Even though he apologized, Dr. Chua must go

Yesterday, was a New Year with a BANG! At 5.00pm in Labis, Segamat, Health Minister and MCA Vice President Dato’ Seri Chua Soi Lek gave a special press conference at his service centre on the issue of “sexual DVD”, which was circulated around Muar, Batu Pahat, Segamat and now, Seremban.

Present in this PC was Johor MCA Deputy Liaison Chairman Tan Kok Hong, UMNO Labis Head Dato’ Sulaiman Taha and several ADUN around the Segamat area. Dr. Chua is Johor MCA State Liaison Chairman.

The Star has the story:

Chua says sorry over sex DVD


I am the man in the tape

SEGAMAT: Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has admitted that he is the politician shown in the sex DVD that is being circulated in Johor.

He said the woman seen in the DVD was a personal friend.

In a press conference yesterday, Dr Chua said: “Who did it and why is obvious – but it is not important now. What is most important is that my family, wife and children have personally accepted my apology.”

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Dr Chua flanked by Tenang assemblyman Datuk Sulaiman Taha (left) and Tan speaking to reporters at the press conference held at the Labis MCA office Tuesday.

His wife Datin Seri Wong Sek Hin said later in a statement that she and the family would stand by him. Dr Chua, who is MCA vice-president and Labis MP, said he would not be resigning over the sex DVD but would let the Prime Minister decide on the matter.

“I have seen Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting and I have personally apologised to them,” he said, reading from a one-page statement.

He also apologised to Malaysians, his supporters and colleagues.

Dr Chua said he did not record the video clip.

“I saw the DVD on Sunday when a friend gave a copy to me,” he said. He said he was unsure whether the clips were recent or old.

Asked about his political future, Dr Chua said: “I leave it to party members, leaders and the Malaysian public to be the judge. It’s not for me to speculate.”

Dr Chua, who was clad in a yellow batik shirt, said he met with Abdullah on Monday.

Asked about what had transpired and the reactions from Abdullah, Najib and Ong, he said it was better to get the reactions from them as he could not comment on their behalf.

On his next course of action, Dr Chua said: “I will think about it after meeting the press.”

He said that although so far no police report had been lodged, the Inspector General of Police himself has initiated investigations.

“Of course, as a responsible citizen I will assist in the police investigations. It is a crime to intrude into people’s privacy or into a person’s room,” he said.

Dr Chua said it would be business as usual for him. He had earlier attended a function at the Segamat hospital before holding the press conference at 4.10pm.

Also present at the packed press conference were about 100 supporters and leaders, including state MCA deputy liaison chief Tan Kok Hong, Pulai Sebatang assemblyman Datuk Tee Siew Kiong, Senai Assemblyman Chun Yoon Fook and Pengkalan Rinting assemblyman Low Teh Hian.

After the press conference, Dr Chua left for Bekok to meet with the Indian community there. “I will not let people tarnish, prevent and stop me from carrying the duties entrusted to me as a minister, MP and party leader,” he said.

He thanked his colleagues, supporters and Malaysians for their concern and support which he had received through phone calls and SMSes.

Asked how his family was coping, Dr Chua appealed to the press to give him and his family space during this difficult time


And more about the PC Q & A:

A calm Chua faces newsmen

HEALTH Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek was in an uncomfortable position yesterday as he faced down pressmen. But he was brave and calm as he fielded questions from the reporters.

Q: Datuk, do you know who is behind the tape?

A: If you look at the statement, what is left out is why have they done this tape. The reason is obvious. But that is not in the statement.

Q: Any idea, Datuk, who did it?

A: Who has done it is not important, I already said I will not speculate.

Q: Could it be a political rival?

A: I don’t know and I will not speculate and it is not important.

Q: What is your position now?

A: All the ministers serve at the pleasure of the prime minister.

Q: How about making a police report?

A: I will think about it. The police have already started their own investigation. Intruding into people’s privacy is an offence.

Q: Is this a bid to end your political career?

A: That I do not know and I leave it to all party members, my leaders and all Malaysians to be the judge. I will not speculate.

Q: Could there be some efforts to tarnish what you have done?

A: I have already said the reason the tape was made and the agenda was obvious.

Q: What was the Prime Minister’s reaction when you met him?

A: I met the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and (the) MCA president, and (what their reactions were) I think it is appropriate for you all to ask them. I cannot represent them and give views about myself.

Q: When did you meet the PM?

A: I met the Prime Minister yesterday.

Q: When did you know about the tape?

A: On Sunday.

Q: Have you seen the video?

A: Yes.

Q: How did you get the tape?

A: A friend passed it to me.

Q: Will you make a police report?

A: I will give it serious thought.

Q: How did your family take it?

A: My wife and my children issued a statement today through Bernama.

Q: Are you still doing ministerial work?

A: I have two functions today: one at Segamat Hospital and after this I will go to Bekok to meet the Indian community. I will never let people down, I will not let it affect or hinder me from performing my duties as a minister, MP or party leader.


It is concluded that Dr. Chua will not go. He arrogant enough to be comfortably confident as to say that he has met the Prime Minister, who is also the BN Chairman, Deputy Prime Minister and party President, explained to them and apologized. When asked about their reactions, he cordially asked the newsmen to get it from the leaders.

The ball is now on the PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s court. Of course Dr. Chua did not do anything criminal in this episode. In fact, the crime was to infringe onto his privacy and then made the DVDs and circulate it around. However, there is a morality issue here that has to be observed.

These sort of morality cases are not entirely new. There is precedence here. In the early nineties, Deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker D P Vijandran left after his sexual act caught on tape and distributed. Then Melaka Chief Minister Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik. In the late nineties, Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd. Taib also left, after being caught trying to “smuggled large sum of money” out from Brisbane, Australia.

Then ever green memory of the most prolific ‘sexual misconduct’ case, which became a really prickly political thorn in history of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s 22 1/3 years administration, was the sacking of Deputy Prime Minister and UMNO Deputy President Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy and other sexual activities on 2 September 1998. UMNO was even severely affected by this scandal as there was an exodus of members fled the party and the Malay sentiments which was translated in the November 1999 General Elections. That saw four UMNO Cabinet members lost their seat, PAS won a record breaking 27 seats in the Dewan Rakyat, took over oil rich state of Terengganu and almost took Kedah whilst KeAdilan, party in honour of Anwar’s personal struggle formed few months before the GE, scoffed 5 seats.

The last decision made on these morality grounds was the sacking of Selangor Menteri Besar Dato’ Abu Hassan Omar in mid 2000, for allegedly having sexual misdemeanour with his own sister in law. Abu Hassan replaced Muhammad, who was scandalous also. Needless to say, decisions have to be made and the Prime Minister at the time ‘bit the bullet’.

The popular bet is on that PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will do not ask Dr. Chua to leave, not even “take leave” for this. It is typically of his ‘LEMBIK’ness, which was shown more and more, these days. Despite propagating Islam Hadhari as a guidance to his ‘righteousness’ concept of approach and management, he had been seen to want do the popular thing, rather than do the right thing, even on morality issue.

What is funny, that the ‘morality’ issue was not raised by any of the newsmen during PC in Labis late yesterday afternoon. Will the MCA Central Committee, which will be meeting later today to discuss this issue, be bold enough to address the issue of ‘morality’ and how it will affect their voters in the upcoming General Elections?

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said the Chinese are “strategic voters”, whilst in Kota Bahru, 6 May 2007. They will certainly not forget the ‘bumpy roller coaster ride’ of 2007.

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  1. will people vote for a morally corrupt leader even if the person is a good worker and loyal to party and leaders?
    Time and again, history has shown that morally corrupted person usually have other much more serious problem than just the moral issues exposed. But then at the end voters have to decide whether morally corrupt leader can really be depend upon.
    Tun Mahathir used to say “melayu mudah lupa” But then majority of voters in Labis are chinese. “Chinese mudah lupa?” i think not.
    Would PM sacked him or leave it to him to decide?
    if PM is a political man, the answer is sacked him.
    if PM applies the theory of marketing (since marketing also have to do a lot about popularity/branding), he will wait the mass decision and chose the most popular outcome that will shoot his image to the star!!

  2. BigDog, Happy New Year.

    I’m a taxpaying citizen of Malaysia. It is in my view that Dr Chua needn’t apologize to me as a citizen and someone who voted BN the last time.

    This is because, I treat him as the servant of the people in his capacity as Minister of Health. I judge him by his track record at the Health Ministry.

    If we are living in the 50’s and he was caught in a compromising circumstance with Chin Peng’s mistress, then yes, have him lynched. But he was recorded in what should have been in the privacy of a hotel suite during his private time.

    The questiion we should all be asking is: Which hotel is responsible for this invasion of privacy? We want to know that because it affects us and we should all avoid patronising it if we visit that particular town/city. We could be recorded with our wives in the shower and have it on the streets if we don’t address this pressing issue.

    In times when high quality public servants are seriously lacking in their respective fields, we shouldn’t impose too many or high expectations on their morals outside of their work environment.

    Sir, if I want an Imam to lead my prayers,I’ll pray at the Masjid. If I’m looking for a Priest, I’ll go to the Church; Monks and Samys, temples and so forth. I do not look for them in politicians lest I will be asking to be cheated like I was by a certain former leader who used to conduct Sermons during Friday prayers and abuse his power in government at the same time. Recently, this “Khatib” was seen dancing on stage in front of an Indian audience while his Indian host just watched in amazement without moving to the beat.

    Bottomline. If Dr Chua was on government time and the suite was paid for by the Ministry and the girl was a Temasek implant to solicit the supply of pharmaceuticals to government hospitals, then I support the call for his resignation and further persecution.

    If he was on private time, private fun and funds having consensual sex, the only person he should make peace with is his Wife and God, not the people.

    Even clerics have been knowned to be “backside” jockeys, if you pardon the expression, and they are supposed to serve God!

    Politicians serve the people and should be judged on their capabilities in bringing development to the country, not who or why they choose to fornacate during their private time.

    I would rather have “naughty” politicians who are able to eradicate poverty within the population, bring development and prosperity to the Nation then have pious politicians who exist just to earn a living without bringing good tidings for the people.

    If we demand for upright, God fearing, economic savvy, highly educated and humble politicians, which I’m sure we truly deserve (even if we pay them peanuts), then we should all prepare our backsides for the clerics to ride instead, because that is the end we will be headed towards.

    BigDog, I remember the good old days when Musa Hitam and Tengku Razaleigh would hit the Tin Mine (a well known night club)to unwind and were surrounded by beautiful creatures. We were in good hands then. Probably it was because we knew they worked well as Ministers and that their private time was none of our business.

    I say pay our ministers exhorbitant salaries, then demand everything under the Sun from them. Right now we are paying them peanuts and complaining about getting monkeys.

    The next few months will see interesting times. MIC is in trouble, there’s infighting and dirty politics in MCA and UMNO leaders are attacking each other while Gerakan adds spice by dancing with Hindraf.

    Did you see the Labis UMNO head commenting on Dr Chua last night? Perhaps he didn’t understand English. He said that this shows “kehebatan” BN because leaders come and go while the party remains strong, not realizing that Dr Chua intends to remain. What an imbesile.

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