‘De-citizenise’ the HINDRAF leaders, is constitutional

The withdrawal of the charge ‘attempting murder of a policeman in duty’ against the “HINDRAF 31”, which lead to the acquittal of these 31 suspects on Monday, 17 December 2007 at the Shah Alam Sessions Court was really shameful and disgrace to the Attorney General’s Chambers. This decision was made almost immediately after 13 ethnic Indian NGOs and defacto Indian community leader and MIC President Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu met the ‘Flip-Flop’ Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi late last week.

Some people actually thought the charge of ‘attempting murder on a policeman’ was overkill, despite a life of a policeman on duty, to maintain order and public safety was grievously threatened by a mob of 31 people. Enough to allow some really opportunistically-bankrupt-dinosaur-relic politician to demand that the Attorney General to apologise to the ‘HINDRAF 31’, despite that they were initially denied bail for the severity of the charge then ‘conveniently’ let of the hook with lightning speed because the ‘Flip-Flop’ Prime Minister ‘compassionately’ intervened into the legal process. This arrogantly ungrateful call shoul be seen as ‘adding insult to injury’.

Taken from Malaysia-Today.net:


Gani owes public apology to Batu Caves 31 for travesty of justice


Posted by Raja Petra

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Gani owes the Batu Caves 31 unjustly incarcerated for 13 days – a total of 403 days – and their families a public apology.The Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail owes the Batu Caves 31 who were unjustly incarcerated for 13 days and their families a public apology for the sufferings and hardships they should not have been made to go through.Gani’s explanations why he dropped the charges of attempted murder against the Batu Caves 31 in the Shah Alam Sessions Court underline the grave injustice which the Attorney-General had caused the 31 with the ridiculous charge of attempted murder and collective punishment of the 31 with the denial of bail for 13 days, resulting in a number of victims losing their jobs.Two reasons had been given by Gani.Gani said: “We can’t pinpoint who exactly did it or rather who was the one who threw the brick at the person who was badly injured”. If so, why did he charge the 31 with the capital offence of “attempted murder” with the maximum sentence of 20 years’ jail and fine, and what’s worse, denying bail to them for 13 days on a completely baseless contention of their being threats to national security!Secondly, Gani said the 31 men were initially charged not because they were alleged to be Hindraf members but because they had committed an offence by participating in an illegal assembly.Gani said all the 31 men had signed letters opposing Hindraf and claimed they were not Hindraf members. They also said they would never take part in any illegal assembly in the future.This is a very serious contradiction. If the 31 were not charged because they were Hindraf members, why should any subsequent claim that they were not Hindraf members have any bearing on their cases?The Batu Caves 31 had already been harshly and unfairly punished although they were innocent of the charge of attempted murder, as they were all incarcerated for 13 days each, which work out to 403 days for jail sentence for the 31.The least Gani should do is to tender a public apology to the Batu Caves 31 and their families for this travesty of justice and abuse of prosecutorial powers in his unfair and unjust handling of cases of the Batu Caves 31.Lim Kit Siang

On the other hand, some other people thought that the HINDRAF leaders and active supporters were likened as ‘extremist militants’, equivalent to Al Maunah, KMM and Communist Terrorists and should be dealt severely. Some UMNO leaders vehemently asked the Government and authorities to deal with these people stern and decisively. One even charged them with guilt of ‘high treason’.

Almost two weeks ago, 397 NGOs from all the major ethnic groups, interests and level of the Malaysian society converged and adopted a resolution for the Government to seriously consider.

Despite warnings and threats of arrest and after 18 days of allowing the HINDRAF leaders to go around making more incriminating statements and defying provisions of the law and societal norms on maintaining harmony and good inter-racial relations, last Thursday five HINDRAF leaders were arrested under ISA laws. This were received with relieved by many and dismay by some.


Having said all that, there are people who felt that not only the HINDRAF leaders and active supporters could be charged, tried and eventually found guilty of ‘extremist militanism’, seditions and high treason, but guilty of unbecoming the citizen of Malaysia and be stripped of the citizenship to this country. This is provided by the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia, Article 25 (1) A which read:

Article 25

  1. (1) The Federal Government may by order deprive of his citizenship any person who is a citizen by registration under Article 16A or 17 or a citizen by naturalisation if satisfied –
    • (a) that he has shown himself by act or speech to be disloyal or disaffected towards the Federation;

Clearly, HINDRAF leaders, especially the five-plus-one, committed enough grounds for the warrant to be stripped of their Malaysian citizenship. In his letter to the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on 15 November 2007, HINDRAF leader P. Uthayakumar urged that Malaysia’s membership in the Commonwealth be suspended, if not expelled for blatant lies and malicious fabricated information about Malaysian Indian ethnic being systematically and structurally put through the “ethnic cleansing” process the last fifty years. Of course, the HINDRAF primary objective was to stir up the anger of the Indian ethnic group, worldwide. Then it was the piece that was featured as the front page in a Singapore daily that violence is imminent, in the HINDRAF roll-out plan. That is not including statements made whilst abroad, including in the UK and India, where it almost caused a diplomatic row.


These attempts are nothing less that of as per stated as “…he (they has (have) shown himself (themselves) by act or speech, to be disloyal or disaffect towards the Federation”.

This opportunity would be the perfect ‘consolation’, if not ‘redemption’ for the overwhelmingly disgraceful and intolerable “cock-up” by the ‘Flip-Flop’ Prime Minister Abdullah via Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Patail. Failure to act against these persons who have committed “crimes of disloyal towards the Federation”, especially when one is provided with the law to do so, shall be deemed as collaborating with the said criminals too. Therefore, one should be subjected to be de-citizenise too, as provided by Article 25 (1) A of the Constitution of the Federation.

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  1. i support the called by bigdog to de-citizenise the hindraf leaders, one of them is still condemning malayisa abroad(waythamoorthy). pak lah has clearly failed to act, instead he directed the AG to release the group 31 just because of his “popularity”. this group will now know that this government actually bow to them.they will be more hindraf like group in near future.

  2. The Hindraft 5 are patriots! Strip them of their citizenship? How about doing the same to the former Malacca chief minister who threatened a bloodbath? Go ahead, do it, and make a bad thing worse.It is just what this country needs now!

  3. Why can’t the authority sits down and ponder whether Indian Malaysians are being marginalized to the extent tha Hindraf has to take it to the street to demand justice.Denial by the government definitely cannot solve the problems of Indian Malaysians.

    National security got nothing to do with the arrest of the Hindraf leaders and supporters because Malaysians know this is a peaceful gathering but unfortunately the police have sabotaged it and it was the police who created the unrest.We know the police are good at creating troubles as this is the only activity they are good at.Other than that,they are also another nuisance to the country.

  4. Why don’t you read the constitution properly before writing. These 5 ppl were born in Malaysia to Malaysian parents. They are citizens by operation of law not registration and/or naturalisation. You cannot revoke it. Article 17 has already been been repealed (a long time ago). So it’s unconstitutional.

    You are just like NAZRI…and that idiot who is always telling ppl to “balik India or China”.

    If they have commited an offence charge them in court and let the court decide of their guilt or otherwise. I PRAY one day you get arrested under ISA, POPOC or ADK . Maybe and only maybe then will you understand the concept of detention without trial.

  5. It is the very wish of the Indian commununity in Malaysia to choose to estabish the Tamil Vernacular schools as part of retaining their Tamil culture and education and identity. By doing so they inevitably fall out from the main stream of the economic life of the nation. Hence, they have Tamil educated youths who, because of their Tamil-educated background find it difficult to find jobs in the streets. Some of these unemployed resort to crimes,establishing a new breed of hard-cire criminals in this country. The more pragmatic and the wealthier Indians send their children to Bahasa Malaysia National Type schools or to private schools. These groups of Tamil youths can find jobs easily in both the public and private sectors.
    So, don’t blame everybody else, they should only blame themselves for the situation.
    As for blaming the British colonial masters for bringing them into Malaya as labourers, let me just say this – that their ancestors who were brought here to work then had the choice to go back to their motherland, India. Most of them did just that. The smaller group of Indians who opted to remain here did that at their own free will. What they used to do was to work here, saved enough money to bring back home to last them for a few months in India and then came back to Malaya to save more money. So the cycle continued until they died.
    If the HINDRAF’s (by the way the number is small compared to the total Indian community here) allegations that there has been ethnic cleansing and that the Indians have been marginalised are utter lies and have been spoken in forked tongues.
    You made the bed and you lie on it!!!

  6. Cant you see that it was not the gathering that matters but the intentions and motives behind it. Wether the police interfere or not, sooner or later it will without doubt creates unrest and racial conflicts, these are the real motives behind the hindraf issues.
    The arrest and more arrest of certain individuals are necessary.But unfortunately this is the area where AAB and the police fumbles and in due time Malaysians will pay heavily for this.

    • wow… not bad, you can actually read their minds..

  7. bigdog,
    Urutan hujah di atas sangat jelas. Sangat bertenaga.

    Jika tidak bersetuju, jelaskan tidak bersetuju. Lampirkan hujah anda. Mencelah seperti anda tidak membantu perbincangan. Menuduh ikut sedap juga tidak ke mana. Hanya menunjukkan di tahap mana otak anda. Satu idea sendiri pun tarak. Hanya mengulang kata-kata yang bersepah saya jumpa.

  8. the best is all malays go back to Indonesia, all chinese go back to china and all indians go back to india. leave malaysia to the real bumiputra who are the orang asli and orang ganga nagar and sri vijaya.

  9. hey guys whats wrong with all u ppl are u guys blind…. these guys are part of this country and are fighting for what they believe in… how many of u have the courage to do that.. u wanna revoke their citizenship.. but what about the right to peaceful assembly… u like reading the inaccurate mainstream media of this country and be fooled thats ur choice… these ppl just wanna fight for their right as citizens in this country… malaysia is a multiracial country and it took all to build it to this level… remove the scales on your eyes and use that god given brains to think and postulate a good reasoning and not listen to someone and make that ur opinion… i guess they teach in bahasa malaysia schools to just listen and to absorb what is told and not to think for ur self thats why u guys life in a narrow burrow in the gorund … wake up malaysians wake up…

  10. Are you crazy or just absolutely ignorant of the Constitution which you cite? You try to make an invalid argument valid by quoting the Constitution. What you fail to recognize is that Art 25 only applies to persons granted citizenship under Art. 16A– as Article 17 has been repealed. Art. 16A does not apply to persons whose citizenship is granted under the legal concept of jus soli– or citizenship by right of birth in the country– that is Art. 14. Persons with citizenship under Article 14 may not be deprived of citizenship for any such offenses as you accuse the Hindraf 5.

    Art. 16A is specifically for persons from Sabah and Sarawak later became citizens of Malaysia through naturalization. It reads:

    16A. Subject to Article 18, any person of or over the age of eighteen years who is on Malaysia Day ordinarily resident in the State of Sabah or Sarawak is entitled, upon making application to the Federal Government before September 1971, to be registered as a citizen if he satisfies the Federal Government –

    (a) that he has resided before Malaysia Day in the territories comprised in those States and after Malaysia Day in the Federation for periods which amount in the aggregate to not less than seven years in the ten years immediately preceding the date of the application, and which include the twelve months immediately preceding that date;
    (b) that he intends to reside permanently in the Federation;
    (c) that he is of good character; and
    (d) except where the application is made before September 1965, and the applicant has attained the age of forty-five years at the date of the application, that he has a sufficient knowledge of the Malay language or the English language or, in the case of an applicant ordinarily resident in Sarawak, the Malay language, the English language or any native language in current use in Sarawak.

    If you want to discuss the morality and subjective opinions of learned jurists or common politicians concerning the rights and wrongs of the Hindraf 5– go for it. But don’t jump on the bandwagon of stupid politicians from Malacca who espouse legal remedies for which they know nothing and do little more than establish their own ignorance. You simply lump yourself in with their stupidity.

  11. Ever heard of this thing called “buang negara”? Why not do this to those Hindraf leaders?

    And also take notice of the Indian’s plight?

  12. Masalahnya adalah ekonomi yang meleset yang melanda semua kaum. Tak kira Tamil ke jawa, melayu ke tiong hwa ke cuma kita tak perlu bertindak dengan membabi buta. Kita harus lebih bijak dalam bertindak dan sebagai masyarakat yang terpelajar kita selalu dapat mencari jalan terbaik dan bersabar dalam mencari jalan Keluar dari apa sahaja masalah. Pemimpin terus berganti nasib selalu berubah.

  13. Yes … Hindraf is truely blatant liar . Indian being marginalised and ethnic cleansing ??? They marginalised by they own race ! and ethnic cleansing ? only small head would believe it …

    Very good writing bro .

  14. Address the root causes of the problem, Nobody responded to their problems, that’s why they are asking for outside help.

    They were born in Malaysia. How can a country revoke their citizenship?
    Is it not outrageous?

    In the modern world, no one is a slave! Please understand and help the poor people.

  15. Semakin saya membaca comment yang ditulis oleh setiap umat malaysia di kesemua blog-blog yang ada, semakin saya pasti yang mentaliti semua warga kita begitu cetek.
    Semuanya cuma nampak effect – hasil, tetapi jarang sekali yang nampak cause – punca.
    Semua bercerita pasal apa yang harus dibuat dan siapa yang betul, siapa yang salah, siapa yang jantan, siapa yang berhak lebih, siapa yang telah diketepikan, siapa yang bodoh dan siapa yang pandai..
    tetapi jarang jarang sekali saya dapat baca,
    komen yang dapat membina semangat kenegaraan ataupun komen yang memberi harapan untuk masa depan yang lebih baik. Jari itu akan tunjuk kesini dan kesana, tetapi jarang sekali tunjuk pada diri sendiri.

    Cuba kita tanya diri kita sendiri..

    APA yang kita telah buat untuk kebaikan bersama & kemajuan negara?

    Kenapa kita semua masih dipermainkan oleh UMNO, MCA & MIC serta kroni kroni yang lain?

    Selagi kita tidak dapat melihat warga negara sebagai satu unit, selagi itu la kita akan dibawa kehulu &hilir bagaikan kerbau yg ditarik dari lubang hidung.

    Masih ingat rukun negara? Saya rasa tidak ramai yang tahu tentang bahagian pertama RUKUN NEGARA..

    Bahawasanya negara kita Malaysia mendukung cita-cita hendak:

    -Mencapai perpaduan yang lebih erat di kalangan seluruh masyarakatnya
    -Memelihara cara hidup demokratik
    -Mencipta satu masyarakat yang adil di mana kemakmuran negara akan dapat dinikmati secara adil dan saksama
    -Menjamin satu cara liberal terhadap tradisi-tradisi kebudayaannya yang kaya dan berbagai-bagai corak
    -Membina satu masyarakat progresif yang akan menggunakan sains dan teknologi moden:

    Maka kami rakyat Malaysia berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut:

    -Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan
    -Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara
    -Keluhuran Perlembagaan
    -Kedaulatan Undang-undang
    -Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan

    Bangun la wahai saudara senegara saya!!!

  16. Mana hujah si mamat Turun Padang ni? Mana ideanya? Takkanlah apa-apa yang dibuat untuk negara nak kena jerit kat telinga dia.
    Cuba lihat ini kata si mamat Turun Padang:
    Kenapa kita semua masih dipermainkan oleh UMNO, MCA & MIC serta kroni kroni yang lain?
    Jadi nak datang berkempen kat sinikah? Bawalah idea-idea yang tak pernah orang tulis, yang tak pernah orang cakap. Barulah boleh berkokok mengomen orang lain. Setakat komen-komen umum anda tu si mamat Turun Padang, ia bersepah di mana-mana.

  17. As an Indian living in India, there are 2 things that strike me as odd.

    What makes these Hindraf guys think that the Brits will do anything. Have the Hindraf guys studied history? What kind of intellectual bankruptcy is that! God help Tamils in Malaysia if they have dumb leaders like the Hindraf.

    Apart from loot, pillage murder and exploitation, what have the British done in the colonies. So much so, even Scotland (slightly bigger than Penang) wants to break away from Britain.Have they forgotten the reign of terror in Malaysia in the 1950s-60s.

    Secondly, In India, where we bend over backwards to make minorities comfortable. The fight for muslims rights in Gujarat riots is being spearheaded by Teesta Setalvad – a Hindu by birth. Therefore, we have managed to stay together as country.

    I think the Hindraf is clearly on the wrong track – they should talk to the Malaysians. Badawi and Co are being dumb by pushing the Tamils. Ask Israel and Sri Lanka what can happen when you push any one hard enough for long. Bad idea.

  18. Tahniah!

    Setuju sangat!

    Malaysia wajar lucutkan kerakyatan pemimpin pemimpin HINDRAF walaupun mereka lahir sebagai rakyat Malaysia.

    “Kerakyatan” wajar dijadikan ‘privilege’ dan bukan sesuatu yang boleh disalah-gunakan sewenang wenangnya!

    Dasar orang orang yang TAK SEDOR DIRI!!!!

  19. Hei tony,

    Kamu guna dulu otak yang Tuhan bagi dalam kepala kamu sebelum tiba-tiba muncul dengan berlagak mahu bersyarah pada orang lain. Bawa idea, bentangkan hujah, tunjukkan bukti-bukti kemudian susun dengan teratur. Tanpa ini semua, kamu hanya menunjukkan betapa naifnya diri kamu dan sangat ketara kamu seorang yang tidak biasa terlibat dalam perbincangan serius dan terbuka. Gaya tulisan lintang kamu itu jelas menunjukkan kamu juga manusia yang tidak berpengetahuan. Kesian..
    Err, kamu sekolah Inggeris kat pasar malam mana tony?

  20. This Bumiputra melayu UMNO scam is all bedek la. Malays all came from southern sumatra and settle down in semananjung when the british came.

    Malays all originally from Indonesia. this bumiputra thing is all a way to make money. gasak buta la.

    the real malaysians are people like yap ah loy and munusamy who really open up this country malaysia. In fact malaysia comes from the word “malai nagar” which is Indian for ‘Hilly country”.

  21. Sewel ni baghal betul!!!!

    Semenanjung Tanah Melayu aka Malaya, Sumatera, Kepulauan Riau, Kepulauan Jawa, Borneo, Kupulauan Sulawesi dsbnya merupakan KEPULAUAN MELAYU (Malay archipelago), yang memang domicile sekitar Asia Tenggara ini!

    India ialah sub-kontinen Selatan Asia manakala China pula ialah Asia Timur.

    Mana mungkin buruh buruh immigran yang didatangkan KHUSUS (SPESIFIK) secara pukal dan sistematik zaman pemerintahan British (bermula 1870an) untuk menjadi buruh dan memerlukan keperluan pembangunan ekonomi penjajah diladang ladang dan buat jalanraya, keretapi dan jambatan dan lombong lombong bijih ini boleh DISAMA TARAFKAN dengan mereka yang memang sejak asal, mendiami dan ulang0alik antara kepulauan dalam archilepago ini selama beribu ribu tahun itu?????

    Bodoh ka atau buta sejarah ka????

  22. I am truly ashamed as a Malaysian to see that we are actually arguing about stripping citizenships of fellow Malaysians.The outside world has evolved and become more civilized than Malaysia.Even the former British Empire which was racist and unjust gave up on old ways and transformed to a better society.Racism and prejudice will not make us better as a society.We better evolve with the world
    or be left behind.The choice is always ours.

  23. Konsep bumi putra, konsep melayu semua ada la greatest scam of umno la. dulu mana ada melayu di malaysia.
    melayu tu memang pendatang haram or squatters or orang laut dan lanun2 seperti si bugis tu.

    dulu pendudok malaysia atau sri vijaya tu semua orang asli aje or negrito orang yang keturunan indo-australis. di east-coast semua pendudok keturunan khemer dan vietnam. di west coast semua pendudok adala anak sri vijaya, langkasuka dan sri ganga nagara. dulu2 semua pendudok malaysia tu orang hindu. tak da melayu.

    ni melayu adala muslim la, dia orang melayu ni baru datang dari arabia dan sumatra dan java dengan si parameswara tu.

    melayu macam cina dan orang keling tu pun opportunis aje.

    during british rule melayu ambik opportunity masuk british straits settlement. that time no such think as malaysia.

    Konsep malaysia dan so called ketuanan melayu is just a new konsep made by umno aje. sebenarny tu melayu yang tukar sejarah malaysia kerana faedah sendiri macam si cina tukar sejarah singapura tu.

    Perwira wira sri vijaya adalah wira hindu dari hind (India) such as wira dharma samudra, laksamana singa putra, wira harinam chitra. dia orang semua wira hindu dari himalaya dan india utara. dia orang original ni anak anak raja hind atau india.

    no such thing as orang arab or melayu or ugama dia orang di sri vijaya or ganga nagara.

    Sebenar nya kita harus tukar nama malaysia kepada nama original nya ia tu Sri Ganga Nagara or Sri Vijaya. I like Langkasukha.

  24. nasihat sewel is simple. not all tamils are hindu and not all hindus are tamil. not all muslims are malay and not all malays are muslim.

    So if some people want to destroy hindu temples or run down hinduism in my malaysia then jaga jaga ya. you nak habiskan hinduism di malaysia jangan jangan malaysia pulak yang di habiskan.

    sahabat bolih jadi musuh dan musuh bolih jadi sahabat when the need arises. jangan jangan ingat orang hindu tak tau fidayeen atau korban shahid.

    jangan tolak orang hindu sampai mereka tak bolih tahan lagi.

    peluru tak de ugama ya. siapa siapa pun bolih gunakan nya. jangan jangan silap paham orang yang defend hinduism tak tau gunakan peluru ya.

  25. Sewel ,

    Langkasuka , Gangganegara is one of the Malay early kingdom , Hindu is the most oldest religion and malay is one of the follower during ancient day … After that , Malay have choose Islam as they religion . Islam in Malay is records as early 14th century in Terengganu .

    And for your info – Hindu Temple is demolish because its build under someone land and its mean illegal building , is Hindu can build they temple anywhere in someone land ?? is they can break any law by building temple anywhere and in someone land ?? , Hindu temple is not total abolish (ref to Kg Jawa and Shah Alam) its been removed and rebuild under goverment plan . Surau also was been demolish in Kg Jawa because its under someone land .

    For you info – Hindu Temple is mainly build illegally means inside someone land … but Selangor goverment has legalised many temple under Sanggam suggestion .

  26. I dont know where, people got the idea, that going to tamil school brought poverty on tamil people, my family owns a store and we have many customers who has been with us for a long time (70 yrs come next year), we know how many of them went to tamil school and we have seen a lot of them who have become successful people, infact none of my family members went to tamil school but the new generations of my family are starting to go to tamil school. the medium of instruction is never the problem in any school, it is the amount of investment (money, human resources etc) that makes a school good.

  27. Gambus.

    tu la, bukan semua melayu join ugama Islam. Ade orang Langka sukha yang masih percayai and hormat ugama nenek moyang nya ia itu Ugama Sri Bagwan.

    Kita respect Islam tapi ugama kami ada la ugama yang originally belong to Ganganagar Langkasukha. jangan silap paham yang kita ni orang tamil. kita adala bumi putar tanah ayer langkasukha yang enggan ikuti ugama yang bukan ugama nenek moyang kita.

    We are people of this land and our nenek moyang berkata melayu tu pendatang dari pulaun indonesia. we have no problem with orang melayu. we dont consider ourselves as melayu because we consider melayu as orang Indonesia. Only we can practice silat asli seperti silat rimau dan lain2 and adat istiadat orang langka sukha. symbol kami adala kris.

    kerana tu kita bengang bila melayu gunakan kris macam kris tu symbol melayu.

    Islam datang ke malaysia dari peniaga india in 16th and 17th century only. yang orang kata islam came to trengannu tu semua propaganda aje. tak de bukti original. semua di bikin aje oleh rtm dan kerajaan bn.

    kita putar langka sukh semua berasal dari perak, perlis. pulauan langkawi, patani di siam, kedah, ulu selangor dan ulu pahang. saudara2 kita juga ade di puluan andaman which is part of india.

    thats why i say melayu lawan dengan tamil tu memang problem melayu dan tamil la. tapi bila nak cari pasal dengan ugama hind (hindu) itu kita anak langka sukha ade problem la.

    Datuk Guru kita adela Wira Indra Gajah Bumi. Kita anak Ganganagara dan langka sukha ikuti ajaran dan nasihat dia. Kampung dia adela di Kedah.

  28. Buluhitam!!

    “Hence, they have Tamil educated youths who, because of their Tamil-educated background find it difficult to find jobs in the streets. Some of these unemployed resort to crimes,establishing a new breed of hard-cire criminals in this country. The more pragmatic and the wealthier Indians send their children to Bahasa Malaysia National Type schools or to private schools. These groups of Tamil youths can find jobs easily in both the public and private sectors”—

    Is this your ignorance or stupidity,one may wonder!!
    80% Unemployed graduates in this country are Malays more spesifically the product of Bahasa Malaysia National Type schools, in the other hand 75% of the Indian Professionals in Malaysia are Tamil educated my friend. Please get your facts right.I believe your 6 six years primary school education has very very little effect to employment.

  29. Tiada siapa mahu menghalang jika ada orang tidak mahu mengaku alam nusantara ini suatu wilayah di mana orang Melayu sudah bertapak beribu tahun lamanya, sepertimana orang India di India, orang Cina di Tanah Besar China. Kecuali kebenaran melalui lorong akademik. Dengan penulisan jurnal, tesis, disertasi dsb. Kebenaran di sini boleh dipertanggungjawabkan kerana ia melalui method khusus yang dipersetujui manusia sejagat. Yang lain-lain di peringkat individu teruskan sajalah, oarang tak ambil pot pun selagi tidak menyinggung atau mengganggu mana-mana pihak yang berkaitan.

    Beberapa sudut lain:
    i. pihak yang suka mengaitkan definisi Melayu dengan perlembagaan sia-sia saja. Sebelum perlembagaan itu ada, orang Melayu sudah lama pun ada. Perlembagaan hanyalah ‘satu fungsi kehidupan masyarakat bernegara. Ia tidak boleh mengubah apa-apa diri si anu-si anu yang berdarah Melayu. Tapi perlembagaan boleh berubah. Lihat, betapa kerdilnya perlembagaan.
    ii. Mengaitkan darah Melayu dengan agama kerja sia-sia belaka. Jika Melayu itu masih berkepercayaan aminisme, dirinya tetap Melayu. Atau orang yang tidak ada kepercayaan apa-apa sekalipun, dirinya juga tetap si Melayu. Macam mana hendak ubah rantaian darah, tali keturunan? Setakat tak mahu atau malu mengaku Melayu kerana trend semasa, takut-takut tersisih dari rakan-rakan ‘liberal lokal’ di Bangsar misalnya, itu cerita lain. Orang macam ini pun sentiasa ada. Budaya ikut-ikutan. Dakwa liberal konon, tapi dengan anjing pun takut bersentuh, liberal tahi musang apa!
    iii. Menuduh sebarang bukti sejarah dengan alasan propaganda dan bagai sangat tidak wajar. Berikan bukti-bukti yang jelas. Jangan sedap bermain kata. Jika moyang-moyang saya sudah beragama Islam lebih awal dari sejarah Melaka, jangan sesedap hati mahu menidakkannnya. Jaga-jaga, kawan. Sebarang tuduhan, dakwaan perlu disertakan dengan bukti-bukti barulah ia dipanggil bertanggungjwab. Belajar hidup dengannya, barulah kita tidak menggangu orang lain.

  30. dah la, if you think tanah langka sukha ni tanah melayu then kenapa nak habiskan ugama orang lain. kenapa nak take over our culture and kebudayaan. cis!
    melayu bolik bikin apa melayu mau pasai melayu ade power sekarang. tapi ingat ni bukan tanah melayu! As our tok guru say this melayu cina india semua mari kat tanak ayer kita nak habis kan semua alam semula jadi kita. habiskan lah. kita tetap di sini!
    melayu will come and go, tapi ugama kita tetap di sini. tak malu ke nak panggil tanak ayer kita nusa antara. nusa antara siape? melayu ke? cis!

  31. Sewel tulis –
    dah la, if you think tanah langka sukha ni tanah melayu then kenapa nak habiskan ugama orang lain. kenapa nak take over our culture and kebudayaan. cis!

    Perayau – bila? Tunjukkan bukti kawan! lampirkan semuanya. Dah sekian lama orang Melayu berkerajaan di sini. Kalau nak hapuskan agama lain, dah tinggal abu semuanya. Itu pun kalau di simpan.
    Culture? Mana satu? Halo, tolong spesifik.

    Sambung sewel –
    melayu bolik bikin apa melayu mau pasai melayu ade power sekarang. tapi ingat ni bukan tanah melayu! As our tok guru say this melayu cina india semua mari kat tanak ayer kita nak habis kan semua alam semula jadi kita. habiskan lah. kita tetap di sini! melayu will come and go, tapi ugama kita tetap di sini.

    Perayau – Ooh.. rupa-rupanya duduk bawah ketiak tok guru. Mana hujah asli dari kamu sendiri? Haha.. hampeh!
    Duduklah kat sini selagi jadi warganegara sah. Gue tak ambil pot pun! Tunggulah sampai musang berjanggut (itu pun kalau tak mati cepat), gue dan teman-teman gue sama sekali tidak akan berganjak dari tanah warisan moyang kami. Tak perlu bising berkokok pasal agama kamu di sini, itu kamu punya hal. Tak relevan dengan gue.

    sewel tambah lagi –
    tak malu ke nak panggil tanak ayer kita nusa antara. nusa antara siape? melayu ke? cis!

    Perayau – tolong buka mata dan kaji sejarah secara ilmiah. Bebas sentimen. Kemudian persembahkan. Gue layan hanya setakat ini. Kalau masih berkokok bunyi sama, berkokoklah sorang-sorang. Gue tak hirau. Paling-paling kalau terlampau bising, akan ada orang angkut kamu ke Lorong Che Hussin (tempat rawatan di Kota Bharu). Satu tempat lagi Tanjung Rambutan. Nak buat macam mana kalau itulah kesudahannya!

  32. Sewel ,

    The way you say – We Malay making problem and destroy Hindus religion / cultures is quite funny .

    And you said

    “Only we can practice silat asli seperti silat rimau dan lain2 and adat istiadat orang langka sukha. symbol kami adala kris.

    kerana tu kita bengang bila melayu gunakan kris macam kris tu symbol melayu.”

    First you argue about religions and now you argue about cultures . It seem this discussion going nowhere . And i see no point when you said like that

    One more time i repeat , Langkasuka and Gangganegara is one of the MALAY early kingdom . Yes Malay is Hindu before because Hindu is one of the most older religion but MALAY in Langkasuka and Gangganegara also other Malay early kingdom has choose Islam , and Islam and Malay is very synonym nowadays .

    Islam in Terengganu is records in 14th century , its not making-up a proof , its seem you are in a state of denial , for your info – Terengganu also is one of the MALAY kingdom since in an ancient days .

  33. When i went to Indonesia, I went to jakarta sentral the javanese tell we indonesian semua sama, kita semua satu bangsa. when i went to acheh, the achehnese tell kita memang benci pendudok haram dari java, pasai dia orang bukan orang acheh. when i went went to irian jaya the irianese kata dia orang bukan indonesia tapi irian jaya kena control by indonesia.

    so mana mana pun sama aje la. sekarang melayu ade kuasa dia kata malaysia ni belong to malay.

    when i went to singapura the chinese kata singapore belong to chinese. he tell me chinese live in singapore before the orang asli also. ha hah ha ade ade la. si cina tu kata kalau tak suka blah balik malaysia la. ha hah hah hah.

    sama la orang chechnya kata dia bukan russian tapi tanya orang russia dia akan kata orang chechnya is russian.

    kalau pegi USA tanya matsalleh he will say this is white man country. you pegi tanya orang asli dia, ia tu red indian dia kata ape bolik buat kita dah hilang power kita dan tanak air kita to orang putih punya sekarang.

    So my point is simple: now you ask melayu, he will say malaysia belong to melayu. malaysia is negri Muslim, kalau you tak suka blah la. but who make this syaitan called malaysia. the british la and the melayu dari johor and selangor la. orang bugis tu memang lanun.

    but we just follow our custom and adat istiadat la. pasal sekarang nampakny melayu dah tamak sikit, dah makan maximum sumber tanak ayer kita ya, sekarang melayu akan lawan cina dan kling ya. kita tengok aje la.

    melayu nak lawan kling dan cina lawan la. tapi jangan cari pasai dengan ugama original tanak ayer langka sukha. jangan jangan sekali pun ingat tanak ayer langka suka dan sri ganganegara tak de guardian nya ya.

  34. Now its more funny …

    i think the term you make – Malay vs Indian vs Chinese only from your dirty minded . Get a life …

  35. Sejarah menunjukan ornag orang Melayu menerima immigran ekonomi dengan terbuka, sejak Kuala Kedah, Merbok, Melaka, Johor Lama dan kemudian Perak dan Selangor.

    Tak da masalah pun, selagi kaum immigran ekonomi yang datang sini untuk mencari rezeki membuat hal sendiri, HORMATI TUAN RUMAH dan jaga adab sebagai bangsa kaum pendatang (satu lumrah mana mana keadaan sekalipun, termasuk kalau kita menyewa bilik dalam rumah orang!).

    Apabila golongan immigran ekonomi ini mula naik kepala dan tak sedor diri, masa tu orang orang Melayu akan AJAR golongan yang KURANG AJAR dan TAK RETI BAHASA ini!!!!

    Its as simple as that!

  36. Nothing makes the Chinese in Malaysia more happy than seeing the Indians taking on the Malays. Like Israel having the idiot US fight and die for them. Can’t this two groups (Chinese and Indians in Malaysia) see that their lives are better in Malaysia than anywhere else. Don’t give me that crap about migrating to US, Britain, Australia, Canada (all the Mat Salleh countries….perasan Mat Salleh le kata kan) and have ethnic equality; Asians are oppressed openly there. By all mean, if you can get your butt there, please…GO.

  37. Anak Watan Malaya wrote:

    “Its as simple as that”

    Betulke? Tengoklah nanti kalau engko sentuh kita. Satu dunia datang tau. Bodoh!

  38. Elsewhere, the focus is not so much on Islamic law as on Islam as a whole. In a general election last March, the Malaysian prime minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, argued that Islam was almost totally associated with violence and extremism and needed to be formulated anew. He called his new concept “Islam Hadhari”, or progressive Islam. It was pitted against the “conservative Islam” of the main opposition party, the Islamic Pas. For the first time, the governing coalition won more than 90 per cent of federal parliamentary seats. Pas, and its version of Islam (full implementation of the sharia, without modification; a leading role in the state for religious scholars; and so on), were routed.

    Badawi, who is a trained religious scholar, took the term “hadhari” from Ibn Khaldun, the 14th-century Muslim historian and founder of sociology. The term signifies urban civilisation; and Islam Hadhari emphasises economic development, civic life and cultural progress. When Muslims talk about Islam, says Abdullah Mohd Zain, a minister in the prime minister’s department, “there is always the tendency to link it to the past, to the Prophet’s time”. Islam Hadhari gives equal emphasis to the present and the future. “It emphasises wisdom, practicality and harmony,” says Zain. “It encourages moderation or a balanced approach to life. Yet it does not stray from the fundamentals of the Koran and the example and sayings of the Prophet.”

    Islam Hadhari – fully explained in a 60-page document published by Badawi last month – emphasises the central role of knowledge in Islam; preaches hard work, honesty, good administration and efficiency; and appeals to Muslims to be “inclusive”, tolerant and outward-looking. It advocates that Muslims should attend secular and not religious schools. Committees have been set up to spread the message throughout Malaysia, and mullahs have been instructed to preach it during Friday sermons.

    Nik Abdul Aziz, the spiritual leader of Pas, dismisses Islam Hadhari as “nonsense”. But Muslim writers and thinkers, at an international conference in Kuala Lumpur in August, responded warmly. “It is certainly time,” said one participant, “to change gear and concentrate on the humanistic and progressive aspects of Islam.” As critics at the conference pointed out, however, Islam Hadhari stops short of changes to Islamic law. And Badawi himself is hardly a good advertisement for the concept. Government-controlled television and newspapers in Malaysia are full of crude propaganda. The repressive Internal Security Act, a legacy of British colonialism, is still in force. But Badawi’s image will improve following the release this month of the former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim, who was framed on homosexuality charges for which he was sentenced to nine years in prison.

    While Malaysia has a top-down model, Indonesia has opted for the bottom-up route. The reformist agenda is being promoted by Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the two largest and most influential Muslim organisations. Established at the dawn of the 20th century, they command between 60 and 80 million followers in mosques, schools and universities throughout Indonesia.

    NU, essentially an organisation of religious scholars, is usually described as traditionalist, while Muhammadiyah, dominated by intellectuals, is seen as modernist. Since 9/11, however, the two organisations have acted, in some respects, as one. Both are committed to promoting civic society and reformulating sharia. They are campaigning jointly against corruption in public life and in favour of accountable, open democracy. The newly formed Liberal Islam Network – intended to resist radical groups such as Laskar Jihad (Army of Jihad) and Jemaah Islamiyah, which was implicated in the October 2002 Bali bombings – follows a similar programme. Its membership consists largely of young Muslims.

    All three organisations promote a model of Islamic reform that they call “deformalisation”. “The overemphasis on formality and symbolism has drained Islam of its ethical and humane dimension,” says Abdul Mukti, chairman of Muhammadiyah’s influential youth wing. “The first mission of deformalisation is to recover this missing dimension.” Its second mission, he says, is “to separate the sharia from political realms”. Islamic law, Mukti explains, cannot be imposed from the top – as it has been in Pakistan – but has to evolve from below. Indeed, the overwhelming view of scholars and thinkers I met recently in Indonesia – including teachers at a state religious university – was that the formal links between Islam and politics must be severed.

    Both Malaysia’s Islam Hadhari and Indonesia’s deformalisation emphasise tolerance and pluralism, civic society and open democracy. Both are likely to spread. Malaysia is trying to export Islam Hadhari to Muslim communities in Thailand and the Philippines. Meanwhile, Morocco is trying to persuade Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates to adopt its model of family law.

    Muslims worldwide are acknowledging the need for fundamental change in their perception of Islam. They are making conscious efforts to move away from medieval notions of Islamic law and to implement the vision of justice, equality and beauty that is rooted in the Koran. If such changes continue, the future will not repeat the recent past.

  39. kita sama-sama rakyat malaysia …..kenapa bermusuhan
    kami hanya tanya kenapa ketuan melayu?
    dulu ketuanan British…..sekarang ketuanan melayu…kita berjuang bersama2 kemerdekaan kenapa pula melayu sahaje menikmat kemerdekaan?….bangsa lain menjadi hamba ketuanan melayu?

  40. Tokong cina mana ada kena roboh? Sebab mereka bina tepi jalan dan tak kacau !!! Mana ada mereka tutup jalan untuk perayaan mereka ? Walaupun mereka lagi ramai dari Indian. Mana ada Singh kata kuil dia kena roboh ? Kalau India kena tembak. Hindraf mengamuk, tapi paling banyak kes samun adalah oleh kaum India. Nak bagi pingat kepada mereka ?

  41. […] READ MORE HERE This entry was posted in ARCHIVES 2007 by adminK. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  42. […] Department. He was a personality considered as an ‘obnoxious’. The fact that a Hindu chauvinist and one time rebel rouser like Wathya is appointed but no post offered to pro right wing and nationalist PERKASA doesnt […]

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