BigDogDotCom is exactly a year old

At 4.56pm today, BigDogDotCom is exactly a year old. Exactly a year ago, BigDogDotCom published an article , “Siapa berani mencabar Barat selepas Dr. Mahathir?”, as a sum-up of Perdana Global Peace Forum III which was concluded slightly over a week earlier in PWTC. Also former UMNO President’s Tun Dr. Mahathir’s landmark call in Johor Bahru for UMNO ‘not fear pre-mature leadership changes’.

Since the first article, BigDogDotCom has posted altogether 381 articles. Many were uploaded into several political portals and websites and one scoop was actually uploaded into a French Navy website and tranlasted into French.

This blog had its first anniversary celebrations at The Loaf, Harbour Park, Pantai Kok, Langkawi.


We would like to express our utmost sincere gratitude and appreciation for the interests and support that have been given to us.

Thank you, all.

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  1. well done bro… cheerrssss

    Thanks for being there. I’ll try my best, to be ‘logical’. Cheers…………..:)

  2. all the best!

    You too……..:)

  3. Happy Birthday to BigDogCom.


    Thanks for the feedbacks, throughout the year

  4. Happy Birthday diucapkan
    Semoga BDDC sihat badan
    Khidmat sedia ada teruskan
    Keprihatin buahkan kekuatan

    Terima kasih, ‘Daun keladi’
    Sokongan Tuan amat dihargai
    Sama sama kita teruskan Perjuangan ini
    Kepentingan anak bangsa dan pertiwi

  5. Happy Birthday Biggum.


    I appreciate it

  6. Happy Birthday bro
    Semoga panjang umur dan….

    Amin. Terima kasih kerana mendoakan.

  7. Selamat Hari Lahir!!

    Selamat maju jaya, untuk kita semua

  8. BIG, you’re the best !!

    Thanks for keeping me going

  9. Congrats, bro! Seems like just yesterday when you decided to go “solo” on cyberspace. Certainly, you have made a difference. I look at dogs differently these days.

    To many more years of barking and biting!

    I really could not have done it, without people like you. Thanks for being there, for and with me.

    Yes, as they say, “Dogs are mens’ best friends” 🙂

  10. Ya bro’ – Congrats and keep ’em coming!

    I will! Your ‘morbid’ friend, Bird Duck aka Bert Doug says ‘Hi’……….. 🙂

  11. Selamat melepasi tahun pertama.
    Terima kasih dengan ruang yang dibuka untuk saya bermain-main dalamnya.

    Terima kasih

  12. Happy Birthday Blog

    Now you can smile and learn to stand …. hehehe

    Thank you, uncle! 🙂

  13. Congratulations!
    As the red necks say: “way to go, way to hustle”!

    Y’awl, mighty cute in ’em jeans! 🙂

  14. Yoo Hoo!!
    Keep it up…
    We need our voice!
    People will call you Pro-UMNO or whatever,
    but actually we are our VOICE!
    Your opinions are actually resonating those of a big cross section of the population, with the PKRs and DAPs taking to net, they are just parrotting their campaigns against UMNO.
    But here we stand for ourselves and you write it straight from our hearts! Obviosly we are no UMNOputras, we just speak outselves and our minds. If people might have noticed, most of proUmno tone actually arises from the repulsion we feel from DAP and PKR not that UMNO attracts us.

  15. Yes Big Dog… ur the main man….

  16. interested …. hopefully u dun start practising moderation like some bloggers for fear of the stupid UMNO authorities


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