DAMAI MALAYSIA for peace and against illegal assembly and street demonstration

An effort of hundreds of multiracial NGOs against street demonstration and violent expression called DAMAI MALAYSIA will converge in Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning.

They are calling for the Government of Malaysia to take stern and decisive action and law abiding and civil Malaysian citizens to reject and loathe any effort through street demonstrations and illegal assemblies, which contravene the Police Act, as stipulated under the Constitution of Malaysia.

It is expected that DAMAI MALAYSIA will call for:

  1. Unity and strengthening the ‘semangat perpaduan‘ amongst Malaysians
  2. Political and inter-racial harmony and stability, for the progress of the nation
  3. Reject any effort to provoke any sensitivities against any ethnic group in Malaysia
  4. Continuous progression of Malaysia for the betterment of all

It is also expected a retired Court of Appeal Judge will address the conference with the peace for all as their main theme. A Police permit was obtained for this conference by the organisers, DAMAI MALAYSIA – Gabungan NGO Prihatin Malaysia, which is believed to be based in Sentulraya.

It is believed that they represent the majority of Malaysians who disagree with growing number of illegal assemblies and street demonstrations lately, deemed politically motivated, which also attracted the displeasure attention of the Rulers and their call for abiding the law.

The resolutions of this one day conference are expected to be forwarded to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, as the custodian of the Government and for the rakyat, under the Constitutional Monarchy system.

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