Wong Chun Wai: What about “The pillow & bolster story”, with photo on 4 Jan 2008?

The Star reported, with photograph about a very small group of people, which include blogger Black in Korea, demonstrating in the compound of the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex in Jalan Duta. This is a reaction to former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s responses in the Royal Commission of Inquiry on the “V K Lingam Video”, now ongoing.

The Star has the story:

Placard response to Dr M

KUALA LUMPUR: Outside the lobby of the Jalan Duta court complex seven members of the Malaysian Youth Secretariat held a mini protest for about 20 minutes from 10.30am, ridiculing the answers given by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on Thursday.

They held placards with slogans like “Mahathir Muda Lupa” (Mahathir easily forgets) and a caricature of him drawn by the side.


We remember: The group holding placards condemning answers given by Dr Mahathir to the commission on Thursday.

Its spokesman Yunus Ali said that in most instances during the inquiry Dr Mahathir had replied that he could not remember or was not aware of the situation and denied any acquaintance with Lingam when he was in power.

“This is a clear indication that he has forgotten his past actions during his tenure as the prime minister.

“And Dr Mahathir had once said that Malays are forgetful. Actually he is the one who has proven to be most forgetful,” he added.

Yunus said that Dr Mahathir’s family and Lingam had known each other for some time as Lingam had represented the former prime minister’s eldest son Mirzan Mahathir in connection with his libel suit against printer Star Papyrus Printing Sdn Bhd in 1999.

It is obviously it was the same people, who demonstrated against the Prime Minister ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in front of Seri Perdana on 4 January 2008 and handed him ‘A pillow and bolster’, for being a “Sleepy-head and dozing-off Prime Minister”.



Was there any reporting about this, in The Star, that day, especially with full living colour, like this morning’s? Doesn’t that complaint, by these same young people, deserve to have a similar valid reason to be reported, with living colour photo as well?

Isn’t it obvious that The Star has ‘an agenda’ and have been taking ‘instructions from someone’?

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  1. […] Wong Chun Wai: What about “The pillow & bolster story”, with photo on 4 Jan 2008? […]

  2. Ini semua budak budak Keldaian ni!

    Memang sah The Star sekarang hanya berminat untuk ampu ‘Budak Budak Tingkat 4’ dan PM ‘Flip-Flop’!!!!


    Pada mereka yang masih menyakini
    Seperti segelintir teramat keras hati
    Si anwar kepanasan masih diagungi
    Sendiwara si anwar tidak terkesani

    Zainur antara lawyer si anwar berapi
    Semasa pembelaan kes tempoh hari
    Kini Zainur daripada anwar jauh diri
    Si keras hati dan dikelabui kena ikuti

    Sokong kes si anwar disambung lagi
    Diberhentikan dakwaan patut syukuri
    Jika tidak banyak hal anwar telanjangi
    Tak mahu anwar guna kata konspirasi

    Rasuah salahgunakuasa anwar dibukti
    Di Penjara Sungai Buluh beliau lokasi
    Masih berlagak bersih dan maha suci
    Anwar lupa semasa TPM, SB perhati

    Ikuti suruhanjaya menjalankan inkuri
    Perangkap si anwar akan makan diri
    Hasrat menghina Tun kurang menjadi
    Poster hina Tun peluang amat dinanti

    Wajar pendokong si anwar mesti insafi
    Di zaman canggih berteknologi terkini
    Zainur dan yang insaf lain kena tanyai
    Sendiwara anwar yang mereka dapati

    – Yang benar terjadi – LEBIH BANYAK TINGGALKAN berbanding yang MENGANGKAT ANWAR !

  4. wait, is it that the sound of TAR is spinning in his grave?

    Star, someone should wikipedia you as a classic case of running dog!

  5. Mantan yang berumur 80an jawab “tak ingat” ..
    Man in power jawab ” I don’t know” .. yang mana lebih menakutkan ?

  6. This royal commission pun hanya untuk memalukan TDM saja. WHat does it serve? Ntg. Was any law broken? No! TDM has the authority. Does he need to explain his decision? Does the law require him to do so?

    Will it change anything? Heck even Fairuz dah pencen. WIll it do harm to anyone? It requires a better level of proof and not current way of enquiry.

    Politically, what does hitting TDM serve the politically bankrupt AAB. Only a bodoh thinks so. TDM dah pencen lah bahalul! APalah hentam orang dah jatuh/pencen?

  7. The Star MUDAH LUPA. WONG CHUN WAI, you suck. you suck big time, i tell ya. after what Dr M had done, putting Malaysia on the world map and brought us to where we are today, this is what he gets in return. you ungrateful shithead.


  8. why do you still read the star? i read the entertainment pages and metro to see where to eat, to go, etc. when i was younger, the tv and cinema listing were important too. but now, i’ve the internet and astro….;)

  9. Does selective reporting hurt? Where does it hurt, and tell me why it did not hurt as much as it does now when it had been a normative culture in Mahathir’s tenure as well as those before him since the May 13th turning point when the media was emasculated?

    Malaysians are an interesting people to study both anthropologically and culturally. The culture of viewing life, truth and injustice has been consistently distorted by the Barisan regime and its agents because as far as the dacing boys are concerned, they make the rules… and those who make the rules have the privelege to “tutup satu mata” whenever it feels like it.

    This malaise has much to do with perceiving history, education, religion and culture through race-coloured lenses and a ideology that keep a selective band of cronies in power through its manipulation of the electoral system, the judicary, the police and not forgetting…. their concubine media.

    You could say that Malaysians suffer from vision “bangsa saya dan ugama saya” obession and it has been indoctrinated by the cult of Barisan warlords that propagate its propaganda to demonise and castigate non-Malay races, non-Islamic religions and cultures as inferior, immoral, inferior and the great Satan.

    Mahathir contributed much in this arena and his anti-Semetic, anti-Western malice is part of the rot and decay of a nation weaned on religous fundamentalism and racist dogma.

    In all of this outrage against the Star’s selective reporting and photos, lets all just turn the page and sip our lattes and remember that the old raunchy chorus…. “don’t cha wish your paper was “hot” like my Barisan concubine Star… hey don’t cha?

  10. I say, MCA hopeful of getting 2nd DPM’s post after the GE 🙂 AAB’s admin full of flaws and contradictions

  11. the paper is hot. n u r right, selective reporting is a malaysian culture. nothing new there. but whacking a guy when he is out of power is also a malaysian culture. maybe dtk wong felt the bolster story wasnt news worthy. after all there is hardly any space left after all the ads…

  12. Sekarang Tun Mahathir berada dihujung meriam bernama ‘Media’, yang dulunya pernah dipergunakan beliau untuk memusnahkan musuh politik & orang ramai yang tak bersetuju dengannya.

    Inilah yang disebut “poetic justice”.

  13. also, i wonder who put datuk wong up there before? was it dr m? is it also malaysian culture to be ‘ungrateful’? or is it realpolitik?

    having said that dtk wong is one of the most liberal editors in the msm. it is indeed an achievement that someone at his age and qualifications can helm the nation’s most successful English daily.

    perhaps we can’t expect a BN paper to be fair but to serve their masters?

    i also want to add that their business section esp their sunday pullout tries its best and is one of the best sources of comprehensive, thoughtful, well written business news. i believe this has much to do with dtk wong su long.

  14. It doesn’t matter. You need a whole lot of bad ideas to put ashame to TUN.

    Don’t you think the King of terrorist Mr Bush didn’t try everything in his power to topple this guy and put him out permanently. How about the “Ass Lover” getting all the help from fellow Jews? Nothing happened because either he is too damn smart or all those against him are too dumb.

    The facts remain. Eversinced he held the power till today, nobody could prove anything against him. How come the brain of all the people who hates him can’t do nothing to him? BECAUSE HE NEVER DID SILLY THINGS LIKE BEDOLAH, KJ & EVERY1 ELSE DOING NOW.

  15. I was really disgusted by this so-called “Malaysian Youth Secretariat”… who they think they are? Many people would have been senile at the age Tun is in now..sorry to say that but it’s a fact…they just don’t know how to respect the elders.. Not to be mean, but i wonder would this six people in the pic have a good memory by the time they are 80? Ooops! would they even live beyond 80?…God knows!

  16. Double D … Please lah guys ! go check his off the beat coloumn and see how he sucked TDM balls when the Tun was in PM .jENIS MAKNUSIA takda maruah . He will sell his own mother for another datukship .He has no shame . And what the f#%k is THE Malaysian Youth Secretariat”? Kaninama … Say all you guys want …. THE dogs can Bark but the cARAVAN mUST move !

  17. […] course, there was the other issue which he missed out, where The Star unbalanced report on the group which demonstrated infront of the Seri Perdana and again, Kuala Lumpur Court […]

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