ISA arrest: DAP in support of ‘extremist militants’ while majority Malaysians detest

Yesterday, was a moment of mixed feelings for Malaysians. Five Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) leaders (one is still ‘loose’) were arrested under the provisions of the Internal Security Act. The HINDRAF people have caused so many Malaysians to strongly express their deep dissatisfaction, some even asked more stern and decisive action taken against what has been classified as ‘threatening stability and harmony and national security’.

Of course, this invited strong criticisms when a provision of the ISA law, which was enacted by Parliament in 1960 by democratically elected representatives of the rakyat is being deployed against the group of people who were seen to destabilize and derail what was painfully achieved throughout a long period of time and an attempt to defame Malaysia abroad.

Some Opposition leaders even announced that their party will be fighting in court, to get the release of their members who are also HINDRAF leaders, deemed ‘extremist militants’ by some other senior and respected legal practitioners in town.

The Star has the story:

Opposition plans to file application for two lawyers under ISA detention

KUALA LUMPUR: A writ of habeas corpus seeking the release of lawyers M. Manoharan and V. Ganabatirau members from detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA) will be filed soon.

DAP national chairman Karpal Singh said the two lawyers for Hindraf were party members.

“We will file the papers because the detention involves our members,” Karpal Singh told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

(The writ of habeas corpus has historically been an important instrument for the safeguarding of individual freedom against arbitrary state action. It is a summons with the force of a court order addressed to the custodian, such as a prison official, demanding that an unlawfully detained person be brought before the court for release.)

Also detained under the ISA yesterday were lawyers P. Uthayakumar and R. Kenghadharan, and Hindraf coordinator T. Vasanthakumar.

Karpal Singh said the use of ISA under such circumstances could not be justified.

“They should be given an opportunity to face trial in open court if there is evidence,” he added.

Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang concurred, “If they have committed an offence, bring them to court to stand trial. If it is sedition, charge them in court.”

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz said the five were detained as public sentiments continued to be affected.

“I believe the police have all the information to use the ISA for fear that the internal security of the country is compromised,” he said, adding that there were also SMSes spreading allegations against the Government.

MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said the Government had taken the right action to put the five Hindraf leaders under ISA detention.

“Peace needs to be maintained in the country. If you keep creating discord, then the Government has no choice but to invoke the ISA,” he told newsmen in Johor Baru.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice-president R. Sivarasa said unrealistic demands or loose or exaggerated language by Hindraf leaders could not be equated to “threats to national security.”

“The practice of locking up a citizen for two years using vague and unproven allegations of being a threat to national security has no place in any civilised society,” he said.

What actions against “vague and unproven allegations of being threat to national security” civilize society the PKR leader talking about, in support of the DAP leader’s call to fight for these people who are deemed committing ‘high treason’? What about the blatant lies with deep malice intent these people explicitly presented to a foreign Government a month ago?

Is the DAP now is in favour of supporting ‘militant extremism’ and people who specifically and explicitly want to cause racial and religious clashes in this country?

This is what DAP Deputy National Chairman and leading defense lawyer YB Karpal Singh said a week ago, about HINDRAF’s allegations:


Hindraf’s allegations untrue, says Karpal

KUALA LUMPUR: Allegations by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) that the Government was carrying out ethnic cleansing and had committed atrocities against Indians in Malaysia are baseless and untrue, said lawyer Karpal Singh.

He said he felt surprised that Hindraf leaders would make such charges and hoped that they would be more responsible when uttering such statements.

He said the manner in which Hindraf’s rally on Nov 25 was carried out was not right.

Karpal Singh said the problems of the Indians had not properly been addressed but that the protest gathering had not been properly organised and that “there should not have been any violence involved.”

The DAP national chairman and Bukit Glugor MP, however, said that the DAP was supportive of peaceful demonstrations and questioned the need for permits.

Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang (DAP – Ipoh Timur) said at a press conference at the Parliament lobby yesterday that the Cabinet should set up a special task force headed by the Prime Minister to resolve the problems faced by the Indians.

“The Cabinet should come out with a new policy for a new deal to end this,” he said.

“The number of Indians in the civil service has also plunged in the past 34 years, from 17.4% in 1971 to 5.12% in 2005,” he added.


Apparently, the inconsistencies are very clear. The Oppositions have been staging one ‘circus’ stunt after another, beginning from the 10 November 2007 till present, which is typically of them; trying to narrowly capitalize for a miserable inch of grounds where ever they can. Now they tried to organise themselves with some of these NGOs and meet the Prime Minister. It is a desperate attempt trying to ‘reinvent’ themselves and portray themselves as “still relevant”, even short-selling the country whilst abroad.

On the other hand, there are some people who represent the bigger majority who are consistent in the call of vehemently detesting illegal assemblies and street demonstrations, which highly probable turning ugly and violent (and so many did).

NST has the story:


‘Silent majority’ speaks out against protests

By : Ranjeetha Pakiam

Email to friend Email to Friend Print article Print Article

Mohd Saiful Adil Daud says people should go through the proper channelssaiful-adil-damai.jpg

PETALING JAYA: The silent majority of Malaysians has spoken up for peace.


Fed up with the unrest that followed street demonstrations and illegal rallies, a coalition of non-governmental organisations, calling itself Damai Malaysia, made its stand in a memorandum to the prime minister yesterday.

Twenty representatives met Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to hand over the document that rejected street demonstrations and the use of racial and religious issues to incite hatred among Malaysians.

Abdullah appreciated the fact that the silent majority had spoken up, saying this showed that Malaysians were a peace-loving people.

“I appreciate the message of support. The rakyat is angry that some parties have gone overseas to drum up support against our country by making false accusations and stories.

“It is as if they don’t love their country. They are greedy for power, so they do not care about what happens to the country.

“They are so obsessed with their beliefs that they do not think of the damage they are doing to the country and its people,” he said after receiving the memorandum from Damai Malaysia co-ordinating chairman Mohd Saiful Adil Daud at the Royal Malaysian Air Force base.

Abdullah hoped more Malaysians would see the need to protect public safety and not abuse the freedom to speak.

He also spoke on the negative impact of street demonstrations on retail businesses and the tourism industry, which had suffered losses after cancellation of hotel rooms and tour bookings.

He reminded the people that street demonstrations were not part of Malaysian culture.

“We have been successful so far not because we have such demonstrations, but because we uphold the sanctity of the law and the sovereignty of the Constitution.

“This is why Malaysians have enjoyed peace and political stability for so long, while still being able to voice their opinions and beliefs freely.”

Damai Malaysia is a coalition of 395 NGOs representing 1.5 million Malaysians who have declared their stand against street demonstrations.

It is made up of 75 Chinese-based NGOs and 20 associations which are Indian-based with the rest being Malay.

Saiful said the coalition was formed recently to oppose all forms of street demonstrations which disrupted peace in the country.

He said the memorandum had been drafted during a forum held on Dec 6 at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman.

“As peace-loving citizens, we are responsible for supporting the government in its efforts to put a stop to all this nonsense.

“If there are issues affecting some people, they should go through the proper channels instead of resorting to such measures,” Saiful said.

The coalition plans to invite former appellate court judge Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah to speak on clauses in the Federal Constitution which touched on racial integration as well as Bumiputera privileges and the rights of others.

Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration (who is also the Minister of Internal Security) for the last four years has been in favour of using the provisions under the Internal Security Act (ISA) and so many quarters felt that his approach and methods of resolving issues, even pertaining to ‘internal security’ has been too soft and slow. The only famous personality been arrested under the ISA laws is BSA Tahir in early 2004, in connection of the scandal to the supply of centrifuge for the purpose of a nuclear device by Scomi Precision Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (SCOPE).

It is thought that Anwar Ibrahim was the personality and ‘puppet master’ behind and strategically gave input for the HINDRAF leaders and movement. The reaction of PKR Vice President Gopalakrishnan on the ISA be used against HINDRAF leaders shows the direct association the “Anwar” party to the ‘extremist militants’.The use of ISA against HINDRAF leaders was thought to be a ‘warning’ for Anwar Ibrahim, who is known to have ‘connections’ with foreign agencies.

Blogger Sesumpah has angle that Anwar Ibrahim is making a wrong political move for his support of HINDRAF and later trying his best to deny it, as a ‘damage control’ effort.

Will we see Anwar Ibrahim be arrested under ISA, for the related charges against HINDRAF? The magic question will be, how the Oppositions capitalise and make Anwar Ibrahim a ‘martyr’ when they go for general elections, which is lurking around the corner.

*An update as of 7.15pm, Friday 14 December 2007

The HINDRAF leader who is the United Kingdom during the crackdown against the others under ISA law yesterday, P. Waythamoorthy vowed to continue the struggle and their demands.

The Star has the story:


MYT 6:35:17 PM

Struggle will go on, says Hindraf leader

KUALA LUMPUR: The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) will continue its peaceful struggle through prayers advocating the rights of Malaysian Indians, its chairman P. Waythamoorthy said.

Waythamoorthy, contacted by telephone in London Friday, said the group was undeterred by the arrest of its leaders.

“Hindraf will continue to defend the five leaders detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) and the other 31 Indians arrested for the peaceful walk in the city.

“We have further lost confidence in the Government after it detained our top officials without trial,” said Waythamoorthy, who will plan the group’s next course of action from London. He is currently there to garner international support for Hindraf.

He urged supporters to remain calm and pray for the release of those detained and others arrested.

On Thursday, P. Uthayakumar, M. Manoharan, R. Kengadharan, V. Ganabatirau and K. Vasantha Kumar were arrested under the ISA. They have been detained at the Kamunting detention centre.

Their detention order was signed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is also Internal Security Minister.

“Arresting our leaders does not mean we are without a leadership. I, and a few others, will continue to lead our non-violent struggle for Indian rights in Malaysia,” said Waythamoorthy.

“I will continue to issue statements from London and keep the Indians informed through the other leaders in Malaysia.” He stressed that Hindraf would remain apolitical and did not want any political party to hijack the movement’s struggle.


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  1. Better to use the paper filed as toilet rolls. It has more dignity that way.

  2. DAP and KEADILAN has lost my vote. I could not and will not submit to such blatant hypocrisy.

  3. Reaksi Gopalakrishnan JELAS Anwar mendalangi HINDRAF!

    Apa tunggu lagi????

    Pak Lah = Pak LEMBIK!!!!

    Tak da guts macam Tun, ambik keputusan keatas Anwar dulu!

  4. Hindraf is definitely a bad hindrance to peace, stability, security and the general well being of the Nation and its people.Hindraf should be demanded to categorically expose the so-called ethnic cleansing and mini-genocide that it has been alleging all over the world that has been happening in their own country Malaysia – that also if they concur to the fact that they are Malaysian citizens.

    Local councils, the religious depts, ministries must pro-act and come out with factual statistics to be supported by dates and times and pictures of all the temples and shrines ( including suraus) that have been demolished. Are they really in the thousands or just a few and there are still thousands still standing strong.
    Why ae the government agencies continue to be passive and not seen to be fighting back in the way and manner that they are trained.

    On Anwar’s support for Hindraf it is not surprising at all as he goes for cheap publcity and also in some ways he is a paranoid. He’s already a lost case.

    This forthcoming GE will definitely be very dicey and in some areas a close call can be expected. The incumbent will be more nervous and anxious especially a majority of the candidates are said to be from the younger generation who may lack wisdom, finese and the understanding of human fallibilities.

    In the light of the above, one cannot overule the probability for the UMNO Youth in their desperation to use unsavoury tactics and approaches, baling batu sorok tangan. Under such circumstance the PDRM will have a very ardous tasks – they must remain neutral, steadfast and enforce the laws effectively and to remind themselves all the time that they are commanded by the laws not by politicians. Otherwise there will be chaos.

    I hear you. A well presented observation. Thanks.

    Yes, Anwar Ibrahim is the circus stuntman. Will do anything and everything to gain attention. A mark of a desperate politician.

  5. Halo bigdog,
    Saya ingin menempel di sini respon saya di ROCKY’S BRU berkenaan Penyataan Bersama 4 parti politik dan 17 NGO berhubung hajat mereka mahu menemui Perdana Menteri. Saya mempersoal ‘di mana asasnya perkaitan kumpulan mereka dengan penyataan yang dikarang indah dan berasap spirit demokratik itu (teks penuhnya ada di blog sahabat anda, rocky). Saya harap anda merela saya menempelnya, dan jika rocky terbacanya di sini saya harap tidak menjadi hal pada rocky respon dan komen yang berpindah-randah. Dan bigdog, ia juga mungkin ada perkaitan dengan entri anda di atas.
    (saya edit sedikit dari yang asal)


    Semua anak Malaysia pengunjung ROCKY’S BRU,
    Dengan andaian teman-teman senegara sudah membaca JOINT STATEMENT to Seek Immediate Appointment with Prime Minister, di bawah ada beberapa persoalan:

    i. DAP
    Sejak bila parti ini tidak bermain politik dengan hanya mengharap pada undi teman senegara keturunan Cina? Jadi apa relevan parti ini dengan istilah muluk-muluk (minta teman-teman TESL terjemah) pada Penyataan Bersama di atas?

    ii. PKR
    Setelah mendakwa partinya mewakili aspirasi pihak yang benar-benar menolak politik perkauman (baca perkauman pada tafsiran mereka), ‘kenapa terus berganding bahu, berpakat barisan dengan DAP dan PAS yang tidak setulen PKR menolak politik perkauman? Apa beza perkauman tafsiran PKR ini dengan meletak individu-individu tertentu di barisan kepimpinan PKR yang berlainan darah keturunannya supaya dilihat berbilang kaum, supaya setiap kaum mendapat tempat dan supaya pengundi nanti dapat melihat wakil-wakil kaum mereka juga ada di barisan kerusi depan kepimpinan parti BERBANDING Barisan Nasional yang diwakili kaum-kaum tertentu dalam gabungannya? Siapa boleh mendakwa bersama bukti-bukti dilampir barisan kepimpinan PKR semata-mata berlandaskan merit dan tidak ada lain melainkan merit? Siapa yang susah untuk percaya di belakang kelambu PKR sedia wujud tawar-menawar antara kaum sebelum menangguk-ngangguk akur terhadap kuasa ‘pemimpin agung’ mereka? Mana yang tidak akur, keluar! Tidakkah ini fakta zahirnya? Jadi sama seperti DAP, ‘di mana relevan PKR dengan Penyataan Bersama yang dikarang sedemikian berasap itu?

    ** untuk rujukan bagi mengukuh persoalan ini pada PKR, disyorkan blog Suara Rakyat Rustam A Sani, penganalisis politik perkauman yang tidak henti-henti mendakwa BN (UMNO MCA MIC khususnya) ialah punca kepada politik dan tingkah-laku perkauman (baca perkauman pada tafsirannya) dalam negara. Beliau ahli PKR – jika fakta ahli PKR tidak benar, saya pohon maaf En Rustam A Sani atas kesilapan dan menarik baliknya waktu ini juga.

    iii. PAS
    Bagaimana sebuah parti yang berpolitik sentimen agama, mendakwa pihak mereka paling benar dalam hal agama dan pihak lain didakwa kurang benar, kemudian pada keadaan terpilih turut bersama mendokong fahaman demokratik – suatu fahaman yang terbit antaranya atas asas
    menolak/anti terhadap fahaman yang mendakwa mereka paling benar, dan menolak/anti terhadap pihak mendakwa mereka paling berautoriti bercakap tentang kebenaran. Tidakkah fahaman demokratik ini secara terang, secara langsung bercanggah seratus peratus dengan fahaman PAS?
    Seperti juga DAP dan PKR, apa relevan PAS dengan barisan ayat dan perkataan muluk-muluk dalam penyataan tersebut?

    iv. PSM
    Buat sementara ini tidak ada persoalan khusus.

    Tambahan: Penyataan Bersama telah ditulis dalam B Inggeris. Bukan bermaksud Blog Rocky tidak boleh berkomunikasi dengan perantaraan bahasa ini. Blog Rocky hak dirinya dan beliau bebas menulis dalam bahasa apa. Ini ada perkaitan dengan fungsi kerajaan sebuah negara mengamal sistem demokrasi, iaitu:

    i. memberi dan menjamin kebebasan kepada setiap individu rakyatnya mendefinisikan hidup mereka sepertimana mereka sebenar kehendaki, dan

    ii. membuka/menyediakan ruang dan peluang untuk mereka memperolehinya, perkara (i) di atas.

    Jadi dalam sebuah negara demokratik Rocky dijamin kebebasan bagaimana beliau mahu mencorak hidupnya. Dalam kes ini apa bahasa pilihan sebagai perantaraan menulis.
    (untuk edisi tempelan ini tentunya termasuk juga bigdog)

    Kebebasan bahasa perantaraan tulisan adalah berbeza antara Blog Rocky dan Penyataan Bersama. Penyataan bersifat rasmi seperti ini dan ia dihebahkan kepada rakyat dalam perantaraan bukan Bahasa Kebangsaan adalah membelakangkan/tidak menghormati bahasa yang menjadi Bahasa Kebangsaan negara. Hal ini memberi petunjuk dan bukti senarai parti politik dan NGO yang terlibat dalam Penyataan Bersama itu tidak benar-benar memahami apakah maksud/erti kehidupan bernegara demokratik. Apabila gagal memahami secara menyeluruh, tentu saja mustahil mereka berdiri dan bergerak sebagai penganut tulen falsafah demokratik.

    Bahasa yang demokratik dalam sesebuah sempadan wilayah ialah bahasa yang paling hidup, paling sekali difahami rakyat di dalamnya. Dengan itu, bahasa ini juga ialah ‘bahasa realis’. Bila muncul mana-mana pihak ingin berkomunikasi secara demokratik dalam sempadan sesebuah negara, mereka perlu mempertimbang, perlu celik ‘apa bahasa demokratik dalam sempadannya? Jika pihak itu berkomunikasi dengan perantaraan bahasa lain (bukan bahasa demokratik), maka mereka bukanlah dari kalangan yang peduli/menjunjung atmosfera komunikasi yang demokratik. Mungkin ada kaitan dengan kecenderungan suka berpuak, jadi atmosfera komunikasi demokratik yang berupaya memandu kehidupan ke arah menghampiri (sepenuhnya adalah mustahil) sama rasa, sama memahami, sama menghalusi, sama menikmati dll telah mereka kesamping di tepi.

    Pihak-pihak dalam senarai parti politik dan NGO ini, yang menulis Penyataan Bersama bukan dalam perantaraan bahasa demokratik yang hidup dalam kehidupan rakyat Malaysia, telah pun memberi pengenalan siapa ‘sebenarnya kumpulan mereka’ pada mana-mana individu Malaysia yang berminat untuk berkenalan. Jika tidak jelas, dan jika sudi bolehlah rujuk sekali lagi para-para di atas untuk mengenali lebih lanjut bagaimana perkaitan kumpulan mereka berhubung bahasa dan komunikasi demokratik, yang memainkan fungsi sebagai salah satu elemen untuk menjamin kehidupan demokratik. Tentu sekali teman-teman yang kala ini sedang membacanya boleh dan mampu menjawab sendiri siapa sebenar gerangan mereka. Sebaik berdiri dan menapak sebagai manusia demokratik, maka kita menentukan, tidak sama sekali orang lain, apa jawapannya.

    selingan –
    Hari ini blog ROCKY’S BRU adalah blog paling informatif dan blog paling tinggi kekerapan dikemaskini. Blog ini juga antara yang teratas mampu menarik pengunjung membaca dan melontar komen. Tidakkah ini petujuk sesuatu yang boleh dikatakan sumbangan ROCKY’S BRU? Tentu sekali. Ia suatu sumbangan yang bukan kecil anak maknanya ke arah kehidupan yang lebih saksama dalam negara. Salute Rocky!
    (salute itu bahasa inggeris kan? kalau untuk Rocky apa sebutan tangan melintang di kanan dahi dia mahu, gue ikut saja. gue rasa lapang dengan menghormatinya meski tidak semestinya melangkah atas jalan sama.)

    4 Parti politik dan 17 NGO yang kunun kunun meminta peluang bertemu Perdana Menteri itu sebenarnya adalah percaturan Anwar Ibrahim, sebagai satu lagi usaha ‘damage control’.

  6. pm has bow down to hindraf pressure, he appeal to AG to drop the attempted murder charges on the 31 hindraf members. pm lembik lagi bacul.

    I am afraid you are bloody right!

  7. The law is the law. This would never happen in Singapore. It is always peaceful in Singapore because punishment is severe and the Prime Minister has no time to deal with parents once an offence is committed.

  8. […] Pakatan Pembangkang juga memperhebatkan kempen mereka. Ini jelas dengan penglibatan pemimpin pemimpin mereka dalam pelbagai demonstrasi jalanan tanpa permit kebelakangan ini, lebih lebih lagi semenjak kekalahan teruk Pembangkang dalam empat pilihanraya kecil kebelakangan ini, terutama akibat permasalahan dalaman dan intra-Pembangkang itu sendiri. Pencaturan pemimpin Pembangkang untuk mencari ‘tapak’ dan ‘peranan’ sesuai juga makin teserlah. […]

  9. […] Kedua duanya, jelas mempunyai ‘tanda tangan’ (signature) Anwar sebagai dalang utama dan sengaja ‘menguji’ kesabaran dan professionalism pihak […]

  10. […] ini, senario politik Malaysia mula menampakan elemen condong kepada menggunakan keganasan. Apabila kumpulan ekstremis yang mendesak hak melalui kesediaan melakukan keganasan HINDRAF menganjurkan ‘politik pengganas’ melalui […]

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