukan saje kat bandaraya KL je..

    hope pasne dpt jd ketua keluarga yang baik dan dapt wife yang comel n bertudung.. anak2 comel cm papa die.. heheeeeeee

    u alwayz in our heart.good luck!!! jejaka malaya.. ALLAH bless u alaways.. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  775. lelaki yang baik untuk wanita yang baik…. siapa ye yang bertuah tu ek ……….tungguuu je la sheikh umumkan………jenjenggg…tunggugg.. kita terjah nanti zazzzzzzzz

  776. Cempaka,

    Robert Redford dah berkedut muka…
    Dr masih tegang…hehe

  777. Dear SMS,
    I baru tengok some static photos yang kawan forwardkan. katanya ini sebahagian daripada yang SMS ambil sewaktu d angkasa. Sayu/touching. Bertuah sungguh anda berpeluang menikmati ciptaan Allah yang menakjubkan itu. Saya dapat maklumat serba sedikit dari kawan-kawan tentang latar belakang anda. Anda memang hebat! Memang hebat!!! Cuma satu ingatan saya (kepada saya juga) JANGAN sekali-kali lupakan Allah! Sebagaimana Dia memberi, Dia juga boleh mengambilnya bila-bila masa.

  778. hi dr!!!!!
    i love dr.you make me proud with you
    i know you can do it
    and prove it to me.
    i like you when you treat your niece

  779. Kalau semua nak tahu…jeng jeng jeng!!!!!

    Saya la pilihan Dr. Mus…hehehe…jgn jeles!!!

    yang mana nak termuntah tu.. sabor aje le..

  780. Dr Mus,

    Tell us, ciri ciri wanita pilihan doc

    bolela kami cuba mould, twist and turn to accomodate your taste.. ahakkss…

  781. assalamulaikum dr sheikh !!!!

    Dalam berita harian hari ni,tulis dr sheikh nak kahwin tahun 2008.Alhamdulillah dr. dan bakal isteri bertemu jodoh akhirnye.Semoga hari bahagia tu kekal sampai akhir hayat!!!!INSYALLAH…..

  782. Hi Bro,

    Really proud of your achievement. Hope you could share your valuable experience with all MUSLIM to appreciatte Allah more and pray for the better live of mankind… Amin

  783. Tania,
    Takkan desperate sangat…Just be yourself. You’ll do fine! Penat tau nak memuaskan hati orang lain… Live your life, to the fullest! Kalau tak, menyesal nanti. Ingat, lebih baik berpasangan dengan orang yang suka kita, daripada kita suka orang…nanti sebelah mata dia pandang orang lain….kan naya tu!

  784. mesti le same2 suke…hehe, kalau dia langsung tak suke, takkan berpasangan dgn kite..

    bior le penat… asal tak menyusah orang lain..kah kah kah

  785. ala dr sheikh nak kwin melepas lah aku……..hmmmmmmmmmmm

  786. tak pe sharina, dr faiz still available..:)

  787. Special dedicated this song to Dr SMS

    Imran Ajmain – Seribu Tahun

    Relaku menunggumu seribu tahun lama lagi
    Tapi benarkah hidup aku akan selama ini
    Biar berputar ke arah selatan ku tak putus harapan
    Sedia setia

    Relaku mengejarmu seribu batu jauh lagi
    Tapi benarkah kaki ku-kan tahan sepanjang jalan ini
    Biar membisu burung bersiulan terlelah gelombang lautan
    Ku masih setia

    Adakah engkau tahu… ini cinta
    Adakah engkau pasti… ini untuk selama-lamanya

    Relaku menunggumu seribu tahun lama lagi
    Tapi benarkah hidup aku akan selama ini… yeah…
    Biar berputar ke arah selatan ku tak putus harapan
    Sedia setia

    Jangan putus harapan… sedia setia……

    to Dr SMS girl jgn mare k….

  788. Aduhai… nih lebih teruk…

    rela kejar seribu batu…

    nipis tapak kasut…hehe

  789. x pa lah jadi isteri yg kedua pun x pa….layan je…hehe

  790. dr sheikh jgn lah kawin…hmmm

  791. sharina..sian le ke dr sms

    dia nak rasa juga hidup berumahtangga
    senang jer..
    masuk meminang dr sms
    best girl wins.. kwang kwang kwang

  792. cempaka..,

    U’d love to hv tea with dr sms

    I’d love to hv dinner . .. he he

  793. Dearest Fatin

    Sorry been busy entertaining a potential client. If I secure this deal, I will be reassigned to KSA.

    Pray for me. Malaysia may eventually be able to get rid of me.

  794. kalau sharina isteri ke 2

    tania yg ke 3

    hehe … aiman tak kisah..

  795. okay sok saye g minang dia…jgn terkejut pulak…allla x tahu alamat umah eya pulak….

  796. Dearest Fatin

    Today in Berita Harian headline news – Mengangkasakan Bangsa!

    OK, I will keep my mouth shut. We’ll let them have their day by letting our Arab astronaut dupe our stupid leaders into thinking that he is a Malay.

  797. okay…tapi awk sanggup ke bermadu…hehehe

  798. bermadu no prob

    like u said…layan je… he he


  799. Dearest Sharina & tania

    I’m still available. What’s the difference? I’m still another Arab dude just like your idol?!

  800. hmmm dr sheikh jangan lah kawin saya merayu ni…

  801. Dearest

    Who is Najib kidding? He thinks that I am an idiot not to know that Bugis are Bugis and Deli Melayu are Deli Melayu?

    Somebody please tell him BUGIS are not Malays!

  802. Awak tak naik ke angkasa…kah kah kah

  803. awak memang seati sejiwa lah gan saya kalau macam ni bleh lah jadi madu saya….layaaan

  804. alamak..laki aku datang la sharina..

    okey le..kantoiii kwui kwui kwui

    nanti baca surat kabor..cik sharina the lucky lady marries malaysia’s 1st astronaut…jeng jeng jeng..


  805. Dearest Tania

    With you, we will reach the moon!

  806. hoi arab ko ni cuke sgt menyebok lah

  807. melepas lah awk…awk kan dah ada suami….kalau nak khawin dgn sheikh mesti lah anak dara…hehehe

  808. amim

  809. hmmm…

  810. dR per kabarrr

  811. Dearest AA,

    Hey I thought u r gone for good. Insyaallah I will pray for ur success in securing the deal..

  812. yeah..shhhh purse ur lips… sensitive issue..

    since u r going back to KSA, be nice ok…

  813. ble lah dpt jumpe gan dr sheikh ni

  814. amboi dok berebut SMS plk.. dh sampai seru die la.. jodoh pertemuan dh ditentukan.. aku nk gak.. ada borang kosong lg tak.. nk isi.. kuang3

  815. Dearest Sharina

    Since you idolise our Arab astronaut, maybe you should be nice to me because I got access to his house!

  816. Dearest Fatin

    No, I’m still around. 😦

    Yeah, I’ve been busy these last few days. Really busy entertaining Pak Arab. I’ll know by end November if the deal is secure.

    If it is secured, I’ll be overjoyed that I don’t give a care for the stupid Najib TAR. Next thing, he will say is that the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) was a Malay!

    We’re almost there anyway. Since the name ‘Mohammed’ is considered a ‘Nama Melayu’.

  817. Dearest AA,

    I hv been nice to ya..but hv yet to get arranged by u for a meeting with Dr. Sheikh.!!..lol

    Like I said before, if u r unable to convey my regards to him, juz convey them to his daddy instead..ha ha

  818. Tania,
    Saya hanya nak tea dengan SMS sebab saya hanya nak jadi kawan dia saja…good friends, maybe! Bukannya lebih dari itu. I suka kalau boleh berbual, berbincang, dan mungkin berdebat tentang banyak perkara. Saya suka kalau saya boleh jadi rujukan tentang sesuatu perkara, dan sebaliknya. Orang yang bijak seperti SMS perlu ada sparring partner yang boleh berdialog dan “belasah” idea-idea dia, baru semakin tajam dan mantap. Kalau semua dok puji saja…tak berkembang dan statik!

  819. lagi satu Tania….saya cakap saya jatuh cinta dengan RR waktu dia tengah hot dulu…bukan sekarang!!! Kan cerita tu dah lama….Sekarang maybe I dah jatuh cinta dengan hero 24 tu, si kiefer sutherland! Atau dengan jejaka idaman malaya rosyam noor! amacam, masih relevan lagi hero ni? lupa, lagi satu hero prison break! cutenya dia! sebab tu saya tak boleh tengok prison break, sebab dia asyik nak kena tangkap!

  820. Dearest Fatin

    Yeah, you are the only one on this forum that tolerates my crap.

    You should be rewarded really since I think you know deep down I’m just a nice guy and not a racist. How could I be when I have Turkish, Ethiopian and Javanese blood in me?

    When this Pak Arab leaves, I will focus on getting to Dr Mus family home. But his Dad did mention that they will return to Moscow soon. So, I need to call first.

    By the way, I had my picture taken in King Tut’s tomb in Luxor, Egypt when I was a primary school kid of 7! I can vividly recall that hot summer of 79.

  821. Dearest AA,

    Indeed, I know u r juz horrid on the surface only..:)).

    I hv not bn in King Tut’s tomb but I hv been in the pyramid.. hv to duckwalk my way inside.. not a pretty sight if a guy happens to duckwalk behind u…:P.

    Dr Sheikh has gone back to Moscow and guess what?? He is getting married soon.. awww shucks!!! lol

  822. Fatin

    What were you doing in Cairo?

    Oh yes, tell me about that duckwalking in the Great Pyramic! The humidity and the odour is enough to turn you off.

    Did you ever visit the Step Pyramids in Saqqara?

  823. borang dah abis….dr sheikh cuma nak 3 calon isteri…hehehe

  824. Dear Sharina

    You want my borang? 😉

  825. buat pe???

  826. Borang masuk Shangri-La Hotel Pudu atau Shangri-La Hotel Sungai VULOOOH. 😉

  827. hoi cik arab aku bukan nak borang masuk hotel lah…ni ape kes….lemahhhh

  828. Dear Sharina

    I am not Cik lah!

    I am Keturunan SHEIKH. Oh wait! Sorry, I am Keturunan SYED. Oh wait! Sorry, I am Keturunan Pendatang Tanpa Izin from countries further than China!

    Does that make any sense to you? 😉

  829. biar btol u keturunan syed….entah2 keturunan punjabi…hahhh

  830. Dear Sharina

    If you choose me, I can teach our children Bahasa Arab.

    If you choose Dr Mus, he doesn’t even know how to sign his name in Arabic.

    By the way, the meaning of Syed in BM is Tuan!

  831. ye lah

  832. u ni semua bhs tahu ehhh..

  833. Dear Sharina

    No. Not all languages. Just English, Arabic and Bahasa.

  834. hoi arab u ni dok kat malaysia ke…

  835. Dear Sharina

    Ana dok kat Istana Negara dgn geng Arab dari TGG!

  836. Member yang suka cium keris!