“Newspaper-free Tuesdays”

That is what People’s Parliament founder, activists-solicitor Haris Ibrahim said this morning, during the launching of the “Boycott Newspapers on Tuesday” campaign, at The Bloghouse, Damansara Heights.


“The consumers should get their money’s worth of balanced news and reporting”, when he explained on the campaign, initiated by a civil society movement, formed on-line.

Haris hoped that the campaign will be carried through on-line by bloggers and websites, although all the mainstream media (MSM) editors were informed of this campaign, via sms, as a mark the of officiating the launch. Since internet have had more user in the country and movement and dissemination of information is seamless and efficient, the MSMs should be more aware of the demand and expectation of the more affluent readership.

According to Haris, lately the MSMs have been acting on the ‘instructions and benefit’ of the Government, despite the alternative medias report stories from an entirely different perspective and focus. When asked how is it different now as compared to five years ago, since broadband internet is already available then, he quipped “No difference!”.

When asked about the impact that they will achieve from the campaign, Haris explained that this is an awareness program and it should be carried on, “…. to ensure that the mainstream medias and newspaper carry balanced and unbiased news and reporting” and “…. the objective is not based on the rumours of the XIIth General Elections, luring around the corner”.

Examples he cited the discrepancies of the MSMs as stated in the People’s Parliament media statement,which was distributed to members of the media and bloggers attended, were:

  1. Malaysia Kini reported on 9 October 2007 on the rapid increase of voters registration in Ipoh Timur
  2. The 10 November 2007 BERSIH rally from Dataran Merdeka to Istana Negara
  3. The Straits Times (Singapore)’s piece of the Pulau Batu Putih dispute in International Court of Justice, with regards of the Malaysian team’s argument
  4. The 25 November 2007 HINDRAF rally reporting
  5. The Port Klang Free Zone fiasco, reported in Malaysia Kini 19 December 2007
  6. The MIC initiative of “Meet the PM session”, at the Badminton Stadium in Cheras on 21 January 2008

Of course, there was the other issue which he missed out, where The Star unbalanced report on the group which demonstrated infront of the Seri Perdana and again, Kuala Lumpur Court Complex, Chief Editor of a major English daily practicing plagiarism, Chairman of the same major English daily lied and biasness of a Chief Editor in his weekly major English daily column.

This is not the first time there is a boycott campaign against the MSMs. In the 90s, the Oppositions launched campaign against the MSMs, especially after former Anwar Ibrahim was sacked from Cabinet and UMNO on the 2 September 1998.

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  1. Hi 13M+,

    “I know this young lady, Jed Yoong. She is a cheery, humorous, casual and an open minded person. She is…”

    I was googling for JY and your article on her is ranked second. Sorry, for the digression…but I want to leave a message for her. She is doing a missing ‘Susan Loong’ routine….is everything alright? Thanks.

    BTW, I don’t believe in boycotting any paper. If the news are ‘not-balanced’…in a competitive environment it will die from financial distress unless the supplements and classified are good. Beside, give some credits to readers’ discernment lah. The opposing are just shooting too many bullets lately…rambo’s style. Unfortunately, most missed the targets.

    Thanks again.

  2. Hey Whisper9, Nothing sinister. But wanted to take a break. 😉

  3. […] yang diutarakan Tun Musa Hitam ini sebenarnya tidak tepat. Kebebasan media yang kunun kunun ujud sekarang merupakan ‘kebebasan selektif’, yang sengaja di’biar’kan oleh pengarang pengarang media, […]

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