De-bugging after the ‘bugging’ episode

The first episode of the “Politician having sex scandal in a hotel”, with the person in the widely circulated DVD in North Johor identified himself openly and admitted to the wrong doing and amidst intense pressure, especially online, did the onus and resigned the very next day.

Now the second episode has to be addressed. The first episode saw how some irresponsible and ill intended people with malice, abuse technology and invaded into someone’s privacy. It is unlawful to do that. The Police has issued statement that the case will be investigated and three days ago, the Police forensic department were at the Batu Pahat four-star hotel to collect evidence and interview some staff.

There had been a much gained attention precedence to this. Local TV and film personality Nasha Aziz went through the same ordeal when a businessman bugged her home and captured shots of her undressing.

This will naturally cause alarm to the hundred of thousands of hotel patrons and guests, that accommodate all over 155,000 hotel rooms all over the country. The ‘bugging’ that happened to former Health Minister Dato’ Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek could also happen to anyone else.

Today, TV3 raised this issue. When interviewed, Tourism Minister Tengku Dato’ Adnan Mansor said the Ministry will instruct all hotels to surrender their recording using the security system for scrutiny.

There is also a talk that all the 155,000 hotel rooms offered for business in 2400 hotels should be scanned and certified free from any ‘bugging’ apparatus, to give comfort for the local and foreign tourism industry customers. This is necessary to cater to the prioritised industry which over 17.5 million tourist flock and brought over RM 37 billion into the country, annually.

The thirteen million plus Ringgit question here is, who is the lucky bugger, or in this case, de-bugger who will get the business, whether to operate or supply of scanner equipments to these hotels and who will foot the bill?

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