Future Proton supercar?

Shots of this clay model concept known as the Proton PM5 Concept has been surfacing in forums lately. Some say it is a future model that Proton has been developing together with Lotus, and others are of the opinion that it is an old design concept for the recently launched Lotus Europa. Anyone know more about this concept? There are some hints of Aston Martin design cues especially on the rear end.


National carmaker, Proton Holdings Bhd, plans to manufacture affordable Lotus cars in Malaysia probably in late 2007 or in 2008, its managing director Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir said.

“If everything goes on well, the affordable Lotus will be done and assembled in Malaysia . Both Lotus and Proton have agreed on the plan,” he told reporters at a press conference to mark his 100 days as managing director.


He said Proton was currently identifying the specification for the car, platform to work with and the market to focus.

“This car could be priced around RM100,000 compared with the current Lotus car at between RM300,000 and RM400,000. It is a very expensive car (current Lotus). I think there is a big market for Lotus if it is within affordable range without compromising Lotus’ quality,” he said.


He said with the model, the company could expand Lotus sales not only in UK , Europe, US and Japan but also in China , India and Association of South-East Asian Nations market.

Syed Zainal said Proton was tapping synergies with the UK-based sports car maker, by forming partnerships with carmakers and raising quality of the cars.

“Lotus is world famous for sports cars and its engineering services, so it makes a lot of sense for us, as the owners of Lotus, to put in more Lotus in Proton cars. At the same time we will open doors for Lotus to provide engineering services to other carmakers in key Asian market such as China , South Korea and India ,” said Syed Zainal.

He said currently Lotus was too heavily-centred in UK . About 80-90 percent of Lotus engineering expertise are there.

“That is nothing wrong with it. But with we have to be competitive. People are now working towards geo-based rather then Euro-based.

“Hence, going forward, Lotus has to move from a UK-based firm to geo-based in order to have its resources in the emerging market like China and India .

“We are taking a fresh look at making the best use of Lotus’ strengths,” he said.


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  1. PMS… remind me sejenis penyakit yang dihidapi oleh orang perempuan…!

  2. this proton proto was discussed long time ago. but the idea seemed ended very quietly.

    the same goes to ESNA project. the owner died some time ago and i guess he took the project with him to the grave oso. one british small production sportscar maker NOBLE made their latest sc very much the same as proto of the ESNA. Noble M21.

  3. Formulating je yg byk PROTON Malaysia, tp….where is their IMPLEMENTATION…! Byk ckp jak..Klu mahu knp tak terus jual jenis2 keta mcm ni (PM5) proton buat..Cantik dah pun,even hampir dgn Aston Martin.. And satu lg, why PROTON and Petronas tak combine buat satu research utk cipta satu engine Malaysia, yang jimat minyak ataupun guna sumber alternative lain..Jgn nak harap Petrol atau diesel jak,tak lama lg dah nak SIAP dah Minyak2 kita tu.. Kita kena jaga ENVIROMENT kita geng..

  4. respek r..
    mmg gmpak..

    walaupn bnyak org yg cube memperlekehkan kemampuan proton tp aku ttp bangga dgn pencapaian proton..
    cume kene tambah kualiti lg sikit je..

    korg mampu menyaingi jename top sbnarnye..
    aku ttp dibelakang proton…sokong proton..

  5. respek r..
    mmg gmpak..

    walaupn bnyak org yg cube memperlekehkan kemampuan proton tp aku ttp bangga dgn pencapaian proton..
    cume kene tambah kualiti lg sikit je..
    korg mampu menyaingi jename top sbnarnye..
    aku ttp dibelakang proton…sokong proton..

  6. proton what a disppointing brand . i shall never forget how jeremy clarkson from top gear in UK destroyed a malaysia perodua kelisa. Products from malaysia are just simple craps without any durability.

    • Well, the British people are like that! They like to make fun of other people cause they think they are the superior race. With the price so cheap, Perodua Kelisa is design for a specific purpose. For people looking for cheap, low maintenance, convenience, easy parking, petrol saving & city driving environment. This car is not make for performance, speeding or racing! What do u expect? Buying one of the cheapest car & expect it to run like a Ferrari, handle like a Lotus & safety like a Volvo? DON’T compare it to a Ferrari or a Mitsubishi Evo!

      If you want to compare a car, compare it apple to apple. Compare it within the same car class or similar price! Don’t compare an apple with a durian!

      In addition, the British bragging about themselves & make fun of the Asian car manufacturers saying these cheap car are lousy & low quality.

      Guess what? Below are the list of defunct or bankrupted British car manufacturers:-
      Austin, Autovia, BMC, BLMC, British Leyland, Dawson, De Lorean Motor Company, Hillman, Humber, Jensen, Lea-Francis, MG Rover, Morris Motor Company, Nuffield, Riley, Rootes, Singer, Standard, Sterling, Sunbeam, Sunbeam-Talbot, Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq, Talbot, Triumph Motor Company, Vanden Plas, Wolseley.

      In addition, what happen to British car manufacturers like Lotus, Jaguar, MINI, Land Rover & Aston Martin? All are sold & owned by foreign car manufacturer, or else these brands will go bankrupted like the ones above. Lotus sold to Proton Malaysia, Jaguar & Land Rover sold to Tata India, Mini to BMW Germany & Aston Martin sold to Middle East investors.

      Remember, this Perodua Kelisa might look stupid, lousy & unreliable, but the Brits are still buying it!!! Especially times like these where the world is in recession. But you guys forget, these type of cars that are KILLING the British car manufacturers, until either the British car manufacturer go bankrupted or owned by a foreign car manufacturer that the Brits like poking fun at such as Proton. Remember, without Proton, Lotus might go bankrupted. MG Rover went bankrupted when Proton decided not to purchase it years ago…

  7. woooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
    apa hp dier? bodoh punya proton budak-budak gay!

  8. With everyone thinking negatively of our local products, it’s a no wonder we’re going nowhere. I applaud those who still have faith in what we can do. Don’t just sit on the benches and comment, get in the field and play.

  9. this model ain’t original.i am guessing that ideas are taken fromdodge viper and aston martin with a little mix of local ( typical ) designs. it could work if the locals would buy it but i really think it won’t sell well in other countries.I bet that they wont even know where malaysia is on the map . THE MAIN POINT IS THAT THIS DESIGN IS NOT ORIGINAL . and the engine theres no info bout that is there?

  10. when i make a cmparism..i realize that most of proton models are out of date…in term of their designing..oh…so bad,only a very2 old people buy proton..all peoples know la…

  11. Whether combining design with other existing cars does not matter at all, as long as it looks good, good quality, durable… The problem of proton is that they like old designs. They like outdated designs. They put the best designs and good technologies back in the shelf. Those proton VIPs r very old fashion. They know their problem but never wanna change. As they r the people who can make design, policy makers so to speak, who else can decide.. noone else.

    Another thing is that, if I’m given a chance to be in proton’s design team, sure I’ll contribute in the design part. What r the chances of getting into proton?! Probably zero percent or the most..become a sales or marketing agent..hehe. Qualification is the prerequisite but the fact is lots of good car designers r restricted to come out with what they r thinking.

    Lastly, I suggest that proton is holding or organizing proton car contest design, open for public. This is what Peugeot or other motor companies r doing to get the best. It’s the best policy I’d said because when u invite public to design and get votes from the public, it shows which design the most people like. Whoever get the most scores, he or she will be the winner and entitled to be honoured with prize in cash, cheques or goods. Of course cost is one major thing but that can be compromised with good designs. People will be able to appreciate what proton does. There r still a lot to say about this but I end here for now.

  12. Will coming Soon in based on Eroupa S model……no spyshots…..finger crossed…!!!

  13. Wow.almost like Aston martin,i want to bought went i am 21

  14. Pegi daa.. sampai tua la,ape pon tak jadi, borak jer lebih..klau nak buat skarang ni pon bleh da.Nak tggu masa depan KONON.Lani keta Import yg bleh pakai pon takde Kualiti, NO Standard,Cukai tinggi,lu org buat untung lebih BAI.. RAKYAT SENGSARA.

  15. proton should be more creative and this model PM5, i guess they are just showing the world that they can built supercar. But dont know what lies under the hood. Probably 1.6 waja or 1.3 saga engine. Seriously proton, you guys need to improve or better to tutup kedai. Proton cars have no quality. They just dont care. This people are just too lazy i guess.

  16. PM5, exxonmobil oil field in malaysia peninsular.

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