Adverse responses to HINDRAF’s call to meet the PM

The recent demand of Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) leader P. Uthayakumar to meet the Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, after the foiled 25 November 2007 planned demonstration to present a petition against the British, through their High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, received so many adverse responses and reactions.

The attempt was seen as a gross and indecent blatant lie with malice and an attempt to discredit Malaysia in the international arena, which include the call for the suspension, if not sacking from membership of Commonwealth, at the recent concluded CHOGM meeting in Uganda, Africa.

Some politicians in India already reacted to HINDRAF’s call. This, was responded by Foreign Minister Dato’ Seri Syed Hamid Al Bar’s in a statement:

December 03, 2007 15:30 PM

Don’t Interfere In Our Affairs – Syed Hamid E-mail this news to a friend Printable version of this news



KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 3 (Bernama) — Malaysia has every right to handle its own internal issues as it sees fit and other nations should respect the sovereignty of the country, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said Monday.

He said that regardless of ethnic origin, Malaysians have been Malaysians for the past 50 years.

Thus, they are subjected to Malaysian laws and legislation, he told reporters today when asked about concerns raised by India regarding the treatment of Malaysian Indians following an illegal rally organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) last month.

“This is Malaysia. We’ll deal with our problems and issues according to our laws. Other countries should be mindful of our rights,” said Syed Hamid.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had said that Hindraf was spreading blatant lies with the intention of arousing hatred among multiracial Malaysians.


The P. Uthayakumar’s demand to meet the Prime Minister Abdullah was responded by Minister of Information Dato’ Zainuddin “Zam” Maidin, deemed another ‘circus attempt’:

December 03, 2007 20:20 PM

Hindraf Unqualified To Meet With PM, Says Zainuddin E-mail this news to a friend Printable version of this news



LANGKAWI, Dec 3 (Bernama) — The group calling itself the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) is unqualified to meet with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to discuss the problems of the Indian community because the organisation is not recognised by anyone, Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said today.

“It would be unbefitting a prime minister to meet with a discredited organisation which had stooped to the level of street thugs and violated the laws of the country,” he told reporters after a visit to the media centre at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) 2007 exhibition, here.

He also said that it would be inappropriate for the prime minister to meet with a group which had sparked off chaos and resorted to violence to threaten the government.

Zainuddin said any effort to meet with the country’s leaders to express any dissatisfaction should have been made before Hindraf acted to organise the illegal rally and not after.

Thousands of Hindraf sympathisers joined an illegal rally on Nov 25 in Kuala Lumpur to support what they claimed was the handing over of a petition to the British High Commission asking Queen Elizabeth II to appoint a Queen’s counsel to represent the Indian community in a class action suit against the British government for bringing Indians as indentured labourers to then Malaya in the 1800s and exploiting them.

Hindraf is seeking a four trillion pound sterling (RM27.7 trillion) compensation through the suit filed in London claiming that the British were to blame for the alleged marginalisation of the Indians in Malaysia.

Zainuddin said Malaysia had representatives and leaders from various communities, and the government recognised the MIC as the political party championing the cause of the Indian community in the country.

He said the Indian community, via the MIC since the era of Tun V.T. Sambanthan, had collaborated to gain independence for the country and that the community should accord respect for the MIC as well as Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu who was its current leader.

Zainuddin said the Indians had achieved much progress compared with the time before independence when they came to the country as plantation workers, adding that many of them were now professionals — including even those who supported Hindraf.

“We also regret the action of certain quarters who have taken advantage of the situation to allege that the president of India and the chief minister of Tamil Nadu supported the Hindraf action,” he said.

A Hindraf leader, P.Uthayakumar, had told Bernama yesterday that the organisation wanted to have a meeting with the prime minister to raise the problems confronting the Indian community in the country.

Last Friday, Abdullah described as harsh a claim by Hindraf that the government was involved in ethnic cleansing of Indians in the country.


This was a blogreader Dzulman’s comment, in an article earlier published in this blog, on the subject matter:

HINDRAF is indeed a big hindrance. After 50 yrs of independence and after so much advancement and clear improvement in the general livelihood of the Malaysian Indians, suddenly HINDRAF surfaced screaming that the Hindus were facing ethnic cleansing and so-called mini genocide. Ethnic cleansing and genocide whether mini or maxi could only happen if there were bloody wars, civil wars, in a country and when that happens the whole world will know and take notice. Has there been any civil war in Malaysia?

The affluence achieved by the Indian or Hindu community in Malaysia is something that can be clearly seen everywhere. There have been more cases of Malaysian Indians buying over property especially shop houses from the Chinese. Something the Malays rarely could do.

Could a community or racial group allegedly been marginalised, suppressed or whatever could ever achieve such affluence?

As statistics show there are more professionals from the Indian or Hindu communities although as a whole this racial group is in the minority.

Religious freedom is very apparent everywhere. Where on earth in a non Hindu country one finds a Hindu temple smack within a super mall. Also how could the biggest statue of a Hindu God could be allowed to be erected in Batu Cave, KL if as alleged that there is religious repression. Hindu shrines and temples can be found and seen practically everywhere, at road junctions, within housing estates and by the road sides where often construction of roads have to detour or diverted to avoid demolishing a temple that happens to be in the way. I bet one cannot find such temples of shrines built at the whims and fancies of the devotees in clean Singapore.

Yes there were temples that were demolished by the authorities and so also were some mosques and suraus and such demolitions were NOT religiously motivated but simply as part of enforcing the law. There erected in contravention of the local laws. HINDRAF never quoted the figures, dates and places the temples or shrines were demolished.

These tall stories by HINDRAF are dangerous, provocative, without substance, manipulative and basically they have ignored the simple rudiments of history especially that understanding and give and take which the founding fathers agreed upon prior to the establishment of Independent Malaya. Can the HINDRAF leaders openly say what have their forefathers surrendered as part of the give and take understanding as compared to the Malays who have to shed away that portion of their rights enshrined in the Malay states.

Are the Indians or Hindus not represented in the Government or don’t they have avenues that they should have gone through to vent whatever displeasure thay have against the Government and why was the need to seek the help and at the same time wash dirty linen in the international public?

They have no love for Malaysia. If they are citizens the should have exercised their rights as citizens first employing all avenues via their political or legal representatives. To seek the intervention of a foreign head of state on something that has been concocted is simply unpatriotic, treacherous and their contents are seditious.

In Tamil Nadu the mass media are hopping mad with the alleged ill treatment of ethnic Hindus by the so-called Muslim Govt. The MIC President in a statement over RTM supported the statement made by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu by saying that he was such a nice man and had not meant anything adverse. Some Indian business it seems did ask Dato’ Seri Rafidah Aziz who was in Mumbai lately whether it was safe for Indians to do business in Malaysia. A most uncalled for remark.

The remarks and reactions are influenced by irrational emotions as Malaysia/India relationship is not something new and whatever that have been alleged could have been checked via both High Commissions.

What HINDRAF has been doing is also to tell the world that the MIC has miserably failed to help the Indians except to those around the MIC President. So it is incumbent upon the MIC to save themselves and the Nation unless of course what HINDRAF is doing is part and parcel of MIC’s other plans.

The PM SHOULD NOT MEET WITH THE HINDRAF leaders. Let the issue be tackled by the professionals as there could be legal actions from both sides. A properly organized psy-war psy-ops be launched both within and without the country. There are facts abound that can clearly call all those allegations by HINDRAF as pure bull-shit and those foreign groups are being pulled by their noses by the HINDRAF leaders.

The Govt must be correctly aggressive and Ministers must know what they are talking about. Sometimes the rhetoric by group of people like the HINDRAF should evoke such strong responses or reactions instead the Govt should clearly and in plain language set out for everyone to see the proof that everyone has a fair share in Malaysia.

The Malays who often been alleged to have a bigger chunk of the cake is because they have surrendered more of their portion in order to allow others in and be around. The nation Malaya was not created but established from among the MALAY STATES that already existed prior to the arrival of the British administrators. This special historical factor which non-Malays (even so-called liberal Malays) want to ignore and which HINDRAF are basing their demand for equal treatment.

The continued existence of the Sultanates and even the special customary laws in Sabah and Sarawak make this nation now known as Malaysia special and different. The world does not know. It is therefore the bounded duty of the Foreign Office to launch a more rounded rebuttal and retaliatory actions to put the picture right.

Indians are known to be argumentative and emotional especially on matters affecting their ethnic group. They do not like to be told they they are being made a fool by those from the lower caste. Herein lies the weak area of which those responsible for the psy-war and psy-ops should endeavour to exploit in their efforts present the correct picture in India and eslewhere where HINDRAF are trying to propagate their cause.


According to the Star, it was the HINDRAF protesters who violated a Hindu place of worship in Batu Caves. When the Police moved into the protesters, it was put forth as invasion into the holiness place of worship.

This circus attempt by HINDRAF leaders have gone far too much. Defaming Malaysia in the international arena with a formal request to a foreign nation and adducing them to get involved with domestic political scenario should be deemed as treacherous. The HINDRAF’s blatant lies could provoke fury and severe reaction/retaliation by the Malay-Muslim majority, thus create gross inter-racial and inter-faith digression, instability and disparity to a supposedly much valued harmony and understanding, amongst the rakyat. That, should be regarded as a “threat to national security”, ‘clear and present danger’.


According to his interview with a Singaporean daily, he was quoted as saying “I can’t rule out violence”. Translated, that means “We are looking for trouble”. ‘Troublemakers’ + Foreign Intervention = ?

In short, this was a strategic “coup d’etat“.

On another note, HINDRAF’s effort to distablise and disrupt unity, with malice, on to defame Malaysia in the international arena received support of another ‘troublemaker’, Anwar Ibrahim, who attempted the same methods, in gaining power through similar ‘coup d’etat’ for his own self interests, not too long ago. Typically master opportunists Anwar Ibrahim, who will easily discredit Malaysia for his own narrow and struggling political mileage whilst abroad.

Their attempts to mock the legal process and law, which include violating a ‘rare’ court order obtained by the Police to refrain the intended illegal assembly on 25 November 2007, clearly depicts their total disregard and disrespect for order and establishments.

Maybe taking the leaders, participants and supporters of HINDRAF through the lengthy and costly legal process is not the best solution to handle this, especially for planned ‘troublemakers’. With their ability to lie for narrow and self serving political agenda, disregard for law and order and militant attitude, HINDRAF is no different from the Al Mau’nah, Kumpulan Militan Malaysia (KMM) and Communist Terrorists. The Government should resolve to other processes and means, to protect the interests of the majority and the well being of the nation at large. All of us should move forward without the ‘disruptions’ of people ‘who simply mock “the system” by throwing spanner to the works’.

*Graphics are uploaded from Rocky’s Bru.


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  1. AAB++ (read Malaysian Govt) MUST meet Hindraf representative to ensure all human rights activist shut their mouth.

    Let Hindraf explain items written in the petitions then AAB++ must explain the reality of the matters. All thse should be televised LIVE so that Rakyat would know.

    If AAB++ could not handle this is a simple maner then all AAB++ should be sent to lateral thinking course. There are many cheap courses in KL, tak payah pergi overseas.

    Am I dreaming ?

  2. “I can’t rule out voilence…” so said one of the leaders of Hindraf which confirms what FRU personnel found during the encounter on 25 Nov. The demonstrators were prepared for head on clash and were “trained” to pickup the gas canisters and throw back at the Police. The demonstrators were aggressive and openly assaulted the Police which resulted in a nuber of them were injured.

    The FRU apparently were directed not to use the baton but confined to tear gas and water cannos only but since they were physically and aggressively confronted they had no alternative I suppose but to use the baton all the same.

    Under the present circumstances, it is very pertinent for the MIC that claims to be the champion of the Malaysian Indians should have the guts and the courage to take on the Hindraf, that is of course if itself does not have any connection whatsoever with what Hindraf is doing.

    At the meeting of MIC with Hindraf, UMNO, PAS, MCA, Suhakam, the Consumers Assoc. of Malaysia, Crime Prevention Foundation etc should also be present to help prove that the allegations of genocide and ethnic cleansing by Hindraf is true or otherwise. CNN, BBC and Aljazeera as well as the All India Radio should also be invited.

    Unthaya Kumar”s episode to seek political asylum should also be publicised more widely and persistent questions be posed to him why did he decide to return to Malaysia despite all the derogatory remarks he earlier made against the system in the country. He should be asked what really happened to him and his family after his return from UK? Did anybody including the authorities visit him at odd hours of the day and was any of his family members been harassed too?

    All these he must be asked to disclose and he must also be asked to confirm whether he travels with a Malaysian passport. Malaysians must not allowed themselves to be hoodwinked and exploited in furtherance of the nefarious interests of those opportunists.

    Oh yes the demonstraors were paid and who paid them including the legal fees – who are the financiers?
    The authorities I am sure are looking beyond the box!

    At the same time orang Melayu must not be provoked. Prove to the world the orang Melayu are much more civilsed.

    Well argued. Thanks

  3. Don’t fret Malaysians.

    We will deal with troublemakers Malaysian style.

    Even the US Vice President who came to town didn’t help Reformasi much, even after Anwar’s wife knelt before him to seek divine help, among other things.

    What makes you think that toddy drinking peasants who can’t help themselves in their native land will lift a finger to help their race in Malaysia? Likewise, the Malays in Malaysia will not help the Malays in Singapore because they determined their fate when they remained there instead of crossing over.

    We take care of our own, be it Malays, Chinese or Indian. We care nothing for those beyond our shores and those who meddle with our business will be taught a lesson they won’t quickly forget.

    Malaysia will deal with Hindraf with clinical precision. Watch and learn.

    Only a Pariah can talk to pariahs and if Pak Lah sees them, then I don’t have to tell you of my utter disappointment. He should leave the pariahs to talk amongst themselves. Send Samy Vellu.

    Nani my dear,

    Don’t you think that the documents published and signed by the pariah not to mention the verious interviews in YouTube especially the one demanding the abolishment of the special rights of the Malays is self explanatory?

    They broke the Law. Simple as that.

    Perhaps you should attend more expensive courses to have a clearer understanding because the cheap ones in KL that you are suggesting to the PM hasn’t done you any good.

    One who has openly defied the Law and spoke against the rights of the Malays have no standing to see the Chief Executive of the Govt of Malaysia and the President of UMNO.

    3,325,994 members of UMNO will be lose confidence in their President if he stoops that low to see these crooks.

    2:38 PM

    Yes, I agree with you.

    The Administration and authorities have been to SLOW and SOFT (reflective of the leadership personality!) in the handling of issues such as HINDRAF. There are set laws within the Constitution of the Federation, to protect the interests of the majority and maintain order, stability and civility.

    It should be used as a deterrent for future ‘troublemakers’. It is the right way to teach irresponsible and people who deserved to be treated like ‘children’; cane them!

    I also concur with you opinion that if the UMNO Leadership is TOO LEMBIK, then UMNO members one day will rise up and take charge.

    I heard through the grapevine that UMNO Secretary General and Min of Home Affairs Dato’ Radzi Sheikh Ahmad stopped several UMNO people who wanted to take action, like making Police reports, which include the complain of HINDRAF being “inciteful and instigative” etc. Those are the GOLDEN CARDINAL RULE of THREAT AGAINST NATIONAL SECURITY. When breached, then ISA can be used.

    I also heard some NGOs, which include non Malay ones, will converge in a conference and urge the Government strongly to impose ISA on ‘troublemakers’ like HINDRAF.

  4. Saya setuju dengan Dzulman dan Gamal!

    Kita ada undang undang, yang ujud dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia. Kita wajar gunakannya, untuk memberi pengajaran kepada mereka yg KURANG AJAR ini!!!!

    Kalau kita terlalu berlembut dan memberi muka, nanti mereka akan “naik tocang”!

    KURANG AJAR BETUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sabar. Bersemangat nampak! 🙂 Respons Kawan adalah seperti dalam komen Gamal Abdul Nasser diatas.

  5. Mungkin saya telah buta kerana tidak nampak apa justifikasi Hindraf untuk bertemu PM. Setelah meracun, menuduh, menfitnah sedemikian rupa, disebar ke pihak luar dan bayangkan saja kawan dalam dunia ICT hari ini racun itu telah merebak ke seluruh dunia!
    Racun itu membawa nama akar keturunan saya, Melayu sebagai satu kelompok manusia yang sejak 50 tahun sibuk menyembelih etnik India agar mereka hapus di sini.
    Cabra..cabra..cabra.. Hindraf, apa anda mahu sebenarnya?

  6. Extract from my posting Lucrative Bounty from History:

    Hindraf’s Mischievous Comedy

    There are many points to dispute Hindraf’s lists of demands and it’s could be another lengthy posting by itself. Hindraf have been merely overdramatising this event and it is repeatedly reported that the demonstration, lawsuit and ludicrous claims are made to gain international attention.

    I can appreciate attracting public attention but not by making false accusations. Could one fathom such things as genocide and ethnic cleaning happening in Malaysia? The claim of indiscriminate destroyal of temple without proper adherence to procedures? The systematic marginalisation of Indians by Malays? The accusation of death in Kampung Medan to UMNO and Malays?

    In fact, Hindraf wrongful claims on Kampung Medan incident have slighted and offended my UMNO friends who worked tirelessly to address the situation during and after event.

    I like to be fair as best as possible. I personally believe in the right to assembly as part of the process of democrasy. Every citizen, even a lone protestor, has every right to march and make public declaration of his/her belief. I would love to see it work like the days I joined Anti Aparthied marches in the US. Demonstrations creates public awareness. I really wish we could do without police permit to hold public assembly.

    But not, when it disturb peace, cause chaos and affect public safety. Not, when there is a court order disallowing it. Police are responsible under International Law to safegurad Foreign Embassies. Mind you, even in the liberal Western countries, demonstrators infringing the law and creating public disturbances would be apprehended by police.

    Lets face fact that our society is not democratically matured. It’s citizens are still emotional rather than rationale about politics, public interest and various issues. Even most of our politicans, how decorated they are, have shallow understanding or even ignorant of history, law, governance etc. Our Prime Minister is such. Of late, many leaders seemed unable to articulate themselves properly.

    Generally, most Malaysian take the cynical and/or conspirational approach to understanding issues. Look how some sector of the Indian community easily bought in the artificially created extreme perception and claims worked up by irresponsible politicans and human rights lawyers in Hindraf.

    Hindraf have some legitimate grivances and they have every right to fight for it. Are the grievances really constitutional in nature? Is it merely problems with government bureaucrasy or procedures? Or an employer’s issue? Lets not discount the intra-community problem with its cultural practises, discrimination and cruelty. Lets not discount that Hindraf have poor advocacy strategy in their activism.

    In the first place, lets be clear who does Hindraf represents? Which segment of Indians?

    Do they expect themselves to be taken seriously with Tian Chua-esque stunt to sue the British Government and yet seek the Queen’s assistance for Queen’s Counsel? Can you fathom seeking help from the sued party, namely the British Government, to champion their case in the International arena?

    Does it make sense to do a handover petition demonstration on a Sunday when the British High Commission office is closed? What is the game to refuse IGP Tan Sri Musa Hasan offer to finally allow them to hand their petition?

    The plight of the poor and oppressed estate workers, particularly of the Indian creed, has the concern of every citizens. Their grievances have been discussed oftenly in discourses and it has reached the attention of the highest echelon of Government.

    Will such comedic act help the poor segment of the Indian community? Will it sustain public sympathy and support? Remember that their problem will be solve here, with assistance by the Government and not abroad. …

  7. […] HINDRAF. Dalam satu pertemuan bersama beberapa Ahli Parlimen PAS hari ini, mereka mengecam pembabitan dan kenyataan Anwar Ibrahim yang cuba menangguk diair keruh terhadap gerakan yang dilihat sebagai berbaur perkauman, menimbulkan […]

  8. […] Have the Government gone ’soft’ against the principle of ‘Rule of Law’? The handling of the Hindu Right Action Force (HINDRAF) issue has been too lame, so much so that the leaders not only able to move around and freely continue make speeches and statements, they even had the cheek to announce their intention to meet and talk to the Prime Minister of Malaysia. That drew a lot of flak by so many quarters. […]

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