President Suharto passed away


Former Indonesian President Suharto, was pronounced dead in Pertamina Hospital, Jakarta after three weeks of organ complications and failure. Despite shown improvement early last week and managed to stabilised, his conditions worsened few days ago.


Al fatihah

Suharto, born on 8 June 1921 near Jogjakarta, Centra Java, was a general in the TNI before taking over from President Soekarno on 12 March 1967, after foiling a coup d’etat staged by Indonesian Communist Party in 1966. He served as Indonesian President from 12 June 1967 to 21 May 1998, in the midst of pandemonium caused by financial melt down in the region.

Despite criticism against corrupt practices, Suharto managed to stabilise and balance the economy, growth and development in a very diversified and human-resource-rich under developed poor country, which is logistically challenged spread over 30,000 major islands. Proceeds from oil exploration were used for basic economic development programs which elevated tens of million of Indonesians from near starvation poverty level. He was also one of the pioneers of ASEAN.

Suharto’s downfall started when he accepted the ‘IMF solution’ as a remedy to the Indonesian ailing economy, after the region’s bourses and money market suffered a near catastrophy and an economic meltdown, which started from the ‘attack against currencies’ by some hedge funds. When he signed the IMF proposal as Michelle Camdessus looks over, it was captured and later depicted as “Suharto surrenders to the West”.


Indonesia went into a viscous spiral downwards economy, which saw inflation and unemployment escalating. A massive nationwide street demonstration and rioting “Reformasi” movement was born and Indonesia, especially in Jakarta went into near pandemonium state as Suharto rapidly, relieves himself from power and control of the nation. Finally, Suharto was forced to relinquish his position on 21 May 1998.

He was succeeded by technologist Prof. Jusuf Habibie. Indonesia have never had any stability since he left power and now being plagued by political and economic pressure from the West, especially United States and Australia, on issues such as ‘terrorism’. Infact, Indonesia also was ‘forced’ to cede East Timor, for an autonomy and later independence, from the Western pressures.


*An update of 3.10pm, Sunday 27 January 2008. From The Star:

2:58:58 PM

Suharto dies at 86

JAKARTA (Indonesia): Former Indonesian president Suharto, an army general who crushed Indonesia‘s communist movement and pushed aside the country’s founding father to usher in 32 years of tough rule that saw up to a million political opponents killed, died Sunday. He was 86.

“He has died,” Dr Christian Johannes told The Associated Press, adding that he died at 1.10pm (2.10pm Malaysian time).

Dozens of doctors on Suharto’s medical team had been rushed to the Pertamina Hospital in the capital, Jakarta, after his blood pressure fell suddenly Saturday night. Suharto had slipped out of consciousness for the first time in more than three weeks of treatment, doctors said.

Suharto, had been in intensive care with lung, heart and kidney failure since he was admitted to the hospital on Jan 4. Over the past week his physicians had spoken of a recovery, but by Sunday that had changed dramatically. – AP

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  2. Mohon Pemerintah Republik Indonesia.,
    Memberikan nama jalan di seluruh Propinsi di Republik Indonesia,Jln.Jendral Suharto.
    Semoga nama Jendral Besar selalu di ingat bangsa Indonesia,khususnya dan dunia,umumnya.
    Terima kasih.

    Salam NKRI,

    Hendra Suprapto,Lim

  3. saya sangat kagum dengan pak harto….tolonng di jadikan sebagai pahlawan…yg bilang pak harto busuk sebenarnya itu dia yg busuk…

  4. Saya sangat merindukan pemimpin seperti beliau. Dimana waktu beliau memimpin negri ini merupakan negara y cukup disegani.

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