UMNO Youth questioned slow progress on Nurin Jazlin case

UMNO Youth today questioned the Police on the lackluster progress of the Nurin Jazlin murder case investigations, despite getting assistance from foreign law enforcement agencies’ experts. UMNO Exco in-charge of Public Complaints and Consumer Affairs. Dato’ Subhan Kamal expressed this view today. He urged the Police to explain to the public on the progress of the murder investigations which drew so much attention.

He also added that the Police should not depend on the society to provide them when the necessary information when doing an investigations on a criminal case. Instead, he expected the Police to organise themselves to look for the necessary and mitigating information and not wait until they are offered.

Currently, there is almost 100,000 men and women serving the Police force, in various law enforcement, prevention of crime, public order and safety and internal security capacities, covering a population of 27 million inhabitants over 330,000 sq. km. of territory and thousand of KMs of borders and coastlines. They have been supplied with equipments which include helicopters, patrol vessels and sensitive surveillance and communication apparatus. 

On the other hand, IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan when asked to respond, said the Police was still investigating the case and he felt its in appropriate to discuss the development of the case, especially through media. “I cannot be revealing my investigations to you”, he said when raised by TV3.

There have a been a lot of talk about how some cases have been investigated and prepared to be charged in court and in some, they were freed because of investigations and procedural failures. Infact, in Nurin Jazlin’s case, Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Patail will be furnished on the reason why the suspects were freed. Presently, media recorded some of cases still unsolved. This dissatisfaction on the Police force’s productivity and efficiency was also expressed by a long time former IGP Tun Mohamed Haniff Omar four months ago.

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  1. Biggie,

    Can’t expect much when it is easier to harass citizens who assemble peacefully. They have the brawns for this but you need brains to solve crimes. That will be too taxing on the little grey matter. Check out how they recruit and you will realise that UMNO Youth is barking up the wrong tree. That to our police force is definitely not a priority. Easier to take than to give.

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