10 November march was an Opposition’s staged circus?

BERSIH, an NGO comprises of 66 different organisations organised the “Yellow Shirt March” 3pm on Saturday 10 November 2007’s call for the grace of His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong’s ‘intervention’ into the ‘system’ and provide a “free and fair elections”.

It was much talked about event where so many ‘underground’ work were carried out to ensure that enough people show for the “Yellow Shirt March”, originally planned from Dataran Merdeka to Istana Negara. In my conversation with a former PAS journalist, this march was originally planned as a PAS lead demonstration. Somewhere along the lines, it was ‘hijacked’ and PAS leaders ‘hand it over’ to Anwar Ibrahim and some PKR leaders, with the dismay of upcoming PAS leaders such as Mahfudz Omar, Salahuddin Ayub and Mat Sabu.

So the planning went into fifth gear. The VK Lingam scandal, which was staged into the public attention by Anwar Ibrahim and PKR, was conveniently and totally capitalised by Bar Council at the 26 September “Walk For Justice” in Putrajaya, to trump up the ‘precursor’ event preceeding the 10 November march.

However, in the haste of the timing and execution, the 26 September “walk” had major flaws:

1. Only less than 6% of Bar Council members participated in a Bar Council’s own organised protest, even though the call was for “Judiciary reforms” and senior and respectable legal practicioners and names in the legal profession such as Dato’ Muhammad Shafiee Abdullah, Hj. Sulaiman Abdullah, Zainur Zakaria, Christopher Fernando, Raja Aziz Adruce, Pawancheek Merican etc., were absent

2. The Malays’ participation in the “walk” was so low; not reflective of the membership composition and naturally, not reflective of the demography of the vox populi.


Thus, this time BERSIH was much ready and had better plans to execute. The role of political parties are so clear in this “Yellow Shirt March”. Suddenly, PAS geared their machineries all over the country, especially from Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah to ensure that there would be full force show of strength and awe, on Dataran Merdeka that Saturday afternoon. Buses were chartered. T shirts were printed. High end base ball caps with the Royal Emblem were worn. It was very clear that a lot of effort was put into bringing people into the heart of Kuala Lumpur, heritage, pride and sovereignty.

10-nov-opp-i.jpg 10-nov-opp-ii.jpg10-nov-opp-anwar-ii.jpg

The handiwork of the Oppositions are so bloody clear. BERSIH 10 November “Yellow Shirt March” from Dataran Merdeka to Istana Negara is a political event masquarading as the ‘rakyats’ themselves wanted change. At the end of the day, when the marchers reached the Istana Negara gates, Hj Hadi Awang, YB Datin Seri Wan Azizah Ismail, YB Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng, ALL Oppositions leaders walked in to meet up with the Private Secretary of His Majesty, to hand over the memorandum prepared. No political-free community leaders instead were doing it.

  November 11, 2007 14:48 PM
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PENAMPANG, Nov 11 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi described the action by the opposition in handing over a memorandum on the country’s election process to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong as an attempt to drag the royal institution into politics.

“However, I believe the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is wise and will not be taken in by their tactics,” he told reporters after opening Parti Bersatu Sabah’s 22nd Congress here today.

Abdullah said this in reaction to yesterday’s street demonstration organised by the Coalition for Clean and fair Elections (Bersih) in Kuala Lumpur during which 10 of its representatives, including Opposition chief Lim Kit Siang, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, PKR president Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang handed the memorandum to an official at Istana Negara.

On the illegal gathering, Abdullah said that he was leaving the matter to the police to handle.

“The police handled the demonstration very well and I’m very happy. We don’t like things like this to happen. It is a burden to the police, in order to control the situation, they have set up road blocks which inconveniences to the public.

“The police discharged their responsibilities. This illegal gathering is not helping the people … many are angry,” he added.

In SHAH ALAM, Selangor Menteri besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Khir Toyo described the demonstration as the work of “desperados”.

“However, it will be counter-productive for them as they have only caused difficulties for the people, who only want to see peace in the country.

“It (demonstration) has also smeared the image of Islam as the religion prohibits such an action,” he told reporters here today.

He had earlier opened a treasure-hunt programme organised by the Selangor’s Permanent Committee for Women’s affairs.



The recipe of ‘street-mob-politics’ is so apparent whenever someone by the name of Anwar Ibrahim is within the vicinity of any ‘political event’, trying very hard for it to be disguised as a “pseudo-peoples’-call”, ever since 1974, again seen on 3 September 1998 (after being sacked from the Government and UMNO) and now here. Over and over, testing the patience and professionalism of the authorities, especially the Police, making a mockery of any legal avenues and process and of course, challenge the stability amongst the poeple with his well orchestrated and presented rhetorics and convenient twisting of facts. Once, in his abuse of power trial, he actually claimed to the court that he was systematically being poisoned by arsenic, something the Director of HUKM Dato’ Dr. Khalid Kadir, undoubtedly the best mind in endocrinology in the country and seven other leading consultants were unable to find.

I guess the organisers and participants of this march badly missed their “Reformasi” days, which had been defunct, after PKR lost terribly in the March 2004 General Elections and moreover, after Anwar Ibrahim was acquitted by the Federal Court for the sodomy conviction. So this specifically and carefully planned organised event was ‘reunion’ to many “Reformasi” addicts. What is sad is that, 40,000 or so people, in far away places such as Kelantan and Kedah, come and get played into the game of a convicted abuse-of-power criminal!

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  1. Big Dog!

    It was a good day to walk and work out, man. Of course the politicians will be there. Former Umno man Anwar Ibrahim has said he would march. So did Kit Siang. Only the Opposition leaders from Kelantan were not there.

    It is not true, however, that the majority of marchers had played into the hands of the ex-Umno man, or DAP, or Pas. I am quite certain that the Opposition leaders had decided to be there because the people had decided to march, with or without them.

    In any case, I met with quite a few Umno men and women! MIC members, too. Won’t furnish you with their names, of course. Yang tak nampak langsung .. MCA members.

  2. Bayangkan lautan manusia pada Sabtu 17 Nov depan jika UMNO pula mengajak ahli-ahlinya berarak ke Istana Negara dengan slogan ‘UMNO tetap menjaga Institusi Raja-Raja agar tidak diheret sama dalam permainan politik. Di sepanjang jalan bergema ‘Daulat Tuanku.. Daulat Tuanku.. Daulat Tuanku..
    Jika ini menjadi realiti, saya tidak akan bersama juga sepertimana saya berkecuali pada Sabtu 10 Nov. Apa yang menariknya nanti tembelang PAS, KEADILAN, DAP, sebahagian Majlis Peguam dan sekutu lain mereka akan pecah berderai dalam longkang kerana perarakan 10 Nov bukan perarakan rakyat tetapi hanya perarakan kumpulan mereka sahaja. Pararakan pada 17 Nov ialah perarakan lautan juta manusia yang tidak mahu institusi raja terhumban sama dalam kancah politik.
    Pihak mana lebih layak mendakwa ‘perarakan rakyat’ jika jumlah manusia jadi pengukur?
    Saya bersetuju dengan pemilik blog jika pihak yang boleh mendabik dada semalam ialah PAS. Yang lucunya para blogger mainstream setakat hari ini saya tidak jumpa telah memberikan kredit bermakna pada PAS. Mungkin mereka sendiri pun bukan minat pada jubah, serban dan kopiah.
    Masa sama selain dari permainan politik, kesannya pada kerajaan semasa dan persepsi pihak luar pada negara, banyak lagi perspektif-perspektif lain boleh dilihat. Saya si perayau cenderung untuk meneroka perspektif-perspektif lain ini dan sedang menerokanya.
    Terima kasih buat ‘thirteen million plus ringgit guy rambles’ kerana saya dapat membaca catatan pemblog yang berani dan analitikal seperti anda. Tidak ramai di Bloggers United.

  3. mr rocky

    can anybody assure the rakyat if ever the opposition took over Malaysia that the rakyat will have the same freedom and fairness as you would get today?
    If the opposition leaders weren’t they, do you honestly believe that rakyat will be there?
    Be honest rakyat, put UMNO/BN aside, who can actually lead this country ?

    I have to admit that I am not in favor of Pak Lah admin , but there should be a better way.

  4. This event would have had credence if the chief opposition clowns were not in the forefront. Instead if it were the bloggers’ representative or any other NGOs not related to the opposition, it would have got my respect.

    Unfortunately, there were the normal monkeys to make speeches and the same monkeys handing over the memorandum to the Istana reflecting a clear opposition agenda making it not so “Bersih” after all.

    This is the opposition in a desparate mode.

    We should adopt Lee Kuan Yew’s method of leadership and pound on the opposition and their sympathizers.

    Why arrest the man in the street in yellow? Why not arrest the monkey with the loud speaker in his hand making fiery speeches? Perhaps it’s true that a monkey won’t convict his brother.

  5. Big dog, I agree with you that the BERSIH rally had been hijacked by the Oppositions.
    But to heck with it, we must look at the main objective which is to clean up the ELECTORAL SYSTEM before we can even dream of having Quality MPs, thus quality Legislative and finally quality executive.

    BTW, UMNO BARU also need to be cleaned up !!!
    It is becoming an insult to the word Malays.

    In some ways I agree with you.

    Cleaning up? HOW about the Oppositions???? NO need cleaning up, is it?

    BUT Lim Kit Siang???? Seriously! Before he made sure his son rose to Sec Gen (like there are no other qualified people in the party) and daughter-in-law as YB in Melaka. Then you have Anwar Ibrahim???? Seriously???? He was convicted abuse-0f-power criminal ALL the WAY to the top and served 6 years jail terms.

    To get pot to call the kettle black, simply won’t work. These people should look themselves in the mirror FIRST!

  6. Yes,Big Dog… all these POLITICIAN LEADERS should be BLEACHED and then force them to attend Elementary school for POLITICIANS.
    I feel ,with the support of Rakyat, Agung should sack all these MPs and ADUNs.

    BTW, what is happening to Mukhriz … why suddenly he got a change of heart !!

    HM SPB YDP Agong has no power to sack any elected reps, be it MPs or ADUNs.

    No change about Mukhriz

  7. Big Dog,
    I beg to differ. Agung has the power to sack… just look at our neighbour.

    Sack who? His driver? The kitchen hand in the Istana? Maybe.

    The Prime Minister? Anyone in Cabinet?

    Fat chance!

    In 1988, HM SPB YDP Agong gave specific instructions in writing that the Lord President is to be sacked with immediate effect. They have to hold a special tribunal and invited Chief Justices and Sr Supreme Court Judges from Commonwealth countries to preside the tribunal and HM SPB YDP Agong only acts upon the findings and recommendations of the special tribunal.

    The constitution of our neighbours are not like ours. HM SPB YDP Agong has very limited powers and confined to items involving the Malay culture and heritage and Islam, only.

  8. I went for the walk simply to overcome my own fear of the regime of the day. I am an UMNO member too. Great day for me as I now know – I HAVE NO FEAR. What about the rest of you? Still in the cocoon of fear??? Deal with it.


  9. I am disappointed too that the opposition leaders took the credit for this march. Apart from Tok Guru’s Pas members, who turned up in thousands (and their guides in red jackets — bless them for their patience and skill in guiding the crowd), others were just not it. The handling of Memo to the Palace should be done primarily by BERSIH heads. How come Raja Petra Kamaruddin was not invited to be part of the representatives? He had tirelessly campaigned for the march in his blog. But, all the same, the government is now in panic mode.

    Government in panic mode????

    Till this point of time, has the Prime Minister ‘advised’ HM SPB YDP Agong to suspend the Parliament, declare emergency and put the country under NOC????

    When that happens, now you can say “Government in panic mode”! Otherwise, business as usual.

  10. Danial,
    SPB YDP Agong doesn’t enjoy the sort of loyalty the Crown in our neighbouring country does. Although it may be in His Majesty’s right to do so, will His Majesty get the full backing of the people, parliament, state assembly, and the security forces? I think not, and I am speaking as an honest royalist.

  11. Kesian kau org ni masih di takuk lama,hiro kamu Mahahtir dah tak larat dah,kalian pun sama-sama lah cermin diri.

  12. Your opinion is not surprising since you are a hard core Mahathirian as well as UMNO. I do not know where you got the idea that this gathering was supposed to be an all-PAS event. If you were there you know that it is the people gathering. Everybody who turn up are the rakyat of Malaysia irrespective who they are, even the politician. Are you saying just because a person is a politician then they have no business to be there? They are also the rakyat and furthermore, if the people want to kick out UMNO/BN who do you think they have to replace with? Come on Big Dog. I know you were not even there and you bet I’m right. Your conscience should tell you that Tun Mahathir has a share in the mess we are in today and definitely not Anwar…..

    When politicians step infront, make speeches and assume the privileged role to walk into the grounds of the Istana Negara, then its NO MORE ABOUT THE RAKYAT!

    It now has become an Opposition political agenda. Especially if the people who made the speech and garnered attention is someone who had been convicted for abuse-of-power and exhausted ALL AVENUES to unturn.

    If its a rakyat thingy, then community leaders with no vested interests in politics should step up and be honoured to walk into the palace ground to handpver whatever it is that the “so called” rakyats’ grievances.

  13. The fact that the opposition parties walked with the rakyat showed that many parties are concerned with the state of “apeness” this country has been ever since Pak Tidur took over and let his “apes” run wild on leashes held by his SIL. I was there, but I am not a PAS or DAP member. Don’t insult my integrity, I dont depend on BN for “gravies” . I am glad someone has the balls to lead. Can you and would people allow you to lead to a better Malaysia? This maybe a small step but I am glad many took it.

  14. Dear Gamal,
    I beg to differ again.
    YDPA do not need the full backing of the people, parliament, state assembly, and the security forces.

    If a good number of knowledge-empowered Rakyat are NOT happy and willing to RISK their lives, it is a good enough signs for the Agung to ACT.


    HM SPB YDP Agong and the Council of Rulers can ONLY act on two issues; the culture and heritage of the Malays and Islam. Everything else, he/they have to refer to the Executive.

    This is provided by the Constitution of the Federation. In a constitutional monarchy system, with the exception of the two items, HM SPB YDP Agong and the Rulers are just ceremonial figurehead.

    2. Kesetian kepada Raja
    3. Kedaulatan Undang Undang
    4. Keluhuran Perlembagaan

  15. Well… I guess that is also one way to put it. Most of the marchers are indeed PAS members. Unfortunately, we need their support if we want to make a big impact. As the say, the enemy (oppo) of my enemy (BN) is my (rakyat) friend.

    On a side note, Lim Kit Siang looked like a Tau ethereal in that picture.

  16. Danial,

    The Agong will not be so foolish as to act if His Majesty sees that the desired result will not be achieved.

    The institution will have to face the dire consequences if it falters.

    Even the less knowledge empowered rakyat is clever enough to know about risk management. Do you think those silly Malays who were caught were well knowledgeable? Heck! They were there for the T-shirt and thrill! Not for the struggle. 90% were Malays. Where were the instigators of different ethnic origin? As usual, at home watching the Malays suffer either on CNN or AlJazeera in the comfort of their homes.

    Daulat Tuanku!!!

  17. Dear Gamal
    You said “They were there for the T-shirt and thrill! Not for the struggle.”
    I guess, you have no clue what is the meaning of struggle?

    My friend, you are wrong now and definitely you were wrong then !!!

  18. So what is your point? that the whole thing was an exercise in futility? That the rakyat were being made use of? Why are you writing about it if it is a non event, why is the IGB, PM and all who will lose most making so much noise? If there was a permit issued without conditions, do you not think that the turnout will be very much higher. There is a lot of arrogance by the party in power in saying that there is a democratic process of kicking us out if we are not doing a good job. Yes I agree there is a process but the process is like a football game where the rules of the game is such that the referess (EC) is aligned to the home team and there are no goal posts on the home team side. Goal posts are all sited on the opposing side. So the home team cannot lose as there are no goal posts for the opposing side to score and the referee sometimes even let the home team supporters to help in scoring the goals if he feels the situation warrants it.
    So don’t you think things have to be level first? Remember Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid? Remeber the scene where Butch(Paul Newman) was about to fight a guy that is 1 foot taller and bigger than him. He approached the guy supposely to shake his hands and to discuss setting the rules for the fight and by that distraction took the oppurtunity to kick him in between the legs. Do you want further examples? You can also view the situation as the rakyat have made use of the opposition to highlight their plight. In the final analysis do you not agree that the objective of the exercise have been met irrespective of whether who made use of who?

    What a childish example! Depicts the immature mindset of trying to justify a wrong with another wrong.

    Typically someone who does not respect the law nor the establishment.

  19. Harap ahli perbincangan di sini faham B Melayu kerana saya mencelah dalam Bahasa Ibunda saya. Harap BigDog juga tidak keberatan melayan respon ini.
    Masing-masing boleh cari jawapan ‘apakah pehimpunan akan mencecah 100,000 atau lebih jika pemimpin PAS Haji Hadi dan orang kanan-kanannya tidak mengajak ahli mereka turun ke KL pada 10 November? Selain dari hebahan online, PAS beceramah saban waktu dan saban waktu mereka boleh menghebahkan historic planning ini. PAS juga menguasai dominan di surau-surau dan setiap kali waktu solat makluman kepada jemaahnya boleh dibuat. Apa parti lain ada struktur organisasi macam PAS yang efisien ini? UMNO ada, tetapi sebahagiannya perlu melibatkan kos parti dan untung ini bukan masalah bagi UMNO kerana tabung mereka besar.
    Bagaimana dengan KEADILAN? Berapa kerat sangat ahli mereka? Struktur organisasi? Semuanya bukan tandingan PAS dan UMNO. Mereka hanya berpaksi pada Anwar Ibrahim, individu jika mengikut sahabat baik saya layak digelar si ‘mamat tong kosong’. Saya terdedah dengan gelaran ini seawal tahun 1993 dan saya mengikuti wataknya sampai sekarang dan tidak apa-apa yang berubah. Saya bukan mengikuti melalui media, tetapi saya hadiri di majlis-majlisnya, saya dengar ceramahnya, bilik saya di jalan masjid India waktu reformasi 98′ (anda bayangkan macam mana, hari-hari saya jadi saksi perhimpuan reformasi) malah di hotel jalan Ampang pasal Lingam pun saya hadir mendengar lidahnya berucap. Bercakap seperti sudah diskripkan. Dan si Sivarasa bukan main menjaga pelat B Inggerisnya jika menyentuh pasal Anwar. Kelakar betul…
    Mari sama-sama kita bermain hipotesis:
    1. Parti KEADILAN akan terus bernyawa jika Anwar tidak ada.
    2. Parti KEADILAN akan lingkup terus jika Anwar tidak ada.
    Antara dua itu, mana satu akan menghampiri kebenaran?
    Saya berpandangan hanya anak-anak muda akan terus bersuara meskipun Anwar sudah tiada. Ini tidak pelik. Anak muda walau di mana geloranya bukan macam orang tua.
    Saya tidak mahu mengajak sesiapa, cuma pada saya cukuplah rakyat Malaysia terpengaruh dengan permainan wayang Anwar. Tidak bersetuju dan menentang keadilan adalah pelakuan matang, tetapi dicucuk hidung oleh karektor manusia dua alam amat menyedihkan.

    Kemungkinan besar, ahli ahli ‘militan’ PAS ini gian lama tak berdemonstrasi, terutama setelah Anwar Ibrahim dibebaskan dari hukuman penjara kerana tuduhan meliwat. Oleh itu, secara automatiknya, Reformasi terkubur!

    Ini peluang terbaik untuk 35,000-40,000 ahli ahli PAS yang cenderung ‘militan’ dan didatangkan khas dari luar Lembah Klang ini untuk melepas ‘gian’ yang lama terbuku, tanpa mengambil kira mereka di’perkuda’kan atau tidak.

  20. Got to give credit when it is due. Who else is there to organise this event if not the opposition party? The Aliran, Suaram or Suhakam? Are the issues real or made up by the opposition? Of course some parties have other vested interests but it is not fair to say that the masses have been played out by Anwar Ibrahim. Lets forget the tussle to lead the demo but look at the reasons which made them defy the threats and take the risks. Or are suggesting hold a dialogue instead like IGP?

  21. To some, being an opposition, one is no longer a ‘rakyat’.

    Heck, to some, being an opposition, one is no longer a human, therefore should be ‘crushed’.

    That is the mentality of media brainwashed rakyat of Malaysia when it comes to politics and democracy.

    Can you imagine the irony when slamming a peaceful assembly as causing shame to the nation?

    not when you too are a remote-controlled rakyat.

    Oppositions politicize everything and every single opportunity they have. No ‘constructive oppositioning’ by them. They are just interested to find the pettiest flaw, politicize it and run the Government down with it.

    Why do the Oppositions need to do demonstrations? They are already represented in the Dewan Rakyat, Dewan Negara and State Assemblies!

    Its just typically Oppositions to crave for ‘cheap thrill’ attention like staging demonstrations.

    Oppositions are not really helping the move the country forward, with their consistent attitude of throwing-spanner-to-the-works.

  22. Big, If I were in town I would join the walk .. but bro my vote is still for UMNO/BN (Sharizat).

    I understand. So many want to express their dismay to the current administration, even though they will still vote BN, to ensure the continuity for the last 50 years.

    I guess, a lot were there for the ‘fun’ of it, as well. 🙂

  23. My dear friends, we can argue till the cows come home whether certain opposition leaders are fit to lead the country or being ruled by the opposition is the better alternative to BN. Take one step at a time. Reduce the BN seats so that they won’t be able to make decisions at their whims and fancies. A strong opposition is needed in this country. Hard to imagine it is against the BN policy to even comment on their fellow MPs. Remember Shahrir Samad incident?

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  25. bro – reckon many of us missing the point. the march to handover the memo to the King is near and dear to those who did it genuinely. honestly i do not think there are 50,000 crazy nuts who got nothing better to do than to congregate in KL on a Saturday afternoon and than march in the rain. so what if the opposition capitalised on it? so what if the opposition mooted it? so what?

  26. NO circus!!!! Bukan Circus atau drama besar.

    truly a great effort of the rakyat to get rid of
    GREAT (Government Rigs Elections All Times) due to the GREED (Governments’ Rampant Excesses, Exploitations & Destruction) of illegal UMNO or UMNO baru leading the doom BN.

    Betul betul a secara yang paling besar oleh rakyat jelata supaya dapat menghapuskan GREAT (Gomen Rasuahkan Eleksi Awam Tamaddun) kerana RAGUS oleh UMNO yang tidak sah atau UMNO baru yang rajai BN yang sesat.

    Sesat atau tidak, UMNO hari ini ada 110 wakil dalam Dewan Rakyat!

  27. […] 10 November march was an Opposition’s staged circus? BERSIH, an NGO comprises of 66 different organisations organised the “Yellow Shirt March” 3pm on Saturday 10 […] […]

  28. oh take off those blinkers, big dog and see the BIG picture!
    it dont matter if anwar or kit siang or hadi was there. how can anyhone stop anyone from wanting to take part in a peaceful march for electoral reforms.
    your “conspiracy theory” is so ….er er…. never mind.

    let me tell you that the Opposition leaders saw how impactul the walk was and THEY tumpang se-kaki.
    We all can see that.

    but you know, you are so entitled to your opinion and your stand.
    this the best thing that we still have — freedom to fire away in cyberspace.

    you think it is stupid for the thousands of others to take part in a meaningless walk. that is fine.
    thousands do not share your opinion.

    i am one of them.

    Regardless how many thousands or ten of thousands who don’t agree with this article.

    We will only know which opinion that reflects closer to the feelings and representation of the people; those who marched on 10 Nov or those who are not happy with the 10 Nov march, when the next General Elections come.

    If the ruling coalition of party is able to maintain 80%, 75% or even 70% of the representation of the Dewan Rakyat, then that is the feelings and opinion that matters.

    That is democracy, Westminster style adopted under our constitutional monarchy system.

  29. Don’t bring in Shahrir Samad in this. He did it for himself, not because it was a matter of principle. He just wanted more points in expense of the rest. He is individualistic.

  30. Like it or not the kampung folks will remain the biggest forces who will vote UMNO, unless there are efforts to dissuade them.

    Very true. Klang Valley dwellers are ONLY 4 million out of 25 million citizen of this country.

  31. Big Dog,

    The truth of the matter is, they aren’t so much pissed off with how the election is handled. They are just displacing their anger because of their own stupidity of voting in BN the last round.(for those who never did during Tun’s time).

    The election was clearly not a flaw. If so, the opposition wouldn’t have won an entire State and many more seats in other States as well as some in Parliament. SO asking for clean and fair elections is just bullshit. What was flawed was the people’s judgement. Heck I bet there were many there who voted BN and even had bumper stickers of “We love Pak Lah” on the backs of their cars. Now they are pissed off with themselves and feel cheated so they take it out on others instead of waiting for a few more months to vote once more.

    Democracy my foot! They wanted a transparent box, we tailor-made them; they wanted that indelible ink or whatever, it’s ready; they want to support an opposition who practices nepotism having the son as sec gen of the party while the father is chairman and the daughter inlaw is MP from Melaka, also available; they want to support a known corrupted ex-leader who used to abuse his position in the govt but now advises the opposition, we released the joker from prison to give the them to worship. What the hell else do they want?

    Perhaps what we should give them now is Democracy Singapore style.

    There are not many things that Tun could learn as he is brilliant, but if there is only one thing, he should have learned from Lee Kwan Yew on how to lead with an iron grip and an airtight election system, besides how to deal with the opposition. Imagine Anwar as an opposition in Singapore, heh….instead of the brand new yellow t-shirt, he’d be left with a singlet and a pair of worned out shorts with holes in them just like Jeyaratnam and the rest! Oh yes, Azizah would have left him long ago too with no influence and money to send the kids to school with.

    More democracy my Arse!!!!!

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Some people are just simply getting kicks to systematically ‘test’ the system, with any minute loopholes there is and challenge its ‘democraticness’, with what ever text book principles they can scrounge, regardless practical or not, in a very complex society like Malaysia.

    Democracy does not mean everyone can say anything to anyone, anytime they feel like it!

  32. Rightly or otherwise the procession was big by any standard that ever held in the country before and was relatively peaceful. Legally of course it was not legal as it contravened the Police Act. The gathering and procession attracted quiet a great attention from fence sitters. But the Govt failed badly in handling is counter measures.

    The leading media should have taken the oportunty to show what happened and who and who participated. By not screening or publishing anything about the procession gave opportunties to non-partisan Malaysians to listen to rumours. Why didn’t they learn about the tricks of psywar and psyops, why are thos people in the MoInfo are so short sighted?

    Yes, the Nov 10 march was badly handled by the Government, especially the Min of Info and leading local media agencies. They had time to prepare for it and yet they fumbled, miserably.

    Hopefully, they will be better prepared the next time around, considering that people like Anwar Ibrahim is riding on this, which is expected soon.

  33. Yes,dzulman, you are definitely on target.
    What do you expect from this idiotic administration.

    Brace yourself for more bluster, blunder and petulance. (Ops, I am plagiarising MAS Chairman’s article)

  34. good blog !

  35. Mencelah lagi, dan masih solo dengan Bahasa Melayu/Kebangsaan/Malaysia. Awal tadi lagi ingin ke sini menguji mental yang belum juga mati-mati, tetapi diganggu (karenah diri sendiri) dengan posing-posing biru meski nasib baik tidak melarat ke klip-klip terbaru lalu menjadikannya tergendala untuk seketika. Tentu sekali sedikit sebanyak fokus tergelincir. Mahu menafi? Boleh, jika mahu menipu diri sendiri – sia-sia hasilnya.

    Di sini (Gugusan Nusantara, Tanah Melayu, Malaya, Malaysia) Bahasa Melayu ialah bahasa paling demokratik. Kepada si demokrat tulen, mereka tahu kenapa. Bukan saya tidak mampu menyalur idea dan analisis dalam bahasa mainstream bloggers, saya memilih membawa hidup seorang realis. Jika saya memutus menamatkan hayat di kota Prague, saya akan belajar dan berkarya dalam ‘bahasa yang hidup’ atas tanah sana.

    Ramai telah mengeliru (mungkin terkeliru) dengan terminologi ‘rakyat’. Memang benar mereka yang berhimpun Sabtu lepas ialah rakyat (kumpulan manusia sesebuah negara) dan sama sekali tidak benar jika dinafi pengenalan mereka sebagai rakyat sebaliknya meletak nama itik Peking. Apa yang tidak benar ialah bila ‘himpunan manusia itu membawa konotasi rakyat secara am. Tuan-tuan, ini sama sekali tidak benar dan ia suatu helah. Konotasi sebegini bersepah-sepah di blog, website, NGO, agensi berita dll. Manakala lidah Anwar Ibrahim tidak perlu panjang cerita – al maklum saja, spesis dua alam.

    Pihak yang berhimpun itu hanya mewakili sebahagian rakyat (algebra mudah boleh mengira nisbahnya), dan paling jelas/konkrit mereka pengikut parti (Pas majoritinya, Keadilan, Dap), individu yang mendakwa liberal (liberal lokal?), anak-anak muda sedang mencari idealisme, pensimpati perhimpunan, sebahagian kecil yang ingin ‘alami’ sendiri suasana, blogger kaki bantai dan lain-lain yang lagi kecil jumlahnya. Saya sendiri pun ada di sana sebagai perayau berkecuali yang masih belum hilang ghairah untuk mencari perspektif sendiri dan berkarya dengan peristiwanya.

    Ada mendakwa ia tulen. Bagaimana anda mengukur ia tulen? Adakah puluhan ribu membawa bukti tulen? Setelah dipalu gendang berminggu-minggu (4 minggu sebulan, 8 minggu 2 bulan), keterlaluan sangatkah jika beranggapan tulen-tidak tulen sudah bertukar jadi samar?

    Individu yang tulen dan tabik hormat padanya ialah: turun ke perhimpunan dengan justifikasi sendiri, hidup terbuka dengan segala macam pro dan kons darinya, mencela ahli politik yang maha opportunist (di sana kita tahu dan jelas siapa), bersimpati dengan rakyat spesis itik Peking dan melakukan sesuatu (bentuknya berkorelasi dengan kemahiran dimiliki) supaya keadaan berubah, cenderung meneroka secara langsung dan pelbagai lagi yang setara.

    Individu ini tidak akan merosak kehidupan rakyat bernegara.

    Setuju. Anwar Ibrahim sebesor besor ‘kaki wayang’ dan dalang segala anaisr yang memperkotak-katikan sistem politik masyarakat Malaysia mengunakan apa saluran undang-undang/mahkamah selagi ada.

  36. […] he November 10 march, the Opposition leaders took the primary position as the assumed leaders of the rally, which many participants and active […]

  37. “Sesat atau tidak, UMNO hari ini ada 110 wakil dalam Dewan Rakyat!”

    And do you know how many votes they garner to claim that 110 seats compared to others especially Keadilan? Check lah first before you shoot your mouth off.

    It does not matter, AT ALL! Even EACH & EVERY SINGLE ONE of these 110 UMNO MPs get only 10 vote majority in their constituencies and one Keadilan MP gets 50,000 majority in her constituency, the number of MPs in the Dewan Rakyat decide the Government of the day!

    That is how it is and that is how the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia determine which quarters have the mandate to form a legitimate Government.

    Just like when a soccer team won all the games in the league with just one goal margin except for one, which it lost one game with a 100 goal margin, that team is the still the champion of the league!

  38. You just shot yourself in the legs.

    I rest my case. ELECTION REFORMS my dear blogger is what the march is all about. Aiya!

  39. […] Mustainbillah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abu Bakar Al Muadzam Shah has spoken on the much talked about “November 10 March” issue, pertaining to HRHs Rulers position on politics and any political motivated event. HRH […]

  40. […] Polis, bukan arahan Tuanku SPB YDP Agong Begitu banyak khabar khabar angin tersebar semasa “Perhimpunan Baju Kuning November 10” Sabtu minggu lepas bagaimana baginda Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin memberi perkenan kepada […]

  41. […] was his and EC reponse to the allegations and complains made by the BERSIH/Oppositions lead “November 10 March” calling for free and fair […]

  42. […] perhimpunan/perarakan haram anjuran BERSIH pada 10 November 2007, yang nyata sekali diperkudakan Pemimpin dan pihak Pembangkang, ada pula pihak pihak cuba mengaitkan DYMM SPB YDP Agong dan Raja Raja Melayu sebagai kunun kunun […]

  43. […] HM SPB YDP Agong’s ‘perkenan’ of the 10 November illegal assembly and march, organized by BERSIH (in the guise of Oppositions’ political agenda), HRH Sultan of Pahang and HRH Raja Muda of Perak also made specific call in their titah, on the […]

  44. […] at the gates of the Parliament for participating in an illegal assembly in support for the recent Opposition’s marionette-staged November 10 and malicious intent HINDRAF illegal assembly and street demonstrations. Amongst arrested were PKR […]

  45. […] the inconsistencies are very clear. The Oppositions have been staging one ‘circus’ stunt after another, beginning from the 10 November 2007 till present, which is typically of them; trying […]

  46. […] beliau mendapat kuasa, wajar ditolak. Beliau dikatakan baru baru ini sebagai ‘dalang halimunan’ dibelakang perhimpunan haram seperti “Walk for Justice” pada 26 September dan yang […]

  47. […] like to highlight is that; where are all those who wore the yellow t-shirts on the afternoon of 10 November 2007 and chanting “Daulat Tuanku”, all the way from Dataran Merdeka, Jalan Tun Perak and PAS HQ in Jalan Raja Laut to Istana […]

  48. […] The planned anarchy rally is a consequence of the failled rally for Political Secretary Teoh Beng Hock two Sundays ago. Anwar was the mastermind of the rally against HRH Sultan of Perak earlier this year and fully in support fot the HINDRAF and “Yellow shirt march” in November 2007. […]

  49. […] Ahmad Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abu Bakar sounded put against the mass demonstration turned ugly, propegated by the Oppositions such as Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim for the 10 Novemb… and two weeks later, the HINDRAF demonstration that almost turned into an damning […]

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