A million thanks to blood donors

I was at Masjid Jame’ Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur by 7.50pm, after my usual iftar at home with my parents, my wife, my darling daughter, my only sister and her only daughter. I rushed straight right after the meal.

It was drizzling when I left home. By 8.00pm, it started to rain. Then it became heavier. Despite of the challenge of the wet tropical evening, 40 pints were collected by the National Blood Bank (NBB) staff, headed by hematologists Dr. Maisarah.


People from all walks of life were there to answer the call of donating their blood, for the preservation of lives. Young, old, professionals, medical practitioners, students, worshipers and non believers, first timers and veteran donors, politicians and bloggers, stood inline to offer their lifeline liquid to ease the suffering of others. 40% were turned down for not fulfilling the criterion set, which include minimum weight, haemoglobin level, blood pressure, glucose level in the blood etc. ANSARA President Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir, who already donated blood at an earlier ANSARA’s campaign in South Cheras Jaya Jusco on the 9 September wanted to donate again tonight but was turned down by the NBB doctor-in-charge because its far too soon for him.


Two of fellow bloggers were there. Must Stop This and What’s In My Head came straight from work. Bloggers actively campaigned for this emergency drive. Some blog readers also turned up to offer their blood.


Later, in the rain, some Petaling Jaya DAP members led by former national publicity secretary Ronnie Liu (also a blogger, Colour-Blind) showed up and went straight inline, eagerly participating for this emergency drive.


When we had a chat with Dr. Maisarah, she told us that the NBB required a minimum of 2,500 pints daily. The life expectancy of bloods collected is never longer than 35 days. The level is now very critical even though they have seven mobile teams within Klang Valley actively arranging for blood donation every single day somewhere in their area. This week is particularly critical because several major organ transplant were done, like in the case of Tee Hui Yee. They anticipate the upcoming long Hari Raya Aidfitri holidays will be taxing for the NBB as the level in their storage is very critical, at the moment.

A million thanks to the kind donors this evening. Equal appreciation is accorded to portal and blogs which actively promoted this emergency drive organized by ANSARA and Utusan Malaysia for their coverage. Congratulations, Dr. Mohamed Halim Abu Bakar of Damai Hospital and Dr. Shahrol Azmi Mohd. Yassin of Kampung Baru Medical Centre who led this ANSARA initiative tonight. Both vowed to continue help NBB in the future for such blood donation drive again. Also, not the least, thanks to the NBB staff and the donor for the hot drinks and kuihs.

Well done, people!

* The camera is low on battery. Therefore, not many photos can be shot and the focus is poor.

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