Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders insult the Al Quran

A little two years after the caricature that defame Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. in Denmark which saw the Muslims globally vent their deep dissatisfaction and anger, the Western Europeans done it again.

This time, Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders produced a ten minute video that depicts Holy Book Al Quran as a “Facist book” and “by bad people to do bad thing”. Of course, it drew so much hate reaction amongst Muslims, all over the globe.

As early as last November, he already planned to produce the video. The Dutch authority claimed they had no authority to stop this move. This wasn’t Wilders first attempt to defame Islam and the Muslims.

From the Associated Press:

Dutch lawmaker planning film criticizing the Quran

The Associated Press

Published: November 28, 2007

THE HAGUE, Netherlands: A Dutch conservative lawmaker said Wednesday he is making a film to highlight what he describes as “fascist” passages in the Quran, his latest high profile criticism of Islam.

The interior and justice ministers said they were concerned, but believed they had no authority to prevent the lawmaker, Geert Wilders, from screening his film.

Wilders plans to depict parts of the Quran he says are used as inspiration “by bad people to do bad things.”

Less than 10 minutes long, the film is expected to air in late January. It will show “the intolerant and fascist character of the Quran,” said Wilders, whose anti-Islam campaign helped his Freedom Party win nine seats in parliament in last year’s election.


In the past, Wilders has said that half the Quran should be torn up and compared it with Adolf Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf.” He has claimed the Netherlands is being swamped by a “tsunami” of Islamic immigrants.

Immigrants from Muslim countries number about 1 million of the country’s 16 million people.

Wilders’ planned broadcast is reminiscent of the film “Submission” — a fictional study of abused Muslim women with scenes of near-naked women with Quranic texts engraved on their flesh.

“Submission” director Theo van Gogh was shot and had his throat slit by a Muslim extremist on an Amsterdam street in 2004. Prominent Muslim critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who wrote the screenplay, was threatened in a note left on Van Gogh’s body. She now lives under round-the-clock protection in the United States.

Justice Ministry spokesman Wim van der Weegen said the government is “taking measures” before the broadcast of Wilders’ film. He declined to elaborate.

“Based on the discussion, the ministers have expressed concern,” Van der Weegen said. “But at the same time (they) have said that Mr. Wilders has freedom of expression.”

Wilders said he is not afraid of reprisals if his film angers Muslims. “I have lived with 24-hour protection for three years,” he said.

“I will make the film and see what reaction it creates.”

Dutch Muslim leaders did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

However, some Dutch Muslim urged everyone to remain calm over the video, as some of them tried to “neutralize the threat”.



This could be the most controversial anti Islam remark since Salman Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” were published in 1988 and drew so much hate remarked. The highlight of all the negative publicities reached its peak when Iranian Shiite spritual leader Ayahtollah Khomeinei called the book “Blasphemous” and issued a death fatwa that tantamount as a threat against Rushdie in early 1989. Until present day, despite that Khomeini had died, the threat has not been revoked and for many years, Rushdie lived in hiding.


Then another major controversy rose when Danish newspaper Jyllands-Polsten published caricatures on 30 September 2005 which depicted Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. that insulted the feelings Muslims. Muslims are known not to depict Muhammad S.A.W. in any form of portraits or sculptures. The publications of these caricatures lead to Muslims group, including in liberal countries such as Dubai to campaign for a boycott of Danish produces.

This is definitely not a good time for these sort of negative publicities and hurt the feelings of Muslims, one fifth of the entire world’s inhabitants as vox populi vox Dei, at the same week where Western media highlighted fellow Gazan brothers were under siege and total blockade by the Israeli Zionist regime while an ‘undeclared war’ escalate.

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