Statement on the fifth anniversary of Iraq under US occupation

Perpetrators of Iraq War Must Face Trial for

War Crimes

The Perdana Global Peace Organisation (PGPO) notes with grief the 5th anniversary of the Iraqi invasion by the United States and its allies.

In 2003, President George Bush announced to the world that he was to send American troops into the sovereign state of Iraq to liberate its people from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein as well as destroy terrorist cells allegedly linked to the September 11 attacks in New York.

Today, more than a million Iraqis have died in the war that was supposedly waged to bring them freedom.  No evidence of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction was ever found and earlier this week, the Pentagon admitted what the world already knew from the start – Iraq had nothing to do with September 11.

This country, once the cradle of civilisation, is now a failed state that has resulted in one in five Iraqis being a refugee. In a country that boasted a population of 27 million before the illegal invasion, this constitutes genocide of the highest order.

Despite this, President Bush continues to defend the 3 trillion dollar conflict as one that was necessary. It is without a doubt that the only necessity this war was pursued was for the United States and its allies to control the flow of oil in West Asia.

Money was the primary objective, not global security.

The dead in Iraq need their justice. The warmongers who made the decision to destroy this country must be put on trial for their war crimes. Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard all have blood on their hands and the world must recognise the fact that these men are murderers. They cannot be allowed to write their own history and be portrayed as saviours.

PGPO welcomes recent comments made by Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court who has not ruled out the fact that Bush and Blair may be prosecuted for their war crimes in The Hague. It is heartening to know that the strength of the global anti-war movement expands by the day and let us hope this war ceases to exist as soon as possible as it has been 5 years too long.  

We at PGPO will continue our campaign to make all wars illegal and we hope our humble efforts go in some way to make the world a more secure place.


Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir

Executive Director

Perdana Global Peace Organisation

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