HINDRAF is guilty of high treason

More statements on HINDRAF:


DECEMBER 8, 2007


Media Release

Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir


The International & NGO Relations Bureau

Malaysia UMNO Youth Movement


HINDRAF Is Guilty of High Treason

The International Bureau of UMNO Youth views the warnings of the Inspector General of Police of Malaysia with regards to the planned violent insurrection as well as the pronouncements of HINDRAF leaders themselves with grave concern and utter disgust. HINDRAF’s modus operandi and subsequent actions are akin to a militant organization with the intent of adhering to terrorist organisations and eventually wage war against His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong. HINDRAF has violated the sacred oath of allegiance towards Malaysia and her sovereign and as such should swiftly face the full extent of the law.

Malaysians prize peace and stability. The use of violence is intolerable and only serves to anger and distresses the majority of law-abiding citizens. While economic advancement is the right of every Malaysian citizen regardless of race or religion, the scurrilous allegations of ethnic cleansing is a product of a sick credo and evildoing that only reflects more about HINDRAF itself than it does injure Malaysia ’s reputation internationally.

As an eye-witness to the horrific effects of ethnic cleansing in Serbia and Kosovo it is evident that HINDRAF has no iota of conception of what the term really means and insidiously seeks to spin a tale of lies.

The Malaysian Government firmly rejects extremism or terrorism without exclusion or preference. The rebellion of the militant Islamic organization Al Ma’unah which consisted of Muslim-Malays is a case in point. Its leaders and followers had committed a crime and were dealt with by the laws of the nation. HINDRAF similarly does not deserve any reprieve or sympathy.

Hitherto, the Indian community can pride itself on a great number of achievements and contributions to the nation. The community boasts successful entrepreneurs and tycoons. Furthermore, the scientists, lawyers, doctors and etc. have played a major role in developing Malaysia to what it is today. Their sacrifices must not go unappreciated and it is our duty to alleviate the living standards of all segments of the Indian as well as Malaysian population at large.

Therefore, let us bring together our brothers and sisters of all Malaysians in this period of national tribulation to the path of racial harmony and tolerance that has for so long defined our beloved nation.


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  1. […] Aishah Ghani made the same call. Earlier today UMNO Youth Exco in-charge of International Affairs Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir ‘charged’ HINDRAF guilty for “high treason” and ask the bigger majority of Indians not to fall for these atrocious lies. Prominent defence […]

  2. . How very convenient. Just label a guy or organization terrorist or traitor….and the problem will disappear. Mukhriz must learn that he, as was his father is guilty for Malaysia’s poor getting poorer, especially now the Indians. If he cannot face up to reality and come up with solutions, its better he doesn’t descend to name calling to preserve his Kerala roots. Hindraf has given publicity relief to Malaysia’s biggest crooks, corrupted politicians, Mukhriz included, who have systematically stripped this country’s wealth at the expense of the country’s dispossessed

  3. This is what was posted in RockyBru’s bolg. It is still relevant for this bloG as well.

    “Having read so many views from the faces that patronize your blog, I am now inclined to say my piece.

    Its all about making things simple, going back to the good old days where we could acknowledge each other as different and yet come together to assist each other when any one is disturbed/affected.

    Those folks who are hell bent on justifying their decisions imposed on the helpless, should take a leaf from the owners of Mid Valley, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

    How many of you folks notice a beautifully built Hindu temple right in the midst of this sprawling commercial complex that is now expanding day by day?

    How did the temple come about?

    Anyone willing to discuss and admit?

    A Malaysian Chinese private developer can make a decision and had nothing to lose, but gain the respect and gratitude from the Hindus who patronise the temple.

    Go, investigate how much money was put forth by the temple committee to build the temple and you will get startling information.

    And is anyone now going to pressure the owners of Mid Valley to co-operate with DBKL to demolish the temple? I doubt!

    Thats Malaysia Boleh!

    Not flaunting nor going into rhetorics about how a temple was re-built, yes – rebuilt.

    And the Hindus who run the premise now have educated themselves to keep the premise very clean, as its now their responsibility to ensure the place of worship blends well with the modern structures around it.

    So what you have now is a perfect harmony of place of worship (which does not affect the operations of Mid Valley) amidst a busy business centre.

    And do we not see how business is growing well in Mid Valley (at least for the developers!)?

    Nowadays, there is this stupid behaviour/reasoning, yes – stupid indeed, which seems to go along the lines of ‘you do not a need a place of worship in this place as the number of people of this faith are not in great numbers’.

    And then there is also another reasoning which says, the structure is built:

    a. Without approval form the authorities
    b. On land not gazetted for places of worship
    c. In a very offending manner for the believers of other faiths

    Want to know how this ruling is stupid?

    Look at Batu Caves.

    Anyone cares to check the history of this temple?

    When did the Hindus start having a place fo worship there?

    Was it with approval from the then government of the day?

    Were there many Hindus around that area that time? For that matter now…are they outnumbering the Malaysians of other faiths around that area?

    How did it now become a tourist attraction?

    What did the government later, much later, do for this place of worship?

    Lets recap:

    A private developer can make provisions to legalise the existence of a temple that had modest beginnings without proper approvals.

    A natural limestone formation used for worship, without any approvals from any government authority can be gazetted as a tourist attraction subsequently and given all the necessary official approvals.

    But the same goodwill and understanding does not seem to happen in some other cases – be it suraus, temples or other places of worships.

    Just after independence when the authorities were hell-bent to ensure our plantations and tin mines were rightfully in the hands of ‘Malaysians’, they went about lobbying for it in many ways and were successful. Guthries, Sime Darby and a number of other private enterprises owned/operated by foreigners were taken over by ‘Malaysian’ owners.

    Temples, suraus, schools on such lands existed before the takeover.

    But when it came to redevelopment of such lands (from agriculture to commercial/housing), these premises that played a great role in nurturing the priciples of Rukun Negara (which was only formalised much later than these schools and places of worship) were not given due attention like what happended in Mid-Valley or Batu Caves.

    The new owners (Sime Darby, Guthries, other private developers, state governments) always seem to have other ideas.

    Hence, the end of places of worships, closing down of schools -with the reasoning that there is no ‘critical mass’ to justify the continued existence of such structures nor legalise their existence.

    The authorities seem to take a short cut to bull doze their way in enforcing court orders of state government exco decisions and incur the wrath of the simple folks who have been living in harmony for many years.

    I ask, can these new land owners not do their bit for the continued existence of these places of worship and schools by setting aside some part of their profits for this purpose?

    Can that not be their Corporate Social Responsibility for ensuring peace and stability in this country?

    Why leave it to those politicians who do very little most of the time, but always claim the credit for bringing about the muhibbah spirit amongst the simple Malaysians?

    (Nowadays its so fashionable for CSR to be only linked to environment, caring for one or two needy communities in isolated parts of Malaysia, protecting animals from going extinct etc.)

    The Menteri Besar of Selangor now only claims that he too slept in temples! What a shame!! He is a real politician indeed.

    How come you were not there when the temples were being torn down?

    How come he could not get his ex-co to make decisions on such structures that would nurture more peace and harmony?

    How come the local authorities are forced to ‘ikut perintah’ to demolish structures of this kind which are actually identities to showcase our original harmonious beginnings in simple surroundings?

    The Hindarf folks are trying to bring to the attention to all about the unfair methods now being applied in such situations.

    What other avenues are available for them?

    a. Police reports?
    b. Petitions to the government?
    c. Discussions with authorities?

    Who says they did not do and ask for all these?
    We should ask, how many of these were actually handled in an appropriate manner by those who are in power?

    Even Rocky’s report to the Elections Commission about how his name has been abused in the voter’s register has not had a proper handling. And Rocky – you are a well known blogger. If that can happen to you in this system, you think the affected ones that the Hindraf is championing for will get justice done?

    And why must it be the politicians who should get involved in such matters?

    Why can these guys in authority follow the MidValley example?

    The obvious question we can ask is ‘How come there seems to be legislation to ensure new Mosques or Suraus are a vital aspect of any redevelopment plan – thrust on the developers – but also concurrent behaviour by the authorities to deliberate on ways and means to ensure no or vey little redevelopment assistance is given to existing temples?’

    Oh, by the way, our folks in power not only demolish places of worship – but also structures like the airport in Subang that was rebuilt twice with tax payers money. They even wanted to do that to Merdeka Stadium, Stadium Negara, Victoria Instituion, but so far things are OK.

    But pity other schools like St Marys, Bukit Bintang Girls School in KL – may be they could not take it as these places (that were built before these fellows were born) had a very small ‘cross’ or something to the effect that these buggers could see from across many miles, but not the outstanding Malaysians of all races that these institutions produced!

    Schools like Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah and Seri Puteri were located too. Nothing new and spectacular about ‘relocation’.

  4. Hey ribbon dont you read Hindraf memorandum … by label someone is corrupt , crooks and talking about Malaysia poor getting poorer – you like a man who know everything … but nothing !


    – I see you made examples from Mid Valley .. its only 1 … dont you know Selangor goverment has legalise many temple that being propose by Sanggam and even the land premium is lower – check your facts ! http://www.selangordaily.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1849

    – Dont you know kuil at Shah Alam that mention by Hindaf is bawah Pokok and not so big also goes to at Kg Jawa , do you have see the kuil by yourself , and also is build in goverment/private land , What are you trying to justify – Surau also will demolish if build in goverment or Private land . Mid Valley ??? Im very sure if the kuil is in the middle of they Architec design , its also has been demolish !!!

    – What about a land owner right ??? what make them so special so they can build kuil anywhere without rule of law ! and others land .. dont you know at Rukun Negara is ‘Kesetiaan Undang-Undang’

  6. […] in support of the DAP leader’s call to fight for these people who are deemed committing ‘high treason’? What about the blatant lies with deep malice intent these people explicitly presented to a foreign […]

  7. […] Despite the arrest, so many parties have expressed concerns about the HINDRAF issue, which also drew international attention. They called for the authorities to act sternly and decisively against the HINDRAF leaders and senior activists. Last Thursday 397 NGOs representing all facets and spectrum of society from all over the country converged in Kuala Lumpur and made the call, known as Damai Malaysia Declaration. Some, including trial defense lawyers even equated them as ‘extremist militants’ and charged them with the guilt of ‘high treason’. […]

  8. […] This news shall be received adversely by many quarters as they see the ‘Flip-Flop’ Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi turned soft and ‘conveniently forgiving’, despite so many parties, including within UMNO leaders and NGOs representing a wide spectrum of the rakyat, vehemently made calls for stern and decisive actions be taken against people deemed ‘extremist militants’ and ‘guilty of high treason’. […]

  9. […] keganasan HINDRAF menganjurkan ‘politik pengganas’ melalui rusuhan jalanan (yang wajar disifatkan sebagai  bersalah melakukan ‘Pengkhianatan’), Anwar dengan sedia memberikan sokongan, semata mata untuk meraih sokongan masyarakat India. […]

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