Police report against Malaysia Today, again

A Police Report was made, again, against online political portal Malaysia Today.net and its Editor, Raja Petra Kamaruddin this evening. The Police report was made at Brickfields Police Station, by a Shah Alam resident Hisham Yusof.

It was made to understand that report was made on the article that was published on Friday, 16 November 2007What the eye does not see”, which was a reaction on the Grand Chamberlain of Istana Negara Dato’ Wan Mohd. Safiain Wan Hasan’s media statement, where HM SPB YDP Agong “regretted that he was implicated on the November 11 March”.

Details of the Police report is not available at this point of time.

This is not the first time a Police Report was made against Raja Petra and Malaysia Today. The UMNO Information Chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib made a Police Report against Malaysia Today on 23 July 2007. He was called for an interview and his statement was recorded by the Jalan Dang Wangi IPD on 25 July 2007.



It is expected that the Police would call Raja Petra up again after this report was made. On Saturday, 17 November 2007, three Police reports were made against blogger Jeff Ooi, for his remarks and opinion whilst in being featured on Al Jazeera about the November 10 March.

*File photo is from Jinggo

*An update, as of 9.30am, 19 November 2007:


This was The Star reported this morning, on the Police Report made:

Police report lodged against Malaysia Today, Raja Petra

KUALA LUMPUR: A businessman has lodged a police report against web portal Malaysia Today and its owner Raja Petra Kamaruddin for an article in the site which he alleged could cause disunity.

Noor Hisham Yusoh, 33, lodged the report at the Brickfields police station at about 7.30pm yesterday accompanied by seven other friends urging the authorities to carry out investigations into the article.

He said the article headlined “What the eye does not see” by Raja Petra had elements of instigation.

“As a Malaysian citizen, I think that his accusations are serious and can convince a lot of people in Malaysia that the country is not peaceful anymore,” he said, adding that the article could make the situation worse.

Noor Hisham from Bukit Subang said he decided to lodge the report after having a discussion with his friends who agreed that the article could cause disunity in the country.

“We are living in a very prosperous country and we do not want such an article to cause any problem,” he said.


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  1. […] was reported by blogger Big Dog that the report was made on the article "What the eye does not see" […]

  2. thanks for the exclusive update.

    As a Malaysian, I am wondering when re these circus goign to stop???

  3. BigDog,

    Update us ok and tell us if you need anything in your blog…

  4. Man i am malaysian and malaysia has become a more discraceful country. What have they done to themselves? Greed and stupidity = Malaysia.

  5. The police will prove once and for all how good a poodle or dog they really are when like clockwork they call up Raja Petra to respond to the police report. There are a thousand other reports made, like the one by V.K. Lingam’s brother’s, that have not seen daylight.

    Maybe its about time this dog be given a name!

    Hey, no malice to you bigdog!

  6. UMNO is a born-loser. Abuses and Corruption only maintain their power. They never mature nor have leadership quality.

  7. paul chan,
    it’s funny that a born loser is still leading, that means the opposition is worst….what to call them born with mental disorder?
    it’s good that police report has been made against the so called raja PK which act like kampung dusun gangster. i think the HM Agong should sue him.i just can’t imagine when he said HM Agong has the malay regiment army standby on Nov, 10 to safeguard the protester.what a joke.

  8. Any Malaysians who lamented the oppositions for never winning the General Election are ignorant of how bias and unfair the election process is.

    There’s no way in hell that opposition party in Malaysia could ever win an election not because that the people supported BN, but the election is rigged.

    Phantom Voters and vote buying aside, the worst election manipulation is the delineation of the electorate. Do you know that BN have never win more than 62% of the votes but they are now holding 90% of the parliment seats?

    Do you know that at one time, BN has only secured 49% of the votes but still win 60% of the seats?

    Go do some research before lambasting at the opposition. Then you’ll know why so many people come out in the BERSIH rally.

  9. Noor Hisham have the underlying desire to know how it feel like for Mike Tyson to fitnah our RPK.Truth always prevail.That is the Truth reveil by Tuhan.Let the contest to cabar the rakyat begin.

  10. Hisham lodged a police report after consulting with his friends.I’m sure his friends want him to be a laughing stock of Malaysia Today supporters.

    Hey Hisham,you have the chance to be selected by UMNO to contest in this coming GE.

    Do you know this Hisham? If you don’t, then how would you know his intentions were?

    He could be just a concerned citizen.

  11. How can a party in power for 50 years be a loser? Paul, you must’ve forgotten to take your medication today. No leadership qualities??? Yet they have been in power uninterupted for the last half a century. That means the rakyat who comprise of people like Paul Chan and his entire family must be degenerates for maintaining them up there.

    Yes, the LOSERS are people like DAP and PKR, ever so often need to reinvent themselves with ‘new’ issues, just to make them stay ‘relevant’. In actual fact, they are just like the wildlife protected by WWF, “endangered”!

  12. How can a party in power for 50 years be a loser? Paul, you must’ve forgotten to take your medication today. No leadership qualities??? Yet they have been in power uninterupted for the last half a century. That means the rakyat who comprise of people like Paul Chan and his entire family must be degenerates for maintaining them up there.

  13. Paul chan..what u are up to?UMNO has done a great job and they are still doing great today.Dont just read from those having negative thinkings..read from all writers or u dont have reading habits…dont be stupid Paul…what u are enjoying today were and are from UMNO’s and those losers’ efforts.Can you please everybody in your family members with your single decision?

  14. Who the shit is this NOor hiSHAME Yusof? Can anyone dish the dirt on him?

  15. […] 3 lodge police report against Jeff Ooi Kimma Lodges Police Report Against Jeff Ooi Another Frivolous Police Report Filed Against RPK and Malaysia Today Police Report lodged against Jeff for Al-Jazeera Interview Jeff Ooi implicated for defamation & Sedition Police reports lodged against 2 bloggers RPK, Government and the Army Police report against Malaysia Today, again […]

  16. hoi Ooi .. name calling is lame , is the best you can do ? .

  17. sapa yang fitnah ni sampalee? cuba la baca dan fikir (fikir tu penting) kenyataan RPK pasal Agong kerah tentera tu. logik ke? kalau tak logik, maknanya RPK dah fitnah Agong. bukan Hisham fitnah RPK. kau faham tak ni?

    untuk Angela Ooi. kalau setakat nak main name calling, tak payah lah. buat malu je. budak tak sekolah pun boleh buat. present fact la kalau nak argue/rebuke.

  18. check out my blog at http://www.extrapreneur.wordpress.com

  19. Please, all govt dept & agency see true / need your support to change our PM and his son inlaw out. We need
    to change not fight in this election.
    All minister are goin the same heart will us,but thier just keep silent.

  20. The best thing about BN in this coming GE is it will garner 49% of the votes and win 80% of the seats. Malaysia memang boleh! Cish …..

    Every single country in the Commonwealth practicing the same system of Constitution also face this unhappiness. What to do? As the French say, “Ces’t La Vie”!

  21. Noor Hisham you are hopelessly out of date and time. You must be living in another planet or most probably you are completely and hopelessly consumed heart sould mind and strength by UMNO Propagandists la. The whole nation ailments and any adverse issues such as disunity comes from UMNO led BN govt. policies ok. Try vote out UMNO this coming election and you will see the nation prosper again.

  22. SUHAKAAM has humiliated and toyed me about since 24-7-2000 when i was called to KL from Ipoh to attend its very 1st historic INQUIRY on my ‘quest for justice’!

    NOTHING done, one whole year later, NEW committe formed, my case closed , NFA !!

    The chairman,exDPM, ate his words, though he shook my hand on 31-7-2000 and promised me, ” dun worry, we’ll do our BEST to get justice for you !”

    I am merely a silly old ‘guinea-pig’ for SUHAKAM to try out how INQUIRY could be conducted !! DAMN !!

  23. well, we all have our opinions, come check out some of my ramblings…

  24. hahaha…its so funny how one-sided some people can be. be a bit objective lah. charles chia…do you know this hisham bloke very well? if not, stop accusing him of being an UMNO propagandist or whatever coz THAT is akin to fitnah. and you said ‘try to vote UMNO out and see the nation prosper again’. prosper under who? PAS? DAP?there’s no better recipe for disunity than that.

  25. There re thousands of Bloggers who are ‘anti- Barisan Nasional…to be arrested….the Police has more important cases to solve…nowander Police has no time to safeguard the public safety just by busying with Bloggers

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